Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Madness is my Blog

Madness, Frustration, confusion and mayhem, yup that is how I feel my day went. Since I have had computer worked on upgraded and changed not much is normal for me.
Can you tell I am not much for change especially major ones during busy times?

We upgraded to Leopard and we upgraded so many programs and so many of them are still saying need more upgrding. Thanksgiving my son spent his entire time checking and reseting another upgrade. Strange when we upgraded it said done never thought the next day would start such an adventure.

Hurray for the day, Mary got an email from a cousin in Utah looking for Tatum's with us.

Bright spot in day was the upteenth time I put in my name and my address and code and it finally gave me back to my blog page of origins. Not the one I accidentally created two days ago. Yes I have a cheat sheet with codes and passwords laminated by my desk.

So now I have a blog to be at each email address. I will think on this a bit before I go farther. I suspect the one address in time will go away but hanging on as long as I can because so much family and data out on web with that name and address I am sure I could never remember where all I posted since 1989.

Bill West I understand the frustration because I finally switched to higher up grade than dial up. ALas it is faster but along comes many other scourges with it.

I have upgraded about three years ago. We combined the computer, the tv, and the phone in a bundle. The bad thing is when one goes all goes. I only dropped my A T & T line in September this year because service has been iffy for all the family in the area.

I also think each time they add a new customer we are all booted for a period of time.
This fall has been really bad. So there is no perfect or near perfect world.

I rely on my cell phone probably more than I should because now I am finding messages being delivered days and weeks later. Calls going to Mexico when no one called them etc.

So as of right now I am back on my Blog page. How soon I will be able to get back on it again remains to be seen.

This is the start of a joyous season for most citizens and I sure hope that it remains that way. I may sound like it was a gripe but I am grateful for the ability to reach my family on line, my friends on line and share pictures and information so quickly when it is working.

The meeting of new friends and sharing of places is so awesome. Even when MOM was here she would ask daily, whom did we hear from today. Since our family other than immediate immediate is in the midwest and east it is something she would love to have in her home. She would need Speak and Say due to eyesight but will work on that after we see about hearing aids they are going to set us back a penny.

She loved that we could make the type large and enlarge pictures and get answers generally rather quickly. I do to. So thanks for listening and have a

BE very careful on the road and walking on sidewalks. Seems to be the new freeway in our area.

To my Jewish friends I wish you also the best of your and my holiday season. Jesus was a Jewish boy and practiced that religion, ( man I dislike that word Religion) I believe in Faith.

Maybe if I do not get back on I will make this computer the Tombstone Tuesday event.

Bury it. BLessings all..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fridays Blog to see

I was scanning some of my favorite blogs as I rest my brain and feet and I found something Thomas Kemp posted that has me excited.

I have a deceased relative that I have been attempting to track down any possible living kin and the name popped up in his blog post.

I like Thomas Kemp's blog and postings. They are as interesting to me as someone else named Thomas has.

Thank you dear sir for the tidbit.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday's Blog Surname Saturday

You will find my Saturday blog here.

We had a busy day and Hannah's 15th birthday today also. Fred said the seminar for Retired Miitary was excellent. Play starts next Thursday so must finish this sewing so the students have costumes to wear.

Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Follow Friday

I have several places I like to follow and one I recommend to everyone.

This man is knowledged, witty and gifted with humor. He is easy to listen to and
easy to understand.

I learn something new almost daily from his blogging or twitters.

Sometimes I learn many things and I always pass them on to others, never waste
great information, just make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Thomas your a delight to be acquainted with thank you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tombstones on Tuesday

Hurray another day about Tombstones. Do we want an oblisk, or oval or rectangle or 8 sided monument?

Will we put an angel or a heart or a flame or another design on the stone?

Do we know what those objects represent? Do we know what groups use some designs more than others?

Do we know what religion based group has no tombstones at all, At least at one time were not allowed?

Will we have headers and footers, or the area surrounding marking the territorial space?

If in a National Cemetery they do the setting and you accept the design. If I recall right Punch Bowl has only white crosses and I think Rosecran's is sorta mixed. Seems it depends on time frame for Rosecrans.

Now that is true of many modern cemeteries also. The old section is totally different in design than the new. The Catholic part of the cemetery in Petaluma Ca has an old (anceint) section. then down a ways there is a more modern area, pre-zoned off for each family plot. It is one of the few I have been in and about since I was small.

Tombstones in the 1870's and forward are generally a personal statement of the family and it's standings in the community.

Piomeers on the trail seldom had a marker at all unless it was a pile of rocks or brush to keep the varmits away. Sometimes some wood would be erected and rough initials carved in a branch used as a sign.

I walked the cemetery in AFTON, WYO and was like a trip back in time reading the born and died and where data on them. About two thirds the way through the cemetery I found some long lost collateral kin. I sure would not have ever looked there for them.

One never knows what one will find in a cemetery, whether you think kin is there or not. Some are so well versed you can almost put together the history of the town.

I have hopes to have a stone whether my body is in the ground at a research facility or ashed. I am hoping for a marker to mark my passing or having been here.

Since my alternate hobby is rock hounding and collecting rocks I have lots of ideas for a tombstone marker.

Susan C Jones Pentico
b Greybull, WYO. when it was my turn
m 1959 CA in Catholic Church
d when God ready for me

Mom fell down stairs and I was born almost 2 months early. I have been playing catch up ever since. Blessings to all and to all a blessed night.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Monday's Madness

Ah another Monday, it is always such a fun day.

The Moon is full and the sign is a ring.

Now is not that a funny thing.

My computer is hiccuping badly,

Five hours of care it still works sadly.

The on off button is miscueing

which leaves me boohooing.

No way to research or to chat

Since it would not complete it's task.

May the week be blessed

and goblins be past.

Blessed be the harvest and our fast.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday's Fun, Backup, Install Leopard and Enjoy Friends

Wow what a day this has been. I was unable to get on to FACEBOOK yesterday and post or read mail. I could not access but two of my blog sites.

Mom wants to learn Broomstick lace before she heads up north to home. So friend went to breakfast with us and when home another friend came over and worked on computer and we all shared time.

We already work together in a craft class with sewing at school. So I am attempting to master the lace project and cousin tried to find out why computer was not responding as should. After much was removed we decided to install Leopard in hopes it would run better. Only time with tell on that one.

I think the loom is feasible for learning the lace item is complex hand, finger movements, not sure how that is going to go over.

Leopard so far seems okay except that constant back up system that pops up constantly. Yes, Thomas I am well backed up now.
I use my Disc for back up ever couple days anyway. Long ago I lost so much I do not do much with out back up.

I have yet to see if can write at Facebook or respond to notices printed there but that is next on agenda.

Curious if anyone has read the blog page for the genealogy people at Lemon Grove yet for they need help with their lost kin.

One person and I have worked for 7 years trying to resolve her elusive one, but think we overlooking something somehow.

Some are still getting into the hang of writing a story for a query but I truly believe a story query is the way to go.

Last meeting we discussed surnames and where they from and what they mean and how names migrated across Europe and

the continent.