Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surnames to share, From everywhere.

(Sis) Mary and I are looking for JUNG( in PA from Germanic region), JIPP( Iowa and Schelswig Holstien),, NANKE (Poland and USA), NEUMAN (PRUSSIA), CASPER(Germany to OH, IA), BROWN (USA VA to TENN TO IA etc) , TATUM (VA to Tenn to IA etc.),

I am looking for MADISON ie MATTISON in MASS, VT, NY and moved to IA. around 1812 to current. 1812 to 1818 for birth

Mary and I are researching PENTICO and variants in USA and else where.

We know that Jung changed to YOUNG and married Penticoff 1820's that changed to Pentico.

We know that MR. Brown marries Miss Tatum in Tenn. elusive yes 1820's also

CASPER is Antonio and he left wife and children in Germany near Rhine and came to USA, a bad boy married another young lady and had three boys before she found he was not divorced from first wife in Europe. She divcd him in Cinncinati OH according to papers but we can not find. Her boys disappear more than appear in records. Samuel is our line. He had Sarah Isabelle .

Dvd about 1855. Ohio.

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