Monday, September 30, 2013

Ida"s Mom, Margaret Mae Eastman FOULK Archer

Margaret Mae Eastman is the daughter of George Herbert EASTMAN and Lydia Trowbridge.
His father was Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN and mother was Esther *THOMAS* with a question mark. My files say Thomas from my research Grandma Ida said she was either a THOMAS or a WOOD.  Big story here for later.

Margaret Mae married Harvey Edward Foulk son of William Henry Foulk b 1846 in Somerset Co. PA died Ia 1940. His Mom was Katherine MYERS b 1845 Perry Co. IA died 1922  Blackhawk Co., IA.

Harvey Edward Foulk was born 18 Oct 1867 in Illinois.1870 with parents  Wm  H Foulk and Catharine Foulk 1870 census also with brother Arthur F. aged 1 and he is aged 3. Cedar, Blackhawk Co. IA.

1910 Census Harvey and Margret are in Eagle, Blackhawk, IA

Victoria Mae (IDA) married Carl Fremont JONES, His Uncle Charlie Jones took them to Blue Mound, Minn to marry, due to family squabble over wealth. ARRRGH  I have certificate.

1920 census with wife Margaret Mae Eastman in Platte township 22 North E#9 Wyo.
Dad remembered when they came to town and Grandad told him to tell his parents they were on the way back to IOWA. Gave him a horse and instructions about property.  Dad was 8 years old.

Other children with Harvey and Margaret Mae were: Arthur W. 21  (Great Uncle Dick); Belva L 19 whom married Earnest Rice lived Greybull, Wyo.,; Claude O 17, married Edna Musselman,  I knew them well, they lived in Wheatland, Wyo area.  She made the best pickled beets jello salad.;  Blanche E. 15 died young have pic of her casket etc; Ira E., I met once when he came to see Dad in Valley Ford, Ca., Alvina K. 10 lived in Wheatland and we all knew and loved her she married Mr. Kerns.; Herbert E. 6 married late and his wife still with us. Love her very much.

Dad and Uncle Herbie (Great Uncle) were born almost at the same time.

Harvey disappears at the time he shipped a load of wheat to Russia.  No one learned more of him or at least did not acknowledge information. Interesting stories though came from it.

Here is the only picture I know have of her since government lost the letters and pictures she had shared.  With her last husband.  Mr. Archer.  Great Grandma died January 23,1958 the year I graduated from school. She was born 6 Oct 1874 Black Hawk Co. IA.

Shasta Foulk is the baby in her arms.   Shasta you were cute.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk, m Jones then Norris.

Here is a picture of Grandma (IDA) Jones, at the time (dvd) with her daughters at my Aunt Etta's home in Petaluma, California on her husbands family's dairy. Ollimac Dairy. I think it was about 1946.

Remembering that Aunt Muril was married to Uncle Joseph COLLIN's and Aunt Bethel was married to Aubie Dee Cooper, Sr. Both men served in the war, as did Uncle Comillo Morelli, Aunt Etta's husband before he went back to the dairy.

These are my Dad's sisters. His brother was in the Navy and at Pearl Harbor.
Both Uncle Joe and Uncle Pete (Aubie) were at the hospital in San Francisco at one time.
I can not remember if there were there together or just right after each other but suspect that is when this picture would have been taken. Suspect Mom took the picture for her to have picture and negative.

Etta Jones Morelli back Aunt Bethel Jones Cooper back
front Grandma Ida, Aunt Muril Collins  I thought they had such attractive dresses.

Almost forgot how thin Grandma was when younger.  The picture is outside the kitchen of Aunt Etta;s house.  Down to the left was the Fig Tree,  Don Morelli and I used to get into and eat the figs when first ripe.  They tasted so good.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those Places Thursday, Slater, Wyo.

Photo taken 1978  in front of Slater School my Dad went to as a boy. That is he, standing in front of the school.
Ray Dee Jones Sr, went his first years of school in this building.  So did his siblings.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Checking my Files JONES Papers Hewitt Papers and others

Today wondering through the files, refreshing the brain, found some data to help cousin in Santa Rosa, CA.  Someone in Vermont sent my papers some years ago and the names are mentioned there in.

I was reading the Hewitt Papers and the amount of marriages between the JONES, HEWITT, ALLEN, and WAITE lines is amazing. Of course, they were all neighbors or at least I am suspecting that. Many worshipped at the same church. Most of them came from Rhode Island and a  few came from Connecticut.  

