Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sorting Surnames Saturday, JONES, MYERS, FOULK

Sorting, Surnames Saturday in Carlsbad at the Cole's Library. Picked up two friends and headed north, this morning around 10:15. Finally on the  road by 11 something.  Arrived in Carlsbad, grabbed a sandwich and drink and then went into library to dig more in the BEEKMAN PATENT Books.

Receiving information some months ago that there was clues on the JONES family in these books regarding Duchess County, New York,  I was ready for the hunt again.

Learning a quirk on a NOEL JONES, now having either found another one or the one that was missing, I garnered the information to share. Some of it made sense some made no sense at all.

It seems the data is random, but the first book is pages and pages of documents regarding Dut

chess County and the Beekman Patent's.  There are several more books with data. So far I have mastered going through three fairly thoroughly.  Each one had a tidbit or two more to add to the gathering of this family's lineage.

Spent almost four hours sorting out the various JONES lines, some which I have data to connect the book does not show. 40+ years of research on this line makes lots of reading and learning and piecing together bit by bit and piece by piece. Read about the girls and whom they married and how some actually are married back into the line a generation or two later.

At the end of the time, I grabbed a book regarding Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and Lebanon County, PA., History. For some reason having combed Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties I never looked at Lebanon County at least not to closely.  I found a Gem, a true Gem on the MYERS family.  Alas they just had the reunion but what a great find. Also found data on the married into family of FOLK. Why would William FOULK be listed as an inmate, on  tax roll. I read three pages back and three pages forward and it did not make sense. Many were saddle makers, farriers, farmers, store keepers on this Inmate list.  The information found today was a great find for both groups of surnames I was hoping to pin down an answer to.

 These names are all on Dad's side of the family. Jones on his father's side and FOULK/FOLK, MYERS on his mother's.

 Hoping to return again soon and work on a few more Beekman Patent books  of Dutchess Co. New York and more on the Lebanon County, PA History data.

Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York,  Frank J. Doherty - 2003

Administration of estate of Noel Jones of Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co., NY granted to Archibald Jones 12 October 1804.

Now to locate the files and see what is in this file. 

More to follow.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday

Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday

 Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday, is about over. Yes it has been all of that today.
 Thankful for the friends I have met on line and the way they share with me.

 Thriller because a grandson took me to see the new Batman movie. No way can I  believe that will be the last one. The ending definitely implied that we will see more down the road of this dynamic crime fighting group. Did anyone get the subtle under tow in the movie?  Fortunately the good guys win.

Treasure Chest Thursday for sure, located more data on two sides of Mom's family. Shared information and information was shared back. That is always a good thing. Thanks MORROW and WARDEN kin.

Also shared thoughts about Societies and when they go slack and what can be done to bring them back to life. This can be applied to either on line or local groups.

 That data can be found here:

 Having been talking about the ups and downs and pro's and cons of societies and groups for over a week now,  I learned in a chat that people are looking for advise and ideas on what to do and how to do it for creating societies and also keeping them going.  Being myself, I felt I should chip in with some things I learned over the years.

Posting information on the Ancestor Seekers blog about DNA now for the next upcoming class.  I will be updating links and data as the week gets closer.

Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound: Learning About DNA

Go and click follow on the other blogs and share as we journey down the road together.

Thanks for listening, reading and commenting.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Is Around the Corner, Winter Holiday's also.

Fall is Around the Corner, Winter Holiday's also.  Have you thought of this?  Will you be doing a Family Birthday or Anniversary Calendar? A scrap book of one year of your life or their's?

Time to think of it now. Coming out of Church this evening it is definitely fall  air. I can almost smell
pumpkin pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.

Not sure we really had much summer, maybe that is a good thing. The overcast days filled with soft warmth and not heavy heat are what I have called God's Quiet Days, for years.  Few people are out and chatting and kids not out yelling and screaming and running and racing.  Evening comes and the people come out to say hi, water the plants and prepare for the next day.

Of course, it reminds us that the Holiday Season will be on us shortly.  As Genealogists we can make
the bulk of our gifts if we start now and they can be  meaningful to all ages, young or old.

A story appropriate for the age with a picture attached for them to relate to, whom the person is or why that person is someone to remember. For War Veterans how about something about the past Veterans in the family files. Pull them into the fold and do not let them be forgotten, even though they are not yet gone or  maybe a story written up about some of the exploits of the Veteran's adventures.

We should never wait until death to remember and honor others.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Amazing, Just Amazing more Society Information

Amazing, Just Amazing more Society Information

Amazed, yes I am. Why you ask?  30 people viewed the previous blog that discussed the potential benefits of belonging to a Society.

One kind soul, one answered the question.  Just think how much more knowledge would have been shared had at least 15 had answered the question.

Do Genealogists really think a Society is a none important entity?  If so, why did they not state that ?

So in hopes for a better answer  to the first post I am going to run this to see if we get any more answers to the questions.  So know the amount of questions have increased, wondering if there will be any more replies.

It does not matter if your a Beginner or Advanced the advantages are the same so please respond, Thanks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Society's, Do You Belong?

