Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surname Surnameless who are they?

Surnames we chase them, we research them, we almost resolve to tears when we find one, sometimes we do. As Ruth says we can do a HAPPY DANCE, when we find one. We cry when we bury one. We can spend years, dollars and still not find them.
Surnames there are so many, to think the world did with out them for a very long time.
So why are they so important to us now.
I think my ancestor put it best when he said he was tired of walking the wrong mail to the right house when within a short mileage he had cousins named the same, an uncle named the same and himself the same (5 including himself). His younger children were still in school.
The older ones were married and gone on to their own homes. They brought home the news that their last name did not exist in the Germanic region of the world at the time of migration and it had been spelled phonetically to the new worlds ears.
He changed his name to the old world spelling, his sons did not change that were married and away already but his son Sanford changed his when he moved to IOWA after the Civil War.
We are blessed we have a copy of the letter, my cousin holds the original that he stated to his son why he changed it. Which I believe is why Sanford changed his after his arrival in IOWA when his sister received the letter explaining the change.
Sanford went west first and his sister and her husband followed because they had one
brother who had been in the west digging for gold during the war and then he went on to be a Doctor taking his training in IOWA and receiving his degree in OHIO.
Sanford's brother in law was in need of medical care from serious war injuries and this was the way to help him get that care. The family in Greene Co, especially the mother was devastated with the loss of her daughter to IOWA. It was learned the mother
had ailments of her own and this daughter helped her often besides caring for her own family.
Ah, names this one tends to be spelled many ways. HOFFMAN (correctly) HUFFMAN, HOUGHMAN, HOOFMAN, HOFFMANN etc. I am sure more can crop up in the mix.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Following Thomas Kemp Friday

Thomas Kemp has a super informational site about newspaper information.

I like this site because you can join by the month and the fees are very reasonable for the services it provides.

My advise would be to gather up the names your hampered with and then order the services for the length of time you think you may need it to clear those names.

Long ago another genealogical service did a weekly, to yearly service that I would be able to use when I had the time to spend and the data at hand to do the research on in a timely fashion.

Something I find myself doing when I just join a group is some times I am not back
there for quite some time so I am paying for services I am not getting my dollars
out of. No ones fault but my own. But some of this goes back to being more organized and not distracted with other events and activities.

Thomas I enjoy your comments and your tidbits on Facebook also. Thanks for all you
do to improve the Genealogical community.

Cemetery Repairs Update in Rice County, Kansas

Update from Carolyn in Kansas, the name of the Cemetery is FOREST GROVE, later known as FOREST HOME and it is in Odessa Township, Rice County, Kansas.

She has the spread sheet with the names of those buried there, though they are not sure they have them all due to age of cemetery.

She just found new data yesterday to compare and may have more names to add soon.

She can be reached at

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cemetery repair update regarding Tombstone Tuesday

After I wrote about the neglected cemeteries and messed up tombstones, my cousin in
Kansas responded with this and then responded back that I could post this data here.

It may help us to save a few more cemeteries through out the States.

Hi Susi,

There is a small unused cemetery about four miles from our home that is taken care of by the township in which we live. Bob (her husband) has been treasurer of the board for
50 years this coming March. The township did not have enough money to build a new fence to keep the cattle out so we applied for a grant from the Little River Community Foundation and received $12,000. to build a beautiful fence. Two years later, we asked
for and received a $10,000 grant to reset all the stones.

The township keeps the cemetery mowed and puts flowers on the graves on Memorial Day.
This year we are applying for a grant to erect a small stone to honor the 6 veterans who are buried there - 5 of them are from the Civil War. We also plan to put up a flagpole so a flag can be flown when appropriate.

I've made a spreadsheet of all those who are buried there as people from different
parts of the country contact us about family members who are buried in the cemetery.
The spreadsheets were made from records compiled by a Little River citizen many years ago who walked the cemetery, platted it, and took notes. He later build the
Historical Library where I volunteer.


She approved my posting this now I will ask if she will accept my placing her email up for people to learn about the names on the spreadsheet for researchers.

She also said many years ago the people would gather once a year to do clean up but that has not been done for a long time. She hopes by us posting this others will realize there are ways to resolve this abandon cemetery issues.

AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: Free Online Lessons on Archival Research Basics

AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: Free Online Lessons on Archival Research Basics

Family Treasures on the Hoffman Side

Having done my presentation on the changes in Genealogy yesterday, I can talk about
more Family Treasures that we have. My mother become the recipient of the family
Picture Book that her father had been the receiver of.

We have pictures of almost all of, or maybe all of Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman's children. Remembering Henry was born with the last name of HUFFMAN.

Sanford then became the receiver of this great data. Or at least we think that is what happened.

Jacob Duvall and his family has pictures also in this book which means that Sanfords' son Franklin either added to this or it was down from the Duvall line to Franklin and
Samantha Abigail Duvall Hoffman. We are not sure but it has been called the Hoffman Picture Book for as long as I recall.

Either way we have early pictures of Henry and Elizabeth's children. We even have a picture of a deceased child of Sanford and Rachel's before they left Pennsylvania to
go to Iowa.

A cousin in Chico in the early 1990's shared pictures down line from Henry and Elizabeth via their daughter Phebe m to Thomas Neal. We then had the picture of
Henry and Elizabeth in a different time frame. One is younger and one is older era.

Considering that Henry was born 1803 in Greene Co, PA that to me is remarkable.
Jacob Duvall was born in 1789 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania also. So these pictures of early ancestors are very big treasures to cherish.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday was not Wordless, Genealogy, PPF*

Today I presented my knowledge (partial) on Genealogy in the Past to Genealogy 1960=2010 to Genealogy of the Future.

I presented a chart showing most of the major changes that have taken place since
genealogy became a pastime for us to do. I also stated my prospective of what I think the future has in store for us both good and bad.

I hope I was able to convey the importance of what is being observed as questionable
practices by we the people for the preservation of our records. I had trouble decided which way to present the data. We need to stand up for our rights as citizens and we need to not be so selfish with our wants.

I find it deplorable that a terrorist is held in this country and is not charged as such yet the government worries about our access to our ancestors files in the name of
national security.

If we can band together as a group maybe we can help to bring about change for everyone.

As I stated if we had kept filling in the USGENWEB.ORG data and had each county and each state well represented we would have a larger voice than we do now.

