Monday, January 15, 2018

The Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D.,J.D. Day Was Filled With Information.

  It was with delight I was able to attend his second conference in about month here in San Diego.
  Having heard from a distant cousin that this person was potentially related to me and what line, I
  most anxious to learn more about him.

  Saturday he was able to add to the information he had shared in December.
  The topics were: "Introduction to DNA", "Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century
  Mysteries", "Using Third - Party Tools to Analyze your Autosomal DNA", and "Phasing and  Mapping Your DNA."

 It was like reading a murder mystery resolving the diagrams and graphs to understand many things we have not heard much about before.

 Being familiar with Ydna and Mtdna I could grasp it very well in principal. Now Autosomal DNA is so much more exciting and learned it made sense immediately, sort of a crazy feeling.

Having felt like it was an Algebra problem.  You are just looking for the missing piece.

The Third-Party Tools were exciting to learn about.  was one which I am trying to grasp.

One-to-Many Matches Tool very fascinating instrument to master.

There was so much to absorb and conquer.

His web page is:  all underscored.

His email was shared also.

If given permission I will write more of what we learned.

There was a nice group from Chula Vista Genealogical Society in attendance.

Bethel Williams, Heather Goebel, Diane Gordinez, Randy Seaver, J Paul Hawthorne,
Shirley Becker, Sharon and Ken Robison, and I.

Looking forward to seeing him in Grand Rapids, MI with my daughter in law.
Unable to make the program in Washington, PA.

He has some awesome charts and many he gave people permission to copy.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Year Begins,,,,,,

The Year Begins,,,,,,

Yes, we lost a cousin John Thomas, Aunt Marie Pentico Thomas' son,  and our Hoffman Aunt lost a brother in Colorado, to be buried in Wheatland, Wyo.

Brought to my attention I do not have her maiden name in my file, shame on me.  See these are the types of slips we should not do. I know I have been told this name before. I suspect it all on my old paper files.

On Dad's side we still have a Great Aunt alive in Greybull, Wyoming.  Shasta you are so blessed to still have your Mom.  I love her so much.

So we have one(GAunt) on Dad's side and Uncle on Mom's side both still with us.

Not getting cards mailed this year, but reading the notes we did receive, made me wonder how much of our immediate family keep track of their Aunt's, Uncles and Great Aunt's and Uncles, cousins etc.

Our Great Grandchildren (2) have some living distant kin.  I asked many did you write a card to our Aunt and Uncle a Hoffman in Wyoming. Or just think  of immediate family. We are so blessed to have them and all the stories he can tell about his time in the WAR and afterwards.
The great stories he shares about his growing up memories of My Mom, Your Grandmom, Great Grandmom or GGgrandmom.

Have you told your children about these people? The sacrificing things that our past ancestors did to make us whom we are?  Small is not to little to share these stories, teens it is more important so they can be more grounded about themselves,  adults even are excited to learn things their ancestors did.

Did they found a college?  Yes, one did. Were their any Doctors? Yes. Nurses Yes, Farmers, yes,
Writers, Yes. Opera Star, yes, she sang at the pier when the boats left to go to war in WW2. What about our Famous Painter, Yes.

So when you look at your children and grandchildren you can see why some are into theater and plays, health care, politics,  agriculture, and the list is even longer.  We have some rather well known writers in our lineage, a few presidents of old, a couple of famous Indian lines.

Do your children have knowledge of these things?   Sometimes knowing others have accomplished it give the youth the strength to stretch their wings and become someone like our ancestors in our past.

This  applies to all my cousins, nieces and nephews, brothers and sister.

I so thank my cousin Don Morelli for the photo's he sent.  Wondering if he remembers Dad chased us from the Dam back to the house yard so many years ago.  We were chasing pollywogs, about 4 and 6 or so in age.  O yes it was a dangerous thing but we wanted to see if they had grown since we had seen them last.  Don had banty chickens and many, many kinds.  They are tiny little full grown chickens.   He is my Aunt's son, he has two brothers and we all grew up near each other.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year One and All.

The NEW MOON is out.

The clouds are to the west so we can see the moon from the east.

I made black eyed peas, ham and cornbread for family and neighbor.

Dinner was a slice of pie.

It has gotten very cold all of a sudden.  Hubby agreed.

Praying all traveling are kept safe and arrive all in one piece.

Trusting God that this year will be calmer but ask Him to give strength
to deal with what comes.

Truly want to travel to see some older family and our son and grandchildren.

Not been home since our old home place sold.  

Health issues have already popped up in family so we shall see.

I hope family is logging a bit of their lives for the families of the future.

Contemplating how things were in 1950 compared to today.

The changes are huge and overwhelming.

The younger ones need to at least get a grasp of what it was like then.

Blessings and have a Great Life.

Blue Moon end of month. One on each end.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Walking into the New Year

Borrowed this from a niece in Iowa, but wish everyone could attempt to follow this.

I am walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind. If you owe me, don't worry about it-you're welcome. 

If you wronged me, it's all good- lesson learned. If you're angry with me, you have won. If we are not speaking, it's cool(I love you and wish you well). If you feel I have wronged you, I apologize. Life is too short for pent-up anger, holding grudges, and extra pain! Here's to 2018!!! Feel free to copy and paste. 

Spread the positive forgiveness! Love to all. I copied and pasted it on my page. If it does not agree with you, I will pray for you!!!

Our Country and world needs these ideas followed. Just my thoughts. Thanks Lisa

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blessed Merry Christmas to One and All

  From our house to your house,

    We wish you a Merry Blessed Christmas.

