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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tombstones, Dates and Confusion.

    Lots of chatter lately about Tombstones, non matching dates and documents.

   Having learned that tombstones were expensive to carve many times if an error was made the family did not correct, it due to fees.  Once in a long time a carver would re do at a limited fee.
   Court records tend to have less errors but not always, even Census records as Randy Seaver showed the genealogy group a week ago or so.

   I like the fact that in New York  you wrote your data in their book in your hand.  Which started my confusion because the gravestone said something different.  I had the Grave information first, when I found his birth information and it was signed by his father I had to contact others to learn what happened.  Fortunately it was just a few days off, so maybe in grief they were told wrong or the maker made an error.

 We find these errors more than we wish but we are all human and errors do exist.

 Wondering if other states had them enter the information in their hand or the court person wrote it in.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Save an Activity We Need

To many have nothing to do and no place to go.

 Did you know if you are not balanced that skating builds body balance?

Did you know it encourages people to share and get along?

Did you know it can help youth to assimilate with others and adults?

Please help to save our last of the skating rinks here in San Diego area.

Our children skated there and met other nationalities and enjoyed the community.

Some of our friends lived near this rink.

I hope you will all go and sign the petition to save this building. and skating rink.  Please and thanks.

You have skating competitions. hockey, figure, speed, dance and roller derby for some starts.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Family News Dick Thomas son of Marie Pentico Thomas

 My husband lost a cousin this last week. One that I hold dear for many reasons.

 I met him once I think, but Aunt not around to verify.  But reading his Obituary I learned
 maybe one reason why we heard from him and his wife all the years of their marriage and ours.

  We married 5 July 1959 and Dick and Violet married Sept. 20, 1959. Both were military at the time of their marriages.  Fred was USN and Dick was USAF.

  As I had not met my in laws, nervousness was present on how I would be received.  To get a letter from his family members welcoming me into their group was very helpful.  But it never stopped with
Dick and Violet.  After Violet passed, Dick still kept in touch and we shared cards and notes then swapped information on Facebook the last few years. He offered and fixed pictures for me.
So many little things that just endeared him to me and them before her death.  We even made phone calls.  

Thanks Aunt Marie Pentico Thomas and Uncle Herb Thomas for raising such gracious children.
 I feel very blessed to have met all those around when there in 1970.

My parents families were from Iowa also Dad being born in Waterloo, area. Mom's family was in Appanoose and Monroe Counties and that region before moving to Wyoming and Mom being born.
Much family is still in these areas and we communicate often.

My parents married in Wheatland, Wyo. later they moved to Greybull, Wyo and we then went to California.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman 51+ Years

  How Long Were Your Ancestors Married.

 This question was posted by Randy Seaver, for  our Saturday Night Fun Event.

 Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman were married 50+ years.
 Married in 1826, April 9

  both died after 1876

   Henry 15 Sept. 1879  Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
   Elizabeth 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA

  Another is Alexander Duvall 11  & Abigail Elizabeth Powell
  married 5 Jun 1780

  60 years  

  Alexander 11 died 7 June 1840
  Abigail  died 5 March 1842

  We can hope we make 60 on 5 July 2019 m 5 July 1979  Maybe in part to the thanks of those above.
   Wonder how many more we will make.

   Ray Dee Jones Sr and Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones made more than 50 also. my parents.
    O, I am sure I will find more because MOM did this  for their 50th Anniversary.

    3 Sept 1938 Wheatland Wyo
     Ray d 12 April 1995 Santa Rosa, CA
     Dorothy d 10 Jan 2011 Valley Ford,  CA.

     57 years

   Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young
   married 5 July 1868

   Calvin died 23 Sept 1910 Nashua, IA
   Hannah died 27 July 1941 Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn

   42 Years?

  Finding many more yup.. Thanks for that.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Calvin Fay JONES and wife Hannah Julian Young JONES

Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young Jones are the parents of these below listed children.

  Nora  m Iver Jepsen

  George  m Belle Fox

  Alva  m Zelia August Noble

  Walter E  m Elizabeth Spooner

   LaMonte  E m Lulu May Belle Torrey

   Carl Fremont  m Victoria Mae Foulk (Ida)* my grandparents

Calvin's father was Noyes Jones and Susan Madison Jones from Petersburg. Renssaeler,  N. Y..

Henry George Jones,   --- Carolin Forbes---- Charles Jones and others are descendants.

Noel Jones   ??? supposedly died in NY pre coming west.

William Harrison  died CW serving with brother Calvin Fay Stone River National Park, TENN

Arvilla Jones m both Johnson boys Addison and Alfred.

Calvin Fay  (more above) my line

Jennie  married Fred Apel.

Lucy Loretta Jones  m William Fuller   5 known girls

Charles E b 1850  NY d 1916 Waterloo, Ia m Betsey Bartlett.   Dad knew some of these people.*
     *Fanny E m William Drew moved Wheatland Wyo.
        Willliam N.
            Calvin Jay

 I spoke to Fanny's grandaughter on the phone some years back she was in Rifle Co. Dad knew the family of Fanny and Bill Drew.

If you can help me to fill in the blanks would appreciate it.  This is just the bones.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Carl Fremont Jones and his Obits

Carl Fremont Jones Grandad Casey Jones was my father Ray Dee Jones Sr's.  father.