I look forward to the potential technical data changes that can take place and I am
hoping that Bruce Buzbee can get the ball rolling on these changes.
I hear nothing but awesome praise for his ROOTS MAGIC software system.

I will probably post the written version of my speech on my blog page soon.
*PPF is Past, Present and Future.

Dick M asked a valid question as to whom to contact for his situation and I would not
start with our representative but I would go to the state of contention and seek that Representative and explain to him the run around and your need to know.
I think it has to go to the place of contention for each article.

See people I am still talking.. Blessings All

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tombstones on Tuesday Abandoned Neglected in USA

Today is Tombstone Tuesday. So let us talk about the abandoned cemeteries and neglected areas.

I know a law was passed if an Indian is buried there it can not be disturbed and
you must get Federal permission for moving it etc. I also recall reading that they could not plow over, cement or change the cemetery that Indians may be in.

But besides that there are literally thousands of cemetery's and stones neglected.
The standard story is they move what is left of the stones. Plow the field or cement over for a shopping center or like in Kentucky an airport is become a norm.

I wonder how the living people whom pay thousands of dollars for being buried or interred would feel if they learned 30 years from now someone says we can't afford a cemetery we have to change the plans and make it a place for only the living.

Recently it was written that this is happening in more than one country. I know
developers are more money hungry than they are respect hungry.

We wonder why our youth has so little to no respect about many things we never would
have considered disrespecting and yet we see it all the time. It happens in the east, west, south and north of all of our great country.

People generally learn more by seeing than by saying. The old adage "Do as I say not what I do" seems to be rampart in reverse. Having always felt that manners are critical to living a life where you can lay your head on the pillow at night and sleep.

Why have we allowed ourselves to be so over consumed by the things that really do not matter and neglect the things that do matter. I can say I think genealogists tend
to be more caring and concerned that the average citizen.

If there is an abandoned cemetery I feel that the owner of the land has the responsibility to record the data take pictures and preserve it.

The cemetery in Valley Ford was treated just like above which left my parents frustrated many years ago. The field has grown hay and pastured cows for at least 50 years now. It was there when I was young and then they took out the last of the fence leaned the tombstones up and I suspect they got hauled away and the next thing Dad knew was they were plowing the area. So I wonder how many cemeteries in Sonoma County have been lost completely. It makes one wonder how many every where are lost.

I truly enjoyed the talk by the gentleman from the college that is collecting cemetery data in this region now. He implied we have at least 50 cemeteries missing in this area. Some are parts of freeways some are parts of buildings etc, crazy world we live in now.

I noticed that there are many blog persons at times, that bring up the subject, so it is really a serious concern.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Madness for Monday, Genealogy and it's changes.

This is going to be an ongoing topic regarding genealogy and it's changes.

I started Genealogy when I was about 12 years old helping MOM and she had me write to my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Great Grandparent.

Her idea was to keep in touch even though we were a long ways away from the family.

I wonder how many parents today have their children write to their grandparents, and relatives that live away from home. From what I hear we do not even get a "THANK YOU
NOTE" for gifts received. The art of writing may be dying.

I wish the Military had not lost my box with my old letters and address of family and friends from pre 1967. I saved the box and wrapped it special put my address book from the house in it and sealed the box handed to the packer to place in the last open box that was crated to be sent to Hawaii. Ironically, it never arrived. Just the little package so carefully selected and wrapped and addressed in case lost, just was not in that box upon opening it. Was it the new silk pillow my parents sent as a Christmas gift that lured the person not to pack the box. It may have been they were not cheap pillows. But who ever did what ever, they robbed my family of much resources and the
ability to reach some people we still have not found.

The home address of the man whom introduced me to my husband was in that address book because he had just retired from the Navy. I have hunted for them for 20+ years when I finally got a computer to see if I could find him. So far no luck. Ed "Hoot" Gibson, where are you or your family?

Fortunately, MOM had replacement addresses for the family. But the hand picked letters that my Great Grandmother Foulk Archer wrote me are gone. Early letters from my husband are gone. One of the only two letters my DAD wrote me is gone. Granddad Jones letters are no more.

Writing to people then was so much more prolific than today. People whom had phones called them a necessity and were used only on rare emergency occasions.

No wonder English teachers who try to teach children to write have so hard a time of it. I stress writing thank you notes to Grandchildren today. Just so they remember how to function with pen and paper.

So for research in the days of the past prior to 1960 was mostly writing and traveling.
Picture taking became popular in the 30's and more so in the 40's. By the 1950's even many children had the Kodak Brownie to take pictures at the school functions to record for the future.

Most of my parents pictures start from the 1940's a few from the 1930's. Grandparents were fortunate and inherited a picture book as Granddad H called it. We in the family have pictures of people that were born from about 1800 forward. No not taken then but taken around Civil War time forward. We even have dead people in casket pictures as the only picture of the person in existence.

So we traveled, wrote people, read history books, took pictures, searched Encyclopedia's & searched libraries for data in order to do research in the pre 1960's.

We visited court houses and land records offices and any other government agency that would allow us in to find clues. We visited cemeteries, churches and temples etc to learn what their faith (Religion) may have kept for records.

When you look back at what we have had you wonder what we did.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sentiments of the Past Our Hoffman Family

Our family is very scattered about the Midwest and West Coast. When I was a youngster our DAD and MOM would pile us in the truck, cattle racks on the back and a tarp to slide over to keep the rain or sun out and we would head off to the Rocky Mountain region to visit with family.

We had some really awesome trips. We used a 5 gallon can of water strapped to the side of the running board for water. We carried a propane stove to cook with. We had a mattress in the back on the bed of the truck were we could take turns sleeping or playing cards or games when not watching the countryside. Blankets of course and lots of food too. We would stop once a day to eat in a town Dad may know the owner of the store. :>) It seemed he had friends everywhere.

We used to see how many different license plates we could count. Generally, I was on one side of the truck and my sister and brother would be on the other. So if we were on a two lane road. We had to swap sides because there would be no cars on the outer side (left) every thirty minutes. Sometimes we kept track of what was the popular color we seen 10 green, 45 black, 20 grey cars. Other times we just waved and had semi's toot their horns of their rigs as they would go past.

