Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Wow this has been a day. First I get this note about Los Angeles and their problems then I get note about school district that sent out note regarding a sexual predator that was in area of Rancho Bernardo that was not released to the public which may have saved people much grieve.

I do not think I understand our government any more. Sentimental Sunday, AHHHHHH let us go back to when a hand shake meant your word; A promise was retained; An apology was given in earnest and meant.

Sentimental Sunday, I long for the older day of truth and honest and caring humans.
I miss the ability to trust with open heart, the activities involved in within the day.

One could say to a person this is what we know and people would accept it as word.

I remember Granddad saying that many a farm/ranch deal was done with a handshake and no one cheated the other. I remember him saying it was slipping away in the early 1960's.

Of course then I lost Granddad in the early 1960's also. But the world did not stop
and the integrity kept right on sliding.

I volunteer at a High School that has a MOTTO " DO THE RIGHT THING". I have days
that make me wonder if they remember that motto. The students guided with this motto had stronger convictions for being upright and forthright.

No not everyone has fallen but it seems, more fall, more often, every day than manage to brush off temptation and move forward.

Feeling that almost everyone is feeling these changes I decided to mention it on this
Sentimental Sunday.

May God help us all.

Pretty scarey DATA

From the L. A. Times
1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.
2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
8 Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.
10.. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.
(There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County .. )

(All 10 of the above facts were published in the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States ' annual population growth(and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens .

We are fools for letting this continue

Send copies of this letter to at least two other people. 100 would be even better.
This is only one State...............

If this
doesn't open your eyes nothing will,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surame Saturday WARDEN,

Isaac WARDEN b 1770 unknown living in PA according to some records. He marries Jeanette McCune b 1782 moved to Gurensey Co. OHIO. His death takes place in 1842 at this place.

His son Samuel WARDEN is born in Huntingdon Co. PA 17 Oct 1795. He marries Margaret FULLER b 16 May 1801 in Washington Co. MD the daughter of James FULLER and some say his father is (Thomas). ??

Samuel Warden dies 18 Aug 1884 and records show he served in the CW. Margaret Fuller WARDEN dies in Madrid Boone Co. IA. Have pictures of her tombstone and of many of her family that lived in Madrid Boone Co. IA. 29 Dec 1897. Some of her family can be found in MO also.

They are the parents of Daniel WARDEN.

Daniel is born 1831 in Ohio and dies 31 Jan 1917 in IOWA. (CW Also)? if right Daniel.
He is in the Liberty, Gurensey Co. OHIO in 1850 census with family.
Daniel then shows in the 1860 census for Polk Madison IA. with wife and children.
Daniel 28, Mary 24, Samuel 6, MA 2, Charles 1/2, Also James WARDEN 24, and Catherine.

Ella is born Polk Co., IA. 22 June 1862 her death was 4 Aug 1918 Foster Moravia IA.

Back to Daniel WARDEN appears to be married twice because I find conflicting data on spouse and being a widow and then mar and then being widow again.

1885 census shows Daniel and Mary 17 and J? Daniel is farmer adn this Mary is many years younger so not wife but probably daughter. Was not readable on census.

1915 census shows in Ringgold, Clinton Co. IA. Death was in same place according to kin but I have no proof yet.

Data on wife Mary Jane Langdon or Mary J Langdon father Joseph Langdon 1801 VA d OH (?) and mom Arteminta Brammer.b 1807 VA Mary J born OHio ..died in IOWA as near as can be determned for Ella was born in Polk Co IA.

Ella Warden b 22 June 1862 Polk Co IA dies 4 Aug 1918 Foster Moravia IA ( Have copy of Obit) Marries Cornelius SCOTT son of JOHN SCOTT grandson of Shadrack Scott.

These are my great grandparents.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I picked up this data today and want to pass it along from Michigan Genealogical February 21, 2010

Dear Fellow Genealogists:

As you may be aware, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) issued a letter on Friday, February 12, 2010, regarding the status of the Library of Michigan and it's various collections.

On Wednesday, February 17, 2010, I met with Michigan's State Librarian, Nancy Robertson. The reality is grim. The library is facing a 23 percent cut in funding. This cut has forced MDE to examine what collections and services the library provides, and what the core functions of a state library are as stated in Michigan law. Based on that, MDE has determined what collections/services currently housed in the library fit the identified core services and which do not. It was a difficult and painful choice for them to make. Unfortunately, it was decided that while the non-Michigan genealogical collection and the Federal Documents collection are valuable, they do not fit into the core functions of a state library, nor is it mentioned in the state's constitution that the state must provide those collections/services. The Library is also facing a 13-person reduction in staff. They will have gone from 100 staff at its height, to 30 as of October 1, 2010.

Ms. Robertson also informed me that the library will become a non-circulating library. This means that they no longer need the second copy of items from the Michigan collection. Therefore, the second copies will go with the Genealogical collection. The items that do remain in the library's possession will be consolidated to the 4th and 5th floors.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) has invited Council to send a representative to the meetings of the Michigan Center for Innovation and Reinvention Board (MCIR) as an observer, and we have been informed that we will be allowed to have limited time for comment. Dr. Frank Boles, Director of the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University, a respected professional in the librarian and historical communities, has agreed to represent Council and the genealogy community as our spokesperson.

During times of crises, a process needs to be followed. The first step is information gathering, the second is evaluation, the third is negotiations, and the fourth is action. The MGC is currently working on gathering and evaluating information. While we understand that the community is outraged, we ask that everyone remain calm and let our spokesperson, Dr. Frank Boles communicate with the MCIR Board that is involved in the potential uses of the Historical Center.

Many alternative scenarios have been mentioned; however, MGC's goals are that the collections remain under one roof and under state control. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact MGC at

Thank you for your patience during this time of turmoil. We will continue to keep you updated as events unfold.


Cynthia Grostick, President
Michigan Genealogical Council

PLEASE GO to this WEBPAGE to read more/

Cynthia thanks for posting.

Following Jenna's site

JONES KIN some more

Since I find family to be so special I did a combined Sentimental Friday with a Special
Family Item yesterday.

Since I was actually on my way to one of the reunions when a family member was ill I do have sentimental feelings for the event. OOO so close.

But I have another JONES cousin that lives in Arizona that we did meet several times and have shared data with. That is from Great Uncle Walter's line.

I often wonder if our children ever realize how very important knowing the family can be
to ones own self. Maybe it takes living alone, away from family and friends to help to encourage this feeling.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sentimental Thursday thoughts on the JONES's

I knew what I would write about for Thursday when I did the Wordless Wednesday post.

