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SWEET 's and their Wives.

Going to post a few tidbits on the SWEET lineage.    I did some work on it and a cousin has done much, much more.

Robert Isaac SWEET m Johanna RICHARDSON, obviously in ENGLAND and died there.
His birth was 1552 Walford Forest, Greater London, England.  Death Greater London England

son John ( I am sure there were others but not done any heavy work yet.)

John b 1579 Modbury, Devonshire, England d 1637 Salem, Plymouth Colony, Mass.

Wife was Mary Westcott HOLLIMAN b 1681 England.

My note I acquired leaves my confused. (Mary was a Holliman after death and a remarriage new name.  Sweet , Timothy1st then Holliman then Sweet, John . 1619 Middlesex England married??

usnational marriage records Ancestry.)

I gather this to mean she was either a Westcott or a Timothy before marriage then Holliman  after his death then SWEET.

John SWEET JR b 1620, Modbury, Devon, England   d 1677 Salem, Mass.
wife Elizabeth JEFFREYS b 1629 Warwick, Kent, R I  d 18 Sept 1684 Warwick Kent RI, 
mar RI.  

Son Richard SWEET SR (Pastor)  4 Nov 1653 Warwick, Kent, RI m 1687 Prudence Island, Newport, RI
d 10 Mar1744 East Greenwich, Kent Co. RI.  


Priscilla CARPENTER   b 24 July 1661 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass,  
D 9 June 1774 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

her father appears to be William CARPENTER and Mariam. 

She was 2nd wife  

1st wife was Mehitable Larkin 

Would love to learn more about the CARPENTER line since I have another CARPENTER in 
southwest PA.  Also more clarification on the SWEET missing links.

I also have no data on Jeffreys line beside Elizabeth.  Thanks

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Thank you for posting this Stone Marker....

Wondering whom else is on this list I have not observed yet.
Teague and Rahamana  had Ruhamana Jones whom married Joseph Nickerson
Teague and Rahamana had Elizabeth whom married Crowell.  I have to verify but believe it was Thomas Crowell..

Suspect the PHILLIPS and the Hamilton are two more.  I have not worked those lines back that far yet.

Josiah Jones m 28 Nov 1677 Elizabeth Berry, Yarmouth Mass. Sourced Parents Richard and Alice Berry.

Seth m Priscilla Hamilton , her father  ? Hamilton mother Elizabeth Wildes 1658-1718.

R-M269 Haplogroup..  I see when you go higher it changes but still same family.

Letter 5-21-2012 stated. He is buried in Southwark in St. Mary's Church Rotherhithe. from Veronica Alden.

Confirming  Jr. Christopher's sister was related to Robert Alden.

I am going to book me a trip to England since I have been invited. it may take a few years for money but now that I found that letter confirming things again do not want to loose.   They also stated he died  in 1624. Pneumonia .

Christopher's first wife was Sarah TWITT 1571-1603..  Thank you, thank you England.

Christopher's father Was Christopher Jones Sr. wife was Sybil.  under notes I have 1548-1570  so may be birth and death for her.  Still doing research.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Some Very Early New England Families We Claim AUG 2018

Some Surnames in my Tree Susan Jones Pentico as of 2018 August 7

Capt Mathew Fuller to
Lt. Samuel Fuller to
Samuel FULLER Jr1676-1716  MA=CT  wife  Elizabeth Thatcher 1672-1729 MA= CT

Mary dau m Joseph Tracy SR    CT.
His mother was Sarah Minor

Lt Hezekiah Tracy m Eunice Rood1746=1837 CT to VT hers CT to VT 1750=1808

Lydia Tracy  b1779   VT. m Rufus TROWBRIDGE b 1773 Maine

His father was Keeler Trowbridge and w Hannah Lovely  Need help with her.
M 1770 New Fairfield CT.

Caleb Trowbridge  1706-1759  Ct. father and wife Jemima Keeler 1713-1759  CT.

His father was Deacon T James Trowbridge 1664-  and Mary Beldon(Belding)1677-1737.

