Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Hoffman with a Sense of Humor

Amazed today that he asked this question. Did he have an ancestor with a sense of humor?
I only had to think a few minutes as to determine whom should be the culprit.

My Grandfather Cecil  Hoffman, called Dutch by some and Lee by others used to share stories with Richard, Hartley and I. We were the oldest at the time and after we walked the fields and he shared things about the crops, (generally corn) he would set me up on the hay baler and Hartley and Rich also.
Rich normally climbed up on his own.  As I got older I did the same.
This Hay Baler Ritual happened every time we would go to Wyoming.  He would tell us family stories because we were the oldest and he wanted us to remember them.

I had two questions for Rich, alas he passed before I got to ask him to confirm or deny a couple of stories.

One that we all knew was real for sure was about Grandad's marriage to Grandma Inez Mae Scott.

He knew she despised Indians, so he told his Dad (the funny man) to please not mention the Indian heritage until he had been married awhile.  His Dad grinned and never said a word.  They went to the ceremony for the  marriage.  According to Grandfather this is what happened.  His words:

As soon as we said, "I DO", the minister told us I could kiss the bride.  I did and then my Dad stepped up and gave my bride a hug and gentle kiss on the cheek welcoming her to the family.  Then my Dad gave me a fright by doing this.  He re-hugged Grandma and said, " Hows it feel being married to an Indian?"
 Well as Grandad feared she went ballistic, but Great Grandad held her and held her and held her until she stopped beating on his chest. He did not let go, He looked down at her 4'9 frame and said, "now nothing has changed since you said, I do. He is still the same man you fell in love with. You do still love him right?"  She got upset all over again but he held on. Then he said, "You do still love him right.?"
She stopped looked up at him and said, "Yes, but I hate Indians." Great Grandad was over 6"2.

Grandad said he thought he was going to have the shortest marriage in history when his father opened his mouth and said what he did.  So yes, Great Grandad Frank Hoffman loved to do funny things like that.  Grandad told us many more stories of his father, whom he loved very much.

Great Grandad Frank Hoffman died in June before I was born in July. How I would have loved to have shared time with him.

Grandma and Grandpa lived together until her death Nov 1961 and he passed the following fall October 1962.   I have to ask my Uncle for Marriage information it is not on my Reunion program.
Their first child was born in 1913 in Iowa where they both grew up. They were married there also
prior to any children.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stout, Higgins, and van Princis

Penelope Stout (van Princis), The Mother of Middletown

Susi Pentico 
your mother
Cecil Hoffman
her father
Sanford Hoffman
his father
Joseph Higgins
her father
James Higgins
his father
Hannah Higgins
his mother
Jonathan Stout
her father
 Penelope (van Princis) Stout Penelope emigrated in 1644 from Amsterdam, Netherlands to New Netherland.
Not sure why has an error in some of  this linkage of family. Richard Higgin's wife maiden name of our line.  Or maybe paperwork not showing latest findings on a couple of marriages. sp

Shipwrecked on the New Jersey shore, all from ship murdered by Indians, she critically wounded (partially disemboweled), hid in a hollow tree; was taken by an Indian to camp and nursed back to health. He then took her across the bay to New Amsterdam and demanded a ransom for Penelope. ------------------------

Jonathan Stout's father was Richard E Stout Sr. and  Penelope van Princis Stout,   his father was John Stout. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ancestors with Facial Hair by Susi

 Ah,  Facial Hair, but it is still in vogue. My brothers have facial hair, one son who lives in the cold has facial hair.   Cousin Bill West commented he thought it was due to ancestors being cold.

His comments are near to fact.  Brothers and living kin, cousins, etc have had fewer colds and throat ailments since they have grown a beard. Whether it is long or short, they say it keeps the neck more protected and definitely feel it has  helped them stay healthier.

Now I have Henry Huffman/Hoffman late in life.  Greene Co. PA Aleppo area. His father fought in Rev War, was also named Henry Huffman.  1803 - 1879

                                    Henry Hoffman  and wife Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman when younger.
                                    At time of picture he was using Huffman, changed name in 1850's. Greene Co.

                               Henry's grandson Franklin Hoffman b 1860   Greene Co. PA died in
                               Wyoming buried in Iowa.
                               He died June 1940 just before I was born. He walked behind wagon as a young
                                man herding cattle and animals for move to Moravia, IA. A dog helped him. Oldest  
                                living child for Sanford and Rachel Plants Hoffman both from Aleppo, Greene Co

 My older brother and wife about 6 years ago in Bonita, CA visiting. Vietnam Vet Army

My younger brother and our Uncle, grandson of Franklin Hoffman and our cousin. Wheatland, Wyo.

