Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jones Family came to visit today. FORBES- WAY lineage

  Today our cousin Carolin Forbes came to visit from up the road a piece.  It was awesome to have her attend the society meeting.  Then we came home and worked two computers looking for an ancestor of hers.

Alas we only uncovered two more records of knowledge for her and not what we needed. We covered lots of sites and data and discussed much history of the region we were looking at.

Blogging about it in case some one knows whom she is looking for.

She has Matilda Forbes

Birth:  27 Aug 1868 - Cook County (Cook), USA
Death:  8 Dec 1946 - Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Marriage:  9 May 1888 - Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
Spouse:  Alexander Forbes

She was born Matilda Way.

Census records say parents born in Ohio.

What we did find was pictures of women that matched her in another's tree but the people were unknown to Carolin.  We only did a preliminary research in Ohio for any WAY.-Wey.
Ashtubula  Co. had two.

See this is Carolin's  Great grandparents. 

Name:Matilda Forbes
Birth Year:abt 1870
Home in 1920:Minneapolis Ward 12, Hennepin,Minnesota
Street:42nd Avenue
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Alexander Forbes
Father's Birthplace:United States of America
Mother's Birthplace:Ohio
Able to Speak English:Yes
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Alexander Forbes65
Matilda Forbes50
Charles Forbes23
Mary Forbes20
Margaret Forbes17
Flora Forbes15
Jessie Forbes13
John Forbes8

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Neumann, Gluch. Gluech, Wolck, Nanke East Prussia to USA

Neumann, Gluech/Gluch,  Nanke, Wolck,  from East Prussia to USA.

This is a tidbit of the information on my husband's family.

 His mother was Louise Erna Jipp married to Arthur Pentico.
 Her mother was Lena Adeliade Nanke  married to Charles (Karl)Detleff  Jipp
 Her mother was Ernestine Neumann , married to Gustav Nanke
 Her mother was Anna Rosina Gluech/Gluch from Runau, Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia.
Was married to Martin NEUMANN.
His father Gotfried Neuman and wife Carolia WOLCK. ?? Need more sources for this only so far 2.
Gotfried b 1746, died 1830 records. Church Lutheran .
Lena Nanke
Birth Place:
FHL Film Number:
 m 22 May 1894 Keokuk Co. IA 

later after farm went to Ogden Boone IA
Add alternate information
Lena A Jepp
[Lena A Nanke] 
Birth Year:
abt 1872
Birth Place:
Keokuk IA
Residence Date:
1 Jan 1925
Residence Place:
Ogden, Boone, Iowa, USA
Relation to Head:
Marital Status:
Gustaf Nanke
Father Birth Place:
Ernestina Neuman
Mother Birth Place:
Parents' Marriage Place:
Household Members:

iowa state census 
Gustave Nanke sourcing
20 Jun 1870 Adams Keokuk, IA usfed census Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880
land in 1887 of Gustave and Ernestine (Neumann) Nanke and their spouses: Mary Nanke, Ben Nanke, Ernest Nanke, Lottie Humes (wife of Ernest), George Schneider (husband of Mary), Ida Kitzmann (wife and cousin of Ben), Theodore Nanke, Emelie Nanke (married Rev, F.J. Oehlert), Elizabeth Nanke (married Roy Humes), Helene Duwe (wife of Theodore), Adolph Nanke, Lela Waugh (wife of Adolph), Lina Nanke (married Rev. Carl Jipp)
Added by: David Fyfe
St. Martins Evangelical Lutheran Cem Keokuk IA

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Time for Dessert. two cousins found me today.

Two cousins found me today.  Actually it was three. But two I had lost and was glad to have found.
Delighted to have a new one found.

It affected Fred's Brown family, my Scott Family and  my Hoffman line.

Yes I also have Brown. And we are related to Fred's Browns.  

Rachel Plants Hoffman had siblings. one married into my husband's Browns.
Her sister Hannah Plants mar Mr. Clay Brown. If memory correct.
Some of these files I lost when back up drive died 2 winters ago.