 When the next box is reviewed, there should be a few blank walls filled in.  

 If you have data on these lines please let me know.  Having a blank spot and attempting to find someone who has the data to fill it in.  

 Areas being researched are Bennington, Vermont; Western Mass.; Rensselaer Co. ; Saratoga Co.; Dutchess Co., NY and Washington Co. NY.  Time frame is from 1750 to 1880.

 The  main time frame I am looking at is about 1760 to 1850.  

  Some one was the parents of NOEL JONES born 1775ish NY. His son's letter stated Silas Jones and Susannah Sweet JONES were ancestors of NOEL JONES. We have a missing link for who was father of NOEL JONES. Have records to prove all that is posted. NOEL and Susanna had NOYES in 1809 in Petersburg court house records. 

Noyes and family,  later in life marries and moves to Ill. then Iowa. He moves after 1850 or there about.

I spoke with Mabel Hewitt a few times on phone. I have spoke to others and so far no luck.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More on Colorado damage and help for the Citizens

I was thrilled to get this piece of information and wanted to share it here.

For all those who lost so much and are concerned if any thing is salvagable, please friends whom may read this pass this to them. Do not through away the damaged goods.  Help is around the corner.

For those who had back up else where or in the cloud and at cousins across the country your so extra blessed but so many of us just have not gotten it all done yet, ie backing it all up.

Memory Rescue Centers are now Open  is the heading.
Memory Rescue Centers Now Open -

They can help you to salvage your destroyed, not, files and make your heart not so heavy.
Please click on the link. It lists for places to take your papers, pictures and hard drives. It also says you can call them and they can help over the phone.

Everyone get the word out to help our fellow citizens.

The Locations are in Boulder 303-554-7100, Lone Tree 303-799-1677, Fort Collins 970-226-0102, and Denver 303-623-0607.

On this site above lists numbers to call for further assistance.

Please get the word to these people who have already lost so much.

It says if you can not get to a center  call them they can still advise you.

Contact:, 1.970.221.7223, 1.855.477.3547
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Genealogy and the Colorado Floods September 2013

Being at a genealogy meeting last night the topic of using maps was brought up and a light discussion of why they are important went around the large table of people. Each with their own thoughts, great topic for everyone for input.

What came up was, rivers move, trees die, rocks disappear.  How do you know what you are looking for?  It happened this past week in Colorado more than one creek  or river left it's banks and created a new path in the now torn up land.  Roads were washed away and land marks are no longer there.

Somehow I think floods are more damaging than fire. I am almost terrified of fire. It goes back to an incident when I was 7 1/2 in 2 nd grade and the ranch nearly burned down.

Fire burns and in many ways cleans the land and replenishes the ground and has seeds open that need the heat to get them to pop. Grounds are generally more fertile after a fire. Yellowstone proved this several years back. I still do not like fire out side of a fire pit or fireplace.

Floods seem to reek such habit in the habitat. It pulls trees out by the roots, it takes the foundations away and the roads are gone. The towns are no more. Everything is jumbled and tossed along as it builds momentum, running down the river or swollen creek or sudden flash flood on open ground.

It has such velocity, it can move train cars, trucks, homes, cars, animals and about anything in it's path including good size boulders by it's force.

With 300 people still missing and it's been several days since they started looking my heart is heavy with concern they will be located.  I saw the car the teens were swept out of and swept away.

I saw the roads the vehicles fell into when the water had eroded away the foundations.

So if you are reading an ancestors letter and it said.  The barn was by the windmill, which Grandad built by the creek, on the high side.  Does that mean you will find the foundation there today?  If the house was built down the road by the pond but on the low side of the road or trail would it survive?
Did that river or creek still run the way it did 100 years ago or more?

The entire topography of 15 counties have been affected by this devastation. Maybe even  more.

Then think of Sandy Hook, New Jersey; New Orleans, La; Alabama; Mississippi; and all those areas hit by Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Fires.  The land is not the same the markers are gone. Some of them will rebuild it will never be the same. Earthquakes changed the face of San Fransisco and other areas such as Northridge.  These things have been happening since the beginning of time.

 Land marks in our time frame will have disappeared for many as reference points in the future.
 So if you are looking for the homestead, or the cabin or the hotel, remember to check the history of the area to find out if any of this type of thing occurred there in the past since the ancestor settled there.