All with facial hair and less throat and chest troubles since beards and mustaches.

WW2 Veteran, Paratrooper.  USArmy.  Cousin was USN.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Teague Jones Cousins Near and Far

Hi Jones Cousins,

This is an open letter to you all.  I recently was contacted by another JONES cousin and they have extended the JONES line a wee bit with some interesting information.

It is his hope that we all can collaborate on filling in more blanks.

He is of Silas and Susannah Sweet JONES line but he has more data on other children of those ancestors.
He also has some interesting information on the first three children of Silas and Susannah Sweet Jones.

If you will contact me I will send you his email and then you can share in the tree he has also.

He sent me a page out of the Rhode Island Court Records on the registration of Silas and Susannah's children and the dates. It is like a photo copy.

Shared also with me other documents I am sure you will love to see.

Also shared the lineage of Teague's wife with me.  It is the same as what  I have so that  is good.

His line goes off on Silas Jr.

Wish all the JONES  Family would share and I think we could plug a lot of  empty spaces, also solve some unusual questions.

 I  am also from Silas JONES Sr down to self.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Side Affects, Ghost's, Fry's, Pancake's, Skeleton and more.

Amazing that Randy Seaver would grab up a GHOST and show their tombstone.  They had a habit of marrying into the Huffman line. Philip Ghost was an interesting adventure.

I went to school with a Skeleton, Kathleen was her name. I had forgotten how she was teased at Halloween about her name until I saw the  post.

I am a descendant of a Fry whom  also married a Huffman later changed to Hoffman.

Was amazed to see how many Pancakes lived near my Fry and Huffman and Ghost's.

My first date ever was with a Grave.

I am a descendant of a Sweet which goes with Halloween also.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween = All Soul's Day ======= What Did You Do?

Well, I actually heard people speak of All Soul's Day and Halloween in the same breathe a couple of days ago.  Which made me wonder what did you do for Halloween in your youth?

 We lived in the county, first on a cattle ranch then a dairy ranch then our own ranch.

 Dad forbade Trick or Treating for me, not sure what his stance was by the time my youngest brother was old enough to partake in the event, 12 years later so lots of time passed.

 I was allowed to go to a Halloween Party we did for 4-H and later older we were allowed to have friends over to bob apples and play games. Trick or Treating was a form of begging and Dad forbade begging.

As a Sophomore I went to a Halloween party at Ann Albertson's home in Petaluma, we played games and danced and chatted and had popcorn balls and candy and cake and soda's. I think we bobbed for apples to.

Changing schools did not matter, no going out on Halloween period. Of course we were reminded why the next day when someone's, cows had been let out or some one's old outhouse got tipped or they toilet papered a person's house.  Someone even set someone's hay on fire and that was a big no, no.

So we did not trick or treat.  Dad would purchase a few candy bars and we  would make popcorn balls and played games.  We generally had a few neighbors in to share time with parents and us to play games with. Monopoly was big, Canasta was big, Guessing games were great. I think we had more fun that going Trick or Treating.

So when our children were born, they did not trick or treat either  until they were teenagers and at that point it seemed safer to trick or treat than go to parties.  They were given a time to go out and come back, revoking privileges if not met.

Our Grandchildren, Trick or Treated or had parties or both.  Wonder what the Great Grands will do when old enough to participate.

Remember All Soul's Day was a keeping factor for remembering to not over indulge in candies and fun.  The Sisters' were very strong on those points.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wright's of Dracut Mass, Pelham, New Hampshire

Having found minor data on Jonathan and Abigail Wright. Will share it here.

Will also share it appears that Bill West is a cousin from this family line.  Wondering if his West line will ever connect to Harley West's line.  I am also related to him distantly and his wife Deb is related to my husband's family.

So here is what I know, very little. If I had more time in Blackfoot Id. I may have found more information.

 Jonathan and Abigail had children,  hurray that is how I got to be here.  One of their children's names was Jesse Wright  and he married Abbey Cook.
Jesse born 19 Nov 1749 Pelham, Mass died 1784  Abbey was born 1739 and died 1784.

Jesse Wright, of Dracut, settled in 1774 on the lot now known as the Davis Nevens farm, which he bought of Bagley and Little, May 29, 1774, for "three pounds of lawful money." The deed, still in existence, was acknowledged before Stephen Longfellow, of Portland, and witnessed by Nathan and Jonas Coburn. Mr. Wright's first log house was just east of Meadow Brook. His brother Joel and Timothy Wright came about 1777.

