Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving One and All

 Tis the time to  remember Thanksgiving.
 Some of my relatives and friends have started a posting of what they are thankful for each day.
 That sure is a positive way to start one's day.

 We need to remind ourselves, sure things may not be great but we are in so much better place than
 most of the world.  We have for the most part, food, clothing and a place to sleep.

 We should be thankful for  the ability to exchange dialogue with one another without recrimination.
 We need to be thankful for the type of government we have had and we can have again.
  It truly is We the People.  Never meant to be We the Government, somewhere, some lost the way.

  So family and friends and acquaintances, and people I have yet to meet, do have a joyous, sharing, caring
  day with your family and friends.  Reach out to a Veteran or serviceman who could use a meal and share.

   Be so thankful for what we are about to receive.   We will be missing some of our family but we are
   thankful for those families. Our prayers to our kin overseas.  Prayers for our world that a time will come
   and we will have peace and harmony.

   Enjoy the day.   We could all  be more Thankful.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Trivia - Photo's and Tidbits

One of my favorite shots in Michigan.

It reminds me of when I  was a youngster and we could go play at the Relatives Dam and in the cattails and and watch the fish jump and the frogs we caught and ate.  I have not had a frog leg since my Aunt passed away.
Several species of plants that are both native in Michigan and Northern California.  It makes me think of family and the  fun we had so very long ago.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Matrilineal Monday - Inez Mae Scott

My Grandmother Inez Mae Scott was born in Taylor Township, Iowa on 6 Oct 1892.  She married our Grandfather on 29 March 1912 in Moravia, IA.  Grandad went to Wyoming to try the climate there due to breathing troubles. So for a few years she was raising children alone.
Climate was better for Cecil Lee Hoffman so they moved to the area near Wheatland, Wyo.

Her mother was Ella Warden, she was born June 1862 in Iowa.   Her name was Ellen on many documents and census references.  She was the mother of many children. She married Cornelius Franklin Scott.
She had a rough life raising her children and there was some unhappiness there.

Ella's  mother was Mary J Langdon. 25 Feb 1852 in Guernsey Co. OH she married Daniel Warden.  She was born in 1835 in Ohio and her death was 20 Dec 1868 in Iowa.  Her life was short and he remarried but had no more children. WE think J stands for Jane.  She had several children close together.

Artaminta Brammer was Mary J's mother. She was born in Virginia around 1797. She dies in Marshall, KS .She marries Joseph Langdon of Montgomery Co. Va, 13 Mar 1823 OHIO,

Source for marriage, marriage Index Books 1-3  H-M  April 1817  July 1843 Lawrence Co OH
Langdon, Joseph   Brammer, Artametta pg 54
Joseph dies in St. Joseph, MO 24 Mar 1863.  I have five children shown. 

Mary Ann LEE is her mother she is born in Leesley Valley VA 1770 appr.  Her death was 1844 Windsor Township, Lawrence Co.

Ohio.  I have records of two children but  I am sure they are more. She marries Edmund BRAMMER of Buckingham Co. VA b 1767  death 12 Sept. 1822 Union Township, Lawrence Co. OH.

Francis WARD is Mary Ann Lee's mother. Francis Ward m John Lee 4 Dec 1769.

Online there are many with a farther back lineage of this Lee line but I have not verified it yet at this time.

So Surnames you run through are: SCOTT originating in Halifax Co. VA, WARDEN from Pennsylvania, LANGDON which was from Virginia, BRAMMER  from Virginia,  LEE from Virginia (not proven which family),  &  WARD in Virginia.

SURNAMES from  myself to Grandma:  JONES mine and HOFFMAN  mother's.
HOFFMAN/HUFFMAN is interchanged in family for many years.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Surname Saturday Folk/Foulk Cousin Visited.

Folk Relatives

Foulk Relatives

Yes, and their are other variants of this surname. We basically follow these two lines but have some variants even within our lines.

John Folk dcd 1793 Greenwich, Berks Co. PA
I have his Will.

It has been recently stated ?? Peter FOLK was his father, There was much sourcing but I have not done  it myself yet.

John Folk
Birth Date:
Page Number:
Ten "Series" of "Pennsylvnia Archives" have been so far published in from 5 to 31v. Ea. Philadelphia and Harrisburg. 1852- ( We have indexed Series 2, v.2 and v.8 ( early Pa. marriage recds.) And all the v. of SeriesV. Which contain nearly complete Pa. Rev. War recds.)s.2, v.2:90

John Folk
Death Date:
Apr 1793

Peter ?  AGBI b 1770 PA
Margaret AGBI 1770
Jno Folk
[Jns Folk] 
Number of Free White Males 16 and Over:
Number of Free White Females:
Number of Household Members:

According to records he served in the Revolutionary War from Bucks Co. PA.
His widow went to live near her brother after his death. Cumberland County region

Children were many, when I started this line I did not record all children in my program.