We would stop in SLC, Utah to see our relatives and then on to Wyoming or Colorado, to see the rest of the family. We had lots of fun, with the wind in our face and sang songs and changed lyrics of the songs as we went along.

One time coming home from Wyoming, Mom was driving and she saw the Sierra Nevada Mts coming up and she said, " they are so pretty." Next thing I knew Mom had left the road and headed across desert to see those mountains up close. I had to wake up DAD in the back of the truck and then he coaxed me to gently wake her up with out wrecking the truck. LOL, Dad would not let her drive any more on that trip. It was road hypnosis. I was old enough to drive so Dad let me drive in the open area and he drove in the major towns and cities. Mostly Reno, Nevada and then over to Sacramento area, then on to Sonoma County I could drive.

We used many back roads because they were putting in the (new) 80 back then. Actually the roads across Wyoming are much prettier if you get off 80 and use the old route. I always said the state saved itself from people thinking it was a pretty state by putting 80 out where there is nothing to see but cacti and scrub brush and rocks and gullies.

Once you leave Rock Springs headed east the beautiful part is on the old route through rural towns and country side.

If you head north from Wheatland to Casper then up to Greybull, you will experience a different part of Wyoming countryside.

When we arrived in Wyoming at my Grandparents, Grandad would take me and my two cousins out to set on the hay baler and tell us family stories and share pictures in his Picture Book. I often wonder if Richard remembers those events, Hartley says he can but can not remember all the stories we were told. Alas neither can I. Mostly it was about his family and his Dad and Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

When he was five his Dad took him to Pennsylvania to meet family, that is where they migrated from. Greene Co. Pennsylvania and near Aleppo and other areas. Waynesburg is the county seat and they went there also. He hoped some day we would go
back to Pennyslvania and meet some of the kin that he had met.

I heard this story from him each time we visited, so I recall it well. I finally got there in 1993. Alas many years after my Grandparents death.

In Wyoming we had relatives on my MOM and my DAD's side of the family to see. Sometimes they would come to Grandparents to visit and other times we traveled to various homes in Wheatland area to see family and up to Casper. We did get to
Greybull a couple of times. The last time I had graduated from high school. 1958. We went up to this canyon where the water looked like it was running backwards. I am told it really does but I am not sure.

On the last trip in 1958 we went over to Cody and then to the Yellowstone National Park and up over this cow path to the west side of the park. Yup only one car at a time could go up or down or you had to be in a place to pull over for car to pass you.
We had to back up and re turn to get around one corner and I will never forget looking down thousands of feet out of the back of the truck saying DAD stop .. He did and then pulled forward he was about 10 inchs from running off the mountainside.
We made it to the top and a ranger asked how the trip was and cautioned us to be careful going down the other side.It had started to snow. I think that was one of my most terrifying trips in spots I have ever taken. The scenery was absolutely
awesome. The pine tree smell and country air was refreshing and crisp. The rock out crops were all fascinating and
different and multi colored of browns, pinks and sands. mostly.

Grandad had stories to repeat and retell each trip we went. Mostly all the same about family and the trip to the west.

Grandad's Dad walked behind the wagon and with his dog watched the cattle and brought up the rear as they walked from
Greene Co., PA to Monroe Co., Iowa. We still have family in this region of Iowa. Great Grandad Frank was over 6 feet tall and filled doorway when he stood in it. He married a neighbor from Greene Co., PA named Samantha Duvall. Yes her ancestor was Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation. They married in Iowa because he was just a teen when they moved from Pennsylvania. GGrandad Frank's father and many Uncles served in the CW. After the war he left to go to Iowa.
He had served for a time in Laramie, Wyo. and loved what he saw of Iowa and Wyoming.

Her family also was the first to move on to Wheatland, Wyoming area where Grandad Cecil moved because Iowa was to damp a weather for his bronchitis.

Another story another day. Hope you enjoy and if you are ever in Wyoming get off of 80 and enjoy this beautiful state.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surnames on our webpage SW Pennsylvania, WVA and OH

Here is a link to our web page that is our working book.

We started with our Henry Huffman and worked our way back and forward.
My fun was five Henry Huffman's in same area and they needed separated.
Chuckling when I read letter from Henry Huffman, b 1803 Greene Co PA( father Henry Huffman dcd 1811-Jan1812).
Grandfather Henry states he was tired of walking over the hill or down the dale to his cousins' houses to deliver the
mail to them because it was not his. To his major relief his younger children were still in school and they learned (according to letter) that the name HUFFMAN did not exist in Germany at that time frame. It was HOFFMAN and the brouge sound made the British think it was HUFFMAN. or HOOFMAN or HOUGHMAN and even a few Houffmann. So Henry changed his name back to HOFFMAN to sort the mail out for the family. The older children had already left home and they retained the Huffman spelling and the younger ones or at least some of them changed to HOFFMAN. My line changed to HOFFMAN after the Civil War and coming to IOWA.

I am from :proven, John to Henry to Henry to Sanford to Franklin to Cecil to Mom to myself. We have one more line back but not enough MILLS type evidence to post it.

My direct line is documented completely. Thanks to grandparent's keeping data and ggggrandparents having kept data and past it down to family who kept it not tossing it. We are REV WAR descendants and CW descendants, WW1, WW2 and forward.
Data for proof is mostly on the sister site because we allowed relatives to add data to the site and we have grown quite large
for keeping track of kin.

WE also learned that data has been located that does tie Rudolph to this group of kin, again not as much as I would like
so maybe a YDNA will happen someday to verify this. Seems a document was found in old files in an attic in south
Greene Co area that implies lots more link than many thought.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Love following Deb's site...

She mixes Genealogy with family and humor and fun. Keep up the good work Deb.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's Lament SCOTT in Canada and Virginia USA

I suddenly realized the week has whizzed past and I have not posted my data.
I think it has to do with all this water, wind we are getting. I have stayed off the
computer a bit due to storms.

But when ON I was seriously trying to learn some information on that strange SCOTT link I have in Ontario Canada. It was brought to my attention last summer and I felt it was about time to figure out this situation. I hope.

So I went through lots of census and marriage license and that type of things to see what I could find.

I now seem to know more than the kin whom contacted me and have shared with her. She can share with her brother. I think we will find them more relatives.

Though I think our link is back at about the time the family came westward to the America's. But YDNA say we match big time and not that long ago.

