Friday, October 23, 2009

New Blog for all to See

The Lemon Grove Research Group has been meeting for about 8 years and we have put together a blog to post our most Elusive Ancestors on.
We are hoping this will help to break the ice or unbound the roots or open the door to finding the missing pieces to complete the puzzle.
We started with four members coming steady and and then two more were added. Then death took some away from attending the meetings.

We have 24 names of people that attend at different times and we have 14 active full time of late which is awesome.

As leader of the pack, I determined we needed a night to talk genealogy of each person and a night to learn new information.
This was discussed and liked by all so it has helped us to focus on the tasks at hand and help each other to move forward.

We try to do a sharing time at the beginning until everyone arrives, then we go into the topics of the night.

We share books, pamphlets and articles that we receive during the time we do not meet.

We all have a common area or two for research. Though some are distant places for the Elusive
Ancestor. We cover all ethnicities and enjoy the learning of others backgrounds.

The blog came about after I had attended the Conference in Burbank in June 2009. I went to the Blogger meeting and
felt this was the direction that we genealogists needed to go and to support each other. As a past member of George Ferguson's Golden Gate Forum and experiencing the close working relationship with other genealogists through out the
United States and England it was a natural to step into this realm.

So I hope that the genealogy community will step forward and extend to these people the same courtesy and learning experience I received when starting on the internet, way back in 1990.

We have experienced computer workers and those we are teaching as we go to help them, but reminding everyone that the bulk of our information we are lacking is setting somewhere in a library, courthouse, cemetery, mortuary, old newspaper,
family histories, etc.

Our members are from young to more advanced in age. I remember the night the 16 year old youth came in and shared his
family story with us and I was so thrilled his family had taught him so much about his background and family. The genealogists attending that night felt that the family had the young man on the right track of life.

Please pass this url to other genealogists and groups to share. Thank you all. SusiCP

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