Her parents were Ralph Keeler and Jemima   ,
His father was Ralph KEELER and Grace Lindall

Rufus Trowbridge 1773 -1822 ME –VT
Lydia b 1779- 1856 VT. (?? Birth date in ?)

Prosper Trowbridge 1808  1850 VT-NY
Wife Margaret SHARPE  by NY
Her father was John Sharpe

Daughter Lydia Trowbridge  1841=1900 NY + IA
M 28 Oct 1860 Blackhawk Co. IA.

George Herbert  EASTMAN 1832 b  CT – 1910 IA
Parents Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN 1778-1852
Wife Esther THOMAS  ( interesting side bar)

Father Vespasion EASTMAN 1754- Ct to 1828 NY
Wife Eunice STODDARD minimal data
Her father Abijah STODDARD 1718=1776

                        SOURCE NOTES: Listed in the 1966 DAR Pat
                        !Abijah was killed in Rev. War at Crown

                        Abijah & his brother Eliakim married sister

                        !SOURCES: 1. Ancestral File 2. 1997 Ord
                        This information is as accurate as I kn
                        PARENTS: Rev. Anthony & Mary (Sherman) S
                        Abijah was a Pvt. in Capt. Oliver Parma

His father was Rev Anthony STODDARD 1678-1780 Ct.
Wife Mary Sherman 1691-1720

 Vespasion Eastman and Eunice Stoddard  had Abijah Stoddard

EASTMAN Data and kin known

John Eastman 1579  England
Son Roger 4 Ap 1610   -1694  m Sarah Smith 1632=1639( SHE CAN NOT BE MOTHER of

 Joseph if he born 8 Nov 1650 d 4 April 1692  wife Mary Tilton 8 Feb 1642
Father Peter Tilton 1620-1698-Elizabeth Frary 1620-1692

Peters’ father William Tilton 1585_  Ursula Pycroft

Peter EASTMAN b 20Jan 1684  d 1764  
Married Mehitable ROOT
Her parents Hezekiah ROOT and Mehitiable FRAIRY ( are the ladies siblings?)

Thomas ROOTE 1604-1694 and Elizabeth,  ?– 1691
His father was John ROOTE 24 June 1576  d 1640
Wife Mary Ann Russell

Mehitable FRAIRY da of Sampson FRAiRY 1642-1704 and Mary DANIELS

His father was John Frairy and Prudence Townsend

Her parents Robert Daniels and Elizabeth Morse.

Margaret Mae EASTMAN ** da of G H EASTMAN and  Lydia Trowbridge

marries Harvey Edward FOULK b 1867 Ill and d  {?} not proven
married 19 Oct 1892 Blackhawk Co. IA
**I personally knew this ggrandmother we exchanged letters for at least 9 years.She died Jan of the year I graduated  High School. 23 Jan 1958. Washburn, IOWA.
Thanks USN for loosing all my letters and pictures she shared. Still hurts 40 years later.

Pete Cooper,  I forgot to mark all the military will get back to you this is about half of all of them for Early America.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Henry Huffman Will Jan 1812 Greene Co. PA, w Catrouch FRY

 Henry Huffman whom deceased sometime between Dec 1811 and mid Jan 1812 when Will is used, had wife Catrouche, Catherine Fry/Frye.  

Having lots of information on this person, some must be correct some may be correct and very little is solidly proven.

Is she the Indian that Grandad could not remember the name of in the picture? When small Grandad could name all those faces but MOM did not let him write in the book. SO SAD in 1958 she sat him down and we had a special pencil and she filled in as many names as he could still remember.

He just called her his Grandma GreatGreatGreat and could not remember how many greats.

IS there anyone  out there with pictures of this line of Fry's in Greene Co. PA area/region, early?

WE have Fry's including Col Joshua Fry that were in this area about same time as our other lines.
That was reason for the FRY post but no one responded.

Names such as Abraham, Phillipus, Benjamin, are in various notes and files.