This Brown family is related to Kimbroughs', Casper's, Tatum's, and Plants and many others not yet tracked.  His Brown's moved to northern CA and founded a  town.  I found one of the descendants today. Or they found me.  : > )

My new found Scott cousin is in Iowa.  I knew many of Grandma's siblings but two of them lived Iowa and there was minimal contact. Or it was lost when a death happened.

My new found Hoffman kin also relates to Nancy Ann Plants Huffman.

GGGrandma Rachel Plants Hoffman's family seems to blend nicely in with both my husband and my Mom's lines.

Huffman and Hoffman are same line. One changed spelling mid 1850s in Greene Co. PA.
Mason and Sanford were cousins as the wives were sisters.

Now if the LITTLE connection comes through it will be a bang up day. Thank You God.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dallas SCOTT------------IOWA


   One of our linking SCOTT lines has DALLAS SCOTT  b 1846 in Iowa.

   His parents are John Cornelius Scott and Rebecca Morrow.  m 25 Mar 1843 Henry Co. IA

   Dallas  E Scott** has these siblings:

   Drusilla F.  b 1842

   Nathaniel James  b1845 IA m Elizabeth Jane McKim

   Dallas E**  1846 married Eliza Vancleve had Anna , Mary E & Rebecca A & Minnie B 1880

   Harriet  1848

   Patience 1848

   Sarah E.  1854

   John M   1854   m    Ellen        b May 1872

   Cornelius Franklin* 31 Jan 1856 b and 4 Dec 1918 Lenox, IA d wife Ella Warden   b June 1862

   Helen Olive 1862 Ia

   A cousin is looking for information on Dallas E. If anyone has knowledge please come forward.
   Send to

 Some of my sources. Cornelius F and Ella were my GGrandparents on Mom's side.

    # Census: 14 SEP 1850 Page 227-A, Dwelling 953, Marion, Henry County, Iowa
# Census: 16 JUN 1860 Page 848 (or 80), Dwelling 564, Dahlonega, Wapello County, Iowa
# Census: 08 JUL 1870 Page 459, Dwelling 119, Urbana, Monroe County, Iowa
# Census: 13 JUL 1880 ED # 198, Page 54-D, Clinton, Ringgold County, Iowa
Bob Thurman
1885 IOWA  John C 68 Rebecca 63 and John M 25  by KY male married Ringgold Clinton Ia
Roll IA1885_257 line 12 fam nu. 73 
 1856  Wapello, IA  Pleasant  roll IA_67 Line 26 fam Nu 19 
John C 38 Rebecca 35 Druzilla F 14 ,Nathaniel F 11,Dallis C 9, Harriet F 7, Patience J 4, Sarah E 2, Corneilias 1.

1880 in Clinton, Ringgold Co IA 1870  Urbana Monroe Co IA,  1850 Marion Henry Co. IA

1900 census  married 60 years. Lincoln twnshp Harrison MO residence he 82 she 77
district 104  im 22  son John M below him
IA  State census 1885 Ringgold IA1856  Wapello, IA  1895  Clinton Ringold IA
1895 Clinton Ringgold IA

He lived in Fletchall, Worth, Missouri in 1880. If I recall that is across the state line of Iowa.
Next door.

What I located today... 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Martha Hoffman/Huffman Gallentine Rum/Rhome


Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman had several children.  One I am  digging into now that I gave up on in the early 1990's is Martha.

She married Jacob Gallentine, (I read in book in Waynesburg Library he went to war. He did not come home, Maybe died on the  ship that blew up in river). After his not returning she married William Rum  census says Kum.  Most ancestors write Rhome.

Family Search, Deeds, Wills, court papers left me looking for oldest daughter whom was to be in charge at Martha's death.  Ellen Gallentine had been tracked to Nebraska and poof no more data.

The children are under William Rhum rum   age 36 she is 40 Jacob was in WAR  goneSAVE  PRINT SHARE
Martha Kum

View/Add alternate info
Martha Kum
Age in 1870:
Birth Year:
abt 1840
Home in 1870:
Springhill, Greene, Pennsylvania
F (Female)
Post Office:
Value of real estate:
Household Members:
SAVE  Cancel1870
PO Rogersville, william Rum 26 she 30

I spoke to Rex Gallentine's wife several times and they had no records on Jacob either that she knew off.  I do write to and communicate with the Dennis Rhome's family in Ohio.

