Saturday, November 30, 2013

Your Christmas Trimmings, What Do They Mean?

Your Christmas Trimmings, What Do They Mean?

As you prepare to decorate your home, is it just decorations scattered about to fit the theme?
Is the articles you use from Xmas past that have meaning and reflection?

Mother  Louise Pentico made some beautiful beaded ornaments one year and we split them amongst the five children for them to have for their future. Mother Dorothy Jones also made articles for the family to  have for future Christmas cheer.

Our children made ornaments in school and brought them home, egg carton hangings, hand prints, finger paintings, etc.

Reading the comments from distant family brought a rush of confusion to my mind.  Even the year we were not going to be home, we put up a branch and a string of lights and a few bulbs so the children would have a tree of sorts until we got to our Xmas destination. We played our normal carols and made our normal holiday treats.

Have we so lost the meaning of Christmas season that we lost sight of reinforcing the past and promoting the future.

Oh, most of the family did not then nor now like FruitCake or MinceMeat Pie.  I like both if made with the really old real recipes where junk is not added to replace things that cost more to use.  The idea that Mincemeat in a jar is mincemeat is beyond thinking.  It is only ground fruits, there is no meat of any kind.  Many Fruits used in a fruit cake were hard to come by and were a luxury to garner and use to share with family and friends. Fortunately, in early years nut trees tended to be a staple on the farm or home ground that the family could use.  Sometimes they were traded for other ingredients.  Suspecting this was a reason for community sharing time, to bake and share and prepare so no one did without.

After 50 + years of marriage, I suspect I could have a themed small tree for a few years not repeating the ornaments very often.

So tell me, do you run out and get all new trinkets and put on the tree and the mantel for display?
Having seen an attractive tree in Sears many years ago, I actually bought the bulbs to make a mini copy in my home.  Family was startled by the colors and they were given away that winter for someone else to enjoy.

Having ornaments from my Mothers' Mom Inez Hoffman and trinkets made by Grandma Jones Norris,
those are the things that make Christmas memorable for me.  Sis sent me a special bulb one year and it goes up each year.

So is your tree and decorating a time of memories or just fluff to fill the space while the  holiday is passing?

Do you struggle to make Divinity or Fudge or Peanut Brittle? What about cut out cookies and morning breads for company?

One year when Ed and Don were small we made and pulled Taffy. Oh, was that ever an adventure and we never did it again. Taffy pulling needs at least five people to not be fatigued.  Dad had duty and so we were killing time for his return home. It definitely filled the time.

By the way I do have a real MinceMeat Recipe with meat in it. It was shared by my cousin, since I stopped getting the meat to make it, I could not remember all the ingredients.  We used to make it in the fall to use and give away for Xmas when I was a preteen and teen.

So is Christmas season such a chore you can't enjoy it or does everyone pitch in and help and share?
For all my family and friends, near and far, I hope it is a time of remembrance and caring and sharing.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time for Thanks and Time for Hanakkuh Blessings

The news says this coincidence will not happen for many, many, many years again. I thought he said thousands.  That makes it very rare.

 Wishing all a Blessed Holiday and Safety with Travel.  Enjoy what we have been given and be thankful for what we have.  Share with others.  From our house to your house we wish you a great life.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mapping the Huffman/Hoffman lineage, John to myself.

Aha, you say, someone's finally getting around to doing Mom's side of the family for mapping on line for others to see.
Thanks to George Schweitzer Ph.D. Sc. D, he taught us to take a map and put pins in it and run string from spot to spot to see the approximate routes family took migrating around this country early.  Also find where family may have been buried as they moved around and lost kin.  I loved how George would dress in period costume, speak in the tongue of the time, with brogue that was appropriate, making the talk very in depth and moving.

The lineage of our line is pretty simple, the finding of massive sources is another matter.  Having spoken to enough descendants to feel very confident in the knowledge we have amassed, wishing they would all get together in a Hangout and line this information up in a row.

A cousin in Bay City, Michigan has much on the John to John to John line which was hers, We are John to John to Henry to Henry to Sanford to Franklin C. to Cecil L. to Dorothy to myself. Yes, I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  So three more generations can be claimed. My Hoffman cousins have the same some have four generations beyond ourselves.  The other boy we are sure of was George, and his line is well done. Benjamin and Rudolph link in genetically, but we need more data to say it strongly.  The girls Margaret, Catherine and others are probably not as well covered.

