Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Tip for Genealogists

Tuesday's Tip for genealogists is to stop and remember to record the data on your older living family members.
1. Record their war stories,  At least a couple of them
2. Record what their life was like in the late 40's and 50's.
3. How did the celebrate the country's holiday's?  What holiday's existed then.
4.  Do they recall the price of gas or utilities then?

Honor them before they are gone. Be it an Uncle, Aunt, Mom or Dad, even a dear older friend
can give you much background to help you with your timeline of your life and families.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorting Saturday among other Thoughts

Sorting Saturday among other thoughts fits the way my mind is rolling.  I saw that Geneabloggers mentioned another person doing Greek research.  I wonder if they know how few, it seems, are doing Greek research and maybe it would be nice to do a series via nationalities to help each other locate each other for research help.

Having a friend on Google+ that is Greek and doing research I am sure he would appreciate help from fellow/like researchers.

Ten years ago I met a family from the Azores, that was doing research. I worked with them for 8 years and it would have been awesome to have paired them with someone else.  They experienced much tragedy and have not heard from them for quite some time.

Would a day of discussing how different nations relate to death be a good topic? I thought it was religious based but am learning it is not totally a religious based concept. Look at the Day of the Dead for Mexico.

Halloween in the United States which means Holy Evening and was meant to scare the bad spirits away from those that died. It has almost completely lost it's original interpretation.

May Day I loved May Day and what it meant as a youth, but today it is not mentioned because of the political implications. Nor am I ashamed of my supposed Russian heritage.

Sorting through my thoughts I decided to post them and hopefully get some response on ideas to help fellow genealogists on their journey.

Last thought as it rolls away is, if you missed last nights episode of WDYTYA, I feel it was the best show they ever put on. It gave so many clues to help a researcher. I hope you can catch it as a rerun and realize the many many clues it gave us.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thriller, Those Places Thursday

  Thriller, Those Places Thursday

When you are tired do you get silly?  Here is what I wanted to post tonight.
 Thankful, Thrifty, Thriller, Those Treasure Chest Places Thursday.

 Yes, I can complete all on one topic and one event, in one place at one time in the year 1993.
  Staying at my cousin Eva Patterson's home, we were deep into genealogical hunts, data and chasing
  information all over the Waynesburg area. We visited Windy Gap Cemetery, much of family is there.
  We visited two more cemeteries not far from there before we went home that day.
   We cousins got together again after supper and we continued our hunting conversation until about 4
    in the morning.  Chuckling at how the spry 80+ year olds were burying me with no sleep.

   They were not even yawning.  We had lots of good talk, hot cocoa and cookies. It must have been all  
    that sugar.

   One cousin's daughter was my age and she had the next day off from work so around 9 a m we
   started on with research again. We covered where her Grandparents and  GreatGrandparents had
   She showed my Great Great Uncle Brice's burned out home and the new one he built across the
    He was one of Sanford's older brothers. Reason lived not far from him also within walking distant in
    those deep hills and forested domain. He was another older brother.  She was from their sister Mary
    the oldest of the children. Her Mom was mid 80's then.

     Having been looking for the picture I took of the trees growing up through the home because it was
     standing after all these years. Nigh on a hundred to be exact.

     Zenia showed many other ancestors homes and some current cousins homes as we toured the
     countryside.  Yes, her Mom and our other cousins were with us.

     That evening we retired several hours earlier than the night before but it was still near 11 p m.
      I woke around 3 am when I heard a conversation.  I thought my cousin was calling me.
      I looked out the window at the street lights and slowly turned toward the foot of the bed  near the
     door to my cousins room.

      Standing at the foot of the bed was, Grandfather Henry Huffman and his daughter, in a heated
     discussion as to whether they should tell me something. They argued for a very long time.
     I feared to move for they would leave. Finally I got the impression he had won the battle and he said
     " We need to leave now, we are disturbing her and she is here to help us," I will never forget that
     moment.  I waited a few minutes to make sure they were gone and went to my cousins' room.
       I asked if she had heard the conversation.  She said someone talking had wakened her.
      It was almost 4 am now. We got up and I got pencil and paper and wrote what I heard and saw and
      we shared tea and toast.  I still think the daughter floated through the walls and Henry disappeared
      at the top of the stairs.