I am going to talk a bit about my Dad's family. I have yet to meet most of the people in the picture but have spoke to many of them on the phone and in email and on the JONES Page Ramon built for us to use.

Donald Jones is pictured with my Uncle (Gerald O Jones) and I (Susan Jones Pentico) on my front page. This is mostly his family (picture) for he is the last son of LaMont or Monte JONES son of Calvin Jones CW VET son of Noyes JONES and Susan Madison JONES.

Donald is a first cousin to my Uncle and my Dad(dcd) and their siblings. Ramon is a nephew to Donald from his sibling. Donald had several siblings and they have passed.

My Dad met one when he was working at the feed mill when I was in school in Petaluma,CA but alas we never got to visit them prior to his cousins' death. We did not have knowledge of the other siblings then, other than they existed in No.CA. also.

I am so blessed I was able to find this family, Dad looked for all the time and
knew they could not live far from us. When I found them we were blessed with Don coming to visit us and the families here in San Diego. He also went to my MOM's home even though Dad was gone then and he met some of my siblings.

Dad was right they were only over a few hills to the east and north of us for many many years.

Donald's Dad was my Grandfather's best friend (brother) and with the family rift growing they left their homes in IOWA and moved away. Grandad to WYO and many other ranges and Monte to the reaches of Northern California.

Great Uncle Monte & Grandad were racing horses and buggy when young and Monte was run over by the buggy and his back broken. He lived his life in the bent position from the incident. I would have loved to have met him but his life was short due to the
situation on his body. Grandad always spoke well of him.

Later as adults they had a dry goods store in Waterloo, Iowa. But there was unrest in some of the siblings families so these two young men took their families and moved away. I will say so did the others move away also.

I am thrilled to have had the chance to converse with my cousins and share experiences of life with them. One year I hope to get to the JONES REUNION,
alas this year we will have a 90th birthday for MOM and it of course takes
priority as it should. Fortunately my brother and one of his sons did go and enjoy the meeting of his 2nd cousins.

They are all in this picture and one of Don's nephew's is now gone also.

Thanks family for being family.

Wordless Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

July 14 2007 JONES REUNION

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's Madness regarding Getting the Word Out

Hi All, today we are going to ramble about communication and the skills and lack there of the skills. This last week was a horrid eye opener to me from SWUHSD meeting to the Rock Club to the Genealogy fun meetings & other meetings I attended.

I thought it was ironic that they all brought up communications and how do you get more people involved. The topics were as minor as phone calls to as major as requesting media attention on TV and in the newspapers.

Then later at the end of the week I was reading a note on a rootsweb list about how a society was able to salvage their group with a few minor adjustments on their part.

I thought to myself that at least one of them should work for everyone to a certain degree. We are looking for ways to get the news out better to our local community regarding our events. We work hard to find the right medium. Our Program Chair works hard to find a good speaker with a interesting topic that will relate to our genealogy.

Most all topics whether they are for a specific ethnicity or generic has data that can be gleaned to help one in their research. When I was able to attend the
German Research Group, we had here in the past in San Diego, I always came away with a new thought or idea on how to garner more information. My heart cried when it finally gave up the ghost because there were so many afraid to step forward and do some time sharing. Granted age creeps up and we can not always do what we used to and praise God and Thank You to those who did, even past the time they were ready to rest.

So the one item that tended to leap off the page at me was a minor change in the
societies rules. It indicated that everyone who joined would need to donate a
minimium of time to the society to give back to others for what we were doing for them.

Frightened, timid, handicapped please do not feel it means you should get up and run a marathon. It meant maybe for three months you could call x amount of people every month to remind them of our meetings, pass on sudden new information since we can not
rely on computers for everyone or the message being read in a timely manner. It could be offering to share what books you have for personal research that you would be willing to look up data in for fellow genealogist. It could be going to the library a certain time of the day each week for a month to greet potential new members and help those who may come looking for assistance. Our society could use help with a person
during the evening at least once a week. Long ago I did Thursday nights and Wednesday days sharing with Ms. Lee. Now we are back to Monday's only and we are not reaching out to the community.

We already set out flyers and notices to other societies but if we are 100 + strong. OR even 35 strong, share the times and dates then no one doing it so much it is burn out.

Why can we not step up to the plate and say I can do 11am to 12pm once a week, 2-3pm once a week or twice a month for two months. I am sure you can understand the theory at this point. How about trying if your young and driving is not hard for you pick an evening to set at the library and be available, for potential new members (side affect is you have an hour to work with the books and learn what they have that may help you if no one shows up).

Another idea is to take the society news for speakers/events and post to the rootsweb lists. Then maybe a distant member can plan to attend an event in the area of your meeting and not only gather information but meet some of the people that may be kin or the research specialists for that area.

This can be done so simply if each member sent the notice on at least one list they belonged to, do you realize how many more people your getting the word out to?

One has no idea how many are quietly doing genealogy at home and could use the knowledge of a society in their area or in the area they are researching.

I also believe in using a blog technique to get the word out to others. If it is true, that search engines pick up key words in presentation then one needs to make the presentation large enough to be gathered into the fold. I see many societies on the
eastern coast posting to the roots lists their speaker and their topics, dates and times.

I think there are many small things people can do that would make them feel more like it is their society and we are here to help them to move forward in their search efforts or to compile and complete data for a school project, a family reunion or social get together.

More to come on another day. That is my Madness for today.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sentimental Thoughts of Days Gone Bye, Forming our Society

Sentimental thoughts of days that have gone bye are many. I will focus on the
fun and joy experienced with meeting the people to help create a Genealogy Society in south bay Chula Vista, California.

I first asked at the library and they replied they did not have a society, nor did they know of any in the area. I then went to National City and asked the library there then I went to Lemon Grove and asked the library there. Alas, no one had one and no one was starting one. Lemon Grove and Chula Vista were working a Historical Society for their areas.

National City promoted the Kimball House for Historical information.

After a period of time, I went back to the Chula Vista Library and met Mrs. Powell whom worked there as I was looking in the reference section for some potential data. She was excited to learn I was interested in working to create a program for the area. She tells me she is working with these other people to develop one and I was so glad to help them. I met the others within a week of talking to Geni P.

She introduced me to three other people and we sort of put heads together and ideas came about and we were going to start a program. June, Betty H and Peggy D.

