Monday, July 18, 2016

Samuel Baker of Pleasant Valley, Stueben Co. NY, Yes another Baker in our tree.

Baker Ancestry. The Ancestry of Samuel Baker of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County, New York, With Some of His Descendants, 1914
New York, USA
Publication place:
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Text:"...following entry in Mr. Howells handwriting: ThomasBaker came from Ashford, Co. of Kent, Eng., born September 29, 1618, d. April 20, 1700, married Alice Dayton June 20, 1643, who was born May 22, 1620, and died..."
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chalfant--Chalfont ties to DuVall, Powell, Hoffman and we JONES children

John's relation to you: Direct ancestor (8 generations)

Interesting that in my Reunion program I have CHALFONT

Elizabeth Chalfont b 19 Jan 1722 West Marlborough Chester PA
d 7 June 1814 West Marlborough, Chester, PA age 92

So I have one generation back on this line. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mary "Polly" Higgins born Henderson Found?

Mary "Polly" Higgins born Henderson Found?

 This comes with great joy and trepidation. In 1993, I heard that Elizabeth HIGGIN"s mother was Mary Henderson.  But could not find any clues. Yes, I looked and asked for about 3 years and laid it aside, many more names to search.

Considering that Elizabeth Higgin's her daughter whom married Henry Huffman/HOFFMAN b 1803 in Greene Co. PA named first child Mary.

That is many times a clue to her mother's first name.

But that Mary Hoffman married a John Henderson.  So more confusion to add to the mix.
This is Zenia Gilbert's line down to herself and Violet Gilbert and others

So I saw papers on her father Capt. John Henderson and he fought in the Rev War. So I am already able to verify some of this correct.    His papers give us George Henderson as his father.
Back two generations with the help of  

Lots of bits and pieces to track down and check out but so interesting to learn was John Henderson whom married Mary Hoffman a 2nd cousin? Somehow I think they are going to link up.

Now to see if I can locate John Henderson's Will dcd 1813  born 1740.

1. this was Sanford's oldest sister

2. duel Henderson's implied.

3. not the first time in this time era for family

4. hoping some of you may have more knowledge to share.

5. need to see if Zenia has a picture of Mary. I have one of Sanford.  I think Mom had them but I  left them on the bench at Mom's no idea if brother kept them.

 Lots of family kin on this site of Greene Co. PA.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mary Henderson's parentage Found?

Capt. John's relation to you: Direct ancestor (7 generations)
Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
her father
Franklin M HOFFMAN
his father
his father
Elizabeth HOFFMAN (born HIGGINS)
his mother
her mother
Capt. John Henderson
her father

His father

George Henderson

Born:1714In:  Montgomery, Virginia, United States
Died:1765 (at age ‎~51‏)In:  Unknown, Augusta Co., Virginia

His wife

Elizabeth Henderson

Born:1718In:  Montgomery, Virginia, United States
Says they are secondary sourcced.  

So now is John Hendersoon, whom is Mary Hoffman's husband related to this HENDERSON.

Zenia Gilbert do you or other Greene Co. PA kin have data?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hannah J. Young JONES, Obit


 Hanna/ Hannah J. Young daughter of  Abraham Dorrison Young Jr. and Hannah Oen/Owen.

 In my files,  born 13 Sept 1850 Bellidere, Boone Co. Ill,  married 5 July 1868 to Calvin Fay Jones
 Died 27 July 1941 Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn.  (We share marriage dates)


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Some Scottish Data

Some Scottish Data

Recently learning we are descendants of the Adams family then learning they were also Scottish.

For some reason I was not expecting that.  We have two other Scottish lines, one we knew was of Scottish background.

Here is the short post I sent to some of the family.

A Medieval Ethnicity Map of Scotland | Scottish Origenes: scottish ancestry, scottish genealogy, scottish clan map
John Adams Scots Irish Immigration to North Americian Colonies


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Distant Cousin Randy Seaver Suggested this.

Distant Cousin Randy Seaver Suggested this.

Okay family how many of you can answer what was happening in any line of our families of the past, 150 years ago.  That would have been1866 if I can subtract.  

I am wondering if you can tell us what your ancestors were doing 100 years ago? That would be 1910.  Yes 1910.

We so want our children to grow up and be strong and stable and have common sense and know the right from the wrong.  If you want that for your children you have to give them something to base it on.

Learning their Grandfather or Great Grandfather fought for our Country to keep us free.  I am learning students of today do not even know what War was fought when or where?  HOW did this happen?  It was the family not sharing family news and information. Keeping it all hugged to the chest and no one's business.  But it was family business. War affects us all in different ways and children need to learn that having things isn't what make life good it is learning how we achieved our goals to have these things.  

