Friday, January 1, 2010

Following Friday, O let me see hee hee hee

I follow many bloggers and topics mostly interrelated to genealogy or history.
I love to read Ruth Himan's column. I follow many great writers with humor and wit.
Distant cousins Dick Henthorn, Dick Eastman, Randy Seaver write with a passion and wisdom not created by others. CircleMending, always finds a place in my heart.

I can not tell you which one is the best. I think a blog has to be able to relate to you, your endeavors and the topics your wanting to learn more about or share.

Some I have gone to, and for some reason I have lost my way back when I upgraded the new
AOL system. I can not access any of my urls, I can see them but they do not respond to my attempting to make them function. I am storing more in folders on off disc than ever before.

My old AOL buddies have super sites and do a great job. So keep on blogging and sooner or later I may find you and add you to my reading group. The LOST COLONY BLOG is the one I try not slide behind on with the new things being learned and the data always coming in. G YDNA group with Peter Christie, et al is also one of the best because of the ancient history that it covers on a daily basis. It I think you have to be invited to join and have that background. So present yourself with a YDNA of your family name or granparents family names this year.

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