We met in a home in Bonita (Sandy P) and in Chula Vista and at restaurants and in the library's California room. They had great goals and dreams and I so looked forward to be a part of something good for the community. I had done research for a long time and was ready to share.

There were 8 to 12 people meeting when I had to drop out and go back to work. I popped in when time would allow. I kept in close touch with Mrs. Powell, by phone and when I would get into library to do research.

I will always remember the kindness shown me when I was caring for a very young grandchild and they would allow him to come to the meetings with me. He was less than a year old.

Thankfully, he did not create a fuss or interrupt the events. They even asked us to lunch in restaurants with out the grandson creating a problem. They became like surrogate Grandma's.

It was a real surprise when we started to put together surname charts and found that many came from ancestors whom we shared in Greene Co., Washington Co., Fayette Co., and Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania and from Ohio across the ridge from there.

I looked around the meeting area the other day and realized that now I am of the old guard and I seldom see the faces of those who were so kind to me.

Thank You Geni Powell, June Dawson and Peggy Donovan, also thanks to Sandy Palumbo and Mrs Myers. More thanks then goes to Pat Postma, Nina Schultheis, Mrs. Alvord,
Mrs Trudi Frank & Paul, Betty Hampton,Betty Kerr, and all the others my brain has let the names escape me. The fellows that we lost, two were distant cousins and we swamped and shared much family research. Some of the ladies are also now gone, some for a very long time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday Highlights the JONES's

Oh, Jones, JONES, and more JONES, It has been fun, but we are not yet done.

NOEL JONES B abt 1785 Albany Co. NY Wife Susannah court house records
son NOYES JONES 31 Mar 1809 Court records tombstone says 1808.

His wife Susan Madison (Mattison) b between 1812 and 1818 last on tombstone.
Noyes is born ( JONES RD, JONES HOLLOW area) Rensselaer Co. NY Old Albany area
before boundary changes. Family is found in now Saratoga, Rensselaer, Washington, and
Albany county of today during this time.

Noyes spelling is adjusted in various data NOYCE, NOIS, are variants on documents.,
Noyes had a letter that said his ancestor was Silas JONES Sr and Susannah SWEET JONES.

The names of all of Noyes and Susan Madison JONES children are as known:

Henry George , b NY 1831 Rensselaer Co.

Noel b Mass 1835 d before 1860 NY according to family can not find him

Arvilla b Rensselaer Co., NY Married JOHNSON brothers Alfred and Addison

William Harrison b Rensselaer Co. NY d 31 Dec 1862 Stones River Battle Tenn.

Calvin Fay b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. NY m 5 July 1868 Butler Co.IA Hannah YOUNG
b 13 Sept 1850 Bellidere ( suspect Bellivedere) Boone Co. ILL

Jennie b 1847 Rensselaer Co NY m 1864 Crystal Lake Ill Fred APEL d 28 Feb 1874

Lucy b Rensselaer Co NY m William FULLER

Charles E. b 1850 Rensselaer Co. NY (Petersburg)d 26 Sept 1916 IOWA m Betsey Bartlett

Now we look at Silas and Susannah's children. As I go through each one to find
Noel's father I have come up with Abel/ Ruscomb. I suspect Abel since he is
next to NOYES JONES on first census Noyes shows up on in name. He seems to appears
in the previous census in Abel's family before he moves on into his own .

Noel and Susannah do not show up after the 1810 census with Noyes as infant.
Having read of an epidemic that hit this area about the time of the WAR of 1812.
I looked for him in War of 1812 but found nothing so think they may have died and
Abel raised his grandson. Noyes JONES This is an assumption but at this point at
least all the pieces of the puzzle fit. I have eliminated the younger children of
Silas due to age to have NOEL. But the older boys could have been his father and
It appears NOYES JONES was living with Abel.

It appears there was no WILL for Abel but wonder if a probate or court proceeding
somewhere. Land records, school records, Tax lists. anything to help verify this
concept I have found at least feasible.

Religion was Baptist.

I have Silas' linage way back into England. Just looking for who was Noyes JONES
grandfather, for proof. YDNA has proven link but be fun to know which son bore
NOEL JONES abt 1785.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Following on Friday, Jan H. The Chart Chick

I love reading Jan's data about charts and more charts. Now for me to comprehend how to maybe do some of this. Thanks Jan for this great site with this data. I am going to remember to share it with my group in Lemon Grove who are always looking for charts.

Aha drag and drop works better at times. Enjoy if you have not read her pages.

Smile for the Camera 21st Ed. Elizabeth HIGGINS

I am excited to do this for my Grandmother Elizabeth HIGGINS HOFFMAN (HUFFMAN). Elizabeth was born in Greene Co PA on the current West Virginia border area. She was
born 15 May 1809 and she married Henry Huffman (named changed to HOFFMAN)in Greene Co. Pa. They married on 9 April 1826. She had married a man who was raised by a stepfather, Frederick Loughman. His father dying when he was only 8 and 1/2 years old.
Henry Huffman dcd 1811-2 Dec/Jan probated was a Ranger and Rev War Veteran in VA and sw Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth comes from a interesting back ground and she is our link to Pocahontus.
She decendends from Richard Higgins and Mary (Yates ?) not yet proven for last name. Her parents were Joseph HIGGINS and Mary (Henderson, not verified three times yet), His parents were James HIGGINS and Sarah STOUT, his parents were Jediah HIGGINS and Hannah STOUT, his father was Jediah HIGGINS and Mary NEWBOLD, and his father was Richard and Mary. No this does not show the link to our Indian lady unless you chase a female line out. :>)

She had two lines of STOUT that linked a generation farther back than oldest one listed. Her Higgins' line was from England to Massachussetts down to New Jersey and over to Virginia and Maryland to western Virginia where Joseph lived when she was born
in Greene Co. Pennsylvania.

The STOUT line is from Richard STOUT and Penalope VAN PRINCIS, his son Jonathon's wife is from James BOLLEN and Anne VAN QUILLEN.

She lived in Aleppo, Windy Gap area during the later years and may have lived there earlier. They lived on the side of a slopping hill and raised hogs, chickens and other animals. They had an orchard and sold the fruit to the local market people. (That is how I found data on family in the tax records and business records.)

She was the mother of 14 known children. Though the last two did not live more than five years if that long. She was very close to her daughter Phebe Ann Neal, and the letters retained by Phebe in Iowa have been passed down in the family. Her sons served in the Civil War except Hague (Hagan) n some papers. He was west and digging gold when all this happened. He came back to IOWA and re-established his life becoming a doctor. The family needed this help, with all his brothers and brother in laws at war.