        We wish you a year of peace and goodwill.

            We wish you happiness and calm.

From our house to yours,

   We wish you much happiness,

      We wish you goodwill and peace.

         We Wish You The Best Year Ever.

From Our House To Yours,

  We wish you a Blessed New Year,

     We Pray that the year will be filled with goodwill,

          We request you to think good thoughts and project goodwill.

              We wish a happy group of family and friends,

 We Wish You all Peace and Good Will.

 Merry Christmas.  Have the Best Day Ever.

From us Pentico's  where it is not supposed to be cold.   brrrrrrr.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Reminder to all Family....Friends..... Xmas Letter 2017

  So no Xmas letter,   at least write one in a blog and get it posted for the world to see.

 Our Grandchildren and great grandchildren have not a clue of what our life was like if you are in your 70's or older now.

 Most of us lived through WW11 and Korea and other skirmishes until Viet Nam came along.
  Younger ones were in Egypt, and all over mid Europe south for deployment.
  Today it is Syria, and Turkey and a large area of that part of the Continent.

 I for one had no TV until 12 about 1952/3. Thinking DAD got it just about time I was to start High School. Probably the year before actually.  Ed Sullivan show we watched on Weekend evening.
Jackie Gleason Show and a few others but TV was only on about 2 to 2 1/2 hours even on weekends.

 We had radio's to listen to and outdoor activities to keep us busy.  If we got underfoot they would find work for us to do. Dig Thistles, pound nails, pull staples, gather and carry in Kindling and of course regular logs for fire after well established.

In the summer we canned fruit and garden products in the evening after other chores were done.
We had lots of coloring books and crayons around.   We had some very talented cousins when it come to drawing and mixing colors up.

Of course living in the country we had 4 legged animals to care for and feed and groom and train and play with. I found my 4-H pins this morning. I was shocked to have found Mom had saved them.
But we saved the boys pins for Boy Scouts, same principal.

I took Animal Husbandry and Sewing and a Art Class and learned to make molds and statues and paint them.  I made scarf, skirt, blouse, dress and apron, not in that order and have sewn ever since.
Neighbor taught us to knit and crochet the European method verses US.  Yes it is different.

I learned to tan hides and butcher and plant a garden and pull weeds and what weeds were eatable verses just a nuisance. Canning was never my favorite. Being afraid the Canner would blow up and burn us all.  Learned to make Jerky and can meat and cut and freeze animals we raised for food.

We sawed many logs after we would fell a tree to season for the winter coming. No youth today have little exposure to what our world was like prior to 1970.

Please share a piece of yours with your kin they really need to know we were raised to care and share and be mindful of others ways and thoughts.

We learned to play musical instruments and to paint or color.  Alice Hess is a cousin of close encouter and Miss Gorman was an Opera star during I think it was WW1.   Both Cousins off the FOULK line.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Scouring the Connecticut Census for THOMAS near EASTMAN

Yes I went Census dipping and looking for clues. Then I went to the trees looking for clues.
One member has the story right but wrong state. This family started in CT. and ended in New
York then moving west, Ill, to IA and stopped at other states along the way. One child born in OH.

There appears to be many Thomas's.  Fortunately,  I think DNA may help us with this situation.
Any Eastman male born from Esther Thomas would have DNA from her father. I think Autosomal is the test to be taken.  Wish I had thought of this to ask at the Seminar.  Also even better would be to find a sibling (male) of Esther's.  Then you could do Ydna.

I am so thankful that so many in the family early wrote down the story of this family and what happened.  So far every descendant I have met has a copy, especially my parents and older generations.

Great Grandma went down to sign up for the Indian Information and they cut off the event.
I may have her story written in the trunk. Yes I knew my Great Grandmother Eastman FOULK, later Archer.  We corresponded from the time I was small until her death Jan of 1958 the year I graduated.

The military lost all her letters when we transported to Hi. among many other vital things.

My Grandmother would tell us how her Grandmother would teach them about living in the rough.
Plants to eat, avoid, how to fix and prepare.  Things I have eaten that you never ever see in a store.

She in turn took us out in the pastures and shared with us many of those same informations.

Then I compared them with what my Grandfather told me on my Mom's side and found it very interesting to learn much of it the same.

I hope I have the names in my diary that is in that trunk.  Mom could rattle them off easily but she has been gone 5 years and I can only remember three.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Abijah Stoddard Eastman 1778-1852

     EASTMAN Kinship  Do you have Kinship too?

Abijah Eastman's parents were:  Vespasion Eastman b  abt 1754  died 6 Sept 1828
                                         wife:    Eunice Stoddard

 Abijah Stoddard Eastman  b 1778 CT. d 10 Mar 1852  died 10 May 1852
 Aged 72 yrs.  2 ms.
Winnebago County
Illinois, USA

Abijah Eastman  1810 census Woodbury, Litchfield CT. USA, NARA2 CONN V2 PG128.

 Abijah vol 48 nu 131  History and Gen of the Eastman fam by guy S Rix (2v) Concord NH 1801  (1000pg )197

Ill Public land Purchase Records  Name:
Eastman Abijah S
29 Sep 1849

I have a different birth date than what was pulled from the tombstone.

 Children: George Herbert   24 Apr 1832  Ct.  More to follow my family 
                      marries Lydia Trowbridge 

                  Rodderick Stoddard 13 Oct 1832   Rochester, NY
                       marries Belle Elmira Rousey

                  Harman   16 Oct 1835  
                     marries Caroline Sheilds

                   Parsons L.

                   Annis b 1829 Adams, Jefferson Co. Ny
                     marries Albert Morris