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Richard Holbrook Immigrant Ancestor...........To Inez Mae SCOTT HOFFMAN

Richard Holbrook 1621 to 1670 married to
Isreal Holbrook 1652-1680 marries 
Mary Welch.1655-1703
Mary Holbrook 1670-1762 marries Stephan Miles 1674-1713
Ebenezer Washburn Sr. 1693-1760 marries  Patience Miles 1704-1760
 Rebecca Washburn 1736-1779 marries James Tuttle 1738-1798
James Tuttle 1766-1850 marries
 Nancy Tuttle
Patience Tuttle 1806-1854 marries 
John Jackson Morrow 1783- 29 Dec 1849 Wayne Co. Ky.
Rebecca Morrow b 1821 d 1908 in Iowa, marries 25 Mar 1841 Henry, IA 
John Cornelius SCOTT.
 Cornelius F. Scott b 1856 Moravia, IA  d 1 Aug  1918 Foster Taylor, IA. marries
Ella Druscilla Warden 1862- 4 Aug 1918, Foster, Moravia, IA

These are Inez Mae Scott's parents and ancestors on this line.

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Plants, Brown, Lemaster and Flattery are Kin Appanoose, Iowa.

Floyd Everett Lemaster
Birth:Dec 5 1898
  Appanoose County, Iowa, USA
Marriage:Spouse: Alice Flattery
Feb 16 1920
  Georgetown, Appanoose Co, Iowa, USA
Death:June 1965
Parents:Van Everett Lemaster
Clara Lemaster (born Brown)
Wife:Alice Lemaster (born Flattery)
Children:Earl Leon Lemaster
Calvin J Lemaster
Sister:Arminta Merle Miller (born Lemaster)
Source:Click here to view record on FamilySearch
Interesting inner connection of both my husband and my family.
Years ago a cousin sent Mom a picture of  GGGrandma Rachel Plants Hoffman's family.
In this one picture sat Rachel  Plants sister and her husband.  Henry Clay Brown belongs to Fred E Pentico's, Brown family  Rachel's sister, Hannah of course belongs to the Plants / Hoffman lines.  If you are following the Plants, another daughter mar Mason Huffman, Sanford's Huffman/Hoffman cousin.

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Found in Pins --- Irish Central

Irish Central

A site about the Irish that came to New York to start.  Many sites with in this pin site.


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Du Vall Duvall Data for your Pleasure.

Crest compliments of Eddy Duvall, who's links appear below. Thank you, Eddy!

Taken from above family page.  

New Duvall Research gathered Tuesday, May 19, 1998 from Citizen's Library, Washington County, Pa.Harrison Duvall History from Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County, Pa.

Duvall Histories from Beer's History of Washington County, Pa. Part 1. 
Duvall Histories from Beer's History of Washington County, Pa. Part 2.

Duvall History Of Fayette County, Pa. Caleb B. Duvall

Susi's Jones-Duvall History & Will

For Duvall Land Documents for the Immediate Family

For Duvall Wills of the Immediate Family

Duvall Abstracts of Belmont County, Ohio Head of Household Census Index

Susi's Wish List

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 1

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 2

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 3

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 4

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 5

Duvall Dar Records of Washington, and Fayette Counties in Pa. and elswhere. Part 6

For other DuVall Family pages: Du Val Family Genealogy,the list of passengers aboard the ship Nassau which arrived in Virginia March 5, 1701 carrying the Huguenot Daniel DuVal is now available at: List

For Charles Duvall, another possible descendant, of Mareen, and mentioned in the Mareen Duvall book on pages 552, and 553.
Eddy Duvall RIP  
From our web  page. 

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by The Washington Observer
by Earle R. Forrest Monday March 28?19??

Links to the articles written by Forrest that go with these pictures listed below!

Pictures Along Route 40

Formerly the National Pike


With links to The National Pike, Road of History and Romance, by Earle R. Forrest
compliments of Charles T. DeFrance, Thanks, Charles!

Enjoy the article and pictures.  From our alternate site.

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     Our  world came crashing down Monday evening when my cousin Shasta Foulk called with
more family news.  Being worried about his Mom our Great Aunt, asked, IS your Mom okay"?
He said yes she is fine. But he had bad, bad news.

    Silvia and Allen were returning from Stuart's funeral in Berryville, ARK.  they did not make it home.  She called me from Cheyenne, Wyo. about 7:30 probably a little later, Sunday evening,we talked for more than an hour, Allen, Silvia and I.   They were headed on home and it had started to snow.

Allen told me it was a light dry snow drifting around and not bad at all. I worried about 1-80 because of the wind and ice it gets in bad weather.  We talked about weather, and family event they had just left and their wants when they got home.