Not knowing when Thomas Scott came to or if born in Pittsylvania County VA dcd 1770, and knowing that this other line is possibly in MASS then in Ontario, Canada, I can not see the link in the USA at this point does not mean did not happen. If did it would be if we prove her line was in MASS and my line came from Mass. Ironcally, I have a Scott line in Mass but a complete different line at least at this point it is.

I am aware that Mass. people who were British patriots went to Canada. So a family in early Mass. could have split some going north and some going south.

I have to learn where John and and his (wife are from Ruth Hilton), also need to learn more about the son John & wife name was Mary according to their census.

This as I have it is:
{John dcd 1855 and Ruth Hilton Scott dcd 1841 had

John whom married Sarah in census} cousins records... census does confirm the spouses names for John and Sarah .

Elijah Duncome Scott is their son. born 1841 ie age 30 Ontario Canada, Friends religion,
wife is Mary L (Canby) age in 1871 census 28

Emmma L 9
Sarah 7
Camby 5 (Canby)
Lillian 3
Mary C 2

They have a later Lutitia Amanda in 1876.

Canby E Scott marries age 34 in Lobo Middlesex Co. Ontario CAnada
Margaret E Dass age 30 b Owen Sound father Robert Dass, Jane Angus marries 6 Sept1900 Grey Grey, Ontario Canada marriage records 1857-1924

Mary Cosamelia Scott b Yarmouth Ont age 22 father Elijah and mother Mary marries
William Conell Savitz age 24 fathr Isaac Zavitz and Sarah E Zavitz Middlesex...

Sarah Elizabeth m Edgar John Marsh age 21 b Coldstream Lobo, Ontario CAnada 1857-1924
22 Dec 1886 Middlesex. parents Elijah and Mary

Elijah m Nancy Cook 7 Oct 1891 Elgin, Elgin Ontario he was 50 she was 45 her father was Sylvester Cook and CAroline Cook Bayham CAnada

Obviously the SCott kin in MI now are from Canby down line.

My Thomas SCOTT in Pittsylvania has been hiding his place of birth quite well so far. I have scanned land deeds, for a Will, other records and so far he is still hiding.
Long ago a SCOTT cousin did a great documented book on this family but there is lots of family missing.

So with them having JOhn twice in row and we have many similiar names I can see the naming pattern even though many miles apart but if any one out there finds data on
any of these people it would be great to learn of it.

Thomas Scott dcd?1770 Pittsylvania Co son John moved to Cumberland CO. KY died there his son Shadrack moved to ILL then to IA. son John (mine) lived in IOWA and his son Cornelius had Grandmom in IOWA. Kin in MO and IA etc. Shadrack had a brother in ILL. It seems two boys left KY and went north 1825 to 40, rest of this family was in KY and all over MO etc and some stayed in VA and were in NC and Tenn.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday is Fun Day HOFFMAN Data FOUND

Found none of your names in the Van Clevesville Church of the Brethren Cemetery. Greenhill in Martinsburg has in your time period and the names you listed: Joseph Hoffman, April 3, 1817-Oct. 12, 1888; P.M. Hoffman, n.d.-- Mar. 10, 1884; 61yr. 6mo. 10da. his wife was N.E. (didn't find a listing for her) and had a daughter Catharine A., Dec. 7, 1857-July 9, 1858.

Frye names found in your time period: Ralph P. Frye 1844-1915 buried in New Norbourne Cemetery. In Ganotown Methodist Cemetery: Adam Fry n.d.-June 26, 1928 79yr, 10mo. 12 da. In Darkesville Cemetery: Johnson Frye, n.d.-Apr. 27,1899, 67yr. 6mo. 23da and Jane S his wife Aug. 1, 1835-Mar. 6, 1916, the also had a daughter buried there.
M Sieberit Ziegler

She also states many LEWIS names there. But I did not give her the first name of any LEWIS I just wanted to know if they showed up there then. :>)

I am still looking for where Benjamin belongs in the lineage I have strong feelings but no proof. More to come on future posts.

Remembering the name HUFFMAN was originally HOFFMAN and the speaking of the brogue brought about the sound of HOOOF so it was HOOFMAN HUFFMAN HOUGHMAN when in Germanic Region it was Hoffman.

Now to ask her about her SIEBERT's because they married into the family in 1770s time frame. Later moving up to then Washington Co. PA which was Westmoreland Co then Washington Co and much later bordered on the Washington and then created Greene Co area. Ruff's Creek area believe it to be Morris Township.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Societies --Virtual - Advances and Change

Randy Seaver brought in the article by David E Rencher regarding (Societies Going Virtual- An Update).

I appreciate Randy bringing it to our attention and then sharing it in context with the other board people.

I suspect this is going to be even more evident as we move forward in Genealogy.

I will glady share it with anyone whom wishes to read it. If your a serious genealogist and have not seen the article it would possibly behoove you to scan through this information.

It discusses the changes taking place in the genealogical world as we know it.

I also heard that Josh Taylor of NEHGS did a topic probably somewhat similiar or more elaborate in SLC.

Believe me genealogists things are changing.

Also have you any idea what that earthquake did for genealogical researchers with Haitian relatives. Graves of 7,000 to even larger are happening and if they do not do more quickly certain diseases will set in and our workers will be also in major jeapordy.

Rumors of how many are still missing can almost boogle the mind. Prayers to all whose families are there and to the peoples that are there.

Randy's blogs to follow on Friday

I am a day or two late but have been busy. Randy Seavers' Blog is great.

If you have not experienced it, do give it a try.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Huffman-Hoffman Family Treasures

A dear friend reminded me of some Heirloom items I have. They are on and part of a Currier and Ives Chart that my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather filled out for his family in the 1870's. Mom has the original and I have a copy though it is in black and white not the colored in the frame.

Henry Huffman later with his changing of last name to Hoffman wrote this document for his family. I also understood that each child received a copy. Though I have not heard from two of the descendant lines the other lines recalled seeing it in their family.
It was my first major error in genealogy. Mom requested I fill in the blanks that data was not in the document. I added one date then said to MOM but this is the original the data should go on a copy not this page. She was afraid the data would be lost but I did not add more to it. I took it to town and copied it then added to my black and white working copy and filed the black and white original copy with my error.