     This was our ancestor Henry Huffman b abt 1740 and dcd winter of 1811-12. Will probated
     Jan 1812.

      That was my Thankful, Thrifty, Thriller, Those Treasure Chest Places Thursday. You know
      it also happened on a Thursday.
      I oftened wondered if the land beneath the house had been his at one time. We have never found
      Henry Huffman's grave but he lived in Morris township when he was a younger married man.

      Did Henry impart any information to me?  You will have to wait and see.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Abundant Genealogy - Favorite Document

Abundant Genealogy  Favorite Document

My favorite document is the land deed from John Hoffman from Westmoreland Co. PA.
I have it framed. There is more data written on the back so I am still trying to figure how people can see both. This John is Henry's father.

I actually purchased it from antique dealer, serendipity is always so good. It was not first believed to be mine so I did not bid on it. Then after researching the land records and talking with family we knew this was ours why others in family did not bid I only know I have it  in my possession.
So I have something from each generation from John down to myself that will go down a couple more generations to the Grandchildren.

My Favorite Library to Haunt- Abundant Genealogy

My Favorite Library to Haunt

My favorite Library to Haunt is a list of libraries. It depends where I am as to which Library I would want to seek.

My first favorite is the library in Greene Co Pennsylvania by the Cornerstone Clues group. The Genealogical library is attached to the regular library.  Their resources are massive and after ten days I had still felt like I had only touched the tip of the iceberg.

The staff being fellow genealogists were absolutely the best. I am still "chomping at the bit" to get back to that library. Air fare is very reasonable right now. I have other obligations so the trip is still on hold.

Locally, our books in our Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St. (main library) has a wealth of information that I learned our own members hardly use. The lack of use probably cost us to loose all the phone books we had acquired over the years and given the library. I had families send the old books to me as new ones were made so we had access to that area for data.  Having sat two Wednesday nights a month for over a year to offer to help researchers and new people. I can say this is a very un used wealthy source of material.  Genealogists do not forget to look in the Reference section of the library if it has one. Who's Who's and many other topics.

My favorite library on the west coast at this time is the Los Angeles City Library. It has an entire floor for genealogy. It is absolutely awesome.

We have other super great libraries in the area: Carlsbad City Library, Coles Section, San Diego Genealogical Society Library off Clairemont Mesa on Ronson Rd. is also a great source for library information. Almost forgetting the Latter Day Saints Library in Mission Valley has lots of data also and accessible to order films. They have trouble giving books away I am working on and not know where they went. Books to me are more vital than films.  I just have old old lines that are more in books and not yet filmed.

I have been to other large libraries but for some reason the lay out and access was frustrating for me.

 I just wonder if I ever get to New York if a library  near where I need to do research could equal up to what I was exposed to in Greene Co. PA.

Thanks again. Cornerstone Clues people.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday

Treasure Chest Thursday  Reviewing Information

A great day for this  topic. Being of go getter personality at times, so I am told, yesterday was a day of rest.

One of the greatest things that could have happened. Spent time reviewing my files and genealogy program.

It was a treasure  trove of  information that was within the files. Items sent when  I was to busy to deal with, were tucked away here and there and all over different note pages.

At least they are no longer tucked in folder after folder of random information that may or may not apply to the family line.

It appears having my own filling system can be hazardous at times. Yet I am told the method that works for you the best is the one to follow.  Go Figure.

Upon doing a few hours of review,  reminded me that I had some catching up to do with my program.
Fortunately, the time let me get a good share of it completed.  I even went to census pages and other areas to get more back up sources.

Having always encouraged people to take the month of January and set it aside to do a review of what you need and what you have, thinking I had done this quite well it was a surprise that within my genealogical program I had not done this.

