Saturday, June 18, 2011

Surname Saturday JONES, Dad's family in Honor of Father's Day

 Jones, This line comes from England not Wales.  Christopher JONES Sr. owned a shipping fleet one of largest in the world at time of his son's birth. Christopher JONES Jr. was a  son of his. He was also the Captain of the Mayflower long ago. Christopher's family was English not Welsh, Abbey said.

Story goes. Wife was aboard the Mayflower with him. When they went back to England of course he got sick and later died. When wife remarried it was to the man that purchased Christopher Jones JR Fleet.
It seems both Sr and Jr died fairly young. Have in file from Abbey in England.
The new husband brought Teague back to United States of today, English Colony then.  The wife really liked the Mass. area.  Did not want to stay in England.

Teague born Nov 1620 in Mass sourced in American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)

Teague himself married an Indian woman of prominence in local tribe. Rahamanha.
 They had several children: one daughter ma a Nickerson, Josiah, Samuel, Jeremiah and Teague Jr.
 I believe there were at least two more sons and 1 more daughter proving is very hard.
   Josiah b 1652 in Yarmouth Mass, marries Elizabeth Berry dau of Richard and Alice Berry.

This JONES line is the lineage of my Dad Ray Dee Jones Sr dcd.  born Waterloo, IA died Santa Rosa, Ca.
He has been gone a  long time and I miss him still today.


  1. Nice story. Probably wrong... definitely not a Mayflower baby or Plymouth baby - no record in Bradford or other contemporaneous writings.

    AGBI is not a source - it's a collection of unproven facts submitted by wishful thinkers to the Boston Transcript newspaper. 5 entries in AGBI claiming Teague Jones birth year from 1610 to 1650. Which one is right? How do you know?

    A good Teague Jones summary is at

    Can you document descent from Teague Jones in original sources or authoritative derivative sources?

  2. Correct not either, I never even implied that.
    My data come from England. Much US material on him printed is conjecture except for court papers which is factual.
    Yes I can document. I do not print unless I can document.

  3. Hello, my wife is a descendant of Teague Jones. His daughter Ruhamah married Joseph Nickerson and my wife is a descendant form the Nickersons. I am having difficulty connecting Teague Jones to Christopher Jones and am interested in any documentation that you might be willing to share.
    Jim Graves

  4. Hi Just wondering who Rahamanha was.

  5. I recently got information on her line also. Never expected it. I will post it in due time.
    I like to make viable statements, so checking things out. Jim Graves I would love to find my Nickerson cousin that lived in IDAHO when I first started this search. He also worked for the Golden Gate Forum after hours.

  6. Hi I am, of Joseph Eldredge and Elizebeth JonesLine along with Joseph Nickerson and Ruhamah Jones down to William Nickerson and Lydia Maker line. I am very Curious about who Teague Jones wife ( Possibly Native ) and if any documents to back who she was?

    1. I am going to post some JONES distant related kin here: Scott Candow, Scott Candow sent me data on Silas Jones Sr home in RI, Shirley at Shirley Becker , Sweet's and Jones, TANIA JONES cemetery and family information shared, she is Downline of Noyes and Susan Madison IJones as am I., If you go on Ancestry Melanie Richards has great data she is kin we have communicated for years but less since her retirement.

    2. If you wish to reply directly try