Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasures in Genealogy

Today being the Treasures department for genealogy I thought it would a good way to break the ice on a new blog to go up regarding the 14 members that attend the Lemon Grove Library Research Group.

We collectively agreed to try a blog posting of our Elusive Ancestors being Root Bound and to get all the way back to Adam and Eve. Now we know that is not possible but it was a good chuckle around the table.

Since many are only back two generations with much research and a wee more with others, it was a great ice breaker. We were deciding on a name for the group. By the way, the group is open to all whom can attend.

Some of our group has been attending for at least five years or more They can for the most part go back at least 4 and sometimes as much as 10 generations on some lines.

We all have brick walls or bound roots, or dead ends. So we decided to name ourselves the
Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound. We will see how it goes and add as we go along. Almost all have given a name to be used on the blog. We will soon have many names to use because our next meeting will be SURNAME EXCHANGE DAY.

That event will take place 4 November 2009, Lemon Grove Library. 6 to 8 p m .
It may be that it will take up the entire month of November if enough people come and share.

So look for a new blog here called "Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound" from the Lemon Grove Research Group.

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