This map will show my families lines and in time I hope to show some of the others.  Finding that cousins lived near cousins of each line for near on to 100 plus years and longer.

Needing to find the copy of letter from John to kin, found in  trunk in Ohio, from Mason Huffman, to verify if the start was Virginia, which much implies it was.
John Hoffman(Huffman about 1687) believe he was born in Germany, no proof yet solid. Lloyd may have.
John Hoffman?Huffman, b abt 1715 Maryland, on tax receipt for Greene Co. PA from Maryland, in my possession as father of Henry Huffman and other proof in Zenia Gilbert's files. He dies in Virginia according to Lloyd Roupe.

Henry brother to John and George, mentioned in Land Record for Greene Co. PA old Washington Co. PA. He dies in Greene Co. PA winter of 1811/12.  He is probated January 1812.  Death date so far not found. Court Records for him regarding early marriage that did not last and land in dispute. He marries Catrouche Fry  in Berkeley VA area after the parting of ways from Mary Prather(Provator).  Most of the old line say Catrouche/Catherine was of Indian heritage and they jumped the broom  in Virginia and started family there before coming back to Pennsylvania. Catherine is name on most records.  Children were born in both Virginia and Pennsylvania after 1800.
Henry served in VA, MD and PA for service. He was a Ranger in Washington Co. PA. Have records.
Strong feeling by many that his first marriage was in Virginia prior to moving to then Washington Co. , PA and living with his sister and her family and marrying Provator(Prather).  No idea if children or not but there are some comments that tend make us think he had earlier marriage before going north to today's Pennsylvania.  Trying to keep an open mind to any possibles, many Indian wars and he could have lost an entire family as many did.  Also more than Indians fought with the early settlers, some settlers fought with other settlers also.

Having located a land records that states the linkage between the boys, John, George and Henry was a major relief.  I am sure this was found my Bay City cousin also.

Hoping some day in Maryland to find more information.

Catherine/Catrouche Fry/e  is the daughter of Abraham Fry she was born in Virginia, she had many siblings. She appears to have married ?? Frederick Loughman after the death of Henry in 1812 Probate.
The marriage was after 1818. Looking for more information on this. She disappears after about 1845.
Need more work on her though Lloyd Roupe has done a great deal of research.  Thank You Lloyd for sharing.  Many cousins have shared data over the last 35 years on this family. ThankYou to all, living and deceased for sharing. Mildred Russell was great as was her sisters and a brother I met.

Known children of Henry and Catherine are:
Nancy b 1793  Va m to David Stewart later moved to Ohio,
Phillip  b 1794  Va m to Lettitcia Stewart  also moved to Ohio,
 Jacob b 1797  (possibly MD) no further proven data,  also thought to have moved to Ohio.
Joseph b 5 Jun 1801-12 Dec 1864 Greene Co. Pa m to Sarah Hunt, data on our web page (Helen's)
Henry  b 29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA m 9 April 1826 Greene Co. PA to Elizabeth Higgins dau of  Joseph Higgins and Mary (Henderson.) partially proven  marriage date is proven. death was 15 Sept  1879, Aleppo, Greene Co. PA buried in Aleppo Cemetery. Have pictures. I have been there.
Reason Huffman m Mary Jewell. Have tombstone pictures and need more family information.

It is believed there are at least two more girls if not three. Not enough proof yet, can you help?

Sanford was my Great Great Grandfather and he moved  to IOWA after the Civil War with his wife and family. His brother Hague was there and then his sister Phebe Huffman Neal moved with her husband to have medical help from brother Hague (M.D.)  Other Huffman and Hoffman members moved in near and in Illinois.  Sanford's niece went to Nebraska after her Mom's death.

Sanford's children and families moved to Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and points west. Some of his siblings, children did the same.

I did not use pink  for  color code. Gold means I have been there or data has come from those states.
Blue means much data has come from those states by cousins or I have been there for research.
Green means family in those states and have shared data and or I have been there and done research.

Cecil was Frank's baby son and he moved to Wyoming due to health.  Frank was the son of Sanford.
Cecil was my Grandfather.  Many of Frank's siblings moved to WYO and Nebraska. Two died young in Iowa and one Jarvis Lee stayed in Iowa.  Great Grandpa Frank dies in Wyoming.

Web page: Our Family Histories  click on book and go to the Hoffman-Huffman Link Page.  And yes,  data is being updated.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mapping Our Lines The Jones Side

Hi everyone, over on my working blog this was posted today about Mapping your Ancestors.