I do have their names in the Will.

Peter FOLK b 29 June 1773 Lancaster PA ? died 4 April 1823 Rye Township, Perry Co., PA  Have picture of tombstones and cemetery behind church. Jean shared with me.
Peter Foulk Sr same person, Cumberland Co PA. Land records, Will  Book  pg 97 Vol A Perry Co. PA., census and Land Warrant and other data.

Peter's mother was Mary Magdeline Strock Armstrong.  so she was previously married we believe. Have Wedding Information also.

Peter's wife was Catherine  probably Ohlinger and she is known to be Indian. b 12 July 1774 Bucks Co. PA d 7 June 1844 Rye Township, Perry Co. PA

Now the fun begins:

We descend from two of his children one male one female. Peter and Sarah Elizabeth (jane). and there were 9 more siblings.

Peter  JR. was born 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co., PA  d 13  Aug  1885 Blackhawk Co. IA marries Susanah (Susan Martin Showalter.
have more data

Sarah Jane ( ELizabeth) FOULK b 28 July 1813 Perry Co PA  died 21 March 1860

Peter and Susanah(Susan Foulk JR son {William Henry Foulk} b Somerset Co PA 22  Feb 1846, d 4 Jan Cedar Twp Blackhawk Co. IA

Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) Foulk Myers and John  Myers had{ Katherine Myers} b 30 May 1845 Perry Co. PA d 7 June 1922 Cedar Township, Blackhawk Co. IA . 

WILLIAM HENRY FOULK AND KATHERINE MYERS  wed and had 11 children, Harvey Edward b 18 Oct 1867 wed 19 Oct 1892 Blackhawk Co. IA  whom mar Margaret Mae EASTMAN whom had my Grandmother. Victoria Mae (IDA) FOULK

Back in this  family is a link to Nancy Meiring's FOLK lineage. I met Nancy and her husband with my son in Ohio 
2 November 2011. 

WE shared much information. It was a joy and pleasure to meet this lady who has put out Hugs and Mugs for many years and worked as a cohost with me  on AOL many years ago in the Golden Gate Forum.

Friday, November 18, 2011



O what a great topic.  Recipes that family has made, does make and does share.

How many have kept the recipes that their Grandmother or Grandfather shared with them?

Who has the old recipe books printed in the early 1900's?

Do you measure by look or a utensils?

Who has read the old Recipes  ie reciepts that families shared?

Butter the size of an egg, flour to measure the same as four eggs,

I have a HOFFMAN Family History book that has mid 1800 recipes.

Snake Bite cure,  Headache Cure.

The irony is that some of the recipes are now being considered good for us medically.

Grandma's Chicken Soup, Vinegar and honey, honey for burns, etc.

I could write about many recipes that were used in days of old that are now hot recipes for today.

Thanks for the thought. IF you want an older recipe let me know I can send you some.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-NOT, JONES Will's of Allegany Co. NY

JONES, CATHARINE                  ALMOND                       NY-2-5-165
JONES, CHESTER D.                 WIRT                         NY-2-7-104
JONES, DANIEL                     ALFRED                       NY-2-6-456
JONES, EMMA                       WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-73
JONES, GEMILA N.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-430
JONES, GEORGE S.                  AMITY                        NY-2-10-204
JONES, HENRY L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-82
JONES, HIRAM L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-207
JONES, IRA W.                     ALFRED                       NY-2-16-858
JONES, JAMES T.                   BURNS                        NY-2-5-45
JONES, JOHN L.                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-10-54
JONES, LEWIS                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-44
JONES, NOEL                       INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-4-195
JONES, ZENAS H.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-491
JORDAN, ANDREW J.                 WIRT                         NY-2-9-389
Does Anyone out there have a copy of any of these Wills?
I have a copy of NOEL JONES  of Independence 
Trying to determine whom was Noel JONES parent and other relationships in area.
I have already found at least four other collateral families that relate to the 
JONES line.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Amanuensis Monday -- JONES Reunion Picture about 1930 NY

1/3 more of  picture on another page, sent by Judy Rowe, Sand Lake NY

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday 11-11-11 Veteran's Day

In honor of all those who have served, living or dead.
Including our son and my husband and my Uncles, and ancestors.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Thankful Thursday--- Silas JONES Sr family in NY from RI

Jones Hollow Cemetery   recorded by Lorraine Esh sent to Stacy Daniels sent to me.

Jones Hollow Cemetery, Petersburg, NY
Somewhere I have another list given by another researcher.

