Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TOMBSTONES Graveyards and Cemeteries

Tombstones tell of a death of a departed family member, a friend, a neighbor or just a stranger.

Tombstones tell us much of the person depending on the items included on the tombstones.

Tombstones are an art of their own.

They tell us of children, parents, widows, widowers, Warriors and many other things if you can read the signs on the tombstones.

Graveyards say much also, neglected, kept up, manicured or just mown. There are many types and styles. Some are separated by religion beliefs some are separated by age. The old section and the new. Old stones generally tell us more than new stones.

Seems families saved money for a tombstone for it was the last thing to speak for them after they are gone. Today that seems to have gone by with spend now and not worry about stone later.

Cemeteries, now to me it means a huge, emmense space with buried remains of the people of the past. In other ways it is the same as a graveyard. They can say volumes or say little.
Arlington is a Cemetery. Fort Roscran's is a Cemetery.

Halloween around the corner have fun.....

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