We did paper routes, we babysat, we pulled neighbors weeds, we mowed lawns and bailed hay and plowed fields.  We worked, because it was needed for us to have food on the table and clothes on our backs and helped the neighbors because it was the right thing to do.  

So 150 years ago many of our ancestors were coming home from the Civil War. Some were preparing to move from Pennsylvania to Ohio, Iowa, MO., NE, WYO,  & ILL. Some were still grieving the loss of their children from the war with no one to help with farm and ranch chores. It made many families old yet still young.

Any major calamity can do this to us humans, Most of us learn to adapt and adjust and survive. Today we see less who know how to do that.  
Abraham Dorrison YOUNG JR was born Franklin, ME and died Nashua, IA 1883 moving to Ill. . He lost his first wife and then married Hannah OEN (OWEN).  They had Hannah YOUNG 1850 Bellidere, Boone Co. ILL  and other children. Their back lines include WRIGHT & COOK/COOKE.

Hannah Young b 1850 Ill m 1868  Butler Co. IA to Calvin Fay JONES .  This is 2 years after 1866. 
Calvin was born Rensselaer Co. Petersburg, NY Jones Rd area, b 1843 fought CW and died 1910 Nashua, IA.  He left NY after 1855 NY census.          Have his war papers.  
Calvin Fay JONES b NY moved to NUNDA, ILL with parents and enlisted there for CW. 

Noyes Jones  b 1809 Jones Rd. Jones Hollow Petersburg, NY moved to Nunda Ill when last known son Charles Jones born 1850 in NY and middle son Noel JONES is supposedly killed prior to their leaving, may have been cause of leaving.  

Susan MADISON (Mattison) b 24 Mar 1818, his wife m 1832 according to family records, never found in court papers Mount Holyoke, Mass.   d 1881 Nashua, IA   She was also in Nunda at time of  bro William Harrison's death and Calvin's major injuries in Murpheesboro.  Tenn. 

William Henry Foulk b 1846 Somerset Co. PA m  1865 to Kate MYERS b1845 Perry Co. PA m 1865
De Kalb Co.  Ill.  W.H. Foulk died Blackhawk Co. IA  Both families came from PA same counties at times and different names at later times.  WH parents were in Perry Co. as were Kate's family.
Kate Myer's parents were John MYERS and Sarah Elizabeth FOULK.  Duel related.

Harvey Edward FOULK b 1867 Ill. m 1892 in Blackhawk Co. IA.  Margaret Mae EASTMAN, 1892
they had my Grandmother and I knew my Great Grandmother Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk later Archer.  We exchanged letters until her death Jan 1958 the year I graduated.

I met all of her children but Blanche who died when she was young. If I met her young as small child I do not recall it. I had some interesting Great Aunt's and Great Uncles. Being very blessed I got to know all of them well but two, Blanche and Ira. One even lived with us for a period of time and Grandma lived with my husband and I after we moved her from HI. (tour of duty)

I like how cousin Bill West did his post but can not seem to wrap that concept around my brain.
If I write all the answer's here why am I doing a book?

Margaret Mae Eastman b 1874 Black Hawk Co. IA is dau of George Herbert EASTMAN 1832- 1910 b CT d IA and Lydia TROWBRIDGE. 1841- b Edwardsville, NY died IA.

Franklin Cornelius HOFFMAN 1860-1940, Greene Co. PA -Wheatland, WYO. Mom's Grandfather and she talked about him so much it was like I knew him.
 wife Samantha Abigail DuVall died fairly young. Grandad moved to WYO to be near children. This line is a duel line again with inter line's marrying into cousins . 

Sanford Hoffman/HUFFMAN b 1834 Greene Co. PA - 1903 Moravia, IA  served CW and was later a lay minister as was another war veteran of family for REV WAR. Actually related to the RW Vet.
I have his WAR MEDAL.  

Rachel PLANTS b 1836 Greene Co. PA d 1920 Moravia IA.  m to Sanford in PA. Have lots of stories about her and canaries and she made hats. Sanford's wife.

Her Father George Plants b 1803 Washington Co. PA d near Hilton, IA 1887
His Wife Catherine Stollar b 1801 Schuykill Co. PA d Monroe Co. IA  1893

Christian Plants 
Catherine Haines on computer in garage.

His father Leonhardt Plantz/Plants w Margaretta from Germanic region of Europe a Great Uncle went to their castle during WW2.

Catherine Stollar's parents were Andrew Stollar and Rosanna Ealy /ELY  his father was Peter Stollar. 