 Lose Ends::  Jacob Frey 1726-1770 and Susanna Sophia Frey 1724-1805
 son Abraham
Abraham Fry 3  Aug 1749 USA d 22 Nov 1789 Berkeley Co. VA  wife Elizabeth Winters 1750-1780 Abraham was married to elizabeth Winters that is part of the writeup about Peter

Elizabeth Winters had two sons and two daughters with Abraham FRY between 1765 and 1787.

Abraham FRY


Birth BEF 1750

Death BEF 1789 • Berklely, Virginia, United States

Notes I have under her are : possibly Peter Fry 1779  to 1870 and Susannah Huffman 1783- 1868  Hide family on ancestry.

Data saved on Catherine/Catrouch file

data on My Heritage,, b 1765 Greene Co. PA?? parent Phillipus Frye and Hannah Frye b Funk
sister Julianne and 3 others. Frederick  Loughman and henry Huffman SR.  Abraham Sarah Nancy phillip Jarob joseph Henry Joseph,and Rezin.
says Abraham Frye was gfather tree by Jan?

Lloyd Roupe found me this:

Subject: Abraham Fry

Hi Susi:
I found the Deed in Romney, the County Seat of Hampshire County, however, those Counties changed into other Counties during the late 1700's Time Period. Here is what I have in my Notes.
See Deed Book 11, page 370, Hampshire County, Virginia Court House Record for a list of Abraham Fry’s children ( late of Berkeley County, Virginia, decd bef 1798 ). Abraham had land on the "Waters of Cacapon". Hope this Helps. Lloyd

Will                                    1543      Nov  18  1853  Loughman                   Frederick                           Joseph Dunn et al                                 3   141                

1850 census for Loughman

an old link went to no longer working.

I also received a picture of Abraham's home from someone of the Greene Co. webpage.

There appears like normal to have more than one intersecting line for these families?

Appreciate help and feedback.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Colonel Joshua Fry is Potentially Ancestor of our FRY's.

Colonel Joshua Fry is Potentially Ancestor of our FRY's.

Many years ago in the 1980's and early 1990's. I did a lot of research on the Joshua Fry mentioned.
At that time I only had a Catrouch/Catherine Fry for comparing.   Born abt 1770 in VA. died about 1845 in Greene Co. PA. Lots of stories but none confirmed yet. We have partial list of her children with Henry Huffman dcd  Dec 1811 Jan 1812 when Will Read. I have not found his burial place but believe I have to go out across a field of unknown ownership and watch along the side of a creek of old to locate if it ever  could be done.

Since that time, I have found various data that implies 3 different men as her Father.  I have never found an Obituary or Death Notice for this woman. I have looked from Berkeley,VA  to Washington Co. Pa. including Fayette and Greene Co. PA.  Was seriously thinking of adding SE Ohio east of the Ohio River.   Many crazy tales have been shared on the history of this person.

Now I wish my brain could have recalled a couple things I read on Col Joshua Fry's spouse. No I do not add potential names to my tree,  Used to  think a  working tree and a for public to see tree would help but after 45+ years not going there now.

Colonel Joshua Fry died 31 May 1754 on Will's Creek, Ft. Cumberland on the Potomac River.
   " He  was a man of so clear a mind, so mild
      a temper,  and so good a heart that he never failed to
      enjoy the love  and esteem of all who knew or  were

      connected with him,  and he  was universally lamented."

 " Col.  Fry was buried near Fort  Cumberland, near
 Will's Creek, on May 31, 1754."
 Washington  and the army attended the funeral ;
  and on a large  oak tree, which now stands as a tomb
  and a monument to his memory, Washington cut the
 following inscription, which can be read to this  day :
 " Under this  oak lies the body of the good, the
 just and noble FRY.
 Col.  Fry left five children, viz :
 1. John, born May 7, 1737.
 2. Henry, born  October 19, 1738.
 3. Martha, born May 18, 1740. -
 4.  William, born Feb. 6, 1743, died July 1, 1760.
 5. Margaret, born May 15, 1744.
 Mrs.  Margaret Fry, wife of Col.  Joshua Fry, died
August 20, 1772.

