Sunday, August 23, 2015

More JONES Boy's with their Wives.

Here is the picture of more Jones cousins. Lucy Jones is the blonde in the back wife of a Jones boy.
She did not label them so I am at a loss as to whom is who. Calvin I think is one?  They were brothers.The other one should be Fay. Their parents were Walter Jones and Elizabeth Spooner.

They had a sister Ruth whom married and moved to Oregon her last name was MOEN or MOON.
Much of this from Lucy telling me this on the phone or in conversation.  She was a very gracious lady.  She visited my home at least twice if not more often. I have pictures of her with my Uncle Gerald Jones in Lemon Grove pre his death 12 March 2001.

Toby Jones, I believe this is your MOM and Dad in the back of picture. Fay and Lucy Jones.

Remembering the story Lucy Mae Anderson Jones told us, about Fay and his brother, involving my Uncle Gerald Oliver Jones.  Sad story but family stories are not always happy ones.

I am  happy to just be able to find you after DAD (Ray Dee Jones Sr) looked for years for you people.
Wonder if Fay and Dad's searches ever crossed. I doubt it because he was really looking for Lamont, ie Uncle Monte, stranger things have happened.

Dad did run into Monte's son one day and I saw him too. Wow did that son of Monte's look like DAD, sound like Dad and even the Foreman at the mill (Hunt & Behren's Feed Mill, Petaluma, CA) was amazed.  Alas he died before he got  out to see us.  Later we found his baby brother Donald Gene Jones of Sacramento, CA.

I have a picture of Donald with Uncle Gerald and I on the front of the blog page. May they rest in peace.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Family Traits, Resemblances and Cousins Fun.

Family Traits, Resemblances and Cousins Fun.

The other day my cousin sent me a photo of her daughter and a man.  They met and she could not
get over how he looked like her Dad. dcd.

Well  I knew without doubt, yes with out doubt he had to be kin.

Let me tell you a story.

1993, I flew to Pittsburg, PA and went to Greene Co. PA, to meet Mom's distant relatives, that her Dad used to talk to me about when I was younger, much younger.

(Since small when Grandad would lift me onto the hay bailer, he shared family stories with Richard, Hartley and I.  Richard was a few months older than I. Hartley was the youngest and he said he remembers the incidents but not the stories cause he would get bored and jump down and run around while Grandad talked. He did this each trip to Wheatland, Wyo.. Even the last time in 1958, but no hay bailer then we used the kitchen table. As a teen we walked the corn fields and soy bean fields, changed water in the ditches, while he shared his life with us.

I so wanted to ask Rich about two of Grandad's stories, alas it did not happen. I did go to Wyoming to his Memorial service and see family I had not seen since about 1998-9, last fall.

Grandad's directive to me was, if I ever got a chance to go to Greene Co. PA and meet his kin we would never regret it.  His Dad took him when he was 5 years before he started school. I actually was contacted by one of those relatives that remember Grandad being there.

That is why all this is happening. Or at least a great deal of it is, of course Dad's side was just as intriguing. More on that side later.)

Back to story, I was met by distant cousin, at airport drove to her home. (Helen Durbin) Spent day then next day drove into Waynesburg from West Alexander where her home was.  O let me tell you, no road signs, NO ROAD Signs.  I had to use the car phone to reach my distant cousin in Waynesburg on how to wander around these gorgeous hills and trees and valleys and rills. I made it took me 3 hours to go 30 mins of distance. Fortunately we had spoke on the phone for about 5 months prior to my going east, generally at least once a week.

When I met this cousin, I was like wow, you look like my Aunt Mae, so wanted her to see picture of her. Then later I went to another cousins,  her sis and she looked exactly like Aunt Ruth,  later in the week I met their brother. NO Kidding, he was spitting image of my Uncle Dick in Wheatland, Wyo.
He wore cowboy boots, talked and sounded so much like him I as almost speechless.
On another day I met two more relatives and they all could match to kin I grew up with. Violet and her daughter Zennia Gilbert. They were from the oldest child in the family and the resemblance again was startling.  Another looked like my Mom.  It was very intriguing to see the family resemblances.
Very strong resemblances.  Many of their traits were the same and as strong.