Jones,  Abel  d. July, 1835 in his 93rd yr.
            Ruth,   wife of Abel d. March 20, 1800 in her 47th yr 
Jones,  Allie L. d. 1861 age 1 yr 3 mo. Child or Hannah and Burton  
Jones,  Arthur H. d. 1882, age 9 yrs, son of Hiram and Hannah Hewitt Jones
Jones,  Clover  d. Jan 23, 1913
            Ella L.  d. 1827, wife of Clover A.
Jones,  Daniel S, d. 1897 age 67 yr
Jones,  Hiram S. d. Mar 13,1883 age 47 yrs
Jones,  Thomas A. d. Sept 20,1883 age 58
            Hakes, Electa L. d. 1876, age 41 wife of Thomas A. Jones
Jones,  Jessie Bell d. age 12 days, dau of T.A. and E. L.  Jones
Jones,  Timothy d. Oct 4, 1850 age 70
Jones,   Walter C. d. 1878 age 3 months son of Arthur C. and Ella Jones

The following  markers, not Jones

Doty, Walter J. d Mar 12, 1835 age 35 yrs

Doty, Lucinda, d. Aug 17,1887 wife of E.E. Doty

Hendrick, Alirussed d. 1858 age 26 yrs.
[I also have a listing of other Jones interred in the same cemetery from SLD]  Thanks Stacy  

Thankful Thursday,-----Jones Information Found

Reports of cases in law and equity in the Supreme court of the state of New York, Volume 2.

[It appears that several of the Jones became in arrears for $96.13 for "
the yearly rent of [so many] bushels of good clean merchantable winter wheat" to the Van Rensselaers.  SLD]     Thanks Stacy.
Pages 643-671.
Washington General Term, May, 1848. Hurlbut, Willard, and Hand, Justices.
Van Rensselaer v. Jones.  (May 2, 1848)

Page 644. 
was a motion, by the defendant, to set aside the report of a referee. The referee reported that the sum of $96,13 was due to the plaintiff, from the defendant. The facts in the case, and the grounds of the motion, are stated in the opinion of the court, and in the arguments of the counsel.

Page 651.
By the Court, 
Willard, J. The plaintiff, as devisee of his father, the late Stephen Van Rensselaer, who died in 1839, brought an action of covenant against the defendant, as assignee of the lessees of the said Stephen Van Rensselaer, to recover arrearages of rent which accrued since the death of the said Stephen. The leases, three in number, purported to be executed by the late Stephen Van Rensselaer,of the first part, and one of them by Benjamin Jones. Silas Jones, and Norman Jones of the second part; another by Abel Jones of the second part; and the third by Anna West of the second part. They all bore date in 1793, and were witnessed by two subscribing witnesses, Robert Dunbar, jr. and Thomas L. Witheck. They conveyed certain premises therein mentioned, situate in the county ofRensselaer, in perpetuity, to the respective lessees, "yielding and paying therefor, yearly and every year during the continuance of the grant, unto the said Stephen Van Rens selaer, his heirs and assigns, the yearly rent of [so many] bushels of good clean merchantable winter wheat, to be delivered at the now mansion house of the said Stephen Van Rensselaer, in the town of Watervliet, unless specially directed by the said Stephen Van Rensselaer, his heirs, executors, adninistrators or assigns, to be delivered at some other place. not more than one mile distant from the said mansion house, or the spot where it is now erected, in and upon the first day of January in each year." The number of acres of land and the quantity of wheat are expressed in each lease; and each Iease contains a covenant on the part of the lessee, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, to pay the said rent. Ths declaration contains two counts on each of said leases; the first count charging the defendant to be the assignee of the whole estate of the original lessee in one lease; and the second count charging him to be the assignee of a designated proportional part. The third and fourth counts are of a similar character, upon the second lease; and the fifth and sixth counts are of the like character upon the third lease.
The breach in the several counts is for the non-payment of the rent which fell due in wheat after the death of the said Stephen Van Rensselaer, and after the estate of the lessee became vested in the said defendant by assignment. The plea is first, non est factum as to the said original lessees, in all the said leases; and second, denying that all the estate of the lessees vested in the defendant by assignment; and to the counts charging that a proportional part of the estate, specifying it, vested in the defendant by assignment, the pleas in like manner deny it; also a plea of set off; on all which issues were taken.

"Some brief information on Silas, Abel, Norman, Benjamin JONES and Anna West."  SP

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday, with regret. Fowlerville MI

I found a massive well kept cemetery in Fowlerville, MI. I had hoped to wander the grounds and see what I could find. 

Alas, there has not been enough time.  I know there are many small towns around that are very old and may be holding clues for others. 

I do want to say that they have a Livingston County Genealogical Society that meets in Howell on Thurday evening. LDS Church facility. I was thrilled to learn that for the budding genealogist and accomplished both.

The recent post in the Fowlerville News & Notes Oct 23 states that it's next meeting is 3 Nov. They have a theme for that night " Genealogy of a Home".  The speaker is from the Library of Michigan  and begins at 7 pm. It is open to all whom wish to attend.

Meeting place is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1041 Grand River in Howell, MI.
A phone to reach someone is:  810- 227-7745.

Here is hoping this is some help for those looking for information with in this local area.