Anyone who has more knowledge on this family and the children of Jacob and I suspect the last ones were William Rhome's?? But unless he kept family together he was to get nothing I have Martha's Will.   Ellen and Annie were Jacob's children for sure.

Martha died in 1881 was born 20 Mar 1839.

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Register Filed out by Sanford Hoffman

Here is hoping my brother salvaged this document and the one from his father Henry Hoffman/Huffman. A box moved when we were moving things went the wrong way and I did not get these. Alas I did not get  my medical records from Children's Hospital in Denver either all in same box. I hope brother is enjoying them such great pictures and SANFORD'S handwriting was so great to read.

Sanford Hoffman 1834- 1903 Greene Co. PA to Moravia, IA , CW Veteran/ Minister
Rachel Plantz 1836- 1920 Greene Co. PA to Moravia, IA  name is  also Plants, Plance.
Priscilla J   buried in Windy Gap Cemetery as infant Greene Co. PA
Franklin my Great Grandfather.1860- 1940 Greene Co. Pa to Iowa to Wheatland, Wyo.
       MARRIED: Samantha Abigail Duvall.
Jarvis  married Melissa Stoops had children  B1862-1915/ Greene Co. PA to Iowa
Oliena married James Hampton: children b  1862 Greene Co. - Iowa, NE and Wyo. d 1935
Mom's records.Sanford's Records
Elizabeth  died adult no children Iowa 1866-1891 Greene Co. PA to Iowa school teacher
Mary married Andrew(Andy) C Faber lived in Iowa b  PA ?1869. Can not read document.
Harvey died adult no children Iowa died Iowa was teacher.?b 1872 IOWA.
Record  recorded by Sanford Hoffman in his hand.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Veteran's Calvin F Jones and Sanford Hoffman & Family Info

                                       Calvin  Fay Jones served in Murphysboro, left brother buried in             Tennessee. They signed up and served in the same regiment.
                                       My Grandfather is to his right on the end- Carl Fremont Jones

Sanford Hoffman served with a W VA Regiment as did a brother.
Other siblings served PA units.
I have his WAR MEDAL.
A cousin retrieved it and sent it to me.
His father was Henry Huffman/Hoffman d 1879
His father was Henry Hoffman a Ranger dcd 1811.  

I have other Great Grands that served this war also CW
I have Uncles that served WW2
My Husband lost an Uncle in Italy.
My Husband  Fred E Pentico spent 25 years USN.
My brother in law served USN
My brother served USArmy in Vietnam .
My nephews served more recent wars.
Our son Don Pentico served USN. 
Many cousins served, USN, USAF, USA. first cousins.
People I grew up around and shared time with.
And we even have a Marine.
Brian W.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

18 May 1926 Ruth Irene Hoffman Feil, our Aunt

     Birthday's A Bit Backwards

So I realized I should have started with Aunt Ruth  Irene Hoffman Feil.

 Ruth Hoffman Feil was born in Platte Co. Wyoming.  She had 3 older living sisters and 2 older living brothers and 1 younger brother, born 1929. Mom was b 1920. She was already in school when Ruth was born.

She was 13 years older than I so we shared many thoughts, ideas and times together when they moved near her sister, my Mom (Dorothy Hoffman Jones).

 I understand I met her when small in Wyoming but no recollection of it. I first remember them when they came to visit us in Valley Ford, Ca. but I vaguely recall she was at our house at Moretti's during the war.  Hope that there are pictures to back up those thoughts. Uncle was in the Army.

Remembering her and her husband Uncle Fred Feil, when they visited us and then we visited them.
We did this back and forth for some years until they moved from Dallas, Oregon to Valley Ford, Ca.
Living with us until their house was open for them to move in which was next door to my parents.

It was so much fun to have Dad say on our way home from work and school,"Quickly do your chores, we are going to surprise your Aunt and Uncle again." Arrangements made for the animals and our leaving and off up the road we would go.  In the summer it was hot because the upper valley of California after April was generally in the upper 80's to over  100's until late fall.