Silvia and I generally talked at least twice a week since her parents passed last summer in 2016.

She was going to send me an article when she got home.

A busy day Monday and I kept waiting for the phone to ring. Alas, it was cousin with the news in early evening.

LYMAN, Wyo. — Two Magic Valley residents died in a Monday morning crash in Wyoming.
Alan Peterson, 54, of Eden was driving west in a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup on Interstate 80 when his vehicle slid on an icy bridge deck of an overpass at the Lyman interchange, said Trooper Mike Adams of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The pickup spun to the right and slid off the north side of the roadway and down an embankment, rolling several times. The pickup landed on its roof, between the interstate and the westbound on-ramp.
 You can look up the rest if you want it.  This had to have happened around 5 am or so. Since they were pulling out of rest area in Cheyenne around 10 pm maybe a little before 10.
My brother, his wife and other cousins went to the services in Hazelton, ID yesterday. 
17 October 2017 
Understanding it was a very nice event, with much family there.  
Wanting to visit remaining sibling soon. It is a day trip up the coast to the old homestead area before the family moving back to Wyoming to care for Dolly's  Mom. So long ago. We miss them all this family does. 
Our children socialized and shared with these deceased family members.
Rest In Peace, Stuart Foulk, Silvia Foulk Peterson and Allen Peterson

Saturday, October 7, 2017

In Memory of my Cousin Stuart Jay Foulk

I could not make the trip to Arkansas to say Goodbye.  My heart was so heavy, I cried.

While at Mass today I remembered this cousin and wished him and his family a non heavy heart for he would not want us so sad.

 Stuart was born in 1956.  I was starting my Junior year of High School. He had an older brother which we had already shared time with. I baby sat him many days as he grew to a young man.

 His sister was born on our Dad's birthday the year of my marriage to my husband.

 I moved to Santa Clara to live with Aunt and Uncle and our cousins Ken and Dolly lived across town from them. I stayed with them when Ken was on the road driving bus. Having gotten to know them very well.  Lots of fun.

His sister was born and  I then married.   His sister was the first baby hubby ever held.  Dolly took a picture of the baby Silvia and Fred grinning and smiling at the wee one.

Our families were very close, his father was my Dad's cousin.  Grandma's nephew. Over the years we developed a closer relationship.

We always loved to stop at their home when migrating between San Diego and Santa Rosa area.
 It was either breakfast or supper and over night.

We lost him the other day.  Our children all remembered him well. One son talked about driving up and sharing time with him.  Another remembered him as so much fun.  

For a while we lost track of the children but not the parents. Having refound the children this was a terrific loss to us. O we did not loose them everyone was building families and exchanging Xmas cards and always chatting with his parents.

God please  take good care of his family and his friends. I am sure they are reeling from the sudden loss of such a terrific human.

To his wife and children may GOD give you Strength and remember you are not forgotten.

Our doors always open.

Today I also said  good bye to another cousin that was near here. Both very dear people in my heart. And our children's hearts.  Tomorrow I will write about him.

Yes I snagged this off his page to share it here. The picture says it all. Thanks Stuart for your friendship and  your love and giving us such great family to share with us.

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Senior Year in High School, Record it.

Tell us about your SENIOR year of high school, the longer ago it was the more fun the answers will be.
Tomales High School, Tomales, CA.  Marin County.
32 in class 28 graduated.
1. Did you know your current spouse/gf/bf?
   No met him Feb of 59.
2. What kind of car did you have?
    Used our yellow Studebaker, which was family car. Dad had a 56 Ford Pickup.
3. What kind of job did you have? 
   Worked on Ranch and babysat when available.
4. Were you a party animal?
    No,  I was in School play, in Band, took College classes, played basketball competitively, traveled.
5. Were you a jock or Nerd?
     Neither, just always busy
6. Were you in choir/Band or orchestra? 
     Yes, was in all, Chorus, Band I played Trumpet, Coronet, French Horn and  Bells.
7. Did you ever get suspended ? 
     No, Didn't do Senior skip day either. 
8. If you could go back would you? 
    I have been back to Reunions, oldest son graduated there 1978. 
9. Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? 
    I went single with two other girls and did refreshments and enjoyed the music. Yes one dcd and the other still in Petaluma, CA.
10. Did you skip school?
     Only medically after major concussion playing Competitve Volley Bowl. Was in hospital several weeks and lost my eye sight for almost 7 weeks. Senior Year and was hoping for Scholarship. That ended that idea. WAS cleared by District. 
11. Do you know where your high school sweetheart lives? 
     He joined military and we lost touch. USAF before high school ended.
12. Favorite subject? 
     English, Drama, Public Speaking, Band. 
     Learned the most in Mr. Sullivan's History Class and Mr. Richards? English Class both  were outstanding teachers. Ms Gibson was my Pe and Band Instructor.  Recently learning she may have been distant kin. Mr. McDowell was fun for Bookkeeping, loved his attitude.  
On that note learned a class mate was a distant cousin 3 years ago.
13. Do you have any of your year books?
     Yes from St. Vincent's in Petaluma and Tomales where I graduated. 2 years each school, 
     Freshman, Sophomore in Petaluma and Junior & Senior at Tomales with my girlfriend as parents promised.
.....tell us your story!