Dad said that all Huffman/Hoffman's of Mom's family had a specific walk.  So I asked Eva Patterson if when we walked down to the hair saloon to let me tell her if I could pick out my Huffman/Hoffman cousins.  I met 7 more relatives walking about 10 blocks down to the main part of town and went in and met another male cousin with his store.  Eva said I picked up on each one we spoke to and passed and then she told me their names.  She had invited them to her home for one evening of sharing.

Of course we have those funky fingers and toes.  I have used them to find kin for 40 + years long before DNA. But it is a DNA thing.  People who did not know they had Hoffman/Huffman lineage would later learn it was true.   Of course many years later DNA proved it true all over again.

We would ask kin in the unknown status about Cowlicks, and dimples and ears and all kinds of traits we see in our family.  Can you bend your fingers backwards on your hand, double jointed? The list is many when one thinks about it.

So today my cousin in Kansas wrote and said yes that Richard Hoffman is family and then I realized I had spoke to one of his relatives in the past but never kept track of their children.

Back to filling in my collateral cousins trees, much I have just never put it in, was digging to go back another generation to verify if some of the family stories were true.  So far most of them are, sometimes off a generation but mostly more factual than not. Sometimes it is a different place but not totally crazy off the chart wrong.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jones Religion in early years.

I was thrilled to read Diane Boumenot, One Rhode Island Family ' post today.

She even provided a picture of the church that our early JONES ancestors claimed to use.

They were very unhappy in MASS and went with Roger Williams to RI.

The First Baptist Church in America

A beautiful picture of the church is shared also.   A  bit of history is also given.

Diane Boumenot, I thank you so very, very, much.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


TALK ABOUT EXCITED, if your  following the JONES SAGA, my distant cousin Shirley Becker called me and she found another link to our line of JONES and our line of SWEET. We may be related about 6 times.  Anyone out there have data on FEAR JONES, she married a SWEET?

Wondering how a table describes that situation.

Many years ago in the GOLDEN GATE FORUM, I met a distant cousin whom was not so Distant on some lines.  We linked on 13 lines and we said we were more like brother and sister. Peter Armstrong where are you?

Now that Facebook is on line they have a site for Greene County Connections for Pennsylvania and almost all on that group are linked in one way or another.  Mom's family from all sides came from there back into the 1770's. So the links and lines are there.  Her family or part of her family left in 1879 or so to go to Iowa.  Many, many of them stayed, truly more stayed than left.  Three Hoffman/Huffman children came to Iowa.  One Duvall line and probably more came to Iowa.
Many more also.

There are many,many search sites on Facebook. Some are via counties, some states, some by surnames, some by societies and some even by chuches, so look there for clues.

(98) Greene Connections  YOU need invited but it is not hard to join. Just let them know whom you are linked to.

I belong to many sites for Pa, some for NY and some  for MD and some for VA. Also Moravia, Iowa, where they landed when they stopped traveling.

Now I am wondering about that one JONES in Greene Co that was from New York, could he also be related.  ha ha ha ha no I have enough of them.

I have JONES from Maryland married to Duvall in Greene Co. PA.

I have JONES from Dauphin Co area of old married into the FOULK/MYERS kin.

Also JONES relates to POWELL in Greene Co. PA.

No, no, no I am  not  doing my Smiths.  LOL.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A source for Kentucky Information

If you are not aware of this site you should make yourself familiar with this residence.

Having used the Virginia site for a year, moving over to dig in Kentucky. No not done in Virginia but then I have many Virginia names, Was amazed at the amount of Virginia names I have in my background. Direct Background, way way way back, including a famous Indian maiden that married an explorer.

So wander of to this site and dig til your heart is content.

Kentucky Genealogy  I started with Virginia and only have direct access to two of these sites so far but more will happen.  There is a fee but it gives you so much and they are easy to work with.

We have family on these pages.  Do you see who?


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Some SCOTTS that are tied to MORROW/TUTTLE

The interlinking of the lines. Over time the links may become more intense, it seems to be that way  in many of our lines.