It was along haul but it was fun and the surprise on their faces was always worth it. Not knowing if Jerry or Linda or baby Ken remember these adventures. When I was old enough I spent summer as a baby sitter when Aunt worked.  One year we all picked strawberries for funds. One day was enough of that, we switched over to green beans. That was so much fun and work. At least you stood up and squatted down as you went up an down the rows pulling the beans from the vines. Physically fit you needed to be.  I made enough money to cover my school clothes that fall to help family expenses.
 Met some neat people and kept in touch until Navy lost my address book in 1966.  That family lived in a town near Dallas called Rickreall.

WE trompt the cemetery on edge of creek and some graves were washed down into the creek in 1956, next to a small short cement bridge. The corner had a flashing light for the intersection.  I think maybe 50 people or so lived there then. It was a beautiful area. (Vicky Curry yes I remember you and your family.)

They would come south to surprise us some times when Uncle would be off on a Thursday for machinery repair time.  We always loved the surprise visits and would call cousins in Palo Alto to come up if we had a heads up on them  coming. It was nothing to have 27 people over a weekend in our home and in tents.

Uncle when he got out of the service moved to Oregon near his parents and siblings that had moved from Wyoming to Oregon. I remember going to Grandpa Feil's funeral services with my Aunt an Uncle.  His Mom was still alive.

Uncle worked in a lumber mill and was a handy person with wood tools. He build our son's chest       (1960) we are still using today for youngest grandson.

 Especially during school vacations both families burned up the roadway going north or coming south to our house.

Sadly, one year they were on their way to Wyoming and were in a near fatal crash for both of the parents.  Uncle lost a week he did not remember and Aunt fought to survive for many ,many weeks.
Mom went up to see her.  After that accident it was not long before they moved to CA.
The children were asleep in the back seat and it happened on the Oregon, Idaho border hitting a California car that had stopped on top of a hill with no lights on in the middle of the road. It changed their lives for ever. I wish I could tell you how but it was very sad and nothing was ever the same after.   Aunt mastered walking again and was basically pinned together by fabulous surgeons. Headaches were often and very bad.  Pain was like always around the corner for this bubbling beautiful Aunt of mine. She had few non broken bones in her body. Uncle lost memory and those days never returned. He did not know how bad she was or how near they came to loosing her.

She sewed, and crocheted and knitted, prior to this and could do some of it after but not for long for returning pain.  She was able to help with canning in the summer but we took breaks more often so she would not get ill. When they came down and we picked apples and pears and plums then we also later picked blackberries and raspberries and all this went in jars for the coming year.  O, can I taste a good fresh blackberry pie.

She later, worked bookeeping for a nursery in Sunnyvale.  By then they had moved from Valley Ford
to Sunnyvale, Ca.

Their children did High School in Sunnyvale. Ca.  One boy went in the Air Force, daughter became CPA and youngest did USNavy.   O

She was a special Aunt to us and we all got to know the family well.  We swapped over nights and played ball and card games and some of us listened to the stories that she and Mom would share.  Dad and Uncle would chip in once in a while making it really interesting to listen to.

Chased jackrabbits hanging on the runningboard or fender of the old car. I know they took the girls at least once. Mostly a guy thing.

Aunt made great Cinnamon Rolls, and terrific pies and pie crests.  I never got that pie crust down quite like she and Mom could do it.  Both baked bread and it was so good to smell and eat.
Jams and Jellies were made, brownies, fudge and some  divinity too.

She passed to soon 2 June 1989. A large gathering was held for her and I was there.
Suisun City, Solano, CA    Her three children are still with us and their children. Though one grandchild lost a child. R I P

1930 census

Household Members:
Cecil L Hoffman39
Inez M Hoffman38
Cecil M Hoffman16
Donald L Hoffman14
Marie V Hoffman13
Dorothy I Hoffman9
William R Hoffman6
Ruth I Hoffman3
Marion R Hoffman1
Neighbors:View others on page

Dallas, Oregon - Wikipedia