Going to be trying this for the JONES lineage of my Dad's line.

Needless to say, the family scattered like seeds in the wind after getting to Illinois and Iowa.  They probably scattered like that a century earlier also, since I found a line in Georgia, early 1800's. 

It makes sense to move about, the north's growing season was not near as long as the souths, why not move south to supply at least some crops for the north.  

Jones line starts in Massachusetts from England and branches all directions. This is the Teague JONES  lineage.

First referencing to the area read about the development of the state. MA GenWeb

One of Teague's son went to Maine, now that could be many places north of the early colony developments. 

The Young line that marries into the Jones line is found in Maine before moving west to Illinois and Iowa.

Teague's son and family, moved to Rhode Island with Roger William's group or at the same time at least.
They lived there for probably more than 100 years and some may still live in that region. Since I only tracked a specific line and a few collateral's to confirm my work, I suspect there is kin still in region.

Teague's great grandson then moved around a bit in Rhode Island and suspecting they were getting ready for changes due to the potential of War coming.  (One often wonders if they could sense that there was major distress coming).  Then they were found in Dutchess County, New York. Then they are found in Albany, New York, later to become Rensselaer Co and Saratoga and Washington Co. for children.  After my direct line Noel JONES,  born 1785 and has Noyes JONES 1809 Rensselaer Co. NY, tracking this line down to self was imperative for my Dad.  Only in the recent years have a  gone back and am trying to figure how they ended up in Dutchess Co. prior to Albany Co. It has to be a migratory route but it does not fit story. (Stories are not always correct, remember that).

It seems they were moving while some of the War was going on.  Some members served in the War.
Some members served pre war time and DAR does not recognize that service. 

After being in Rensselaer Co., Ny the family moves to Nunda, Ill, then to Nashua, Iowa area after the Civil War.  The boys of Noyes served in Ill, one dying in Tenn. one coming home after being nursed back to health to walk home.  I have not found data on the other siblings if they served. Nor have I looked hard for it yet, working the kinks out of the direct lineage. 

After moving to Iowa, the family went north, west, south and some stayed in Ill because of marriage. 

My Grandad moved to Wyoming with his wife and their son (my Dad).  My Uncle joined the Navy and was career man, his brother, my Dad as an adult moved with his wife and myself as child to California during WW11, actually the beginning of. He was to old to serve but did coast watch. The girls, (siblings) all married Army men and were all over during the War and afterwards too.

 My siblings and I have covered a great bit of territory because my Sis and I both married Navy men. My older brother was Army. My younger brothers's son was in the Army and served in the recent wars.

Today my sister's grandson is in the Marines, one of her sons served in the Army in Egypt. One of our's, served in the Navy and was in the Mid East almost the same time as the cousin in Egypt.

I see I forgot to mark Tennessee. I suspect that each state we have lived in since 1870. Calvin was in CW in Tenn with his sibling he left dead there. We have his papers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Personal Veterans

My Personal Veterans

 I did  not know my Great Grandfather but learned lots about him from his children. Calvin Fremont Jones born in NY and died in IOWA.  He left his brother buried in Murphesboro, Tenn area at the Battle of Stone River.  Was nursed back to health and then walked back home, to re-enlist and lose his pension, he fought to receive for 30 more years before getting. Lots of letters in his files regarding this mess.  He was buried and given up for dead was nursed back to health by black family and survived.
That takes lots of determination.

 Then WW2 came along and I had my Uncles in the War.  My Dad wanted to go but had a family and was not young enough.  He was a Coast Watcher in CA. He is not listed as a Veteran but I think of him as one.  I remember he would leave every so many nights to go to the tower to watch the coast line in Marin Co. CA.

 Then came Korea and I have Foulk Cousins who served which I forgot to list on that list, Ken, Klint and Keith all served either Army or Navy. Cousin Bob Morelli also served. (He was a  big brother to me as I grew up). Later  Don Morelli served in the Navy, as a Reservist. Cousin Lewis Jones and James Jones served in the National Guard during this time. I believe there were other cousins that served also. I did not know them then. Hartley Parrish and his brothers were in also. I did know him.
And Rich Hoffman who served Army.  Rich and Hartley and I used to set on the Hay Baler and listen to Grandad Hoffman tell us family stories.  Hartley's Mom was a Hoffman, sister to my Mom.
Rich's Dad was Uncle Roy.