Having retained data from her son (Sanford) whom worked as lay minister in the war and later in Iowa, He also left Pennsylvania and went to be near Hague. Soon Phebe followed because Mr. Neal was in bad shape from the war. Elizabeth had already lost a son from the War when Phebe left. Laton came from the war home went, out west to settle himself in Kansas, stopped in Iowa and then sold the land in KS and bought in IA, went home at Christmas and the day after went out to saddle horse and go see his girlfriend, and had a heart attack and died saddling the horse.
It was his hope to marry he and move to Iowa with Hague and Sanford. He is buried in Windy Gap Cemetery with other family members where later Henry and Elizabeth are buried.

Windy Gap Cemetery is a pretty place on the side of a sloping hill in the mountains just southwest of where they had their home. The church sets on a knoll on the other side of road up the other hill side. You can look out and see West Virginia, Ohio and
Pennsylvnia in a panoramic movement. The clouds move along and create an beautiful place of peace and comfort.

She worked hard and was a good mother. Her children all spoke well of her. Some of her children endured horrid events in their early married lives making them widows and
in need of family support which Elizabeth and Henry gave mostly freely to them all.

Mary her oldest child had many major financial hardships even with siblings helping.
One son's home burned down, (I Have seen what was left of home when in PA). As stated, Hague was west and became a Dr he came home about every 18 months or so after the war when he could. Catherine lost her husband and remarried. Elizabeth was born 1837 died 1839. Martha mar Jacob GALLENTINE and he went to War and was not seen again, remarrying later and dying soon after. Laton as stated died 26 Dec 1871 at his parents home, Lucy mar Uriah Spragg. Phebe married Mr Thomas Neal and later moved to IOWA, ( her line later moves to CALIFORNIA to Oakland area and decendants now in Chico, CA, Margaret(Maggie) marries Thomas Evans who was a member of the school parents and was hit in head by boulder ie rock on way home from meeting because person did not like vote by him. He spent days in agony, screaming until death took him home.
Mason was born 1849 May 2 died 2 Dec !849, Henry was born prior to 1850 census and died prior to 1860 census.

The letters talk of her feeding the pigs and cleaning the sty and picking fruit and making clothes. Later years the letters written by Henry say she was mostly a bed with much discomfort from ? Arthritis, badly aching joints. Yet there would be times she could get up and cook and set on the porch and rock and watch Henry tend the crops and the animals.

Most of her family lived close so the could swing by that had stayed in Pennsylvania.

Having learned all this about this Grandmother I can say I admire all she did and endured. I was equally thrilled when in doing research for someone else I found the link to Pocahantus for my Granddad had always said his Grandfather told him we were related to her but he never could figure out how. Grandad was Cecil Lee Hoffman and his Grandfather was Sanford Hoffman served in war as Huffman. (that is another story)

I counted she had almost 45 grandchildren if they had all been home at once there would not have been room for them to move.

4 children died young or did not marry Some of her children were marrying when her older children were having grandchildren due to age differences from Mary born 1827 to Henry born around 1850.
Her picture is here with Henry in early years.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Foulk Memories Grandma's Family

My Grandmother was a Foulk descendant from JOHN FOLK dcd 1793 Greenwich twp,Berks Co., PA. She had several siblings and I am just learning more about her Aunt's and Uncle's.

Grandma Ida (Victoria) Mae Foulk JONES NORRIS had a sister whom kept some great pictures of the past family members. She passed away without children and my Father
received her picture book of kin. I was able to share the KERN's Pictures with downline of her husband's family. I kept of course, the pictures of our family. G Aunt Alvina was a warm, loving lady and was always so happy to see us when we came to visit.
I am glad that I am the recipient of the last of the pictures in her book about her family.

The picture book has the casket picture of her younger sister Blanche and the mounds of flowers at the funeral. Great Aunt Alvina was married to WILLIS KERN's and lived in Wheatland, Wyo. He had a men's clothing store of sorts. I do not remember there being any female clothing in the store.

Grandma's brother Arthur lived with us a length of time coming from WYO to CA. He then went on to his daughters in Oregon. GU Arthur(Dick) lost his wife and daughter in a bad disease epidemic. He raised his 3 sons & 1 daughter with family help. I lived with his older son Ken when I married my husband and we are still close though he lives in Montana again. I believe all three boys served in service in the 1950s.

Grandma's brother G Uncle Claude was a close relative that shared much with me even if he would not tell me about his Grandmother's lineage. Sometimes one tells more by not talking than speaking. Great Aunt Edna Musselman Foulk shared that he had a research done on the FOULK family and then would not share book because ashamed of what he learned. Alas he heard from me that I was proud to have Indian heritage and he should too. He just said Tsk tsk and walked away for a bit. Fortunately, we
shared lots about other things in the family. He was a Rockhound and lapidary worker
making jewelry for sale and family. I have my earrings he gave me when I was rather young around 13 or so. He gave me other pieces later. He made and gave me a duck carved from wood. It is like a paper clip. Having inherited the one my Uncle was given I now have two of them. He collected many things along the road of life besides some awesome friends and a super wife and I was sad to hear that their only child died at the age of 13 or so. For Great Uncle Claude's 80th birthday kin from Washburn, Waterloo, IA Blackhawk County came to Wheatland,Wyo. and took them to IOWA for reunion with family. I do not know where that film went of the reunion I would love to have copy of it. It was a fabulous event and he could hardly believe his neices and nephews would do that for him. It brought him to tears.

Great Uncle Herb was another brother and his wife is still with us and we chat on the phone not as often as I like. Her son lives in Utah. He visits Family when he gets a chance in CA thankfully. I have not seen him since 1958 but he visited brother and families about two years ago in Sonoma Co., CA. G Uncle Herb was born days apart from when my Dad was born. They were more like brothers of sorts.

Great Aunt Belve married a Mr. Earnest Rice and lived in Greybull, Wyo with her family.
I write to her grandaughter Annetta K ever so often. I get lost in the lineage of her children. I think she had three. They are both gone long time now.

I know very little about G Uncle Ira E. Foulk, I know he came to visit Dad once as I was about 14 or so. I know my Uncle Gerald talked about him a bit and had enjoyed his company at some time. I know when he became ill family hunted for his children that were supposedly in California so they could learn more about the family situation.
I spent months combing telephone books and making cold calls to FOULK people in California and supposedly never found them. I understood it was a boy and girl and the woman left him and came to California and may have remarried.

