Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wandering through the Debris, A True Find. FOULK /KERNS

Wandering through the Debris, A True Find contact

Several years ago before family was separated by jobs and life, I had found relatives of my Great
Aunt Alvina Foulk Kerns.  I sent them pictures of what we had gotten when my Dad passed on.

Yesterday, another treasure trove was unearthed as I dug to the bottom of books and boxes.

Family is adjusting to more members and thinning out has begun.

If anyone out there has knowledge of any of Great Aunt Alvina Foulk Kern's husbands' family of today. I would appreciate contact.   They did not have children but it seems they had kin in California if I recall correctly.  His name was Willis Kerns and I believe he died in Wheatland, Wyoming also, as she did.

Also will be making copies of all the Foulk pictures in her photo album.  It has a Great Aunt's funeral service in it.

Yes she was born in Iowa, as I understand it, near Waterloo, IA. She lived and died in Wheatland, Wyo. Her mother was Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk Archer.

Yes, that place that made national news this morning because they had received 12 inches of snow over night and it was still snowing when I talked to my Aunt Doris Hoffman at 10 am.  She figured they may have as much as 15 inches if it did not stop.

Not sure but the funeral may have been of Blanche, Dad just said it was my Great Aunt.  At one time and maybe in other files I may have the name.  Why you say do I not have this.

I had a back up drive fail and was told the data could not be retrieved.  The computer of way back then has been gone for more than ten years.

Much they do not tell you when you move from pen and paper to computer is, one needs a massive lesson on what a computer can do, what you must be alert to do and back up more than 2 ways.

My bottom thought was it was not meant to be kept. It was a lot of work that I refuse to re do again.
Much is in my brain so solid because I knew almost all of Grandma's siblings.  Dad was adamant that
we knew our relatives. Because until he was adult he only knew part of one side of  his family.
Then we learned about many of them.  I wrote my Great Grandmother until she died January of 1958 in Iowa. The US Government lost all those letters, many of the letters my other relatives shared and my husband's while he was away at sea or over seas.

Foulk, Kerns, Jones, Rice,  and other collateral cousins . Please contact me if you would like copies of pictures or know how to contact his family in case they would want any copies of these pictures.

1920 census Wheatland, Wyo area.

Name:Alvina K Foulk
Birth Year:abt 1910
Home in 1920:Election District 9, Platte,Wyoming
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Harvey E Foulk
Father's Birthplace:Illinois
Mother's name:Margaret M Foulk
Mother's Birthplace:Iowa
Able to Speak English:Yes
Attended School:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Harvey E Foulk52
Margaret M Foulk47
Arthur W Foulk21
Belva L Foulk19
Claude A Foulk17
Blanche E Foulk14
Ira E Foulk12
Alvina K Foulk10
Herbert E Foulk6

Monday, February 20, 2017

Taken at Candy's Wedding. Bonita, CA 21 August 2016

                                        Susan C Jones Pentico and Fred Edward Pentico

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mason Huffman and wife Nancy Ann Plants Huffman

 Nancy Ann Plants  Huffman and Mason Huffman

 Nancy is a sister to my Rachel Plants

 Mason is a cousin to my Sanford Hoffman.

 Henry Huffman -- Hoffman around 1850's.  changed his name from Huffman to Hoffman when his younger children came home from school and they learned there was no Huffman in Germany.
 By changing it back to  Hoffman he was able to get less mail to deliver to his cousins, and kin that lived near that were also HUFFMAN.  I have copy of his letter when he wrote to Sanford telling him of the change.

Their descendant came to visit with my husband.  USNavy and Ogden and Boone, Iowa connections.
I showed him the picture of my Grandfather that caused me to call him years ago at Christmas time and say," Do you have Hoffman/Huffman background and he said yes.  The two people pictured about.  Then I got to tell him, it was great to have him as my hubby's friend but I was excited to find he was a double cousin.   Yes, they look alot alike, only Grandad Hoffman was much shorter.
Even when young, we compared the pictures the resemblance was there.

Yes, their daughter married a Heck and so the name changed for hubbies friend.

What a thrill to have him come see us again and we both miss his wife, RIP  Kate.
  B and B are the boys.  Of course all grown now and families of their own.

I met him when he started duty in the Navy at NAS LEMOORE. He met his wife at Lemoore and married her. Then we shared duty areas in San Diego.  Later he got out at the end of his tour and we continued on.

 Their parents knew each other.  The boys worked for each others parents.

 What a great visit this has been for my husband.  Alas he can not identify the lady that Grandad called his Grandma G G Great.