Feeling this topic is not discussed often enough or  explained to new genealogists I am going to ask this all important question.

How many of you people reading this belong to a Society?

How many Societies do you belong to?

If you do, does your Society hold one day a year to review each others surnames and places of research?

Societies can definitely help a beginning researcher to move in the right directions and learn.
They can assist with many facets of research. From the actual researching to the methods used or places to locate information.

I also firmly believe your local society is your Home society and the one your affiliated with in the distance is the Home Away From Home society.  Many times both can offer the same services but it would be covering different areas.

A follow up on what I posted here:

More Society TidBits - Genealogy Wise

Awaiting your response, please do reply.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do You Collect Recipe Books for Genealogy?

Do you collect or read through Recipe Books for Genealogy?  Ever read a Grange Recipe book that lists the people in the Grange who entered recipes?
So you do know you can find lost kin between recipe pages and some neat new recipes that are truly old?

I had several and some I posted to our library for others to locate their lost kin. I have had books from Washington Co. PA; Greene Co. PA; Riverside, CA; Wheatland, Wyo; Petaluma, CA;  National City, CA; Tomales-Valley Ford, Ca region schools book; Roswell, New Mexico, one from Missouri, and two from Iowa.

I was amazed at the names in those books. First learning of this when a dear friend asked if I would like to buy a Grange book for Petaluma, Ca.  Many of my old classmates Mom's had entered recipes.
Then I started looking for the family names in the region.

 So if you are out wandering about, look for recipe books made by the local people last year, ten years ago, 30 or 50 or so years ago. Even older ones, I have a 1906 one from Santa Ana CA area.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A "Gold Star" Society, Cornerstone Genealogical Society

Over on Linkedin, someone asked: "What organizations do you find outside of N.E.H.G.S. to be helpful in your genealogical research?"

What a great opening for me to be able to talk about one of my favorite societies that I heap praises on all the time.

Cornerstone Genealogical Society of Greene Co. Pennsylvania has been extremely helpful, cooperative and has found much information for me. No, the did not do the work but they were familiar with my
family names, some of the descendants even worked in the society.  I appreciated then and still do their prompt response and willing to assist if they can.

This brings up my talk on "Doing Your Homework," Having been blessed with a distant cousin telling me the things I need to be prepared to do and things I should bring with me and what I should do before I arrived.

I let them know I was coming, I shared with them much information, I made pre appointments so they were aware I was really going to be there. I joined the society and shared information.

Yes, aware to  many I's but if one does not do the homework before you go, they maybe bogged down in a muddle with many other things when you arrive. I did that once in my own home area and was so disappointed because they could not help me at all on that trip. Being very used to just popping in when I arrived home to tell everyone hi and share news.  Alas, that time I needed assistance, which was not going to happen.

I belong to many societies both local and distant from where I live but I can tell you that this society in Greene Co. Pennsylvania, still deserve a "GOLD STAR" for all they do for their members and the community.

They have a library, meetings, a quarterly, classes, field trips and work hard to maintain a library with many, many years of research material. The also work in conjunction with the Historical Society in helping.

They reply promptly, are friendly and courteous.  I keep striving for our local society to be more like this one is.  Maybe we are not quite big enough yet but we do have some good workers in the local society also.

I love the surname files on the 3 x 5 cards for others looking for your names.  We started that here long ago but due to lack of help it went to the wind. It takes a true hard work and serious dedication to do what they have done.

Thank You to all whom work there.   Cornerstone Genealogy Society

 Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa . founded in 1975.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Full Moon And Family

Full moon tonight, or so it appears. We did a B B Que and celebrated the 4th of July early with some of the family.  Instead they turned the tables and celebrated our Anniversary today because they are working on that day.

What a nice surprise. We had a great visit with everyone and shared lots of updates on jobs and life.

 We will be Great Grandparents again in September, if all  goes according to plan.  The Chocolate Mousse from Han's and Harry's was absolutely, the perfect topper.

Everyone mentioned the Full Moon as they were leaving. The clouds are closing in so we may not see any more of it tonight.

Full Moon's make the world look different in my eyes. Scientists imply it affects our mental state. We know it affects the tides & gravitational pull of earth.

We are going into the time of year when a Full Moon will soon be called a Harvest Moon.  I love to watch the night sky and it's changes. All our children had telescopes and we watched stars and sky changes since most of them small and the same applies to our Grandchildren. We used binoculars before we got Telescope.

My Uncle worked at an Observatory for a college and that telescope is awesome to look through and bring the sky up close and so personal.

So thanks to the Full Moon, the Night Sky and the Family for sharing time with us on this evening.

What a marvelous time we had.  May you all have a great life and remember to look up to the sky and check out the heavenly bodies and what changes they make through out the year.

 I wonder what the sky looks like in Michigan tonight?   Have not mastered body transport yet so will have to deal with thoughts of the clear sky and stars and moon so close to see.  I love how it comes up behind the grove of trees in our son's back yard while we sat on the patio.