Maybe some day we will find them.


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:28:55 -0800
Subject: [CA-SCGS] We Can't Keep the Secret Any Longer...

?it?s time to reveal the name of the keynote speaker for Jamboree?s
Friday Night Banquet.

Chris Haley, actor, musician, genealogist, and nephew of Roots
author Alex Haley, will talk about how genealogy has changed and yet
remained the same over the years. His presentation, ?My Genealogy:
Now and Then? will include family photos, documents, music and
thoughts on Chris? dual African and Scottish heritage. The story of
his genetic discovery and reunion with relatives from the British
Isles was covered in innumerable news outlets and is featured on introductory DNA page.

You can be sure that it will be an entertaining, educational and
engaging presentation.

As an extra-special treat, banquet guests will have an opportunity
to win an autographed, first-edition copy of Roots.

Register for Jamboree, including the banquet, at the SCGS website.
Jamboree will be held June 11-13, 2010, at the Los Angeles Marriot
Burbank Hotel.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdays Missing Tombstone MORROW

Gee, Golly where did he go? He surely did not evaporate. O he did probably shrivel and shrink and turn to dust. John Morrow born in maybe VA married in Wayne Co. KY and had children in both KY, Tenn and IOWA.

His family is left behind in Henry Co. IA 1850 but he is no where to be found. No tombstone, no obituary, no records so far found.

Did he go back to Wayne Co. KY where there had to be more family. I found what I think is a brother mar to his wife's sister. I know she is sister because we have John's wife's family long way back in time. They (ladies) share same parents.

He must have used a plank but we are talking 1850 or near there. Or did he go to KY and see parents. Whom may have died 1856 time ish. Lots of questions and still no Tombstone, Obit or information as facts.

Really need it to find parents confirmation.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is sentimental for most people. Alas, sometimes it's sentiment is sad, other times very glad. It does not always fall on Sunday but it's extra nice when it does.

Valentine's Day for young adults is as frantic and exciting as one can imagine. For older folk's it generally is a wee calmer and refreshing time. A time for reflection on where we have been and where we have come.

The younger generations are looking forward and anxious. We are reflecting and looking back and looking forward both.

Valentine's Day was started long ago as an honor to a clergy person. But it was his love for his people that created the event.

Valentine's Day is a day the retailers go over board with flowers, candy and any thing they think they can sell you to show your other half or loved one your feelings.

A simple hug, a smile and a I CARE through out the year many times, is far more
important than a material item. Of course, we should not be demanding in our wants of being loved. Love generally comes from loving someone. It can be a friend, or anyone
you are having a relationship with. It can be your best friend for coffee or your best friend that fixes your computer. It is a matter of caring and sharing.

One can even open one's heart to an animal and it will help to warm your self to be more open to fellow man. We were made to be loved, nurtured and cared for; also to care for others in the same manner.

I hope that everyone that reads this remembers what love is and what it's power can do.

Love they neighbor as thyself for the love of thee.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surnames of SCOTT in VA

Interesting events happening with the SCOTT file on my computer. I scoured data on Family Trees today on Ancestry to see what they had. WOW four are well documented that is a thrill. War records, census records, land data and some personal added family notes.

What a thrill it would be to find some photos of this family. More of a thrill would be to find the ancestor of THOMAS SCOTT and whom his wife or wives were.

I started to do the blog this a.m. and then I decided I should see what more I could learn since three distant cousins are sharing data with me.

I am fortunate because from JOHN SCOTT b 1761 in Pittsylvania Co. VA or old Halifax Co. died in Cumberland Co KY. I have some great data found and learned.

I am having serious trouble believing the lineage back that is posted, also find that family can not decide whom Thomas Scott's wife / mate was. It would be nice if I had a clue as to the religion they may have practiced or a Will or Probate found. I am still digging for more information.

Since Pittsylvania Co. was taken from Halifax I am not sure if they moved or boundary changed, still doing research there. I did learn that there were other
SCOTT's in Halifax Co. at the time that THOMAS SCOTT was there. Highly suspect related to him. In fact, I am sure one female on the query page is kin due to whom she married and the lineage in my book on SCOTT I was given.

Here are some things I have garnered and I think Thomas had several children but to prove will need Probate or Will or church records. So I am not giving their names for fear someone will pick them up use as gospel and it may not be fact.

John was second or third son as I can determine so far. Older brother went to NC and then later to KY. John(mine) b 1761 in Pittsylvania Co. Va died 24 Mar 1843 in
Old Cherokee Nation, Cumberland Co. KY. Served in the REV WAR

When John Scott resided in Pittsylvania County, VA, he enlisted in 1779.

He served until 1783 as a private in Captain James Williams' company, in Colonel Josiah Parker's Virginia regiment. John fought in the Siege of York. He applied for pension on May 13th, 1829. At this time he lived in Cumberland County, Kentucky. His claim was allowed. After John died, his widow received benefits on this claim. John Scott's pension claim number is W.3046.

Much records on his pension and then his wife Sophia received it after his death.

After John Scott moved to Cumberland Co. KY. the family was becoming very scattered.
One sibing went to NC then later to KY. I believe that at least two sisters stayed in
VA and I have not checked to see if they ever moved.

A cousin states that John and Sophia Murry/Murray m 18 Nov. 1782, in Pittsylvania
Co. VA. I think I found the data also and forgot to record data.

I descend from his son Shadrack whom was born 22 Feb 1790 in Pittsylvania Co. VA, and moves with family to Cumberland Co. KY. He marries in Kentucky, Harriet LEWIS b 1 May 1798 in VA. Her death comes in IOWA. His death also comes in Henry Co. IA.

Dallas Scott, Shadrack's brother moved with Shadrack to Ill, Sangamon ILL area.
When the land could no longer support both families Shadrack moved on over to IA.

1830 Sangamon ILL with Dallas Scott 2 2 - - 11/ 1 1 1 --1 3- 1 2 1 -1 / -2-1-1--1

Next door is a Benjamin Scott whom is a mystery so far to me.

1840 Henry Co Iowa Terr lists Shadrack Scott.

1840 Henry CO iowa terr. 1 1 1 1 1--1 /11 ---1---1 under 5 under 10 f 40 50 female 80-90 female

I have had census records for over a year. I knew JOHN SCOTT was REV WAR but which one took a bit to determine.