I found in New Hampshire Birth Records, Early to 1900, records of Jesse and Joel Wright, both born 19 Nov. 1749, and Timothy Wright, 2 Aug. 1744, all born in Pelham, the children of Jonathan and Abigail Wright. Three earlier children of Jonathan and Abigail were born in Dracut, so the family seems to have moved across the border to New Hampshire in about 1742-44.
It looks like Jesse Wright was from Dracut, Mass., and/or Pelham, N. H. From Elder's History of Lewiston  Chris Dunham

Jesse Wright
Birth Date:
19 Nov 1749
Birth Place:
Pelham, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States
Father's Name:
Jonathan Wright
Mother's name:
FHL Film Number:
town clerk records Pelham NH 1743 1865  

Brother Timothy  2 Aug 1744 Pelham parents JOnathon and ABigail Wright  early chid born Darcut moved in to NH about 1742..

discrepancey on deaath???? 10 March 1834 Guilford Piscataquis Maine.???

Abbey's parents were Daniel Cook 1722-1784 and Elizabeth Scott Cook 1729-1815

Jesse and Abbey had a daughter, amongst other children, named Hannah.

Hannah Wright married Abraham D Young SR.  She was born 11 Mar 1781 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine and died 25 Dec 1863 Guilford, Piscataquis Co. Maine, USA
He was born 3 October 1784 Andover, Essex Co.  Maine and died 15 May 1857 Guilford, Piscataquis Co. Maine. USA

Vital REcords of Guilford, Maine. Genealogy archives

Abraham D. Young, born in Andover, Ms., October 3rd, 1784
Hannah, his wife, born in Lewiston, March 11th, 1781

Anna J. Young, born in Lewiston, December 1st, 1803
Jonathan W. Young, born in Lewiston, October 12th, 1805
George W. Young, born in Avon, December 11th, 18O7
Hannah Young, Jr., born in Avon, December 1st, 1809
Abraham D. Young, Jr., born in Avon, April 23rd, 1812
Elmira Young, born in Avon, April 12th, 1814
Elvira Young, born in Avon, May 29th 1816
Rolla Young, born in Avon, July 11th, 1818 Young
Joseph Young, born in Philips, April 18th, 1820
Julia Young, born in Guilford, October 20th, 1823
P163  ie pge 64  Pge 126  also

Abraham D Young Jr married  Eliza Grover and 2nd  Hannah OEN on down to me.

IS this Abraham YOUNG the father of Abraham Young Sr.  ????? Has anyone done research on him.

YOUNG, ABRAHAM Ancestor #: A129695 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: PRIVATE Birth: 10-16-1756 GRAY YORK CO ME DIST MASSACHUSETTS Death: 2-19-1829 CUMBERLAND CO MAINE Pension Number: *S35163Service Source: *S35163Service Description: 1) CAPT PAUL ELLIS; COL TIMOTHY BIGELOW

from Bill WEST
Sue, I have an ancestress Deborah Wright who was the daughter of Joseph Wright and Deborah Stevens. Their oldest son was Jonathan Wright, born in Chelmsford, Essex, Ma. 24 Oct 1701, died 25 Jan1784
in Pelham, Hillsborough NH. He was married to an Abigail(Unknown last name) who died 10Nov 1779. I have no
sources handy atm, but I noticed the names Coburn in Chris' reply. Deborah Wright married my ancestor Moses
Coburn. Chelmsford was part of Dracut(or vice's late and I'm too tired to think clearly.)

Hope that is of some help for what it's worth..

Obviously?? Bill has my Jesse WRIGHT's ancestor in his files.????

Would love feedback for the WRIGHT line and thank you Bill for what you sent.

 I have other records on YOUNG that I will post for those digging Young also.
Some I can place most I can not.

who is the Abraham YOUNG mentioned in the Cumberland   Pensioner Act of 1818

YOUNG, ABRAHAM Ancestor #: A129695 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: PRIVATE Birth: 10-16-1756 GRAY YORK CO ME DIST MASSACHUSETTS Death: 2-19-1829 CUMBERLAND CO MAINE Pension Number: *S35163Service Source: *S35163Service Description: 1) CAPT PAUL ELLIS; COL TIMOTHY BIGELOW

who is the AY in Maine genealogy  Trenton Marriages 1***(typo)-1821’  1802 May to Susanah Salisbury of Eden.

Rev war  state bounty Applicants  much here
1790 census vinalhaven Hancock co.
1790 census Cumberland CO.
vital records of Guilford Abraham D Young JR mine
vital records of Guilford   “” “”:                       "

Abraham Young, e Gray, d Gray January, 1829, w Rebecca, Paris, m Washburn.

James Young, e Woolwich or Wiscasset, d at sea 1796, w Abigail, Readfield, m Elliot.

John Young, e York, d York 1798, w Hannah, York.

Joseph Young, e Wells, w Martha, Kennebunk.

Nathaniel Young, Greenwood, e Gray.