Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Working Winslow/ Latham are you related?

Susanna Winslow Latham was born 1629 and died 1695.  Mayflower Passenger Descendant.
Direct Ancestor  10 Generations.

Susanna Latham (born Winslow) link to tombstone.

 Direct ancestor 10 Generations.

 Her father was John WINSLOW b 1597-
 11 Generations
 Her mother was Mary Chilton WINSLOW b 1607
  11 Generations.
 Remember the tangled web we weave???

 I suspect this lineage is going to connect with some other lines.  Seeing a WASHBURN here as a husband of Hannah Latham. b 1704  Ours, brings about Tuttle and Morrow and Scott.

Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
Inez Mae HOFFMAN (born SCOTT)
her mother
Cornelius SCOTT
her father
Rebecca SCOTT (born MORROW)
his mother
Patience MORROW (born TUTTLE)
her mother
her father
Rebecca TUTTLE (born WASHBURN)
his mother
Ebenezer Washburn, Sr.
her father
Hannah Washburn (born Latham)
his mother
Susanna Latham (born Winslow)
her mother
Mary Winslow (born Chilton)
her mother
 Also seeing Elizabeth COOKE born Latham  b 1665.

 Will have to check the Cooke data at this point I have minimal on Cooke except in Maine which was early Mass.

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