Having reviewed folders and pictures and sorting and compiling things in order I had thought I was done.

So if you haven't stopped and looked at the blanks in your genealogy program maybe you may find some information you forgotten you had recieved.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reunion Class was Great

Reunion class was  great regarding Citing your Sources on this program. We covered lots of interesting features I was not sure what they were would do. Trying a couple of changes to my system.
Lots of features hidden in behind that are very resourceful.  Each Tuesday at the San Diego Genealogical Society Library. 6 pm.

Needing to Know,

Needing to Know

Needing to Know, is my chatting helping you. Do you find it interesting and worth reading?

Do I need to stop or do I need to change directions?

I keep one blog for mostly genealogical information and information for researchers, not this one. This one is a smattering of the various topics mentioned by Thomas M group and things of interest that I thought would be good for other family members, acquaintances and new friends.  Some of it can be pulled to family history pages and others not.

Reason I am asking is at times I put a question to the blog reader regarding the blog and I find very few are answering the questions.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Interesting Thought Regarding Family Records Mystery Monday

Interesting Thought Regarding Family Records

As I was filling in the blanks that do not show on my current genealogical program since I am unable to get the old PAF for Mac open, a thought  flit through my mind.

One, I had three times as much on some lines on my PAF For Mac. Of course, I have much more on lines that I have broken Brick Walls on the newer program.

Some data was given first hand on the old program and they are now deceased.  Since the topic of degree of generations you may have touched came up, I have really had to give this great thought.

I knew my Great Grandmother, she shared letters and data with myself and my Mother over the years.
That is all first hand source she did it and lived it and now is Dead. The same applies with both sets of my Grandparents, both paternal and maternal lines. Information also again applies since they are now gone.
Again, data shared by parents that lived and breathed the information shared are both now gone.

Now I am seriously considering creating another program and see if I like it.  Alas, what does one do with first hand information of now deceased family members. No one said then they had to write a book of their life for us to use in our research.  For me some of my documentation the US Government lost when we moved. Fortunately, they did not loose my written data regarding what was in all those letters and cards and pictures. Yes, I even lost letters my husband wrote to me the first years we were married. GRRRRR.

So I went to the current program I am using and was checking what sources I had put up and shared on Ancestry to a degree.

I was also amazed to see I have some blanks that should not be, alas need the PAF for MAC to open.

Secondly, the degree of separation with knowledge of the previous line is probably a weird topic for most.
It would apply to my Mother in Law because she was born after her Dad died.  The link to the past on her Dad's side was broken but she knew, his siblings and parents so was it broken?

No she never knew the sound of his voice or the feel of his touch, but she learned of it from her Mother and her siblings. I as a daughter in law, learned of this man from the things she shared that they taught her.

Physically, the link is not broken due to genetics but the personable side can be tweaked, lost or destroyed by how the human handles, adoptions, deaths and all the encumbering events of life.

I think that is another reason I liked Dick Eastman's comments on family is family not in steps and stages but family.

Reading about early family life in the 1600's, 1700's gives complete different context to what we are thought of as family today.  Even our explorer's commented on how much the same we and the Natives were alike in many family traditions. As we know we have all changed how we look at family, community and life.

A degree of separation then and the being able to reach back because even more complex than
previously stated.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Degrees of Separation

I love this one. It should be lots of fun.

 Thanks Dad for taking me to Wyoming often to see relatives.

I met my Maternal Grandmother Inez Scott Hoffman, her brother Walter Scott, her Sister Fern Scott m to Jasper Hampton,  her brother Daniel Scott. We visited in all these peoples homes. I know many of the children down line from each line. Grandmother Inez and her brother Daniel Scott were married to Cecil Lee Hoffman and Grace Hoffman siblings. Uncle Harrison Scott, lived in Ft. Collins. Co.  Grandma and her siblings knew her Grandparents John Scott ( b 1817 Ky d 1900 Harrison, MO) and Rebecca Morrow SCOTT (b 1821 Mercer Co.KY d Iowa m Iowa 1841). Inez father was Cornelius Scott b 1856 Moravia, IA died 4 Dec 1918 Lenox. IA. Her mother was Ella WARDEN b 1862 Polk Co. IA and died 1918 Moravia, IA.

