Thursday, October 29, 2009

Followup regarding Wordless Wednesday

I wrote a follow up on Wordless Wednesday on this site. I think it bears valid information for most to see.

As genealogists are we reaching out to the youth whom are our future, as we are our grandparents future.
So we are living in the present, the past and the future all at one time. Depending on whom is reading the dialogue.

Have fun with that.

Still looking for NOEL JONES b 1785 ish in NY. Also looking for his wife whom I suspect was a NOYES since first born son was named NOYES JONES b 1809 in Rensselaer Co. NY., raised in JONES HOLLOW on JONES RD by ???? Abel, Ruscom, Noel, ?????
Since NOEL is not to be found in census again.. Wonder what they may have on tax records? NO town historian has suggested tax records. What research was done not found a land record either and I think there should be one.
Now since Petersburg was part of Stephentown until 1791, records can be any where??

At least that clue is going to send me to look in other files. Any help appreciated also if you have a lowly Susan Madison/ Mattison b about 1818 probably had a brother George and she married the above NOYES JONES b 1809.

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