Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Young Data, Maine and Nova Scotia and Mass.

 According to MyHeritage.com there was new information on the Abraham Dorrison Young Sr's family.

His father was Job Young 1739-1877 mother was Hannah Barnes.  He was born in York, Maine and died in Belliesele, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada.   Hannah was born and died in Annapolis Co. N.S., Canada.

His father was Job Young 1659- 1750  born 1695 York Village, Maine and died same 1750.

His wife was Patience King.  She was born 1701 Kittery, York, Maine.
died 26 July 1790 York, York, Maine.

I learned several childrens' names and other data

(Still trying  to learn about this document and if it applies to family.
Abraham Young mentioned in Cumberland Pensioners Act of 1818.
Time line fits to be ours???)

Now I have his son Abraham Dorrison Young Jr  21 April 1812 Franklin, ME to 9 June 1883,Nashua, Chickasaw Co. Iowa
date discrepancy in last find. I have 23 April 1812 from records below posted.

Abraham Jr first mar Eliza Grover  b 23 Feb 1816  Pittston.. 11 July 1833 in Maine.
p 162-3
Emily Young, born in Dover October 21st, 1833
Bothwell Young, born in Dover, February l0th, 1834
Grimsley Young, born in Dover, August 29th, 1835
Augusta Young, born in Dover, November 13th, 1836
Edwin Young, born in Dover, April 13th, 1838
Lucy Jane H. Young, born in Guilford, January 30th, 1840

 m 2nd Hannah Owen OEN?  my ancestress. she was born in Germany. Came to America with her sister. Data on old computer grrr.

1856 St Charles
1870 Fremont Butler Co IA
1880 Fremont, Butler Co IA
Vital records of Guilford, MAine

Abraham D. Young, Jr., [born] 1812
Eliza his wife, born in Pittston Feb. 23rd, 1816

[p. 163]
Emily Young, born in Dover October 21st, 1833
Bothwell Young, born in Dover, February l0th, 1834
Grimsley Young, born in Dover, August 29th, 1835
Augusta Young, born in Dover, November 13th, 1836
Edwin Young, born in Dover, April 13th, 1838
Lucy Jane H. Young, born in Guilford, January 30th, 1840

HAD  Hannah Young 13 Sept 18 50 Bellidere, Boone Co. Ill
d 27 July 1941 Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn.

She married Calvin Fay  Jones  5 July 1868 Butler Co. IA

Grandad Casey's (Carl Fremont Jones)  parents

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Backdoor to Christopher Jones Jr & more Names

Christopher Jones, Mayflower Captain is your 11th great grandfather's wife's first cousin once removed's wife's 2nd husband.
     Ray Dee Jones 
your father   Victoria Mae Jones 
his mother   Margaret Mae Foulk 
her mother   Lydia Eastman 
her mother   Prosper Trowbridge 
her father Rufus Trowbridge 
his father   Keeler Trowbridge 
his father   Caleb Trowbridge 
his father   James Trowbridge 
his father   Elizabeth Trowbridge 
his mother Capt. George Lamberton 
her father   Mary Margaret Lamberton 
his mother   Sir Robert Denys, MP, of Holcombe 
her father   Mary Dennis 
his wife Dorothy Grey, Baroness Montjoy 
her mother   Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset 
her brother   Thomas Gray, of Harwich 
his son   Richard Gray, of Harwich 
his son   Josian Bartelmore       
his wife   Christopher Jones, Mayflower Captain 

her husband

This is from MyHeritage.com.  Read from the bottom up to understand the tree.  This states she is a direct line relative to me via the father of Josian Barelmore  ( GREY?GRAY, THOMPSON, JONES.)

I am surprised to see that Roger Jones was his brother and that was in an article  sent by my cousin Helen Durbin.  Roger was in Maryland.  Capt of ship also.

I know that Mr. Alden's mother was Christopher Jones Jr's sister also. 


Since I have four proven Jones lines wonder if a couple of them may early interlink.

IS this Capt William Jones lineage.  I have not traced him farther back., but his daughter married
Capt John Duvall. Elizabeth Jones. It also mentions Fry in the article which is a 2nd or 3rd wife of Henry Huffman, (Catrouch FRY/Catherine Fry) 


Captain John DUVALL, married about 1686 to Elizabeth JONES. They had 11 children. One of the more important military officers of the Province. In 1704, he and his brother, Mareen the elder, were granted "Duvalls Delight", a patent of 3108 acres, located at the mouth of Rogues Harbor. It was one of the true manors in Anne Arundel County and is listed in Alice Norris Parran's "Register of Maryland Heraldic Families".

Another name mentioned is LEE  very interesting data. 

So Grey/Gray is a name we JONES need to do research on.  Had to remember that she married after Christopher died and became Bartelmore.  All this on computer I can not get open. GRRRR.

Nor have I looked at Dennis though the name flits through  my family files ever so often. From Lamberton down I have verified well. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Cousin Wrote a Question. FOLK/FOULK family.

A Cousin Wrote a Question.  FOLK/FOULK  family

I found the request fascinating since I knew the Parents and Grandparents and so we will only go part way back and share some data.