Then came my husband in the US Navy as a career man. He spent many months away at sea, on a carrier, helping to keep the planes running and in good shape to win the war. A stalemate in the end.
 He was blown off the carrier one time and caught the net on the outside. They found him before he fell into the sea.  He was aboard a carrier when the toe line broke and men were killed and seriously maimed. He watched pilots he knew fall off the carrier into the sea when accidents happened or the plane was so seriously injured they couldn't get it down on the deck correctly to catch it.
He flew on a plane that lost power and had to bail everything out of the plane in hopes of making it back to their home base. They did skimming water and I am sure with lots of prayer. Other planes had this happen and they had to pull survivors out of the water. My cousin was one of the survivors.
Don Heck, also my husbands dear friend and they grew up living next to each other.  We only learned years later that Don was my triple cousin on Mom's side. He resembled Grandad Hoffman and should have. He is also a Huffman/ Plants descendant as I am.  That Christmas picture was quite a treat.

Ironic, but Fred's family had lots of Huffman/Hoffman neighbors in Iowa. It was almost like destined to finally link when we met at  NAS Moffitt Field, CA.  I was working for the Navy at Westinghouse.

He designed a tool for the E 2 Hawkeye's that was patented by the Navy and saved them thousands of dollars. He was made SAILOR of the Quarter and was up for Sailor of the Year but was on sea duty and had no community service but  many months on the line keeping the planes up and the other person was on shore duty so he won. Never ever thought that was fair.  He was a ScoutMaster for the Troop here at home. He has a Life and Eagle Scout for sons. He did Community service when home.  He took the boys camping and hiking and taught them many things I wish every boy and girl could be taught to be prepared for what our future may bring us. Girl Scouts taught baking cookies my daughter knew how to do that and wanted to learn camping and fire building.  So she did not stay in Girl Scouts.

He still volunteers for the Fleet Reserve Association helping fellow members as needed.  It is a Military thing.  In the first picture he is with his friend Red at a FRA Event.

His ship would say 6 months and come home 12 to 13 months later, this was War.  He never ever had a true 6 months deployment. When he left we never knew when he would be home.

He served a tour with Helicopters and he was in three movies involving the Navy.  Tora, Tora, Tora was one of the first.  What an adventure that was. They blew up the building we always bought our Christmas trees in and put a pretend Zero through it's rough.  His buddy Paul DiSenso served with him also. There was a threesome but they lost Pete in HongKong. We have this neat picture of Pete, holding this huge snake in Singapore. Arrrgh.

Later when he was aboard NAS Miramar, the planes had been brought from NAS North Island to NAS Miramar and he did a tour on the first Nuclear carrier the  USS Nimitz, sharing time with Dan J. doing his only tour in the Mediterranean Sea, all others were in the Pacific, Indian Ocean and regions west. One trip to Australia also. He liked Australia. He served on the USS Ranger, USS Oriskany, USS Nimitz, USS Ranger again, and other ships.  He was stationed in Japan, Guam, and other Islands in the Pacific.

It brought the War back to me full fold. The Roar of the planes sent chills up my spine.  When small we sat in darkness and listened to the planes leave the Valley and head our way to go over seas. You heard them coming for an hour and you watched them go for another almost hour out over the ocean to head to the Pacific Theater.  So the movie was the roaring again of those engines. The remembering the film clips at the Theater about the war.  The letters family sent with good news and some times very sad.  Two of my Uncle's came back and were in the hospital in San Francisco to recover to be able to go home.  Their wives, my Aunts stayed with us in Petaluma, CA. * Another Story*.

My Uncle's brother would buzz the ranch and do roll overs for us when we stood in the yard.
I remember the markings on the planes and being so proud to be an American and yet I was not yet five years old.  I remember when Uncle Gerald came back from Pearl Harbor and visited his brother my Dad.

Some how those wars I think made us a closer family, even if we lived in California, Utah and Colorado and Wyo and Iowa.

