Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness being Worked On

Monday Madness is being worked on today. I have an idea the house shall never be the
same. Spring is here and I should be turning the dirt outside but I think I am going
to turn the closets upside down and delete the clutter. It has to be clutter
because the things I know I put there can no longer be seen. Alas, the closet is a
walk in.

It gets used for storage for everything almost. The extra winter blankets are the
worst offenders. Our climate has not altered enough to hide the warmer clothes and if
we were to have to go see family, many still has snow.

My genealogy data that was moved when company came has been swallowed up in the
winter events. I should really just claim that room as a genealogical one but then
there would be no place for company. We do like to have company, friends and family

Since the teenagers camp out in the living room we need the spare covers for cushion
and warmth. After all it would be no fun if they didn't do like we did when friends
came over to stay a day or two.

So off I go to find my tote bag with FOLK/FOULK/MYERS/MEYER/MOYER data and end up
with a closet with the blankets in a compressed bag.

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