I will start with Dad in his memory since he died 12 April 1995 in Santa Rosa, CA at an Eatery, near the hospital. (Kaiser, Santa Rosa, CA).  Joking with his favorite waitress.   : > )

As a young man he knew much of his Mother's family. (Victoria Mae Foulk Jones later Norris).
Dad was born 19 May 1913 in Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA.

His Uncle Herbie was born 15 Feb 1913 Waterloo, Blackhawk, Ia.  His wife is still alive.  They had two children 1 m and 1 f that I am aware of.  I talk to the male to learn how his Mom is doing,

Herbie,  had  3 brothers and 4 sisters 1 (My Grandmother Ida ie Victoria Mae)

Victoria (IDA) was the oldest.

Because of the inter tangling of our family sometimes I am not sure which to start with.

You can see with the closeness in age how family became close to his Uncles and Aunts.
 Dad used to say Herbie was like a brother in many ways.  I believe that.

So second born child was Arthur William b 1898  death 1964 -- Olney Cemetary Pendleton, Org.
I knew him personally, He lived with our family for some years.  I knew him as Great Uncle Dick.
So when doing research had to learn the real names of family.

I recall his wife Bernice  died fairly young as did a daughter. I never knew her. After her death family attempted to help him raise their boys and daughter.

Louletta, Kenneth, Keith and Klint Foulk, whom I knew as a teenager and young adult.
Here is the 1940 census with them in Greybull, Wyo   See the age between the two brothers  40 and 22.  It  implies they lived there in 1935 also.  Greybull, Big Horn, Wyo.

A W Faulk (G U Dick)
Kenneth Faulk born South Dakota.  in census  served USA Wife Dolly(our name)(LuLu) 2 b 1 g
Keith Faulk    married Carolyn served   USN or USA 
Clint Faulk    m Janet and was USN chased UFO's is what he shared with our family. Janet b R I.
Herbert Faulk( G U Herbie)


3rd born Great Aunt Belve b 11 Sept 1900 m Ernest Rice, had children I got to re visit them in 1958 in Greybull, Wyo. both died in Greybull, Wyo.   I communicate with a grandaughter in Nevada.

Claude b 1903 I believe in IA. mar Edna Musselman both died in Wheatland, Wyo.
I loved these two people very, very much. Great Uncle Claude would tease and share and cared.
His wife had the best Jello salad with beets. I loved them both very much.  He did RockHounding and made jewelry.  They lost a  boy about 14 years of age. MOM told me the story it was very sad and GU never got over it.  I hoped I filled some of what they missed by trying to be close to them.
We always saw them when we went to Wyoming and they lived near my Mom's parents in Wheatland, Wyo. Really had a great time with all the things he made by hand and the stories he shared and Dad and He would go for rides and chats about family every visit sometimes more often.
He had the FOULK name researched and yes burnt the book because it mentioned Indian heritage.
We had a chat about it our last visit.  He thought we were all ashamed of being Indian heritage. I told him I was proud of what ever my ancestors shared with me.  I still am.

Blanche b 1906, died young have picture of funeral from Grandma's files.  I believe she was married when died.  No children have not dug deeper. I heard she was a very pleasant person.

Ira, Someday may write a book about what I do know about him.  Dad had a different concept about this Uncle.  Uncle Gerald basically agreed with Dad's thoughts.  I did meet him when he came to our ranch in CA. I think he was there twice.   We found his grandchildren and son two years ago.
It was such a happy dance and I called my Great Aunt and shared that after 40 years of digging we had at least found closure.  What a lovely family he did not get to know.

Norma M. Gardner and Ira Eugene Foulk.  They were married on July 4, 1935.
She had a son and we found his son's children. Thanks to Facebook. I wrote many letters and made many calls to locate Ira from about 1965 on.  As a family member I can give data but not openly. I have met one cousin.  Ira was born 29 mar 1907 Grundy IA   died 30 Aug 1997 Skyview Memorial Park, I think it is in Montana. 

Alvina b 2 June 1909 Eagle Blackhawk IA lived Wheatland, Wyo so knew her fairly well. She married a Willis Kerns, No children. She died 21 April 1992 Wheatland, Platte, Wyo
Also known as Levina Catherine Foulk 2 June 1909 Eagle twp Blackhawk IA,  Harvey and Margaret  her parents,  Everyone said she  loved children and was the reason why she worked where she did.
Then back to G U Herbie the last born known child.   Dad's buddy and friend besides cousin. 

Dad had little knowledge of his Dad's line so he was close to all these Uncles and Aunts like they were older siblings.  I inherited G A Alvina's things from DAD.

Of all these people the only one I never met was Blanche.  She was gone. 

I think it was when the boys joined the service when their father came to stay with us. Then his Daughter came down from Portland, Oregon and took him there later.  I think they all served for Korean War.  One Uncle of yours is alive in Washington and his son is on Facebook for  you to get to know your cousin.  I lost data on the one brother, at one time I knew more and can not remember much.  

When your Dad and I talked often I could recall  much of our past.  Ken and Dolly were special people to my parents and my siblings.  You were the first baby that Fred held. (my husband).

Enjoy what I put with out overstepping rules.

 I  have information on family back much farther I will share more later.

Parents being Harvey Edward Foulk and Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk.  They lived in  Wheatland, Wyo when Dad was living their with his parents and siblings before the divorce. 1920

Other stories to follow.