Fred and Red

with Maria and Paul DiSenso

 Uncle Dick and family
Don Pentico, son

Honoring some of my Veteran Family Members

Henry Huffman dcd Dec 1811 Will probated Jan 1812  Greene Co. PA Rev War
Alexander Duvall 11 pension approved DAR                                          Rev War
Sanford Hoffman b1834 to d 1903  WVA unit w brothers Greene Co. PA Civil War
Brice Huffman b 1829                                                                                   "       "
Laton E. Huffman b1840 d 1871                                                                   "       " 2 served PA unit
Jacob Gallentine  husband of Martha Huffman                                              "       "
Reason Huffman b1828                                                                                  "       "          
Thomas H Neal  Hus of Phebe Ann Hoffman (Huffman)                               "       "
 Uncle W. Richard Hoffman            USA     WW2
 Uncle William Parrish                     USA      WW2
 Uncle Fred H Feil                            USA      WW2
 Uncle Donald LeRoy Hoffman        USA     WW2
  Uncle Comillo Morelli                     USA      WW2
  Uncle Aubie D Cooper                    USA      WW2  retired
  Uncle Joseph Collins                        USA      WW2
  bro Ray Dee Jones Jr                                   VietNam Army
  husband Fred E Pentico                               VietNam  Navy retired
  Son  Donald Paul Pentico                     Mid East      Navy
   Cousin Richard Hoffman                           VietNam  Army
   "      Gerald Feil                                          VietNam USAF retired
   "    Hartley  Parrish                                     VietNam  Army
  John Scott b1761 d1843     5th Reg of Virginia Cont. Line  DAR
  Daniel Warden  Co. B 23rd IA Inf , also 29th IA Inf. b1830 d 1917  Pension in IA Civil War
  William Harrison Jones  Battle of Stones River, Ten  dcd there GGUncle Civil War
  GGrandfather Calvin F Jones his brother seriously wounded same battle, survived  Civil War Pension
  Uncle Gerald O Jones           USN WW2  retired
  GGGrandfather Abraham D. Young Sr. b Andover, Essex Co. ME in Cumberland Pensioner Act    1818.  Rev War  State Bounty Appl..
  John Folk, Rev War Berks Co. PA served in NJ
   Phillip Myers Rev War Pension, served with father and as a private, Lt Philip Myers later.
   Valentine Myers Wagon Master supplies for Continental Army, wagon train for Washington's Army
   at Valley Forge.  served with his son
   Phillip served in Rev War  more than once . First  helping father with supply wagons then as private and later buried (?) as LT. Philip Meyer 6th Battl PA Militia, Rev War found at Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery, #89
Capt George Millers Co  of Berks Co Militia being on duty at South Amboy 5 Sept 1776 mustered out Dec1780. Stationed at the mouth of the RARITON River while the battle of Long Island  took place.He was at Trenton Xmas night, Valley Forge etc.   German Regiment of Continental Troops member
held 2 commissions the other one 1st LTin 1777 for Militia,8th Co.6th Battalion.
1799 built house near Womelsdorf Canal it burnt, rebuilt#17
furnished stones for original Zion Union Church of Womelsdorf
Ira Foulk G.Uncle     WW2

Many other early ones not yet checked for service.
I know I have missed many.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Letter, Time to gather the Notes

Time to gather the notes and prepare the Christmas letter.  Families like to know what others have been doing, are doing and plan on doing.  We have lost so much contact with our families in this modern world of Techie stuff.  We have also gained so much in contact in this new communication world.

Not remembering when it started for me, but think it was as a preteen, Mom had us write a note to our Grandparents telling them what we had done in the last year because we were so far away. Trips home were about every 3 to 5 years depending on income and health of all involved.

Home was S E Wyoming. Wheatland area and Casper and up to Greybull where I was born for Dad's side of the family.

So when the cards went out our letters or notes went in to our Grandparents.  I recall I also wrote to my Great Grandmother (Eastman)Foulk Archer.   Those letters were priceless to me. The moving company lost them when we moved to Hawaii. They also lost most of the letters my husband wrote me when he was overseas and the letters we received from his family up to that time. His family was a wee older than mine in age.  He  lost much of his kin before I lost mine.

Having been given copies of letters my 5th Grandfather Henry Hoffman wrote  to his family in Iowa from Greene Co. PA to share with the children that lived there. I cherish them very much.  GGreat Grandfather Sanford, his brother Hauge and sister Phebe all lived in Monroe - Appanoose Iowa area.
So the letters were shared.  Some times things were added to them and sent back a second time.

Mom inherited a Currier and Ives Document that Henry Hoffman filed out and one that son Sanford filed out. He was our direct line.  I was hoping to get a good copy of them to share with family. I believe my brother Ray Jones Jr has them. My pictures did not turn out well.

Henry listed his wife and children, marriage and birth of all his children on that document. Sanford did the same on his.  I suspect that each child may have received on.

So gather a tidbit from each month, good or bad and share with kin. Make the card a worthy endeavor instead of just a Blessed Christmas /Happy New Year Event.