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This Is How Complications Begin. Governor Winslow to self.

Josiah's relation to you: Grandmother's 1st cousin 8 times removed
Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
Inez Mae HOFFMAN (born SCOTT)
her mother
Cornelius Franklin SCOTT
her father
Rebecca SCOTT (born MORROW)
his mother
Patience MORROW (born TUTTLE)
her mother
her father
Rebecca TUTTLE (born WASHBURN)
his mother
Ebenezer Washburn, Sr.
her father
Hannah(m59) Washburn (born Latham)
his mother
Susanna Latham (born Winslow)
her mother
John Winslow, Sr.
her father
Edward Winslow, [GOVERNOR]
his brother
Josiah Winslow
his son

I had the line back to Ebenezer Washburn Sr.  I had not worked it farther back.

I grew up where my 2nd and third cousins were as close as many peoples first cousins were or are.

They all lived in the same community and all shared all events together.

We used to do my Aunt Ruth Hoffman Feil, Uncle Comillo Morelli and my Dad's birthday all together.

Why Aunt's birthday, Dad's birthday the next day and Uncles was the next day.

We were all one family.

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Saturday Genealogy Fun --- Things about ourselves.

Here are the choices:

1. Who are you named after?  I was named for Susannah Flickinger according to my parents. She is on Grandma Ida Foulk Jones  Norris lineage side. 
2. Last time you cried?  Last week when a cousin passed away. We knew each other for more than 65 years. Lou JONES you will be missed.
3. Soda or water?  Water.  I unless it is a Root Beer Float.

4. What's your favorite kind of pizza?  Pepperoni w veggies.

5. Favorite Flower?  I love IRIS. The old original and the new multi blooming ones.  I really like almost all flowers even flowers from weeds.

6. Roller Coaster?  NEVER,  Hubby can take all my rides.

7. Favorite Ice cream?   Mint Chocolate chip, Pistachio also.

8. Favorite book?  Bible  Any Lee Child book or John Sanford mystery.

9. Shorts or jeans?   both.

10. What are you listening to right now?   Tv Show game. Jeopardy.

11. Favorite color?  Turquoise

12. Tattoos?   Nope.  Not me - I avoid pain and body art.

13. Favorite thing to eat?  BBQ, hamburgers and salads

14. Android or iPhone?  iPhone.  I Pad also

15. Favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving for family gathering. Christmas is generally left for families but not always.

16. Night owl or mornings?  Night Owl, mostly

17. Fave day of the week?  Each day I am alive and can enjoy my husband and family, friends.

18. Favorite Season?  Fall and Winter . Fall for the colors and season and Winter for the time allowed to do research not available other times of the year.

19. Favorite Sport?  Baseball and football of today. Was competitive Basketball player when younger.  I can share more with hubby being Baseball and football. He played both and never did Basketball.

20. Mountains, Beach, Forest or snow?  Love the Mountains, the Plains, Forests,  tolerate the sand and desert of San Diego.  Yes I do snow angels. Still want to learn to ski.


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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - How My Parents Met.

How My Parents Met by Susi Jones Pentico

Both parents were in Wheatland, Wyoming area, Her father was a farmer. Homesteaded there.
Dad's parents had been split and for some time Dad and his brother were raised by the families related in the community (Drew's, Kern's, Lawrence's, Holcomb, and Foulk . His Mother had moved to Cheyenne, with the girls.  His Dad (Carl Fremont Jones) worked on a ranch in the area but lived in a bunk house.  I am still learning family names of extended family in that area.

My Dad went to work on Morris Thomas Ranch.He was 13/14 ( Beautiful place)  He was taught Ranching. He completed 8th Grade. I have picture of the school he went to.
In those days the water came in to the region via culverts and the water was diverted down the mini canals between the grains, beets, etc., growing for that time of year.  (Yes, Dad took us back and shared with me his life with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.  1958   They could not have children but treated Dad like a son. Mr Thomas took us out and we toured all over those hundreds of acres he held. Saw the corral where DAD broke his first horse, branded his first calf and all those neat things you do on a ranch.