On Dad's side I can do better: I met my Grandmother (Victoria Mae Foulk JONES NORRIS) in fact she lived with us for several months, I met and visited with several of her siblings and I knew her Mother. Last husband was Senator for Wyoming. Charles Norris. Yes, I even met him.

Great Grandmother Margaret Mae EASTMAN FOULK ARCHER  1874- 1958 died the spring of my graduation from High School. Mom always made us write our family since we were in California and the family was in Wyoming or Iowa.  We went to Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico to visit with family every few years. Grandma Margaret Eastman Foulk Archer held me when small and saw me after I was older. They even had a trip to Ca.  She married Mr. Archer when I was a teenager.
or just about teenager. Pictures in boxes here.

I really mean that Grandma  JONES NORRIS lived with my husband and I and our children in this house for several months at different times. She stayed with us in the 60's in Coronado, also. I met all of my  Paternal Grandmother's siblings but the one they buried when she was very young. I have a Great Aunt whom is still alive in Wyoming.  I have one Uncle alive on Mom's side in Wyoming.

She was in her late 90's when she passed in Wyo.  Her mother lived in Waterloo, Ia.

Our Grandson met and knew his Great Grandmother Pentico whom lived with us her last three years of her life.  We had four generations in our home, more than once with various family lines.

Grandson born 1996 mother born 1970 Me born 1940, Mom Born 1920.

Grandson born 1996, mother born 1970, grandfather born 1935, great grandmother born 1911.

Myself 1940, Dad 1913, Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk JONES NORRIS 1897-1988, Margaret Mae Eastman 1874-1958, whom knew her mother Lydia Trowbridge  EASTMAN 1841-unknown). Etc

My Grandfather Cecil Lee Hoffman b 1891 Moravia IA was taken to Pennsylvania to meet his family by his father Franklin Hoffman b  1860 Greene Co, PA and son of Sanford Hoffman(Huffman)b 1834 Greene Co, PA, son of Henry Huffman(Hoffman)b 1803 Greene Co Pa.
He met his father's Uncles and Aunts that did not live in IOWA.

Grandma Ida JONES NORRIS lived with Mom and Dad when I was home with oldest son,
So again four generations under the same roof.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Heirlooms to go with the Blog

Dad, and his siblings in green frame
Grandpa and Grandma HOFFMAN  beside him
Henry Hoffman Huffman's Currier and Ives document.

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy- Heirlooms

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy- Heirlooms

Heirlooms tell a story of their own. They can be from a small trinket, locket, clipping of hair to something as large as these huge poster type documents my Mother inherited from the Scott side of the family.
They are close to 26 across and 38 long. Very unique I think.
One that I photographed but forgot to take was the ones that Henry Huffman wrote out about his family and their births, marriages and deaths. Yes all in his hand.  Then his son Sanford Hoffman did the same thing for us family. With pictures of their faces.  As heirlooms they are very informative to me.

I also have photos, and mini family stories that various members wrote that either Grandad, Mom or someone else kept and finally past on to me. I even have a book that Grandad had when he was attending church when small. This probably because his Grandfather Sanford was a lay minister and he traveled also. Sanford also served in the Civil War with his brother.  It appears all the boys did at one point.

 What is my most favorite? I do not think I have one. The Apron Grandma crocheted me when I was in High School for a school event. Priceless. The pictures, quilt pieces, I think the things  made by hand and the things written in hand to pass down probably carry the most weight.

 Pictures of the faces of the people I have researched are probably my very most favorite of all the items.
 It is nice to have a face that goes with a name.

   I truly think the pictures come out on top with letters written in hand and hand made Items probably
   are the tops.

