Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Yes I went Census dipping and looking for clues. Then I went to the trees looking for clues.
One member has the story right but wrong state. This family started in CT. and ended in New
York then moving west, Ill, to IA and stopped at other states along the way. One child born in OH.

There appears to be many Thomas's.  Fortunately,  I think DNA may help us with this situation.
Any Eastman male born from Esther Thomas would have DNA from her father. I think Autosomal is the test to be taken.  Wish I had thought of this to ask at the Seminar.  Also even better would be to find a sibling (male) of Esther's.  Then you could do Ydna.

I am so thankful that so many in the family early wrote down the story of this family and what happened.  So far every descendant I have met has a copy, especially my parents and older generations.

Great Grandma went down to sign up for the Indian Information and they cut off the event.
I may have her story written in the trunk. Yes I knew my Great Grandmother Eastman FOULK, later Archer.  We corresponded from the time I was small until her death Jan of 1958 the year I graduated.

The military lost all her letters when we transported to Hi. among many other vital things.

My Grandmother would tell us how her Grandmother would teach them about living in the rough.
Plants to eat, avoid, how to fix and prepare.  Things I have eaten that you never ever see in a store.

She in turn took us out in the pastures and shared with us many of those same informations.

Then I compared them with what my Grandfather told me on my Mom's side and found it very interesting to learn much of it the same.

I hope I have the names in my diary that is in that trunk.  Mom could rattle them off easily but she has been gone 5 years and I can only remember three.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Abijah Stoddard Eastman 1778-1852

     EASTMAN Kinship  Do you have Kinship too?

Abijah Eastman's parents were:  Vespasion Eastman b  abt 1754  died 6 Sept 1828
                                         wife:    Eunice Stoddard

 Abijah Stoddard Eastman  b 1778 CT. d 10 Mar 1852  died 10 May 1852
 Aged 72 yrs.  2 ms.
Winnebago County
Illinois, USA

Abijah Eastman  1810 census Woodbury, Litchfield CT. USA, NARA2 CONN V2 PG128.

 Abijah vol 48 nu 131  History and Gen of the Eastman fam by guy S Rix (2v) Concord NH 1801  (1000pg )197

Ill Public land Purchase Records  Name:
Eastman Abijah S
29 Sep 1849

I have a different birth date than what was pulled from the tombstone.

 Children: George Herbert   24 Apr 1832  Ct.  More to follow my family 
                      marries Lydia Trowbridge 

                  Rodderick Stoddard 13 Oct 1832   Rochester, NY
                       marries Belle Elmira Rousey

                  Harman   16 Oct 1835  
                     marries Caroline Sheilds

                   Parsons L.

                   Annis b 1829 Adams, Jefferson Co. Ny
                     marries Albert Morris

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Please Remember 7 December

                                              National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

                                              Pray for all the survivors and deceased please.

                                              Pray that our country. Pray for each other.

                                               We Americans, remember that.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


 Inez Mae Scott  born 6 October 1893 in Taylor Township,  Iowa. Monroe /Appanoose area.
 marries Cecil Lee (Leroy) Hoffman  29 May 1912 in Appanoose, IA
 prior to 1920 moves to Wheatland, Wyoming area.
 death occurred 14 November 1961 Wheatland, Wyoming.
 Cecil is born 9 May 1891 Moravia, IA
 died 24 Oct 1962, Wheatland, Wyo.

Found seriously damaged 5 days ago. Taking to Professional for repair. Want to make oval in picture frame. Can not read the artist whom painted her as a wedding present from her husband Cecil Lee Hoffman. Our Grandmother Inez Scott Hoffman.

Her Parents are Cornelius Franklin Scott
Cornelius  F Scott was born 31 Jan 1856 Moravia, IA
Dies 1 Aug 1918 Foster, Taylor Co. IA.
Marries Ella Druscilla Warden, born 22 June 1862 Iowa
Dies 14 Aug 1918 Foster, Moravia, IA

Her parents.

Booth paintings done in Iowa.

Ella Warden's parents are:
Daniel Warden b 1831 in Ohio, need his CW papers for birthdate.
He dies 31 Jan 1917 in Iowa.  They married  16 Sept 1852, Polk Co. IA.
Wife is Mary Jane Langdon, born 22 August 1837 Seneca Co. Ohio
She dies 20 Dec 1868, Madrid, Boone, Iowa. Age 31.
A large group of Wardens are buried in this cemetery in Boone, Ia.

Nephew has their portrait. Wayne Wright

Cornelius Scott's family we have back to Thomas Scott in Halifax Co. VA. Possibly much farther by a cousin.