Dad met Mr. Lee Hoffman when they were diverting water to the various directions it was needed. Over a  period of time, Grandad invited Dad to come by the house for lunch after a rough spot with moving water by them both.  (The ditch kept collapsing.)

Mom and her siblings and Mother were washing and cleaning and preparing Tomatoes for canning.
Mom said she looked a real mess being in tomato bathtubs( 3 large tubs) rotating from one to the other for preparation to can. Her sister had seen Ray before and was so excited he came over. Mom did not pay any attention to him except to greet him.

A few weeks later when he was on the water culvert again he asked Grandad if he could come by and see my Mom.  She was still in school but couldn't see to read with out glasses so was dropping out at the end of that year. They dated for quite some time. I have lots of great stories about their courtship.

One I loved was when Dad and his brother (Gerald) drove Mom down to Cheyenne to meet his mother.( Ida, Victoria Mae Foulk Jones)
They were late for curfew when she got home. Of course Grandma(Inez Mae Scott Hoffman) was up and irate.  (So wish I could have seen this).  Dad went to the door, walked in and said ,"we are sorry we were late from Cheyenne. I took Dorothy down to meet my Mom with my brother Gerald so we were not alone."

Then he grabbed Grandma and danced her around the room several times, she went from mad to happy and said," so your Mom approved of our daughter."  They danced more and then stopped and
Mom thanked him for the drive to Cheyenne and meeting his Mom and sibling sisters.

Then of course it got more serious and  that fall they were married. 3 September 1938. I saw the register where they signed for the marriage license and then the Officiate signed as married. My Uncle Dick, her brother (William Richard Hoffman) took me to court house(1958) to show it to me.  Since I had forgotten Dad had shown me the time before  when I was in Wheatland. 1954.

Mom, Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones worked with Mrs. Thomas to help prepare the large meals for the ranch hands and do the laundry after they married and they had a separate cabin to live in.

I could write a book about their adventures prior to and after marriage. They truly loved each other very very much.  Wish Dad had written the book he always talked about writing.

Dad had a terrific relationship with Mom's mother.   He could make her smile and not be mad so easily. It was fun watching the action and reactions between them when we visited.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Finding Grandad Jones and his brother Lamonte Jones.

 My Most Exciting Genealogy Research Find by Susi Pentico

Alas I have several over the years. This is on Dad’s side JONES

Of course those whom attended our Research Meeting in July heard about one that my Dad started when we finally on our own in Northern California.

Dad’s parents had split, he was looking for his father in Wyoming and his Uncle in Northern CA. 

We found his Dad when I was between Freshman and Sophmore year of High School in Casper, Wyoming working as a shepherder  when his health would permit it.

The day before our research meeting the family he was hunting for contacted me, though his father was gone, it was a terrific feeling to have found family my Dad remembered from when small. 

You see Dad remembered playing marbles with his cousins on the dirt floor of a grocery store in Waterloo, Ia.  The families split,  Dad knew his Uncle had come to California  and his Dad he last heard was somewhere  between Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.   The two  boys were the youngest of the Grandparents sons.

Dad was 8 when his father left finally due to many reasons.  Packages came from his father to Dad and his siblings but the items were given away in spite.   Dad was the oldest.  He remembered many things and I watched the results when it was presented years later.

It is sad when religion can cause people to get twisted minds and ideas. Thankfully
The family was mended by Dad, prior to everyone’s (Siblings) death.  But for years it was a sad event for a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day activity. Amongst his siblings and later learning also between his Uncle’s and Aunts.

Things we did  to have answers.

1     Many road trips reading mail boxes,
2     Many phone calls to JONES in Northern Ca
3    Trips to Wyoming to try to find Grandad, side bar saw places I probably would not have.
      Found Grandad Jones when I was in High School by a friend of Dad’s that he had worked with in Wyoming.
5    Grandad came to visit us in California.
  We continued looking for Uncle Monte.
7     Found connecting descendants via, calls, letters, posts, and persistence.
       Family finally reached back to us., After Dad’s death.
9    Their lives had been no better than Dad’s.
1   The Split in family was over who was the wealthiest and had the most.
1    Utterly unbelievable but so very true.
1    One side  supposedly owned a bank the other owned quality horses and walnut groves and sold the trees for gun stocks.  I know that the horses and walnut is true,  Thought the other raised wheat and grains but may have also been in banking at one point. Need more research on him, he disappeared.