Geroge Ely father and Eva C Strohschnieder Ely mother 1751-1830  b Germanic region of Europe.

Sanford Hoffman/Huffman b 1834 PA parents were :
Henry Huffman/ Hoffman b 1803 Greene Co. PA d 1879 Greene Co. PA  Changed spelling abt 1850.
Elizabeth HIGGINS  b 1809 Greene Co. PA d 1877 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA descend from Richard Higgins from England. Descends from Pocahantus,  through STOUT line.
m 9 April 1826 Greene Co. PA, Waynesburg. In court house records. 

Robert Duvall and Harriet Duvall were cousins, their parents were siblings Eli and Elizabeth Richey DuVall and Jacob DuVall and Jane Patterson DuVall.   

Jane Patterson's father Joseph Patterson served Rev War and later became minister and died in out side of Pittsburg, PA. Previously was in Washington Co. and before was in York Co. PA.

Cornelius SCOTT 1856- 1918. m Ella D Warden 1862- 1918.  Grandmother's parents IA b and d both.

Harriet LEWIS SCOTT still alive 1866 died 1887 IA b 1798 VA/NC border.  She was living in Mount Pleasant IA in 1866.

John Scott b 1817 KY- d 1900 IA m Rebecca Morrow b 1821 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blessed Birthday MOM, 29 June 1920 Slater, Wyo

For my MOM, the time slides by so fast. The hunt still goes on for answers that you asked.

Thought I should say you come from a lady declared a Saint.  She was also a Queen. She was born in Hungary and died as Queen of Scotland.

 I learned our Ely line is really Italian, yes it is.

 Haines is English and the line is long and varied.

 Haven't heard from anyone going back to Germany again to knock on the Plantz Castle door.
Sure wish the first one hadn't bailed out and left before they opened the door.

Patience Tuttle's line goes back to early New England Tuttle's.
Morrow line does not appear to go back near as far. Still lost somewhere in Virginia.

Scott, is still lingering in Virginia and does connect with New England Scott line also.
Maybe two brothers landed different places, no idea at this point.  Lots of data implies
Thomas Scott's wife was a Payne.  Many still argue whether it was Lurana or Susanna yet.
One of those is the correct first name.

I know I shared with you that Elizabeth Higgins ancestors track us back to Pocahantus, as Grandad kept telling us. I bet when Grandad was young he may have been able to tell us more about this story since his Father shared the story with Grandma Inez when they married.

Stollar  was:  Hans van der Stoler 
Direct ancestor (11 generations) 
1617 - 1660 

Direct ancestor (11 generations) 
1617 - 1657 

Haines also brought us Ridgeway   and  Allen.  

A distant cousin sent me GGGrandfather Sanford Hoffman/Huffman's CW medal. 

Jane Patterson was daughter of Joseph Patterson who became a Reverend after the Rev War and had three brothers in York Co. PA as near as I can learn and were also previously in NY. This is one of the links to Karen Phister who lived in Vallejo. 

Duvall holds new information too. 
Alexander DUVALL was born on 17 Aug 1710 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD. He was baptized on 25 Jul 1719 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD.
His father was, as listed below but we did not know of his status in the community.  
 Captain John DUVALL, married about 1686 to Elizabeth JONES. They had 11 children. One of the more important military officers of the Province. In 1704, he and his brother, Mareen the elder, were granted "Duvalls Delight", a patent of 3108 acres, located at the mouth of Rogues Harbor. It was one of the true manors in Anne Arundel County and is listed in Alice Norris Parran's "Register of Maryland Heraldic Families".

We learned that Massoit Duvall's wife was a Margaret Obin and that is a variant of D' Orbin which in the USA became Durbin.

Alexander Duvall 11 was a REV WAR veteran and has a DAR number and certificate. I think you knew that.

Alas MOM, no results on Elizabeth Richey.  Still asking questions.  Remembering she was the wife of Eli Duvall b 17 July 1790 Redstone Twp, Fayette Co. PA.  Elizabeth was born 10 April 1797  Fayette Co. PA  died 11 Jan 1872 East Millsboro, Fayette Co. PA.  or 1806 conflicting information.  

Their children were: Eli, John, Caleb B. ,  Harrison,  Abigail,  Rachel,  Robert,  &  Eliza.
census implies a Virginia also.

Eli Duvall
Age in 1870:
Birth Year:
abt 1791
Home in 1870:
Luzerne, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Post Office:
Value of real estate:
Household Members:

So MOM I have been digging but have not found an answer for her yet.  I hope Heaven is treating you well and Dad is hanging around to keep you company.  I love you both.