Blessings on all the workers and society that are stepping up to help those in such dire need. It truly is a dire need.

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, IA Noyes and Susan Madison Jones parents of Calvin F Jones.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Some tidbits on our JONES in IOWA

Tidbits on our JONES Family in Iowa. Some of the Johnson's may be ours also. Jepson also.

Oak Hill Cemetery Association, Nashua, Chickasaw Co. IA

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jones Excitement, New England Descendants of Silas Jones Sr.

Jones Excitement, New England Descendants, but I am finding them in my home ground of youth, amazing how the  world keeps going around and around.

About a month ago I read an article about a person looking for her ancestors. It was interesting because it referenced both New Jersey and Rensselaer Co., New York. It also had a lot of intrigue attached.

I suggested due to the lack of information she try for a Mtdna or Ydna for more information.  She does a Family Finder and wow she is related to my son, through my line.  Now which line is the question.

We swapped names and places and ideas.

That was the deal breaker.  She had JONES, I am a JONES.  Now I have learned she has a few other of my surnames also. Some from VA and some from NJ.

Should have realized those JONES's would get to NJ.

Then I learn she is from Santa Rosa, CA.  I grew up next door in Valley Ford, CA. First major job was in Santa Rosa, CA.  We do have other JONES kin in Santa Rosa, CA.

After more email's flying back and forth, a phone call takes place. Later after my Sweet/Jones cousin Shirley stops by we chat then I call her back again.  I could give her data she did not have. She gave me data I did not have.

Now lets hope that other JONES researchers share more data and plug more empty spots.

Melanie I can not say Thank You enough for the beginning help you gave me years ago.

Knowing your tree is well documented and can be used with out panic is a great asset.

Silas JONES SR and wife Susanna Sweet JONES m 21 Nov 1742 East Greenwich, RI.
He passes 14 Oct 1802, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY  I have Susanna 's birth but no death.
I am wondering if she passed while they were in Duchess Co., NY?

Their children are:
Abel b 1743 East Greenwich, RI- - d 1 July 1835 Jones Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY*
Roscomb b 1746 East Greenwich RI - -  ma Susannah b 1779 Dutchess NY*
Noel b 14 April 1748 "    "            "      ma  Whitford  (have much more)
Martha b  9 Oct 1749  "    "           "      m Thomas Phillips

Zalmon b 5 Dec 1751  "    "           "    no further data  HELP
Norman b 10 June 1754  "    "           "          "                  "
Laban   b  15  Aug 1756  "   "           "     ma Sally Whitford
Abigail   b  26 June 1758   "    "         "      No further data  Help

Silas Jones Jr  b  26 April 1760 Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY  ? died 14 Oct 1832 same place#
Samuel Jones  b 9 Nov 1762    more in old files, wife Polly Allen several children
Benjamin Jones b 23 Oct 1765   ???? I think he is Abel's son????  Anyone?????

Silas Jones Jr  mar  3 Aug 1784  Mercy Scriven Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY
         Mercy Scriven b 8 Feb 1761 Westerly, Washington, RI  d 19 Jul 1837,
                     is the daughter of William Scriven and Mercy LEWIS Scriven.
          Silas Jr. d 11 Oct 1832  Berlin, Rensselaer Co. NY.  more data on this lineage 10 known children in my files.

Mabel Hewitt also listed: Timothy, I found to be son of Benjamin, son of Noel, cousins line in Canada.
James, and Lindell?  no data

*  Abel's wife comes with major questions in my files.  believe Noel and Laban married sisters.

Zebulon JONES  son of Silas JONES Jr and Mercy Scriven: b 11 Mar 1794 died 19 Dec 1860.

Zebulon JONES ma Maria Tacy POWELL,  daughter was Polly Jones Spencer

Mabel's data has some conflict I am working on.  Silas Jr born 1760 has Zebulon m about 1781??
Was there two Zebulon's?  It also has children born before they married was there a different wife?

She lists Silas Jr children as : Silas Jr, Thomas, William m abt 1779, Zebulon m 1781, Polly f 1787
Betsey  f 10 July 1803 Berlin Rensselaer Co. NY  Old Albany.   Mabel Hewitt book in Bennington, VT. Library.

 I have more data, Contact me will share with our other JONES researchers.