Monday, March 15, 2010

Madness on the Agenda for Monday FULLER in VA and OH

I will not post here but have copied much data on the FULLER surname in Frederick Co Maryland and the Gibson in same place.

We know James Fuller was born in Maryland in 1769 which implies Frederick Co as the parent county. He died 30 Jan 1842 in Peoria Illinois.
He is in the Maryland Colonial Census of 1776.
He shows in the 1800 census of Linton Hundred Washington, Maryland.
He shows in the 1820, 1820 and 1830 Ohio census. Guernsey Co and Coshocton Co,Oh
different times of year.

I am told he shows in the 1840 census but have not checked that yet.

Margaret Fuller his daughter is born 1801 in Washington Co. Maryland. She died and is buried in Madrid Boone Co. IA. She had a son that lived in this area and must have lived with him for some time. Since her husband died in 1884. Samuel WARDEN

This is given so that you will be looking at the correct James FULLER wife may have been Catherine (GIBSON) If so she may have hailed from NJ prior to Maryland living.

Lots of guessing seems to be going on in this lineage since you can see the copying of data on Ancestry and they have no Sited Sources for family prior to James and his daughter Margaret. Not even to solidify wife's name. Those that do have data up
are not sharing sources if they do exist. A distant cousin and I have been digging for a long time and he has even visited Washington Co., Maryland and the two counties in Ohio for data.

My theory is the answer lies in Frederick Co., Maryland the parent county of Washington Co. Anyone out there with Gibson or FULLER in this area of Maryland?
I am sure there were siblings and other family members in the neighborhoods.

The FULLER and GIBSON data is a generation or two prior to James whose father may have been THOMAS.

There is a major conflict over Thomas and his wife and the lineage going backwards.
I can understand FOWLER maybe being FULLER but if one is guessing why do they not say so.

I have checked James and daughter forward but alas no concrete data on parentage.

Anyone tracking these people please contact myself or Bob Fuller and share your hypothsis in case we can all resolve these issues.

Thanks lots.


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