Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pentico Ancestors and Some Tidbits

Starting with my Father -In-Law, Arthur Franklin Pentico born in 1907 in Iowa.
Died  CA.
4 children

He is the son of Franklin Andrew Pentico, b 29 May 1881 Jasper Co. IA.
Died 8 May 1967 Ringgold Creston, IA.   Very nice looking man now that I have seen his photo.

He is son of Emmanuel E Pentico b 21 Jan 1854 Westover, PA
Will probated 22 Jan 1906  Boone, IA  # 2132 Vol 1. 1894-  found on Ancestry
another source is Iowa Wills and Probate Records 1758-1997.

He is son of Phillip Pentico born 7 December 1828 ,) Jersey Shores, Lycoming Co. PA, drafted in  Civil War
Name:Phillip Pentico
Residence:Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Congressional District:19th
Died  2 October 1917 Prairie City, Jasper Co. IA,  Westview Cemetery.
Many children.

He is the son of:
John Penticoff b abt 1800 in Pennsylvania, (married April 1825 Yorktown, PA ?) source was not shared. Would appreciate source.
John is either the oldest or next to oldest child of : All others accounted for.
Died 18 July 1857 Pleasant Valley, Scott, IA.  They had 8 boys and 2 girls.

They are in the 1830 Lycoming Co. Census for PA,  Jersey Shores area. It showed two boys which would cover George W. and Philip as our records have it.

This was the beginning of our tree for 50 years due to lack of knowledge and following some not accurate information.

DNA connections confirmed what we suspicioned after 50 years of research. WE (was Mary Pentico Nelson my sister in law and I.)

Johann Phillip Penticoff/Benighoff b 28 Oct 1770 Montgomery Co. PA  died 26 Sept 1839 in Union co. PA

He is son of Phllip Jacob Penticof/ BENIGHOFF b  30 Jan 1740  Bischeim, Rhineland Pfatz, Germany region.
Died New Tripoli, Lynn Twp. Lehigh Co., PA.

married 1766 Upper Salford, Montgomery Co. PA Elisabeth Margareth Schwarn. She was b 1 Sept 1752 Montgomery Co. PA. died before 1854 in PA.


The name has other variants also. We are all over the USA.

You may contact us at or

More to follow thanks to cousin who did book eons ago.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lt. Thomas Tracy 9th Great Grandfather

Lt. Thomas Tracy is Susi Pentico's 9th great grandfather!

Susi Pentico 
Ray Dee Jones
your father
Lydia Eastman
her mother
Lydia Tracy
his mother
Hezekiah Tracy
her father
Joseph Tracy, Sr
his father
Nathaniel Tracy
his father
Lt. Thomas Tracy
his father

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pentico Pictures and Shared Stories.

Having to learn how to make copies on the copy machine, I will be able to share new photos of the
Pentico Family.

 The visit by a Pentico niece, had her Aunt opening up her surprise package of family pictures I have never ever seen.

 Will be taking them to Staples to get copies and the put on zip so I can send to family and post here for the family to see.

 Some are from Grandma Pentico's old album of long, long ago. There is even a picture of her and her husband standing together when they were together. They made a nice looking couple.  Divorce is such a sad thing but so real in today's world.  I suspect it was more prevalent than what we think of in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

My one set of Grandparents were divorced also.  Having also found  a Great Great Grandparents
may have separated also.

 I have a 6th Great Grandparent that divorced what we think was his first wife, maybe his second not proven yet, and we are all descended from his 2nd wife or ?   That was in the 1780's.

 Some say he was married before but so far nothing concrete gives me that information.

 We have pictures of all of my husbands' father's siblings. That thrilled me.  I think we also may have copies of all of his mother's sibling's also.

So hang tight and say a prayer and I hope to do this in the next 24 hours.

All you Pentico cousins on Facebook will soon by placed within the right down line of the family tree. At least all of you whom share confirmation. We do have the Pentico book and we are looking for the Benninghoff book now.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Grandparents Day, Are you Ready? - Patriot Day are you ready?

   Grandparents Day, Are You Ready?

Did your family recognize your Grandparents as you grew up?

Did you recognize your Grandparents as you grew up?

Did you think about your Parents as Grandparents as you became a
Mom or a Dad?

Do you recognize any elderly people you may know that would perk up their day?

What of the Parents who lost their children?  Do you still recognize them on Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Do you even know what day is Grandparents Day?

Yes, 11 September is the day.

Please recognize the above mentioned family members.

This day is also recognized as Patriot Day -National Day of Remembrance.  

Patriot Day came about from the attack on 9 -11 in New York City.

Patriot Day - 11th Sep, 2016 | Days Of The Year

President Proclaims Patriot Day, Day of Remembrance - Navy

Many ask us to do something special for others on this day in remembrance .

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Various Programs and their Offers.

I am still attempting to see why we are doing some of the movements in Genealogy.

First,  starting as a youth working along with my MOM, we recorded lots of family information.

Second, suddenly it is not relevant, unless sourced, in their own hand and recorded can't be used.

Third,  believe me, my Grandfather's would have written it out for me and if they had thought this would happen. Some that was written out the government lost. They have no idea what they did to the sources I did have. Great Grandma' Eastman Foulk's letters. Several of the other families of her generation that I had been writing to since about 12 were all lost in a government shipment but they did not declare it worth of repayment.
At this point many of these people were gone.  Great Grandmother died in Jan of 1958. I graduated that year. She shared so  many stories and events. Have even considered hypnotism to recall the data she shared.

LOL, the system would kick it out to, possibly.

Fourth, we struggle along to replicate some form of sourcing and data.

Fifth, we are many where we appeared to be few and suddenly programs are jumping.

Sixth,  Everyone ??? wants to make a major tree of all interlinking to prove we are all related.

Seventh,  Where suddenly is the sourcing for solidification of the data? Sometimes I use some of the data if enough people agree and post a bit of sourcing.
Many I do not touch.  I have people that have pages of sources and some with only one or two source items. Being taught you should have at least 3 sources I sometimes ponder if I should go left or go right.

Eighth,  Also what about all the very, very old historical books on surnames written by families in the 1850's forward.  Family History books, places History books, what about these for sources and information.

Ninth,  new genealogical programs have created some new ideas for research. Timelines, can really help one to fill in our blanks and with Timelines of various sources or mixed together it can really help fill in the history of your family.

Tenth,  final for this blog post, Are you watching what some  companies are doing to our sources and work we put together and did for free?  Many sites are disappearing, why they were to be held for genealogists always.

One of our best sites ever for almost every state was USGENWEB.ORG.