I also have a original copy of the letter he wrote stating why he was changing his last name. It states with five Henry Huffman's in his neighborhood he was getting tired of walking mail over hill or down stream to the correct one. Seems a child came home from school and had learned that HUFFMAN name did not exist at that time in
Germany and it was originally HOFFMAN. So he changed his name back to what he said he was told was the correct spelling of the name and did not have to take mail to cousins, nephews etc to disperse it to the correct person.

I have signatures of many of his children and grandchildren. I would not of thought of it but had started collecting them when the Currier and Ive's Document was found in
Mom's possession.

She had received many different things over the years and had forgotten she had it.
I believe I am a signature of my direct line down to myself. I have to check but may even have a signature of his father. Have not located docuements regarding his grandfather but other family members said they did have them. His father was Henry Huffman dcd 1811-2 Dec Jan . Will probated Jan 1812. Nor have I found his grave.
I do know where his land was at and suspect his body somewhere on those grounds.
His grandfather would be JOHN HUFFMAN/ HOFFMAN we beleive both were used .

So I have autographs of my direct ancestor's back to Henry Huffman HOFFMAN of Greene Co PA.

Wordless Wednesday was spent in prayer for Haiti.

Wednesday was spent caring for a dog and praying for the population of Haitian people.

I commented on Facebook about it but at that point in time prayers were best sent for all concerned.

We do need to remind ourselves we are just mortals.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tombstones on Tuesday

Watching the news says that many, many tombstones will be erected and many thousands have possibly lost their lives. An Island of 8 million with a 7 . 0 quake says they
probably are having after shocks as big as some quakes else where.

Has anyone been watching we are shaking and rattling and rolling all around the globe. Whether it is north or south or east or west it is happening.

I also have noted we have had red skies in the morning lately. It is weird to see a sunset sky at sunrise but it brings back an old old tale about what sailors used to say.
Red Skies in the Morning a Sailors warning. Red Skies at night a sailors delight.

So prayers for all those who are so seriously suffering while we sat here in our cozy homes and continue on as normal. Again I am hearing they live on $2 dollars a day.

Another person says our poor of the world can live on 25cents for water for a year. (Parade Magazine). We are so terribley spoilt.

I can not even imagine that they would have money for a tombstone.

It is mentioned to work with your local Church or the Red Cross if you desire to help.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday is less Madness and more Frustration WRIGHT

Okay Monday Madness is frustration regarding them WRIGHTs not the wrongs. Intense research has not produced the results wished for on them right WRIGHTs. I so want to see if Jesse Wright and William Wright are kin.

But I found Ancestry to be very agitating when working the program yesterday. Having trouble accepting what they think is improvement when it is more generic now than it was before. Brackets were of no help and I kept thinking of Randy and Thomas and all the others that have spoken with Ancestry and what is happening.

Now do I continue to be right about Wrights or wrong about Wrights'?

Some day maybe we will know.

Suspect the frustration was more at the lack of the program functioning or freezing or dumping data when I was reading data. I sort of thought I was on Farm Town or Farmville in Facebook for part of the research.

They may listen to some of the talking but I really wonder how much deep intense research they try on their own to understand how the researching system works.

Now on with William Wright and son Alpheus Wright in NY. Cousin can go back to William okay, beyond him is blank. Funny though there is a family down the block with same names except wife. Sorta reminds me of the story of the man who had a wife in two towns near each other and when he died they had to have courts straighten out the mess. Would one be brave enough to be nigh on to next door? I think she is working on have YDNA done on the lineage to see if cousins or related in some way.

I know names are popular according to time period but it sometimes strikes a cord. What the cord is who knows, curiosity more than anything I guess.

Long ago my thoughts would say why do not all JONES help each other til the answers are solved and lets work through these names we are digging. I am sure there are many roots to many trees for WRIGHT. I find they can be Scottish, English etc.

So if your out there digging on WRIGHT's in New York, 1850 in Sidney, Delaware, New York some are later in Guilford, Chenango, New York. So without a doubt there has to
be kin somewhere.

Data here. WE do not know if others related since we have no further data.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sentimental Journey to IOWA

Reminiscing about our trip to IOWA in 1970. Alas it was the only trip our family took away from California. We went to see my husbands' family. PENTICO, JIPP, NANKE and other related names. Whoopee MOM P's neighbor was a HOFFMAN and belonged to my family.
She never discussed the last names of people in letters so it was a real surprise.
(Here I will digress: I learned last year that my WARDEN Ancestors graveyard was right down road from where we were. Thankfully a sister in law went and took pictures.)

Having written and talked to husbands' family and having met his older sister Mary and his parents I was more than thrilled over the trip. Grinning, If I had not planned it we probably would not have gone.

Husband was over seas on a carrier it was during the Vietnam War. He was supposed to be home but a plane went in the drink in area off Australia and he & other men and a plane from North Island was sent to replace it and the men. We had just returned from living 3 years plus in Hawaii. We were extended then shortened so much it was a dizzy time.

My children had not seen their Grandparents since we lived at NAS Lemoore and they had come to visit us when corn and soybean season was done in the early 60's.

So they were really babes (boys) at those visits and we only had two then. We had added a daughter and then another daughter so it was time to bring the Grandparents up to speed.

Mary moved to California in the early 60's and we saw her as often as we could when we were in NAS Lemoore & Coronado. We were shipped to Coronado for duty then we went to HI.

So it was time to visit the in laws. We saw my parents whom lived in California about every 3 months or more often depending on parents needs.

So he arrived home from the Coral Sea and was presented with tickets to fly to his home and see family. He was granted the leave they had previously removed and we flew
to Los Angeles to fly to Des Moines.

We rented a car and drove north to see his parents and other siblings in Iowa area of
Woodward, Perry, Ames, {Newton (se of Des Moines)}, had hoped to go to Monroe Co and over to Blackhawk Co. to find family but we were so busy with his family we never got that far.

We met his living Uncles and Aunts, many cousins and as I said a distant cousin of mine. :>) I was so lucky. We talked of his missing Grandfather.

The children had a great time looking at the Pigs in the barns and the soy bean fields and corn. The older children walked the fields with their Grandfather. They helped when they were working the corn and other farm chores. The youngest daughter was not yet a year old so she has no recollection of the visit. The youngest son not yet born. They helped the Grandmother in the large garden and in the kitchen by setting the table and doing the things asked to help them. They all seemed to have a great time and experienced things that would probably not happen again often or ever.

