Saturday, January 2, 2010

Calling all Pentico, Penticuff, Benninghoff ?? Surname Saturday

Calling all Pentico, Penticoff, Penticuff, Penticoast, Benninghoff, Benninghove, etc.

Would love to do YDNA and see if we all link. I have a Benninghoff and a Pentico willilng any other takers.

Benninghove was early tobaccoist in Philadelphia. Was he progenator of this group?
Pentico is in NY 1790 then in PA 1800 etc, are they progenators and who was the lady Pentico in Va in 1800.?? Lots of un answered questions.

In the past everyone said not related to the other group but I do not believe that any more. 50 years of research intense and we have more questions than we have answers.

Pentico book says from Germany via Holland in 1820 not the case. Catherine's family JUNG /YOUNG was in Philadelphia and MOntgomery Co. in 1770's and possibly before being Philadelphia Co..

John was born about 1800 in PA according to census. So someone in 1810 and 1800 census
should show as parent. One possible at this time.

The spelling on that one is Benninghoff. But soundex would let Penticuff and Benninghoff share sounds and name.

They John is found first in 1827 in Jersey Shore, PA near river, with wife and 3 children by 1830. Then in Clearfield Co near Burnside and Washington after that until 1855 when he went to Iowa. Most of family stayed in PA until later and then moved west.

John was killed by lightening in 1857 in IOWA so he did not live there long, Seems then more children came west and many went to KS, MO and NE. besides IOWA, Jasper Co. .

John's wife Catherine ?Katherine father's name was Henry he was born in Montgomery Co in the 1770's, his father came over young from Germany with his parents. WE can go back four generations on Catherine/Katherine's line. Church records and written data in various books etc..

Please respond to this if your a Pentico, Penticoff, Benninghof, Benninghove, Penticoast etc.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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  1. My name is Jim (James) Darryl Penticuff. I live in Indiana. I too have traced my linage to the Benniinghof line but have lost all nots in house fire. I would love to be a part of your test. I can be reached at