I also found Shadrack's son John b 27Sept 1817 in KY m 25 May 1841 in Henry Co. IA to
Rebecca Morrow. Her family is on a census with the Scott's. They did not live in the
same area but not far away. They may have even traveled north about the same time.

Rebecca's father is JOHN MORROW 1793- 1850 when he dissappears from census. Her Mother was Patience TUTTLE born in Elbert, GA and mar to John MORROW 13 May 1820 Wayne Co KY.
Marriage record book and on line both. County records

Many years MOM and I struggled to learn the parentage of JOHN SCOTT, she has a photo of him working in a field. Many in family kept saying father was Robert. WHOOOOOOA do
you have any idea how many ROBERT SCOTT's there are in KY. Nah, you do not want to know so at least 20 years was spent tracking Robert's.

Ironic it was, to finally see on the census Nathaniel above and John below and Shadrack in the middle. DUH, why did I not see it before, I knew that John and Rebecca
had a son CHAD but never ever thought Shadrack. (SO WATCH the name usages/changes) you may be overlooking your brick wall. I knew we had a Nate also. So I was acutely aware that Shadrack had to be John's father. As I called family in IOWA for more information on family they kept saying no Dad always said Robert.

Well, I solved the Robert SCOTT, John's favorite brother had to be Robert he was younger than John. I had found him but dates did not work so I never included him in family. Then slowly the pieces came together and other lines of family emerged and shared more information. So they must have talked about Robert so much, family, concluded he was John's father.

Once Shadrack was found, the doors open and other relatives came forward from Tenn, and Ky with much data. Also family in MO. and Iowa and Ill. have had data to share.

I found it interesting the families that stayed in KY have kept pretty close touch with most of their lines. A cousin did a great job of visiting many families and put together a book so not to loose touch.

I am now trying to put together the names and relatives of Shadrack's family and then
hope, someone does his brother whom stayed in ILL or maybe I will tackle it later.

We did a YDNA test with FTDna and have learned we have a match with a SCOTT line in Canada. This came about after about four years of having had the test done.

Since the match last July, I received in the last two months two more matches. The one in Va is simple to follow. The other one will possibly fall into place also.

The one in Ontario Canada (background) has us baffled. They say they may have been in
MASS early before Canada and they have been USA for almost 100 years. So the mystery now is how do this two link? Then I saw someone said Thomas born in Oxford ME and I thought no way and went to VA as youngster.?? I have always felt we are from the
LOST COLONY Scott family since it was within a short distance of where they were at,.

If they find a Scott to test from that Scott line we may learn more. They are looking now.

That will be an interesting research to find kin of the SCOTT's who came to the Lost Colony. In actuality, many Scott's in America can be from that line. Since the theory was that many came on the next ships to America in hopes of finding their lost ie left behind families.

It would be interesting to see how many with same names were at Plymouth and Jamestown and yes there was some we know that were from Jamestown who came to find their kin. English records have given us that data and it makes sense.

I was shared a picture of Harriet Lewis Scott. Mom had a great picture of Cornelius Scott, John's son and his wife Ella Warden Scott, she gave it to my sis because she looks like Ella Warden Scott's picture.

Cornelius and Ella were my Grandmother's parents. It was Grandmother's generation that moved to Wyoming along with many other SCOTT, HOFFMAN, DUVALL kin plus others I am learning.

So my research is to determine in fact the parentage of Thomas Scott and the link between the Virginia Scott's and the Canadian line that is a great close match.

Both lines can bounce back to the UK and be related to both areas.

If anyone has knowledge of these families please get in touch with me I will share with my fellow cousins any data found. Thanks for listening. Lots of stories come from the Scott family that can really make tears of laughter and joy and shock.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Following Shamrocks A wee Irish

I enjoy this site and her wit.

Enjoy all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Treasures Mom and my Husband

Family Treasures, we have some, yes we do. First today I am going to mention my
Mom. She was born in 1920 and married in 1938. She had four living children, myself
the oldest. My parents bought their home in 1948 and Mom is still there. She has been
blessed and all her children are still alive. We have been blessed and she is still
alive. She has a loving brother alive yet in Wyoming. She is a 5th Great Grandmother
by one of her children, not I. Quite some years back she had surgery and was given a
short time to live, that was more than 30 years ago. So she is a real treasure. We
here, were blessed by her presence in our home this last summer/fall for 5 months.

Last summer my husband and I celebrated a lifetime of 50 years together. He made it
through 25 years in the Navy and serving the bulk of it during the Vietnam War. He
was in country and aboard a carrier both. He was blown off the deck and survived.
He was in harms way many times. Great Doctors and great morale support when times
were rough supported him and his comrades. His military career started at the end
of Korean War. He had many adventures along the way. I am very blessed he survived
some of the adventures not planned. :>)

He is a great Father of five and Grandfather of ten. Just ask the Grandchildren
what they think of him. We really are not biased. :>)

Since this weekend is Valentine's Day I thought I would honor them both. Each day
we have MOM is a blessing and each day I have my husband I am most thankful for.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Faces of America and other TV programs

As genealogists, how many watch some of these programs: Faces of America, Antique Road Show, The History Channel and all their many events they cover from our past.

I am thrilled that Sharon Becker brought this up on the iaringgo rootsweblist, which covers Ringgold Co. Iowa.

I have not talked about these sources in quite a long time. Sunday night I watched a long article on the Templar Knights, The Church of old, the RUNES ( dealing with rocks found in various east coast areas and other areas around the world).

The last items bring almost conclusive proof that we were inhabited long before Columbus came into the Islands south of us.

How many are aware of the Star of David and Cross that shows in certain light through the capitol of our country?

There is so much, knowledge for us to learn and digest and impart to others.

So much of it helps our research and you may think it is not important but much of it is.

She comments on the History Channels program of Sherman's March to the Sea. She mentions the History Detectives and their shows. Also the Discovery channel will have many great events to learn about areas we are in need of knowledge of.

If you get into MTDNA or YDNA studies you quickly learn about how the peoples crossed the steppes and the rivers and continents and changed the face of the humans background.

I am hoping I can report back the entire articles that have come on this list about this topic so you can really grasp the topic.

Genealogy Tweaking Do you do it?

Genealogy Tweaking as I call it is a very useful tool in research.

What is it you ask? Well, I call it tweaking because when you have names, places and dates that surround your lost kin and can not determine which one is best to search or to lead you out of the dark, one must learn to tweak.