   I acquired them from my Mom's after her death and many of them prior to her death over the years as I
   communicated with family.

   Mom was a stickler for us to wrote to our Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents, Great Grandparents.
    I am struggling to have my children even friend a cousin on Facebook. It is a sad thing in my
    book that my children did not meet their cousins first hand like my Dad made sure I did.

    Yes they met some but they just do not get the reason for the acquaintanceship at times.

     I hope to put the quilt pieces together for each of our children to have something from their Great
    Grand Parents.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

 I am so thankful that I was able to share time with a genealogy friend and help her with her research.
 She volunteered to be at the library and assist at events and was a positive image for new members.
  Rest in Peace Phyllis L

   I am so thankful that I found Mom's cousin, my cousin as a neighbor to my husband's family in Iowa.
   We shared many family stories and swapped pictures and worked on the family tree as a family.
    I was looking forward to visiting her this summer and seeing my husband's family and sharing more of
    families information.  Rest in Peace Joan L.

   Thankfully, my cousins journey is over and her pain is gone. I received an email this morning around
    eleven implying that she had crossed to the other side and was no longer in pain. We lost her husband
    a year ago in January.  He was an awesome photographer and friend. He was my Myer's cousin on
    my Dad's side.  They came to California years ago and toured up the coast and back across the USA.

    Their granddaughter came to Olympic Training Center for Training a few years back and Mary and I
     shared her spare hours by showing her around the community. We had lots of fun times with the
     granddaughter and talked to her Mom and her Grandmom often in that two week period.

     Granddaughter came back in a major bike event at the Veladrome near Balboa Park and I took
     pictures and supported her in her endeavors.  She is a college graduate by now.

     I just spoke to the daughters and they are holding up okay they say.  I have walked the path
     they walked and it is not an easy journey.  My heart is sad for we won't be sharing family data
     and crazy tidbits like before.  But it is hoped the girls will keep in touch and share as their lives move
     on.  One is into rock work like my son and the other is the mother of the granddaughter.
     She stopped to see my son once on her driving way home.  They had lots of neat rocks near their
     Mom's home in Connecticut. She lives amongst the rocks here west of the Rockies.
     Rest in Peace Jan M.

     God I am truly thankful to have known these people.

     Also we are most thankful that our niece survived a roll over accident in Iowa with no major
     damage but the loss of the car.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wednesday's Wisdom

 Wednesday's Wisdom or maybe not. I have signed up to do the Family History Writing Challenge.
  Being presented by Lynn Palermo at, The Armchair Genealogist  site.

  If you like to write or need to write down data you have been procrastinating about this may be what you need to get it on paper so it is not lost.

 Remember we need to write down all them crazy and non crazy stories we heard growing up and our parents sharing with each other.  Generally in each one you find a shred of truth.

 I have done this before but it has been more than  ten years so I am anxious to see how much more
can be added to the story with the additional research I have done. Or the additional Research that family members have done and shared.

 As I stated weeks ago many of us start as Family Historians and later find they wish they had a degree in

 I just find the courses are prohibitive in cost at this time for me to continue what I started.  It is my hope to complete two I started long ago next year.  

 So if you can afford a course to further your goals take one, if not at least consider doing the writing challenge to share with your kin.

Here I am going east to learn of family. Flying into the sun was marvelous picture scenes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tip------ Think Outside the Box

Tuesday's Tip------ Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box, you say, but we are creatures of  habit. It is so hard to make the mind think

 If you look at a Will and see the same thing each time, your rote, not thinking outside the box.

 Have you looked at CW Pension Files and five years later suddenly see a clue you missed the first time
 again your stuck in rote mode.

  Being blessed at listening to some very good speakers in the 1990's and forward I was able to pick up
  some really great tips that I am just now hearing more people talk about.

  George Schweitzer, has been extremely influential in my genealogical career.  How I wish I could have
  taped some of his talks.

