Sunday, November 25, 2018

Josian Jones

Anyone have data on Josian JONES. I read an tidbit of this person in the NRHGS Quarterly.
They are mentioned with Capt. Christopher JONES.  ...

This years fall Quarterly.  Now looking for the previous reference that this article refers you to.

I think I have the previous years quarterlies also.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Hoffman Currier and Ives Document.

Hope  someone has found this.. May have gone to a Goodwill type store in Petaluma,  CA 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Something I found. DAD's Birth Certificate.

 I remember when he had to get this because of the new job he was starting at Hunt & Behrens Feed Mill, in Petaluma, CA.. He retired from there many years later.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Young Hoffman's of Yore.

Aunt Ruth Feil, she is Ken, and Jerry and LInda's MOM

neighbor friend next

William Uncle Dick  father of Larry Hoffman wife Aunt Doris

Dorothy Inez Jones my Mom as a youth

So you all in Iowa and Pa and Oh. Compare pictures..

Wonder if Jacob Huffman was a look alike as a youth as much as he was as an adult.

Jacob and Uncle Dick now both gone. As adults, they dressed the same, sounded the same and
were so much a like in looks.  Wish they had gotten to meet each other.

Jacob was, Eva Patterson's brother, Kate Santee's brother also.

There were others that matched the faces of Wyoming in PA amazed how much
kin a few generations down looked so very much alike.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Birthday Times Abound.

Today was our Grandson, Stephan's birthday.
Tomorrow is his daughter's.
We think it is very cool.

Fred was born 27 March.
Ed was born 28 March
Alicia was born on 29 March
Noyes Jones was born 21 Mar
Susan his wife 24 March

We married on 5 July
my Great Grandfather Calvin Jones and wife
Hannah Young were married on same date.

I have many more interesting close connections.

My Great Grandmom Margaret Mae EASTMAN Foulk
born 6 Oct IA
our grandson Joseph
born 9 October.
Grandad Carl Jones was born
10 October

Monday, September 17, 2018

Mixed Emotions and Times

 Greetings all,  having been taught that Going Home to God is a happy time. I still find the death of loved ones a very hard pill (?) to digest.

Having at this point lost both my  parents and hubby's parents, it should be easier.  No our world has us all in a turmoil.  We put seriously injured pets to sleep. We can not put seriously terminal humans at rest. I do not mean non terminal but the very terminal that pain meds doesn't even help.

Major religious emotion.  Does God cause it or the Devil?

Any way this past week has been a heavy one.  I lost a cousin on Dad's side a Foulk descendant. So sorry to have him gone. We lost a cousin of our grandchildrens' family. Someone I wrote to often.
We lost my last living relative of the generation above me. William Richard Hoffman,

Uncle Dick was a very special human to me and my siblings. A World War  11 Paratrooper amongst other things. He was a husband and a father and grandfather and cousin & Uncle to many of our kin in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, California, Nevada, Washington, AZ, Utah, Wyoming, Maryland and Florida and Carolina's.  For some of these he was a Great or Great Great Uncle.  Yes, he had medals and badges from the war. I remember him showing them to family one year.
O yes, he loved to fish and hunt when he was strong enough to do it. His last wish to me was to go fishing one more time this last June.

Do  you write something about your Aunt's and Uncles in your files for their tree information.?
Do you have a few pictures of them and their family?

 Often wonder what other members had of  Great Grandpa Frank Hoffman's life.  A great story, Mom shared one as did her siblings agreed with her.

 Uncle Dick's Grandfather was a man of many facets, he loved to  tease yet was serious when needed.  It is these little tidbits that make him more alive and then we can see traits of various ancestors if we have the tidbits. It makes it  so much more fun.

Give it a try.

God Bless All whom lost Family and Friends.

Monday, September 10, 2018

In Memory of William Richard Hoffman, our Uncle.

 My mother had several siblings. She shared many great stories about her family and life.
Many were so hysterical and fun to have lived. I think that is why she shared them with us and others so often.

I have no story about swinging from the rafters and dropping into the dishpan of water which Aunt Marie did when when a siblings was  born.  I think it was Aunt Ruth.  Some where I may have it written or Mom may have but we always laughed when the story was told.

We cried when she mentioned her baby brother that fell off a couch and ultimately died many years later from the injury he suffered. He was Raymond and she spent a lot of time helping him.

The tomato fight she had with Marie when a certain young man came to call on a Hoffman girl.
 That must have been quite a mess.

Our Uncle helped to share some  of these stories over the years.

 I am hoping cousin Ken Feil can share the story Uncle shared when we last visited for Richard Hoffman's Rememberance  2014. Uncle Roy's boy.

Aunt Doris and Uncle Dick have always had a close connection to my family.  They visited Mom's and we would drive home so the children could know them a bit. They came here one trip.

Alan graced their table and ate some awesome chicken dumplings she had made when we left Lincoln, NE. from his competition in Roller Skating Nationals. I was never able to replicate them for him.

Uncle loved to fish and  once in  awhile hunt game when young.

I remember a trip when we came into Grandpa's farm and they all grabbed fishing poles and went fishing for fresh trout for breakfast that morning. Of course they were there, the men went fishing and the ladies, cooked and baked and prepared for their return.  We arrived about 4:30 in the morning. I remember setting the table after expanding it and doing as Grandma Hoffman asked.  Mom's dog was still alive and laying by the side door. Her dog from when young. He was like 18 yeas she said. Mom was thrilled.

My baby brother loves trout like that the same way.

 Uncle so wanted to go fishing one more time. But it was  his turn to go home, so he can fish more there with less discomfort and have fun.

I will miss our often phone calls but will share time with Aunt Doris. She makes some wicked Chokecherry Jams and Jellies. I used to make it less thick and use for syrup over pancakes. She is an excellent cook and homemaker.

He served during the war for our Country and was a Veteran also. Rest in Peace Uncle Dick.