Her parents are Arteminta Brammer b 1807 in Virginia, dies Marshall, Kansas.
We have two birth dates mine  implies 1807 cousins implies 1797.
Joseph Langdon b abt 1800 Virginia.  Dies  Union Twp.,  Lawrence Co. , Ohio  I have picture of tombstone need to take death date off I just got it last week.

His father was Samuel Langdon, b 26 Jan 1763 Dutchess Co. NY dies 9 Aug. 1861 Lawrence Co,. OH
Buried Harmony Baptist Church, Getaway, Lawrence Co. Oh aged 98.
Wife was Anne Clifton  b 1765 d 1815.

I have 3 more generations of Langdon's Samuel 's father was  Samuel Sr.  m to Mary (?)
Druzilla Booth Langdon is buried to the right of his headstone but hers missing.
Behind her is Andrew J Booth.. connection not yet proven.

These lines cover from New York, to Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and westward to California etc.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Jones Foulk Data, So excited.....

Tonight I was on Ancestry and it did not bounce all over and I found that a cousin has added a picture.

The picture is of my Grandmother as an infant. Excited, excited.

I am going to ask if they can share with me.

Working with EASTMAN family and hope I can garner more information on GGrandma Margaret Mae Eastman and her siblings and parents. I have data: Names, Dates, etc. But would love more stories.

Dad told a cute one when we were talking one time.  I gather after they left Iowa and came to Wyoming to live that Grandparents Foulk's decided to try Wheatland, Wyo also.

Alas it was not to last.  Dad was coming out of school one day and Grandad FOULK pulled up and gave him the reins for a horse and told him to give to his Dad.  They were on their way back to IOWA.  I gather Grandma was not a happy camper at all. So wish Dad had wrote all those stories down.

I found an earlier picture of GGrandma Eastman in some old files a week ago but as I go through the old manual files before computer I may find a few more. Maybe by spring we will know more.

Great Grandma Eastman Foulk wrote to me until her death and then Navy lost all those files and our address book so many contacts were lost in 1966-67.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


NOW I WONDER??????????

Do you not wonder too???  How many humans on earth are alive and related to Charlemagne and King Henry11   ???

I learned of both eons ago.  Thanks to Family bible on one line and thanks to cousin who did work on another line more extensive than I and shared.

Also related to Queen Margaret of Scotland. direct descendant. That impressed me.

Blessed Thanksgiving to you ALL.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Richard Holbrook Immigrant Ancestor...........To Inez Mae SCOTT HOFFMAN

Richard Holbrook 1621 to 1670 married to
Isreal Holbrook 1652-1680 marries 
Mary Welch.1655-1703
Mary Holbrook 1670-1762 marries Stephan Miles 1674-1713
Ebenezer Washburn Sr. 1693-1760 marries  Patience Miles 1704-1760
 Rebecca Washburn 1736-1779 marries James Tuttle 1738-1798
James Tuttle 1766-1850 marries
 Nancy Tuttle
Patience Tuttle 1806-1854 marries 
John Jackson Morrow 1783- 29 Dec 1849 Wayne Co. Ky.
Rebecca Morrow b 1821 d 1908 in Iowa, marries 25 Mar 1841 Henry, IA 
John Cornelius SCOTT.
 Cornelius F. Scott b 1856 Moravia, IA  d 1 Aug  1918 Foster Taylor, IA. marries
Ella Druscilla Warden 1862- 4 Aug 1918, Foster, Moravia, IA

These are Inez Mae Scott's parents and ancestors on this line.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Plants, Brown, Lemaster and Flattery are Kin Appanoose, Iowa.

Floyd Everett Lemaster
Birth:Dec 5 1898
  Appanoose County, Iowa, USA
Marriage:Spouse: Alice Flattery
Feb 16 1920
  Georgetown, Appanoose Co, Iowa, USA
Death:June 1965
Parents:Van Everett Lemaster
Clara Lemaster (born Brown)
Wife:Alice Lemaster (born Flattery)
Children:Earl Leon Lemaster
Calvin J Lemaster
Sister:Arminta Merle Miller (born Lemaster)
Source:Click here to view record on FamilySearch
Interesting inner connection of both my husband and my family.
Years ago a cousin sent Mom a picture of  GGGrandma Rachel Plants Hoffman's family.
In this one picture sat Rachel  Plants sister and her husband.  Henry Clay Brown belongs to Fred E Pentico's, Brown family  Rachel's sister, Hannah of course belongs to the Plants / Hoffman lines.  If you are following the Plants, another daughter mar Mason Huffman, Sanford's Huffman/Hoffman cousin.