He implemented the "Treaty of Logstown, an Indian Village."  just south of Pittsburg. 18 miles.

I have only received this recent information, since I read it so many years ago, I could not conceive attempting to say what I had read then.

But other Fry members have found more information and are sharing  so we may resolve this issue in a few years I hope.  

 If there are other Fry's looking do not hesitate to reach out to Helen S Durbin or I to share and garner  more information.  We are both on Facebook  under Greene Connections for Greene Co. PA besides replying here.  Thanks

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lots of Data being Evaluated on Huffman/Hoffman files.

  Evaluation of Huffman/ Hoffman Data

Data found in binders and folders by both Susi  Pentico and Helen Durbin and others are being carefully evaluated for information not known.

Hoping the Huffman/Hoffman  DNA data that is coming from cousins and nephew may help us more.

We both have researched this line for many, many years. Also many cousins with us and gone before us, helped and shared.

Helen is updating the web page as she goes.  Many of the sources the site holder lost and has to be attached again.  Every thing at one time was sourced.  You can see the massive effort to be taken to resource it.

There is one glaring error on many's account.  Having proven that situation in 1995 or 96.
Using Land Deed,  Sale of Deed, Transfer of Deed and Virginia Land Records and Laws it was proven.

Many have lots of great information, it will take all of us to resolve some issues.
That frightens me since society today only face value attempts to get along.  But we are Hoffman/Huffman's and after years of work we all, at least chat and semi agree. WHOOOOEEE.

These are the siblings of  Franklin L. Hoffman and Samantha A DuVall.

Here is pictures of: bro. Hague Hoffman in Sacramento,CA.  (Before he started Medical School in Ohio.)

Mother: Rachel Plants Hoffman,   bro. Harvey Hoffman (dcd before marriage), sister Mary Hoffman Fabor.
and  will show pic of dcd Priscilla Jane and Jarvis Leroy,  wife Melissa Stoops, and Oliena, m James Hampton  and Elizabeth dcd before children, later..

Enjoy, hoping family shares data also.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Franklin Marion Hoffman Greene Co. PA--- IA

*Franklin Marion HOFFMAN b 26 June 1860 Greene Co. PA
   Father Sanford Hoffman  24 Nov 1834 Greene Co. PA  Civil War Vet. proven
   Mother Rachel Plants(z)   25 Oct 1836  Greene Co. PA

      *Grandfather Henry b  29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA  d 15 Sept 1879 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
      Grandmother  Elizabeth Higgins  b 16 May 1809 Greene Co. PA  d 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, PA.

      **His Grandfather has data under Hoffman/Huffman.  His Great Grandfather is same for name.
           *** GG Henry Huffman/Hoffman  b abt 1740 d 1812. Had previous wife. REV WAR Vet.
                  GG Catrouch Fry/e  abt 1770 VA  d abt 1845 Greene Co. PA ?

Henry b 1803 moved the name to Hoffman after the children going to school learned there was no HUFFMAN in Germany at that time.  The name has moved back and forth many times thanks probably due the brogue when speaking in early times. I have copy of letter with the data of his changing it. He also was tired of walking all over to deliver male to the other family members named the same. (chuckling)

Franklin being the oldest child, ( his older  sis died as infant) herded the cattle behind the wagon when they came west he was about 13-4 years of age.  His younger brother helped and he also had a dog to help him.  The younger children herded the hens and other animals. (in his letter)

Wish I had more letters to learn more of their trip west to Iowa. No idea whom in family got the other letters except Margery Little in Chico, CA whom lived in Oakland CA after coming from Iowa west.
She has lots of information I was so hoping to get back into learning more with her information.
I would love to find her brother and her nephews that were from Chico, Ca area. 2 nephews were CA Highway Patrol. Her brother was a large farm owner in Chico.CA.   Did not find data in Moms' files but I missed a box when we cleared it went the other way and suspect much data needed was in that box.  So any of you retired CHP that knew the Little boys, give them a shout out. Or any of you Chico, Ca residents that new Mr. Little or his sis, Margery I would love to hear from you.