 Thomas Scott b abt1730 probablyVA.? He married a Susannah (some say Lurannah) he died in Halifax Co. VA.  I have his Will.  In Will it looks like Susannah but  I post both for those still not concuring.  He passed in 1767 in Halifax Co. VA.

Before we go farther one needs to realize where he lived became a split and was called Pittsylvania about the time of his death.  A cousin did a great book on these Scott's of ours but couldn't find the Will due to it being in county of Origin instead of current placement. So grateful for the work Mr. Kenneth Scott did.

A reference was made to his being born in Orange Co. VA. but not source given.

He had several children, we descend from John.

John was born about 1761 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  He served in the Military about 1778.

1778  5th Regiment of the Virginia Continental Line; Capt James Williams Company  
LIsted in DAR Records     Military discharged from the Miltary 1782 

John Scott married Saphira Murry February 28, 1782 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Pittsylvania Co., Va Marriages 1767-1850
Transcribed from Microfilm Records #0033326
             Family History Library
It seems the family said Sophia more than Saphira.

 John Scott's Rev. War pension file has a Charles Thurman who makes oath to the service of John Scott in the Rev. War. 17 Jan. 1832 in Cumberland Co. File states that John Scott in 1832 living in Burkesville.  William Scott son of John Scott testifies as to the death of his father and that his mother has not remarried. 23 Sep. 1843 William also states that he was borned 1783.   Washington Watson a  justice of the peace is with William on behalf of John Scott. Nancy Murray, sister to Sophia Murray (widow), was married to Joshua Watson in 21 Nov. 1799.   There are three daughters unnamed
Source: History of John Scott 1761-1843, by Kenneth Scott and Rev War File Claim Number: W.3046

When John Scott resided in Pittsylvania County, VA, he enlisted in 1779. He served until 1783 as a private in Captain James Williams' company, in Colonel Josiah Parker's Virginia regiment. John fought in the Siege of York. He applied for pension on May 13th, 1829. At this time he lived in Cumberland County, Kentucky. His claim was allowed. After John died, his widow received benefits on this claim. John Scott's pension claim number is W.3046.

Much more data available on John Scott. Our line goes to Shadrack Scott b 1790 Pittsylvania Co., VA married 1815 in KY to Harriet Lewis b 1 May 1798 in VA death in IA. Shadrack died in Iowa, Henry Co. 11 Nov 1850. Some of us have Harriet Lewis Scott's picture.

Much sourcing also on Shadrack, census records show in 1830 in Sangamon, ILL with Dallas Scott.
So some of the stories are being proven also. Benjamin Scott is there also. Dallas Scott was also there then.

1840 Census shows them in Henry Co. IA  
1840 Henry CO Iowa terr.  1 1 1 1  1--1 /11  ---1---1 under 5  under 10 f  40 50 female  80-90 female 

1850 Shadrack passes on age 60,  11 Nov 1850. 

Picutre filed on

John Cornelius Scott was born 27 Sept 1817 in Kentucky,  We have him  born in Cumberland Co. 
 John C marries 25 Mar 1841 Henry Co. IA to Rebecca Morrow, whose mother was Patience Tuttle and father John Morrow.

They have according to my records 9 children: Cornelius Franklin is my Great Grandfather.
Cornelius F Scott marries Ella WARDEN.  They have several children, one being my Grandmother Inez Mae Scott b 6 October 1892 Taylor Township, IA. and dies 14 Nov 1961 in Wheatland, Wyo.

I saw her last home of residence when in Wheatland last September. She married Grandad Cecil Leroy (Lee) Hoffman and moved from Iowa to Wyoming prior to 1920. Mom and her sister Ruth were born in WYO. Not sure about Uncle Dick.  I need to ask him.

Friday, July 31, 2015

New Names and News BAKER and LEEK with our TUTTLE

Baker, Leek and our Tuttle.

Well, this  has created a blizzard of matches on  I first did Tuttle in the late 50's with MOM and a book in a Library. Then again I worked with a cousin in the late 1970's to update the files.

Now those files on computer in garage and what I had on disc can not be played to read.  Yes I backed it up and saved it twice. Had probably 20,000 names on that system. Hubby was overseas a lot and I had time when kids were sleeping or going to library to acquire books to read to garner my own books.

