Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday's new Adventure

This Wednesday will not be wordless, for we are starting our evening sessions at the
F St Chula Vista Libary in the early evening.

We plan to be in the genealogy section of the library so that we can help anyone
whom comes in to do research.

It will probably be awhile before to many come in but hopefully once they learn
we are there to help them they will come by.

We also have a Afternoon one planned for Sunday's around 2 to 4 pm. Both will be twice a month.

Wednesday's will be 2nd and 4th evening of the month.

Compliments of the Chula Vista Genealogy Society


  1. Greta service to the community, I am so glad to see you give back to society and helping pass down your knowledge and expertise.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You

  2. I was just working with the National Geneaology Society. They were updating their records. I was hard to find contact people and email addresses for a lot. Glad to see you are an active and community oriented group.

  3. Susi and Virginia are very careing people and the genealogy and library are very fortunate to have such great volunteers.