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Graves of John MYERS and Sarah Foulk MYERS, Troy Grove, LaSalle Co. , Illinios

Troy Grove Cemetery, Troy Grove, La Salle County, Illinois, photos by Carolyn Lundstrom.

Find A Grave updated pictures.  


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


MYERS FAMILY REUNION NEWS: Descendants of John and Sarah (Foulk) Myers will be gathering in McPherson, Kansas the weekend of July 11th and 12th for the every-three-year reunion. See where you fit into the families of their children: Levi, Aaron, Urias, Darius, Catherine (Kate), Cenas, Urban, John and Susan. The hosts are putting information on Facebook - check out "John and Sarah Foulk Descendants" for further information. Please share this post so other family members will be informed.MY LINE......

Friday, January 23, 2015

More on Peter Foulk Sr and Families son of John Folk of Berks Co.

  As stated before Peter Foulk Sr is the son of John Folk,

1.   John FOLK b 1740 Lancaster, PA dcd 15 April  1793 Greenwich, Berks Co., PA
      m 3 April 1762 , also REV WAR VET.  (Doctor) Served in Bucks Co. and New Jersey.
      2. Peter FOULK Sr   b June 1773   d 4 April 1823 Rye Twp. Perry Co. PA  War Vet also.
          3. Peter Foulk Jr b 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co. PA  d 13 Aug 1885 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA
              (rel: Disciples)  History of Blackhawk Co. IA.  11 children 4 dcd at his death.
              4. Wiliam Henry Foulk b 22 Feb 1846 Somerset Co., PA d 4 Jan 1940 Cedar Twp.
                    Blackhawk Co. IA(helped build Washburn IA, Rock Island RR Pioneer) conductor

                    5. Harvey Edward Foulk b 18 Oct 1867  Illinois death unknown, disappeared with a
                         shipment of wheat to Russia.

                         6.  Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk  b 6 Nov 1897 Washburn, Blackhawk Co. IA,
                               d. 9 Nov 1988 Cheyenne, Wyo.  married 18 Jan 1913 Albert Lea, Minn.

1a.  Mary Magdeline STROCK Armstrong FOLK separate file very large, family in Cumberland Co.
       PA wife of John

       2a. Catherine Ohlinger  12 July 1774 Bucks, Bucks Co., PA,  d. 7 June 1855 Rye Twp. Perry 
                 Co. PA Indian,  ??    data given me,   not proven yet to my satisfaction. wife of Peter Sr.

            3a. Susan (Susanah) Martin SHOWALTER  b 9 Dec 1805/6 Martindale, Lancaster Co. PA
                        (adopted),  d 3 May 1866 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA.  wife of Peter Jr.
                  4a. Katherine (Catherine) MYERS b 30 May 1845 Perry Co. PA   m 8 October 1865
                               De Kalb, Co. Ill,  d 7 June 1922 Cedar Twp. Blackhawk Co. IA.

                        5a.  Margaret Mae EASTMAN  b 6 Oct 1874 Blackhawk Co. IA, m 19 Oct 1892
                                   Blackhawk Co. IA, d 23 Jan 1958, Washburn, Blackhawk Co. IA

                            6a. Carl Fremont Jones b 10 Oct 1887, Bradford, Chickasaw Co., IA  m 18 Jan
                                  1913 Albert Lea, MInn, d 12 Mar 1862, Casper, Wyo.

What this method does not show is the duel descendants from  Peter Foulk Sr.

4a. Katherine (Catherine) Myers  b 30 May 1845, Perry Co. PA m 8 Oct 1865 DeKalb Co. ILL
       to William Henry Foulk.
       Katherine's mother was Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) Foulk,  her father was also Peter Foulk Sr. (2)
        Religion:  Church of God,

Peter Jr  (3) and Sarah Elizabeth were siblings of Peter Foulk Sr.(2) son of John Folk (1), of Greenwich, Berks Co. PA.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sarah Jane (Elizabeth) Foulk and John Myers Family.

 First a brief history of this family which is quite large, on the Folk /Foulk side.
John Folk born 1740, Lancaster, PA. only one source looking for more.
died 14 April 1793, have his Will and Land records and some REV WAR papers.
Greenwich, Berks Co. PA
He marries a widow Mary Magdeline Strock Armstrong, rumor said she had at least 2 small children.
I have much Strock information thanks to Bob Strock of Ohio.
She takes her family to Cumberland Co., Pa near her brother and where her Father had lived.
Father died and I didn't capture the data, Need to go back and do that. names YOST and PHILIP STROCK. others also. Marriage was 3 April 1762 , papers say he was a Dr. ?
He served in Rev War via Bucks Co. PA.

I am a duel descendant of this family.  From both Peter and Phillip Folk/Foulk.

Peter Sr. born June 1773  I believe Greenwich area, Berks Co.  He dies 4 April 1823 in Rye Twp. Perry Co. Pa.    Will p 97 Vol A Perry Co. PA
Family always said wife was Indian...
My Grandmother said she was taught many Indian remedies past down from her. I wish I could remember the ones she shared with me.  I do remember the one about the plant that makes cough drops. My Aunt Etta's husband's grandmother was from Switzerland also and she taught Bob & Don Morelli and I.
Catherine OHLINGER 12 July 1774 Bucks Bucks Co. PA born and 7 Jun 1855 died Rye Twp.,Perry Co. PA.    pictures of their graves.  Anyone have major proof?

Peter had Peter Jr, Sarah (Elizabeth) Jane, John, Samuel, Joseph, Ann, Susannah, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary and Henry, in my files.