1. One formula I use was something G Schweitzer suggested at seminars years ago.
Save whole census pages.
2. Take the saved whole page and track a bit of the neighbors of the surname
you are looking for.
3. Why if not your line, well it sometimes clears cobwebs as to whom are yours.
4. Land Records or Deeds of neighbors may give clues to the neighbor whom may be
your ancestor.
5. Wills of neighbors can relate information also, since they would be witness or
maybe an in Law.
6. Some times we have to do things in reverse of what we were taught to shake
the information out of the fold.
7. Also if they move take census and again compare all the neighbors and do repeat,
what happens if they are compatible names is a potential in law situation.
8. Remember people migrated in groups whether large or small in the early years.
9. I am not sure if it is the doing things backwards or non normal that helps but
generally the neighbors hold many clues to your brick wall.
10. Other documents can be done the same way to resolve interesting issues.

So which JOHN SCOTT or HENRY HUFFMAN is yours in pre 1850 census can be
resolved by neighbor tweaking. It is like gossiping about your neighbor
you have to dig up the dirt. :>) But it really is Gold.

Monday, February 8, 2010

John Morrow for Monday Madness

John Morrow b about 1793 possibly VA or KY, marries in Wayne Co. KY on 13 May 1820 to Patience Tuttle. Patience Tuttle is the daughter of James Tuttle and she was born in Elbert GA 1806. (1850 census says she was 50.)
Marriage records are proven. They also show on the 1856 Henry Co. IA also 1840 Henry Co. IA census. Data also at Iowa Gravestone.

John's data. I can not find death data or place for JOHN MORROW nor can I find his parents or siblings. There are other MORROW's in Wayne Co. KY which I am sure are related. I wonder whom the younger JOHN MORROW is probably a nephew.???? 1840 census Henry Co IA territory

he is between 50 -60 and she is between 30- 40
boy between 5-10 2 b 10-15 1 15-20 2 g under 5 1 5-10 1 10-15 1 15-20

Nathaniel Scott 1 2-30
Shadrack 1 -5 1 5-10 1 15-20 1 2-30 1 5- 60 1 g -5 1 5-10 {patience 40--50) 1830

there is another John Morrow in Wayne Co KY but he is younger.

John Morrow 1 under 10 1 under 30 female 1 under 40

Their daughter Rebecca MORROW marries John Scott, Shadrack Scott's son in IOWA proven.

Rebecca is born in 1821 Mercer Co. KY she dies in IOWA.

Other Children are: 12 Sept 1850 census Marion, Henry Co IA family No. 897

Grinsel H 20 m b KY

Harriet L 18 f b KY

Tillman P 16 m b Ky
Polly E 13 f b Tenn Need to follow Polly E MORROW and see what birth says
Louisa 3 f b IOWA

Iowa State Census shows 1 male 8 female 1 Militia and 4 total (last column)1854

John is gone 1850 -1854 both.

The irony is where is he buried. I found one in Henry Co KY but that could be any of the other JOHN MORROW listed in census of other ages. OR did he go back for some reason and pass while there. So far in family I have contacted has any knowledge of
JOHN MORROW and his family.

Ironic Grandma Scott HOFFMAN implied once or twice that MORROW was related to the Anne MORROW family of LINDBERG Kidnapping. She seldom put forth any information on the family so this was a very remembered comment.

Anyone out there with data on JOHN or any of his older children born after Rebecca in 1821.

Sunday's Sentimental Journey Wyoming Bound

Wyoming, beautiful, spacious Wyoming, rolling grass lands, steep valleys, tall mountains, clear lakes, alas a trickle of rivers now but at one time they boomed down the rocks and splashed on the banks the water of life for everyone.
Water has become scarce almost everywhere, I gather we do not treat it with reverence as our Ancestors did. The fish caught in the lower streams and upper mountain regions were so tasty and fresh. When boating you could see down to the bottom of the lake unless you were in the really really deep area. Even in 1980's you could still see the bottom on some lakes for quite a distant into the lake. Now I hear you see the bottom of the lake and can walk on it in many places.

I remember the Laramie River when it was sweeping wide one visit and the next we could almost step across it. I loved the waterfalls that cascade off the rocks when your up in the mountains after a heavy rain. No this is not Yellowstone, it is a place of it's own beauty.

Since we visited here many times as I was growing up, I remember so many marvelous things. Now the bullsnake that was so large it was bigger around than my arm was a sight to behold and he was not in a cage he lay across the road. When we had walked down the road he was not there but when we returned he was stretched from one side to the other of the culverts. After some deliberation on which end was the head, my sis and I run and jumped over the lower end and run like the wind to our Grandmothers house. I do not ever want to encounter a snake that large out of cage.

We walked my Grandfather's corn fields, and bean fields. We could hear the corn rustle in the breeze when the air would move. I never knew a corn field could talk so well.

The skies are beautiful in design, color and clouds. The clouds flirt with the mountain tops and hillsides. One they cover the other they shade in designs on the ground.

The weather is as such if you do not like it wait a bit it will change. I recall a hail storm that came from no where that hit so hard it dented the vehicle and then was gone down the valley to harrass someone else

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a shock WHOOOPEEEEE I think

I came home from newspaper folding and lunch to this interesting comment in my mail.

This is Shiela from
We stumbled on your blog while searching for gardening related information. We operate the largest gardening website featuring more than 30,000 blogs. Our site averages 200,000 uniques visitors per month. As a kind note We have featured your blog at We would be grateful if you could add the following details to your blogroll.

Garden Planters
Looking forward for your confirmation.


Now I am hoping this is a good thing I did check out the site rather interesting data on blogs there.


Wonder if it's all about my flowers. I love flowers, trees and clouds.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's Surname Game Susan Madison

No,I do not have a picture of Susan MADISON JONES, I can only conjecture what she may have looked like by seeing some of her children's faces. Since her husband's genes tend to be very strong in the family lines I wish some one would have a picture of her daughters. I suspect they do somewhere in Illinios, Minnasota or maybe even Florida or Iowa.
We have some information, but to accuracy it leaves us still searching. Census records and her death and burial are all the documents I have found. Yes, we should have a birth record, marriage record. We should be able to find their son's death data in New York or Mass.

This is the story of Susan as I have it so far. She was born yup, not hatched, born.

Where, well that is also up in air. Census records by her husband say Mass. But the children have her born everywhere as far as I can tell. To make matters more fun there is confusion as to when she was born. Seems it was somewhere between 1810 and 1818.
So boundary work was done and seems the area they were in early was one of moving fences. Vermont, Massachussett's and New York next to Rensealaer Co. NY. Also their is a great chance her real maiden name was MATTISON.