Dad P had some cows that were milked and Mom P had chickens she fed and sold the eggs for her bread and butter money. It was when Pearl H came to buy eggs I got to meet her and then she had her husband come so I could meet the real cousin later that evening.

We drove to Newton to see his Aunt and over to Ames to see where Mary had lived, we went to Boone where his little sister lived. We met her girls and had a great couple of visits with them also. His brother lived in Perry and still does as do most of his brothers children.

We visited with his Uncle Walter who had served during the WAR and was amazed to learn when they had returned from the war, they did not keep track of what the USA was doing in a manner the people on the West coast did. Maybe because I was always told we had to be vigilant in case we were attacked from the ocean. The key things that mattered to them were their crops and their animals and then family. Of course that makes sense. The crops were their lively hood. The animals supplemented the crops especially when the weather did not cooperate to give them good bounty at the end of the season.

WOOOOO be a Hail storm come the week of harvest or heavy rain and mold set in before fields dry enough to harvest. Or the sun would bake the ground and they were not set up to water like major farms do today.

One of the things that fascinated me was the way DAD P raised his hogs. My o My they had hot running water in their pens. I remember I carried the water in buckets to our pigs. I raised pigs to get through high school and milked cows by hand then machine.
I finally got brave enough to ask DAD P why the hot water and he said," because in the winter at 10- they would have had no water at all and it helped to heat and keep the barn warm enough for them to survive over the winter." In the winter there, the hogs were kept inside. He had a nice area for a sow to have her young in, all separate from the other hogs. It was a very large barn like the one that sets on my parents land but it was not used for that. Size was about the same though.

Dad had a silo and a hay barn and storage for machinery. Some Machinery they shared with neighbors so no one family was out for the entire costs. It was a lot like the
hay crews I worked on in my area of northern California. We would go from farm to farm to harvest until the farms were done. The same applied to Iowa and MOM P would make a large meal if they were working on their place same as we did. Sometimes she would make and pack up things for DAD P to take to the other farmers if a family member was ill or injured.

Our boys rode and drove the tractor. Candy liked to work the back of the system when they were doing harvesting in the yard. I have a picture of her standing there and of boys doing the tractor.

Alas after we came home MOM P called and said they were going to sell the farm and come to California. So we did not get to go back again and do the fun things they did . Even if it was a few years before they succeeded in making the journey west. Fred was over seas a lot then and they were here before he retired.

Dad P did take the boys to the BOY SCOUT CAMP he worked and they got to see it and tour the grounds since they were both Scouts.

We went over to THE LEDGES and to see the train that ran way up in the sky across a valley. That was the highest and longest tressell I had ever seen Kate Session's ? something bridge. (We had a Tressell at home that was across the Astero Creek that brought in food and people to the area my parents moved to prior to our living there.)

It was thrilling to have MOM and DAD P move to California and we did not have to worry about them out in the hard cold winters once they had gotten to the age we now are :>). Then we just went to Riverside to visit them ever other month.

They are both gone now. I think of them so often and I am sure my husband and children do also. Mom P lived in the end, with us so even the grandchildren of ours got to know her. Yup all 10 of them got to do that. That in itself was a real treat.

O yes, IOWA fed us so well, we took 4 days and went to Omaha to see Hawaiian friends and get so we could button our pants again. NO KIDDING. Some of the fun things we did was run to Lincoln so the children would have seen the capital while there.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank you for the award, WOW thanks

Dr Bill has awarded me with this award. Happy 101 Award Received......

I in turn will list the ten things that make me happy also not in any particular order.

1. Ability to know and love God
2. To share life with my husband Fred.
3. Sharing my life with our grandchildren and children.
4. The ability to do research and learn about our families past.
5. The knowing and sharing with friends, those we know and those we are about to meet.
6. Having the ability to read and write and share what I learn.
7. Playing in the garden with the flowers and the weeds.
9. Traveling even if very different than years past.
10. Roof over my head and food to eat. Thank You God

Now the blogs I wish to comment on are



3. Dick Henthorn's


5. Footnote Mavens Shades of the Departed







Surnames to Chase or Follow mmm either or both. After 40 + years of research on this name we only recently have branched out in a new area for clues.

Alas we took what was written to much as fact and decided we could not prove it, so not true. The Pentico Book written by cousin in Kansas does have errors. We believe the stories got mixed with the time frames over the 100 years not written down. We are forever grateful for her work. In 1930's this was a huge endeavor.

Soundex says PENTICOFF BENNINGHOVE PENNYCUFF BENNINGHOFF are all variants of same and if you speak with an Germanic brogue you can not distinquish between them.

Fact 1. John Penticuff- Penticoff is found in 1830 census Jersey Shore with wife and 3 boys.

Fact 2. Next found in Clearfield Co. , Land deeds and census data

Fact 3 bought and sold land and moved to IA.

Fact 4 died less than ten years after the move

Fact 5 many children stayed behind in PA, Some later coming west after or at time of father's death.

Census implies he is born around 1800 give or take a year.

Wife's family we found was in Philadelphia Co, to Montgomery Co to Northampton, Northumberland and surrounding areas as the family spread out. Arriving in Clearfield Co.
late 1820's. Her family has been in USA for at least 50 years. We even have the area they came from in Germany. 1750' era. Church Records

Wife's name is Katherine YOUNG father Henry YOUNG- JUNG both born in USA or the colonial state of PA.

John dropped the ff's off of his name after arriving in IOWA and it has been felt by researchers his command of writing was not so that he would realize names were changing. We know they spoke Germanic language early on.

Fact 6 John had parents at birth at least the mother was alive to have him. Father unknown. WHO were his parents? Did they come from the large Benninghoff families just south of Jersey Shores in Union Co. or was it one of the other counties we found reference to this name?

We did find some Benninghoff's in area of the Youngs/Jungs in Northampton Co area and Montgomery Co.. I also found the earliest one noted was a Tobacco merchant in Philadelphia.

Also the so called story of brothers arguing over the wife may have been true but would have happened probably in Montgomery Co area prior to the marriage and children in 1830 Jersey Shores. IF there is truth the brother's name was David.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Following like a Lamb, or set to Lead

Blogging is so much fun. It actually makes you work at doing your genealogy and responding to comments in a forthright manner.

