Saturday, March 20, 2010

Library, Bus, New FOULK Cousin and Fun

Los Angeles Library, with Chula Vista, San Diego Genealogy & North County members numbering I believe, 25 made the trip to visit again.

Weather was good and traffic was not a pain. Driver was friendly and cordial.
We had great conversations on the bus coming and going to the library. Many talked
of their goals when the arrived to search others just chatted. Some told some
terrifically fun family stories with absolutely hilarious family names. One new member
shared data about her English ancestors and left us all in stitches. Those English
names will really get you. Thanks for sharing Linda.

She also shared the story of her hospital stay with awesome humor and wit. We wish
her a great healthy life. Other seat partners shared some funny ancestral stories also.
It is great when we can share and enjoy and not be offended by the happenings of life.

Virgina learned some great information and Ruth found a plat map with Deerman,
five minutes before we were to leave. Shirley learned some clues also in her lines.
Ruth got the maps copied and we made the bus on time. I met with my cousin from the
Foulk/Myers line and shared data.

Kris shared family stories with us on the way home as did we all share the stories
around. I hope that all those who went had as much fun besides as much success as
they immplied getting off the bus and walking to the cars.

I tried to ask some in hopes that I would hear of success and that seemed to be
the opinion of the evening.

The topper was the sunset as we pulled into the Valley and headed for our homes.

What a glorious way to end a very rewarding day. Thanks all whom went and shared and
enjoyed.. Let us do this again. Kris thanks for the hard work and planning.

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  1. I agree---great genealogical community travel trip. The day went so quickly!!! I had a great chat to and from library with Shirley. I have not seen Shirley in several months so it was fun to catch up with her. I met new genealogist from the San Diego area. The library staff were soooo helpful. Retrieved periodicals and books quickly, helpful with on-line data base information and gave a guided tour of the many resource media types. Virginia invited me to lunch and a yogurt treat later in the day. The library is sooooo huge ---It has it's own eateries! The library exhibits and 7 plus floors of books is beautiful, well designed, and I could imagine staying several days in there!! But actually 10 am to 4:30 pm and I felt I hardly seen half of one floor.....fascinating.