Peter Jr  25 Jan 1803 Perry Co. PA  death 13 Aug 1885  Blackhawk Co. IA married Susanah(Susan) Martin Showalter, ( she was adopted).9 Dec 1805'6, Martindale, Lancaster Co. PA
death 3 May 1886 Waterloo, Blackhawk IA.

Peter Jr and Wife, had: William Henry, Matilda (Mythaler), Mary M(Gordon), Sarah J  (HESS), Susan C (Dener)., Levia F.

William Henry m Katherine Myers and that is my family.

Now back to Peter SR.  his daughter Sarah Elizabeth  (Jane) 28 July 1813  death  21 Mar 1860
Church of God,   Troy Grove., Ill.  Husband is our John Myers, so that is my other link into the lineage.

John Myers will be another whole situation.  Anyone with connection can contact me at   I am the daughter of   Ray Dee Jones Sr, son of Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk Jones Norris, her father was Harvey Edward the son of William Henry Foulk.  I did attend the Reunion in McPherson, Ks with my parents and Ken and Dolly Foulk of Montana. Dad's cousin.

This is well sourced except for more information needed on OHLINGER connection.

This is the census for John and Sarah Foulk Myers. They died in Troy Grove, ILL.

John Myers
Rye, Perry, Pennsylvania

Now that is a FACT. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

What Program Do You Use?

O I know that is very vague.  The other day Randy Seaver asked a question on what genealogical software do you use and why are we not working on the FamilySearch Family Tree?

I took stock of what I have, at Jamboree years ago I tried their new, I liked it and shared it also with a relative. They also like it. They are more technical than I.  They have lost me at this point with all the ancestors 2,000 years back.

Then I was amazed at what I saw using and this year they even came out with shaking leaves of a sort.  I have been using it strongly for over 2 years almost 3 now.  Alas the other day they made changes and my tree is a mess.

As a MAC (APPLE) user, I have had Reunion since 1995 with first computer.  The creator I met and he is a distant Myers cousin.  LOL, that doesn't help me to master using the program like I would like.

I have actually thought of getting a notebook computer so I could use Roots Magic. I have sat in on many of their presentations and personally think it is the best overall software out there.  Legacy has one feature it does not but Legacy is all over everywhere. Really love Roots Magic.

I have an I - Pad and use Reunion on it and try to work MyHeritage on it also.  The I-Pad just is not a computer.

Not forgetting I have and a tree there that with their latest upgrade is a disaster because when adding a new member it disconnected a whole line, I have no idea why or how and I am not able to reconnect it reversing what I did.  Ancestry does way to many changes. I like how you can connect information to the tree when it is working correctly and doesn't say in the middle you have to wait or come back.   It probably has the most sourced information except for my original tree with out a program that I had done eons ago.

Now, I have indexed for Family History Center for the 1940 census. But tonight they say I do not exist. Strange and I was at the LDS Library today. It won't recognize any of my three working names.

I was going to go back in and see if I thought FamilySearch Family Tree had improved since the last time I looked at it.

Was hoping to more adequately answer Randy's questions of why I shy away from it.

Wiki is just not the way I want to go. They should have kept track of the erroneous information better.
After all us genealogists have to prove everything down to a dotted i and a crossed t now days.

Wishing that was in place when I garnered information from grandparents and relatives that could have written it out or I could have recorded it maybe.  Some things are hard to or not possible to track.

So with Randy's comments I thought I might try it again.  After all, having expanded my blog reading to include more people for feedback and thoughts and ideas, I felt I owed that to myself and others I work with to be more informed.

I use the computers at LDS Library and and save urls and garner information as I can find time when home.  How you get it from LDS data to your computer program is another matter.

Gentleman, at LDS today asked if I could tell him how to do it. I said, alas I could not, he was using FTM as his program and I hear that it is compatible to LDS.  Randy if you see this I can give you his name and url to contact.

Talking of programs other than above, do you use Dropbox, Evernote and other programs that are to assist us in our endeavors?  Why do they work so weird on Pads verses computers?  Enough to make one pull whats left of our hair out.

Would love to hear some feed back.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Thought, No Resolutions instead......

New thought,  do not make resolutions for this year.  Thanks to a fellow genealogist, I think he makes great sense.  Just like another genealogist said," stop, set it aside and start over."

Resolutions require set goals and time lines, and stress in genealogy.
True, a set goal means you generally achieve more than with out a goal.

Please jump over to Michael John Neill's site No Resolutions for 2015--Instead Some Suggestions

This  makes great sense for all whom are doing research.

Since I have been digging the dead since I was about 12 years of age with my Mom, the other genealogist said time to start over.  We used books, pencils, papers, newspapers, obituaries, journals,
library sources over and over and wrote hundreds of thousands of letters. We made phone calls and once in a while got to visit kin to garner more information.

Crazy today, it is hard to explain this to new genealogists just getting started. It is hard to make people understand, you still have to do all those things we did back then.  The computer access to some records and requests can make some results quicker. But you still have to do the ground work, the paper work, the digging for results on your own.

I loved the suggestions that Michael John Neill suggests.  The comparing of data, recording the name of informant, (I think they need to sign their story so that is 1st hand information), wish I had done that with my grandparents and relatives information. Then pray it doesn't get lost in shipment any where.

Let me know what you think.  I do all these things but not always directly.

Transcriptions can be a problem due to error in transcribing but we use thousands of transcribed documents all the time.

Blessed New Year to All.