I remember the days of old for a query it was to be short concise and not take up lots of space. Just the basic pertinent facts were used. I wonder how many missed the link to family members because there was no reference to a family story or event.

The story or event may have triggered a thought, OO, maybe they are related we have the same story. I remember meeting a well known researcher and he was doing a presentation.

At the end, I asked him questions about his people he used in presentation and we both had the same story about the person he used in his demonstration. I would have never thought to ask him if related then because I was still not familiar with the name spelling changes that occurred over time.

Nor can I believe I would so blindly follow written data so casually, accepting it as gospel and not do more digging. O we dug and dug in ship records to find when they came. We dug for Land Records, Wills, Deeds and Bible Records but we did not search in the right time frame and did not know that some of the family stories passed down may be true but fit a different generation for data.

So my words to you are make a blog, follow a blog and get your genealogy jumped stated for the New Year.

January is always review month for me. Old Emails, letters and data and sources received into the system in the last year.
It is also the time to remember to use our old sources for connections.

Why do we not hear about for research at speakers meeting and events on line? They were the first to help us get where we are. So many are abandoning them and newbies have not even heard of them. Let alone for Europe and Asia etc.

February is the posting to the Rootsweb lists and various sites for information one is seeking. AHA a Blog, works excellent for this also. Also again remember to use and for searching and posting for help.

February is also Black History Month and that topic should be brought up and delt with as any other topic. If your Indian in lineage you probably have some black. If your Black your chance of Indian lineage is very high. If you are an American with 200+ years of US history you have a great chance of picking up some of this lineage.

March is time to prepare for the upcoming Seminars held around the USA or Europe that may be near you. NEHGS, NGS, OGS, CGS and other major groups plan these events for the year. Generally, a year ahead so we can prepare in hopes to attend them. Alas they are a wee high at times and not near so we are not always able to attend them.

My wish is that the key speakers would allow taping and the availability to sell it so we can take advantage of the data when we are to far away to attend. it could be offered to those who did not attend after the event if they fear people would just order the tapes and not attend the event.

I will say I think the way of the future will be in the form of these new podcast type presentations and anyone can attend by setting in front of a computer.

I helped put on the first online Seminar for Family History Month and we had many key speakers from around the USA and Canada attend. No one left home but we had an awesome attendance a few years back.

Some organizations have 4 events a year some have only one. Some are spread across the USA and some are regional or local but one should attempt to attend one if at all possible.

More to come on this year calendar that I mentally use to keep moving forward.

Due to my thoughts listed above I follow Circle Mending by Jean Wilcox Hibbens, All Things Maine and Genealogy Bank plus many other favorites.

Each offers different concepts and data for genealogists.

My last comment on this today will be there are many ethnic blogs out to help in doing specific names or places research also.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Document to share

Was a great find for us. Sarah Jane Huffman's Monroe Co OH

Monday, January 4, 2010

Madness on Monday Genealogy Research Chatter

Greetings readers, This is as good a place as any to say what I want to say. O yes, soapbox stance coming up. Yesterday, I received a call from distant cousin regarding some research we are working on. The call was great and I was glad to get it.

Our topic was more interesting in the fact of how some people do genealogy.
Maybe here in the USA we are way behind the times! I gather I am going to have go out on the web and see what Europeans and Middle East people put on their site.

At least I know of a lovely lady I can ask some of these questions too. In the USA we are taught not to add living people for security sake unless that family member your sharing with is discreet also. We are also taught not to add something if not proven a certain amount of ways to verify as fact.

How often do you open a web page and find data back to Abraham in American trees? Is this a normal, are they exposed to more records than we are? Is access to some of this knowledge more readily available in Europe and Asia? I realize if you read or follow the Bible that there is many lineages listed through out the text.

My mother inherited a Teaching Bible and it has Noah and his children listed in it down several generations. I actually think it is ten. I am smart enough to know that yes people in the CHURCH were allowed to marry and children were born and yes there may be a Pope or two that had children. Marriage was outlawed by the Catholic Church
(name later given to the group called the CHURCH) some time in the late 17th or 18th century. That time line not critical to comment but I am aware that in days of old, (500 years ago +) the clergy were married more often than not.

But what is the purpose of putting genealogical data back to these people on our charts? I was amazed as I was reading some of the data added by what may be a very distant relative in Europe to this distant cousins tree.

If we use the documentation theory for our research, how and where did they get documentation other than Bible and that is only one source? Does the Catholic or Russian Orthodox Church or Jewish Religion have scrolls and data hidden away that we can not see? I am sure that they must. But I suspect somewhere a scholar or two has looked at them.

I belong to a great YDNA group that is following human kind across the globe, much like the Ancient History I read of so long ago. It brings to mind the fact that we
truly are not whom we seem to be. Unless you stop your research about 500 years back.

Of course you have those working on going back to Adam and Eve and I suspect genetically this can be accomplished if we all live long enough. Dr George Schweitzer
said we implode on our past. It is normally figured if you go back ten generations you have potential duel ancestors in more than one line.

I have duel lineage only back 5 on one side and 6 I think on another. When much farther back, which I can do on a few lines you can see more same ancestors.

So for Monday Madness, well a sort of frustration, of wasting time/space taken up in a genealogical program I would hope to hear from many out in the big genealogical community on this topic. Is it fair to ask this person to not share this data, or should we accept their contributions. This is the second time I have seen this in the last year. The first time to have it indirectly affect my researching thought process.

I truly hope to hear from several of you regarding this matter because it is not my
intent to offend anyone but since we are so document orientated, this concept sorta boggles the mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sentimental Journey OH OH OH YES

Going to take a Sentimental Journey, which one should I choose.

Last trip with parents to family in mid west works best tonight.

In 1994, Dad, Mom and I got in his Buick and toured to the midwest. I shared the driving with Dad. Mom had stopped driving many years before. We were on our way to share in two family reunions. One on Mom's side (DUVALL) and one on Dad's side (MYERS) which of course covered FOULK'S since they intermarried a few times over the years.

