Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thomas Scott' of Pittsyvlania Co VA

Mom's visit is getting shorter and it is time we went over some new developments before she goes home. I brought out the Ancestral Binder of Thomas SCOTT's family of Pittsylvania Co. VA. A son John SCOTT mar to Sophira )Sophia MURRY moved to Cumberland Co. KY. (Old Indian Territory). John's boys heads north. One son went two years before our line did. Also some stayed in Pittsylvania and went to the Carolina's across the border. This is all data Mother never knew about. For 35 years I could not get past her ancestor JOHN SCOTT and REBECCA MORROW SCOTT. I learned much on Rebecca's mothers line but the Scott's stayed elusive.

Shadrack's brother went to Illinois and then two years later Shadrack followed him.
They lived together in ILL. for several years. Then as the families expanded Shadrack moved west to IOWA with his family. Shadrack died in Henry Co IA. He is buried there.

His son John marries Rebecca Morrow dau of John Morrow and Patience Tuttle in Henry Co., IA. John born in Cumberland area of KY and Rebecca is born Mercer Co KY from records I have recieved.

They had several children one being Franklin Corneilus or Cornelius Franklin, papers have it both ways several times. He marries a Warden and they have my Grandmother
Inez Mae Scott and her siblings.

But the fun was in learning John's parentage and grandparentage. We even recieved a picture of Shadrack's wife Harriet LEWIS. WE have her picture and MOM's site was good enough she could see the face. Harriet and my grandmother could pass as relatives, they look so much a like so we know where Grandma Inez got her looks (from a LEWIS)
:>). Family resemblances are evident throughout the book.

Now to find a picture of Shadrack which I fear will not happen. YDNA of this line has been done and we found a link but no idea through whom. My research is back to the 1740's and theirs only proven to about 1800. WE either tie after arrival in America or before or at time we came.

Their line appears to be in MASS and then to Canada, and only recently back to MIchigan.

I am wondering if our SCOTT may be of THE LOST COLONY Scott line, Only time will tell. Mom stopped doing genealogy about ten years or so and was pleased to see we had learned more information on her MOM's lineage. Mom is now legally blind and as the Dr said 89 years young. Much of Mom's family is in IOWA, Missouri and WYO area.
They are also scattered all over the United States for just recent lines from Grandmother down.

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