Abigail's relation to you: Direct ancestor (9 generations)

8 new Smart Matches were found in Archer Web Site / Edlin_Archer Tree, a family tree of 7,477 people created by Annette Archer-Whitmarsh from Great Britain and last updated on March 3 2015.

With the help of other researchers it appears it will go back even farther.    I am overwhelmed and thrilled to be able 
to put some data back that went away so long ago.   
It also shows we go back much farther with the names of Leek and Allen.

It seems I may end up with more Allen in our lines.  This is  Mom's side of family, but Dad has Allen's in his Jones files related also.   Another name mentioned is Woodruff and Smith.  

So  if you have not joined  you may want to take a double look at it. says I have 621 smart matches.  I have had to not agree with some of 30 the other day.
Will probably not agree with a small percentage of these suggested matches also but compared to another
group I am doubly thrilled.  Hope you will find me as a cousin of distance and maybe try a new site down the road.

Xmas is coming ask for it as Gift.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pentico, Penticoff, Penticuff, Benninghoff etc kin from Europe to USA

After 50 years of research we have finally learned some neat facts about our surname.
 We find John Penticoff in Pa, b about 1800 we find him in Jersey Shores,Lycoming Co. then Clearfield County, after a marriage and children and name change.  
 We then find him in Iowa with the FF's removed.  Previously the ff's were used and not used and used and not used.  
 We started with a story that a cousin collected from 128 descendants of this family in the 1930's. I talked with her on the phone a few times. She is now deceased.  She had 28 letters that told a story different than what she used to create the book. O how I wish I had those 28 letters and her husband in 1982 or so offered to send me all her files.  We are learning the family story carried by so many are not true and I am betting those 28 letters were the right data.  
 So with hours and months and years spent digging we did YDNA tests.  Also went back to our beginning for research and re read the census records information.  Everyone of the census records said John was born in the USA. Not in Germany not coming on a  boat not fighting with sibling over wife he married, etc. 
Well, they may have fought over the lady but not on a ship coming from Germany. Because my Sister in Law Mary Pentico found his wife and her parents were born in Pennsylvania, their parents coming to USA much earlier than book stated.  We  wonder if that is why the family could not find the two oldest children of the Benninghoff's being John was one of those two. 
 More fun is that when one was crossing Europe, one many times altered names to get to borders to leave.
Pentico is in the Italian book of names, bringing up, did they start in Italy then move to Germany then to Holland to USA, moving name as they went.
 Benninghoff's have been here as long as the JUNG's have been or close to.  Jung was changed to Young over  time. As some of the Benninghoff's changed to Penticoff's and then some changed to Pentico.  We find kin less than 100 miles apart in ILL and IO. Mid 1800's or so.
 We learned that the two oldest children of this line are not accounted for, which we now know one was John. Maybe the two oldest did fight over the wife of John.  
 The Benninghoff's have been very helpful in sharing in some information for us to determine the linkage.  We even were able to pick up an adopted child by DNA use..  
 if Census is accurate John Pentico was born in PA in about 1800.  We first find him for accuracy in
Lycoming, Jersey Shore, PA 1830 census.  Using his name of John Penticoff 
Jacob Young is next on the census list.
Some say that his marriage date  was April 1825 Yorktown, Clearfield Co. PA
Side bar is my Plantz family is next on that list ( wouldn't have looked for him there)
Then 1840 Burnside, Clearfield Co.  PA
Then 1850 Burnside,  Clearfield Co. PA
1857 Pleasant Valley Scott Co. Ia Death.
His wife was Catherine YOUNG (JUNG) daughter of Henry (Heinrich) JUNG. born 1810 in New Hanover, Montgomery Co. PA dcd 21 Aug 1886 Mound Praire, Jasper, Iowa.  
More stories and facts to follow. If you are a BENNINGHOFF, PENTICOFF, PENTICUFF, PENTICO and maybe even Penticoast.  We will be happy to hear from you.

We will be happy to hear from any of you with any variant of this name.

It is great to see so many Pentico's on Facebook whose Grandparents etc are mentioned in the book.

Please bring us up to date on the newer generations of Pentico's etc. Thanks