The Duvall reunion was held in Wyoming east of Wheatland in a very flat and warm valley near the Nebraska border called Torrington. I met many, many new cousins I had heard about and many I had not heard about. Learned about the two sets of twins, one in the Wilson family in IOWA, the other was I think in Kansas. Learned how, more than one Duvall had married into the Hoffman line. Later, learned one of the family members worked with my husband here in San Diego. (When I went to their wedding and met the groom he was from the WILSON family I had met a couple years before in WYO.) It makes the world much smaller place. We had a great lunch and time to swap data and share. We did not stay for the night activity because it was to warm for MOM and it was also bothering me. I think it was 118 degrees that day.

A week later we went to McPherson, Kansas and met with our cousin Ken and Dolly Foulk (also from WYO and used to be our neighbors here in California, and then went over to meet the new family members of the Myers line.
I loved the drive to McPherson, It was my first trip to Kansas and I can tell you the
road trip was not fun but it was slow enough you could really see the country side and the lay of the land. Slow rolling hils planted with various grains for harvesting and soybean or safflower plants, sunflowers and some corn. It was not as flat as Nebraska and not as dry as sw IOWA. I heard that sw Kansas is much dry like sw IOWA. Never been to that corner. The Highway was under major construction and one lane for ten miles then one line for ten miles for almost 50 miles or more. I know we could only go 15 miles an hour so we were hours behind when we finally go to the interchange to go south to McPherson.

The one thing I loved about trip was I was in the back seat and I asked DAD many questions and had my tape recorder on. I have to replay tape and hope it still works.
I can remember most of the questions and comments because I had asked them so many times in the past. Of course I took my turn driving, actually did more than Dad. He was 80 I think at the time.

We left Sonoma County and drove to Reno, NV then east over to Salt Lake City,UT to my Aunt's, Dad's sister. We then drove to Wheatland, Wyoming to my Uncle's (Mom's brother).
We visited with my Aunts and Uncle and Great Aunt and Great Uncle and other family members in the area. We went to the Reunion and met many more family members plus some that had come up from Kansas for the reunion.

I enjoyed my visit with new family members and the sharing and exchanging of data with the young and the old. They had a well planned reunion for events and sharing.

We left Wheatland and went to Denver to see my other Aunt(Dad's sister) and her children and their children. We then headed east on 40 to go to Kansas. We hit a hail storm and some dust storms almost back to back. Then when we got into Kansas they had decided to repair the road. As I said earlier it was slow going but you could really observe the area. The smell of the fields was great compared to the tar on the road way.

The town of McPherson was nice sized not so huge you would get lost in it. The Reunion was held down on the Fair Grounds. The second day there was the start of it. It was held Friday night, Saturday and Sunday day. The had copy machines and other equipment to help in the sharing of the information that everyone from everywhere had brought.
I think there was someone there from each of John And Catherine's children, or we were missing only one line. They took family group pictures of each line of whom was there. ( I missed last year due to my knee surgery boy was that a bummer).

We left there later in the week and headed back to Denver and then to Wheatland and up to Idaho Falls to see my brother and cousins and Aunt that lived in Afton, Wyo.

We left there and then came down from Pocatello to Utah to Nevada and stopped to see Hartley and Jeane (cousins)family in Winnamucca, Nevada. We spent one evening with them and then headed west to Reno and then back to Sonoma County, CA.

Dad had some medical troubles in Idaho so I took extra week from work to get him well to come home.

It is a trip I would love to duplicate for my Children and Grandchildren to know more about their family. Other than my Uncle who lived near us here family was all many hours or days away. Being my husband was Navy and Uncle was Navy seems we ended up in a retired Navy town now city. Many little stories with in this story to tell another time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Calling all Pentico, Penticuff, Benninghoff ?? Surname Saturday

Calling all Pentico, Penticoff, Penticuff, Penticoast, Benninghoff, Benninghove, etc.

Would love to do YDNA and see if we all link. I have a Benninghoff and a Pentico willilng any other takers.

Benninghove was early tobaccoist in Philadelphia. Was he progenator of this group?
Pentico is in NY 1790 then in PA 1800 etc, are they progenators and who was the lady Pentico in Va in 1800.?? Lots of un answered questions.

In the past everyone said not related to the other group but I do not believe that any more. 50 years of research intense and we have more questions than we have answers.

Pentico book says from Germany via Holland in 1820 not the case. Catherine's family JUNG /YOUNG was in Philadelphia and MOntgomery Co. in 1770's and possibly before being Philadelphia Co..

John was born about 1800 in PA according to census. So someone in 1810 and 1800 census
should show as parent. One possible at this time.

The spelling on that one is Benninghoff. But soundex would let Penticuff and Benninghoff share sounds and name.

They John is found first in 1827 in Jersey Shore, PA near river, with wife and 3 children by 1830. Then in Clearfield Co near Burnside and Washington after that until 1855 when he went to Iowa. Most of family stayed in PA until later and then moved west.

John was killed by lightening in 1857 in IOWA so he did not live there long, Seems then more children came west and many went to KS, MO and NE. besides IOWA, Jasper Co. .

John's wife Catherine ?Katherine father's name was Henry he was born in Montgomery Co in the 1770's, his father came over young from Germany with his parents. WE can go back four generations on Catherine/Katherine's line. Church records and written data in various books etc..

Please respond to this if your a Pentico, Penticoff, Benninghof, Benninghove, Penticoast etc.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Following Friday, O let me see hee hee hee

I follow many bloggers and topics mostly interrelated to genealogy or history.
I love to read Ruth Himan's column. I follow many great writers with humor and wit.
Distant cousins Dick Henthorn, Dick Eastman, Randy Seaver write with a passion and wisdom not created by others. CircleMending, always finds a place in my heart.

I can not tell you which one is the best. I think a blog has to be able to relate to you, your endeavors and the topics your wanting to learn more about or share.

Some I have gone to, and for some reason I have lost my way back when I upgraded the new
AOL system. I can not access any of my urls, I can see them but they do not respond to my attempting to make them function. I am storing more in folders on off disc than ever before.

My old AOL buddies have super sites and do a great job. So keep on blogging and sooner or later I may find you and add you to my reading group. The LOST COLONY BLOG is the one I try not slide behind on with the new things being learned and the data always coming in. G YDNA group with Peter Christie, et al is also one of the best because of the ancient history that it covers on a daily basis. It I think you have to be invited to join and have that background. So present yourself with a YDNA of your family name or granparents family names this year.