Monday, October 26, 2009

Tombstone or no Tombstone

Ah, I see that this day has arrived again. Much has happened in the last 48 hours that has me rethinking life a bit.

My DAD does not have a Tombstone so MOM does not want one.

DAD did not want a tombstone because his baby sister in Wheatland, WYO has no tombstone.

He told me if Marie had a tombstone he would have one. So I guess I am to set out to get a tombstone for
Marie JONES in Wheatland, WYO that died as new born infant. I believe she lived about 24 hours of so.

I have prepicked out a stone for parents if this ever comes about. I would not mind it for myself and husband either.

So now I guess I should think about what about myself and family? Have you thought about yours? Are you ready for the situation if it was to happen suddenly and take family by surprise.

What about a WILL or Living Trust? One thing about it being Tombstone Tuesday every week, it does stare you in the face on a steady basis for you to start getting life in order for death.

Please give this serious thought and some action because I am seeing clearer today than yesterday and sure can see
hazards in the road.

When the parent says we talked about it but we just never did it. Then get upset because of changes I wonder whom is to blame.


B 19 MAY 1913
D 12 APRIL 1995

Wish I could add more but not sure it good. Maybe Beloved Son of Carl and Ida Foulk JONES


  1. The "Beloved Son of" line certainly would be helpful if you haven't published your genealogy and put it in a place where others can find it. We all know lots of genealogy is done at the cemetery.

    Publishing is another topic to think about on Tombstone Tuesday. I've published genealogies and some are in libraries, but I haven't done one for my own family. That's not good. I'm 70 years old and have had some very serious health issues.

    In 2002 I wrote my own obituary. I wonder if anyone knows it's in the letter holder on top of the filing cabinet. Now everyone reading Susi's blog knows where to find it.

    Susi, thanks for the "food for thought."

  2. My parents don't have graves, thus, no tombstones. My Dad didn't like spending the $ so when his parents died, no tombstones. When my maternal grandfather died, my grandmother got him a stone, but when she died, it was my Dad who was handling the $ so she has no tombstone. I have dreams of getting stones for all my stone-less grandparents, but have a great-great-grandfather's stone to replace first.
    My husband & I have our stones bought & paid for. One less headache for the kids. I understand your dilemma!

  3. I suppose all searchers into our families past have their tombstone stories, the little sister who had no stone. For my mother, it was Zelma a baby sister who lived but a day or so. She put a stone for the babe some 60 years later. For me, I anguish over my Keyes folk, beautiful Olga who had no stone because money went to her surgery in 1910; and dear Orina who took care of all of the menfolk and so outlived everyone, no one was there to put a stone for her. Suzi, you touched my heart here.