Marriage according to family story was in MASS around 1832 but after much research over the years especially in the area suggested by family turned up nothing. I am going to say it was pure speculation or miss information. The family story written by a great aunt in 1950s' says Springfield, Holyoke Mass area 1832. Religion seems to
still imply Baptist as the other JONES lines in area were. Whether the Mattison/Madison's were I am not remembering. I know I checked church records for all regions around Springfield and around Mount Holyoke. Of course this was 20 plus years ago and maybe there is something new found out there. This was done using LDS Library data, film, reels, books and microfiche. A quick search last year found nothing more.

Now clues to help me are slim but available. The first child was born in New York.
The second was born in Massachussetts. This child dies somewhere around 1850-55 in
New York or Mass prior to their coming to ILL then to IA. At least family story said he died in New York as child but he was really a teenager. NOEL JONES b 1835 according to census. All other children are born in New York. The last child born 1850 named Charles E JONES.

So she was in Massachussetts for second birth which implies family may have been ill or she was having trouble with childbearing with a younger child only a year old.

Some time after the 1855 census they leave New York and head to Illinois. I found many other distant JONES kin in this area. I have not found any to be a sibling yet to
NOYES (NOIS)(NOYCE) JONES. But several were cousins some may even have been Uncle's and Aunt's. McHenry County area; also family related were in Chicago, Cook County area.

After the Civil War this family moves to Chickasaw County area of Iowa. They can be found living around the region and at death are buried in a cemetery bordering two counties.

On the 1870 census is listed a George Madison age 47 wife Huldah J 36 son George H 10
whom are born in NY except son is born in Mass. He is a neighbor to Susan Madison JONES. I suspect he may have been brother. But I have had no luck looking for more data on him either.
all Riverton Floyd, IA 1870 census
Noyes Jones 51 m w farmer
Susan 50 f w keeping house
Charles 18 m w farm laborer
Betsey 25 f w housekeeper (She is BARTLETT from NY)*
Carrie 7 f w (their child)* my note

Addison Johnson 33 son in law
Arvilla Jones 30 daughter of Susan
extemded family
Calvin F JONES 23 farmer Riverton Floyd, IA
Hannah (Young) 19 house keeping
Nora 3/12 f w

This is a list of her children, Henry George, b 1834 d 1912 2 marriages lived Minn.
Noel b 1835 died by 1855 ie never made it to ILL or IA.
Arvilla b 1840 ie m Addison and Alfred Johnson b NY (brothers) d IA
William Harrison died Stone River Tenn battle where Calvin was given up for Dead.
Calvin Fay b 15 May 1843 Petersburg, Rensealaer Co NY did 23 Sept 1910 Nashua IA**
Jennie b 1847 Ny m Fred Apel death 28 Feb 1874 Oak Park, ILL
Lucy m William Fuller
Charles b 1850 NY dies 26 Sept 1916. m Betsey Bartlett b NY

**Calvin was my Great Grandfather and served in the CW with William Harrison his brother.

I tried to learn more on George Madison thinking that would break it open for me but it did nothing for research.

Family put birth at 1818 on tombstone. No idea where data taken from no one seemed to know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Following Friday Maine Maine Maine

I follow this site. It is informative and educational and helps with my Maine research.
Keep up the good work. I was amazed at how much Maine background we have but then it
used to be part of MASS. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Thanks for doing the blog on Maine.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Treasures in our Family

I am going to see if I can figure how to get a copy of a Currier and Ives document that Henry with Elizabeth HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN filed out and gave one to each child as I was told.

Mom has the copy Granddad Hoffman had. I made a copy of it but it's larger than scanning system and I suspect maybe a digital picture may work.

It has columns like on stairs, the stairs are where the names, birth, marriage data is written. The columns have beautiful pastel flowers with green leaves winding around them.
The columns are Greek in nature. It has a definite border around this document and Mom's is framed probably from very early times. I copied it long ago on a large map copy machine a friend owned at the time.

Henry listed all his children on it but the last. I suspect he had passed it to his children already when the child was born.

I did research on this document long ago to learn when it was created and that is all packed away now. It was commented that these types of things came about from the Civil War affect.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tombstone laid down. San Diego, CA

Pearl Harbor Survivor USN Retired
A very loved Uncle.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandma Great Great's Monday Madness

When I was young my Grandfather Hoffman shared so much with me. Of course he shared more with my MOM. Now she is older than he was at death and she still can not recall the name of Grandma Great Great. She heard the stories more often than I and it seems Grandma Great Great is lost in time.

Fortunately, MOM and DAD insisted Granddad start writing names in the picture book or on paper so they would know whom they were. They were able to name many, many were already named but some alas were never resolved.

I tried the genealogical tree to see whom she may be. Somehow it does not work out right.
I am beginning to lean a different lineage for her since there were so many Duvall pictures in the book.

WE have pictures of Elizabeth Higgins, one younger one older tis not her and I do not think right generation. I do not have pictures of Catrouch (Catherine Fry) Huffman, Mary Henderson ? Higgins, Catherine Haines, Rosanna Ealy/Ely, Catherine Stollar, Elizabeth Ritchey or Jane Patterson. This is the generation I suspect he was referring to

These ladies all came from Fayette, Washington or Greene Co. Pennsylvania area at time of death. They were not all born there.

Because we have a picture of Jacob Duvall I have often wondered if it's Jane Patterson his wife. If we have a picture of Eli Duvall, it is an unnamed face in the book for his wife was Elizabeth Richey ie Ritchie etc.

That name Richey Ritchie is so far a dead end for me. I have not found a link to
Matthew Ritchie of Fayette Co. yet the Duvall's lived near them at times.

So who is this lady that I remember Granddad saying was part Indian and the reason
Grandmom would not allow picture book in the home. She has very long arms just like my MOM and she is obviously chewing tobacco.

Any one with lines of above mentioned names if her face is familiar please let me know. Maybe a Great Grandchild may look very much like her.

Sentiments Expressed Yesterday

An Ode to Rosie

Rosie was a very special friend to my grandson. She wagged her tail and flicked her ears and would come bounding over for an ear scratch. She would set and watch Zack get
ready to come visit her for a few days. She was a very well mannered animal that brought
much joy into my grandson's heart.

Last night and today we are heavy of heart because she become very ill and the Dr could not save her. She shared many an adventure with Zack over the past few years.
Her life was so cut short.