Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tombstones on Tuesday

Hurray another day about Tombstones. Do we want an oblisk, or oval or rectangle or 8 sided monument?

Will we put an angel or a heart or a flame or another design on the stone?

Do we know what those objects represent? Do we know what groups use some designs more than others?

Do we know what religion based group has no tombstones at all, At least at one time were not allowed?

Will we have headers and footers, or the area surrounding marking the territorial space?

If in a National Cemetery they do the setting and you accept the design. If I recall right Punch Bowl has only white crosses and I think Rosecran's is sorta mixed. Seems it depends on time frame for Rosecrans.

Now that is true of many modern cemeteries also. The old section is totally different in design than the new. The Catholic part of the cemetery in Petaluma Ca has an old (anceint) section. then down a ways there is a more modern area, pre-zoned off for each family plot. It is one of the few I have been in and about since I was small.

Tombstones in the 1870's and forward are generally a personal statement of the family and it's standings in the community.

Piomeers on the trail seldom had a marker at all unless it was a pile of rocks or brush to keep the varmits away. Sometimes some wood would be erected and rough initials carved in a branch used as a sign.

I walked the cemetery in AFTON, WYO and was like a trip back in time reading the born and died and where data on them. About two thirds the way through the cemetery I found some long lost collateral kin. I sure would not have ever looked there for them.

One never knows what one will find in a cemetery, whether you think kin is there or not. Some are so well versed you can almost put together the history of the town.

I have hopes to have a stone whether my body is in the ground at a research facility or ashed. I am hoping for a marker to mark my passing or having been here.

Since my alternate hobby is rock hounding and collecting rocks I have lots of ideas for a tombstone marker.

Susan C Jones Pentico
b Greybull, WYO. when it was my turn
m 1959 CA in Catholic Church
d when God ready for me

Mom fell down stairs and I was born almost 2 months early. I have been playing catch up ever since. Blessings to all and to all a blessed night.

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  1. Love your epitaph I hope your mom was okay after the fall.
    Thanks for sharing.