***Henry was born abt 1740 in Maryland/VA as near as I can learn.
His brother swapped a gun for land with him.  He had to be 18 to accept the land. Using date on Deed he could not have been born later.
Henry sold that land in 1805 in Greene Co. PA . Same land gotten from brother George.
Deed states George, Henry and John were brothers of this place Greene Co. PA.

Their  parent was a Johann HOFFMAN .  Our now deceased cousin was working this line and
for some reason when she died. Daughter never forwarded her work or shared the data we both worked on for so long.  There was a group of us and we split up the research and shared.
4 eyes are better than 2 and 8 eyes were even better. When Shared  : > )

I have much more data on these lines and their not spoken of siblings we were able to flush out.
Rudolph Huffman was related, we think he was a brother, otherwise a cousin.  That line has the same genetic marks ours do.  I hope the disc the cousin sent (now dcd) will still be openable.  He was WW2 Vet.

   Now about GGrandfather Franklin. I heard he was referred to as Frank.  My Mother, Dorothy Inez Hoffman loved this man very much. She shared many events she shared with him.  Being small setting on his lap and combing his beard. So soft and pretty she said. He was a BrickLayer with a business, Moravia, IA. Moved to Wheatland, Wyoming.  After her death he moved west.  She was young enough to set on his lap when he went to WYO.  She was expecting me when he died so could not make trip to IOWA for funeral. 1940.

Many of his siblings had gone to NE, WYO and some stayed in Moravia, IA. They're yet today they are.  His father became a Traveling Minister and farmer.  His mother loved canaries.  Coal mine back ground in her line and a canary was important to have in  house to know the air was safe to breathe.
His mother was a hat maker and taught the trade to the girls. She never allowed bartering or trade on the Sabbath.  She loved to garden and help her family.  Some of this comes from notes from Violet Hampton's letters to me. Oliena's daughter. Frank's niece.

Some also came from the Scott side of family that my Grandfather Cecil (his son) married into. Lots of inter marriages. They lost several children and had living Robert and Grace and Grandad Cecil L.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018



Having just laid down a journal on genealogy, my thoughts went to so many that can not afford to use Ancestry and other major suppliers of data.

It seems everyone wants to leap on to the computer and come up with answers.  So grateful that I was able to latch onto these quarterlies from many various eastern research facilities. thinking they may be helpful.

Shirley Becker visited this morning and scanned three of them and said, "wow."  She found several of her names she hasn't found on major sites.

I am figuring these were put together before the Internet by many, many years and the data is overwhelming.  Wills, Obits, Land Records, Probates, Tax records, and the list goes on.

For that was the way you learned data in the  50's and later until the 2000's. I started on Computer in 1990. To do Genealogy and it was to enjoy chatting with others looking for information in the same place I was.  

Sharing was so important and because we shared we learned more quickly than this stay at home and do it alone method of today.

Go find you a library that carries the Quarterlies, and pamphlets that we used in days of old.

OGS, Ohio Genealogical Society has helped Mary find much data she was not able to find previous to reading my old ones.

We know NGS creates them National Genealogical Society,

New England Historical and Genealogical Society.  NEHGS  has two versions I have found so far.

Greene Co., Pennsylvania has a great one called Cornerstone Clues.  Berkeley, Virginia has another,

Surname Books should never be removed from a library.  They will never go out of date.

It is sad the libraries removed the phone books. They were a major source of confirming living residences.

Look in the History section of you local Library, try the Colleges and Universities in your region.

Some titles:  Vermont Genealogy,, Rhode Island Genealogical Register,  OGS for Ohio Genealogical Society, (they also have county books if you join you can acquire).

The list could go on and on but if you are new and not wealthy find a genealogical library and look at what is on the shelves for answers you may have to pay dearly for otherwise.

Even our local society puts out a monthly newsletter and it carries nominal information for researchers.
Several of our local groups have newsletters.

Contact a local society and see what more  you can learn.

Of course, you can try the National Archives, Universities, Colleges and the list goes on.

We also have Library shelves filled with books at the Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St. in Chula Vista, CA.