1   The great Grandmom’s got in, as a distant cousin said,  A Pissing contest and it affected every child in the family., for two and some 3 generations of family. The men were already gone or deceased.

When your parent looks as hard as mine did to find family he knew he had, it becomes a life making mark to break the barrier.   His brother my Uncle shared many more interesting tidbits about their life when in Wyoming, since I lived near him and took care of his wives and himself in their end times.

 I am thankful for all the kin whom I now in contact with and share some family data.  Dad would be very happy to learn this, I even think he has helped us find each other.  

 Dad had an Uncle whom was killed in a saw mill in Florida. Never learned if culprit caught. He only had one Aunt. He knew Nora a bit.  Dad really knew his Uncle Charles family downline better for they moved to Wheatland, Wyo and raised their children there. I last talked to Ducima Drew about 7 to 9 years ago.  Charles Jones daughter married a DREW and they moved to Wheatland before Dad's parents did.  I suspect if I remember right Grandad came from IOWA and worked for them then got job on another cattle ranch and Grandma and Dad came out on a train to Wyoming.

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POWELL Lineage 1690 West Marlborough, Chester, PA

My latest update on POWELL is....
Joseph Powell 1690 b West Marlborough, Chester PA d 15 Aug 1752  same place.
Marries Joanna Miles b Mar 1696 Radnor, Delaware Co. PA d 1734 West Marlborough Chester PA.son David Powell  data from ...
Geni World Family Tree
Circa 1717 - West Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania
Mar 16 1769 - West Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania
Joseph Powell
Joanna Powell (born Miles)
Elizabeth Powell (born Chalfant)
Isaac Powell, James Powell, Elizabeth Powell, David Powell, Benjamin Powell, Nathan Powell, Joseph Powell, John M. Powell, Abigail Elizabeth Duvall (born Powell), Sarah Powell, Abigail Unknown
John Powell, Sarah Powell, Edward Powell
some say 1718
Elizabeth Chalfont  19 an 1722 WEst Marlborough Chester PA d 7 June 1814
same place.   also secondary evidence  Smart Match source: Smart Match™: Davis Web SiteSecondary evidence.
Do others have more information. 
Elizabeth Chalfont's father was John Chalfont 1690-1752.  
Father Henry Chalfont  13 May 1663 Buckinghamshire, UK and Elizabeth Chalfant. married 11 Dec 1687 England.....    
Does anyone else connect with this POWELL CHALFONT etc

mine goes down into the Duvall line in MD.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hampton- Hoffman & Hampton-Scott & Hoffman-DuVall, Liking Each Other

 Did Our Family Like Each Other?

Something tells me our family liked our other family members. I am not only duel related on one side of the tree of Mom's but also on another.

James HAMPTON   married Oliena Delilia Hoffman

her parents were Sanford Hoffman/Huffman and Rachel Plants

1.Sanford's first born son Franklin Marion Hoffman 1860-1940.

2. Franklin Marion Hoffman married Samantha Abigail Duvall.

Her parents were cousins Robert and Harriet DuVall.

2 a, Franklin's sister  Oliena Delilia Hoffman marries James Hampton.

Oliena's son Jasper J Hampton marries Ella Fern Scott.

3. Franklin's son Cecil (Lee)(Leroy)Hoffman marries Inez Mae Scott.

These are my Mom's parents.  Her Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

 It is also her Aunt's, Uncles etc.

But it gets better.  Robert and Harriet DuVall are the children of:

Robert's parents Eli Duvall and Elizabeth Richey

Harriet's parents are Jacob Duvall and Jane Patterson.

Eli and Jacob were brothers.

Their parents were Alexander Duvall 11 and Abigail Elizabeth Powell.
He is DAR eligible  Served. Mongahela Co. Calvary
I have the certification papers.

NO this Alexander Duvall was not born in France.  He was born in Frederick Co. MD and died in Fayette Co. PA 7 June 1840.

Sanford Hoffman/Huffman  in CW under WVa with brother.
Soldier Name
Regiment Name
Huffman, Sanford
6th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry

I am in the possession of his War Medal thanks to a cousin in West Virginia.

I have more interconnections with these lineages. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Interesting Map for our Family to Look At and See

  Scanning more at THE WEEKLY GENEALOGIST, found more interesting information to share with family and anyone who has kin from this region.  Idaho,& Wyoming

13 Marvelous Maps That Go Way Beyond Paper

"The out-of-the-box maps at these 13 locations display not only the geography of the regions they portray, but also the beauty of cartography itself."

The SNAKE RIVER AND SALMON RIVERS, are carved into the rocks and is very detailed.


Other pictures on the page to look at for us to see.