  Today we hear about Cluster Genealogy, lumping groups together, we should do that from the beginning,
   not wait until we are blocked for more information.

  Agreeing with the concept you have to put yourself in their place to understand their doings, George S
   would  dress in period costume and speak in the language of the day.  Wow, that was a real eye opener.
  Helping someone who is really stuck in finding answers reminds me of all these manipulations that we
  are going back and doing.

  Do you copy the census page before and after your name, for collateral clues to married in family, for
  when you run out of clues?  G. S. said 20 names before and 20 names after, and yes that means either
  previous page or next page to turn also. I use a full page either way, it saves time for researching.

  Have you ever gone back to the first basic census to suddenly see the Henderson's, Stewart's, King's,
  Neal's, Hickman's, & Gallentine's all as neighbors of the ancestor your seek?

  Why yes, they are related. The children married into these neighboring families and extended the family  
   and added more names to search.

   The same applies to land records, who were the neighbors?  Did a daughter or son marry that
   immediate neighbor.  It is like you need to search the village to find the child.

   As I go back sharing the things that many taught me I hope I help you in your endeavors.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Heirlooms #6 Week Abundant Genealogy

Family Heirlooms  #6 Week Abundant Genealogy

 Interesting topic, since the loss of my Mother  this last year our heirlooms have changed.

 I say over all, Heirlooms that mean the most are: letters, pictures, bibles, ancient family charts, and then
 embroidered quilts, and hanging prints with family data.

 Secondarily, would be the dishes, or tools or tablecloths,  that the family of the past had used and we were familiar with and brings back fond memories.

 Ironically, the most memorable heirloom would be one's memories of the people of the past.

 As Genealogists are we recording their lives or just their data.  Does your research help you to learn
 that Great Great Aunt Maggie had a major squabble with the school board? Her husband was stoned on the way home by someone above them on the hill. Two weeks later of intense screaming in pain the man finally died and left her a widow and 2 children to raise.  I guess the man couldn't hit everyone on the way home so picked on Thomas.

 What about your past as a youth or young parent? Have you recorded any of it? What about your
 husband was he in Korea, or any of the more current skirmishes or wars? Have you recorded this information for your children and grandchildren?

Friday, February 3, 2012




1/2 cup of sugar
1    cup of flour
1    cup cornmeal
butter size of egg ( I found medium egg size best not large)
 1    cup sweet Milk
 1    egg
 2   tsp baking powder
 1   pinch of salt

  mix dry and then semi melt butter add to milk and beaten egg.
  mix together and pour into greased 8 x 8 pan

  400* degrees  until done  I use a toothpick.

  I have the names of the ladies whom submitted this information written in the book.


  This is from the Ebell  Society of Santa Ana Valley 1926

   I picked this up at a garage sale in 1963 in National City.  We tried the several cornbreads and husband liked this best.  Years later in1970 we buy our home. Our neighbor's Mothers' best friend, was the original owner of this book. I met and shared lunches with her several times prior to her death. My neighbor took care of her after she lost her own mother.  So we shared many hours. I finally one morning realized Blanche was the Blanche signed in the cookbook. I came home took it next door and she was so thrilled I had bought it, all those years before. This was about 1975-6.
She shared with me the recipes her family liked the best also.   Some are individually marked in the book.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday---- Mom's Relative Came to Visit

Thankful Thursday---- Mom's Relatives Came to Visit

Yes, a Thankful Thursday day.  A cousin and his wife dropped in to visit from out of state.
 We shared a nice five hours or so chatting about family past, family present and family future.

 Family is always good to see, we shared pictures as they left so we can have for remembering
 down the road.

 We are not the teenagers of yesterday, but not the oldest of old, of the future but it is coming.

  We talked cars, residences, fun events of the past and even took  a car ride across town in the
   middle of it.  The comment was: "wow,""the area has sure changed".

   Yes, It seems nothing stays the same.  If you live it daily you seldom notice the change but
   slip away for awhile and then you can see the differences on your return.