Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's Lament SCOTT in Canada and Virginia USA

I suddenly realized the week has whizzed past and I have not posted my data.
I think it has to do with all this water, wind we are getting. I have stayed off the
computer a bit due to storms.

But when ON I was seriously trying to learn some information on that strange SCOTT link I have in Ontario Canada. It was brought to my attention last summer and I felt it was about time to figure out this situation. I hope.

So I went through lots of census and marriage license and that type of things to see what I could find.

I now seem to know more than the kin whom contacted me and have shared with her. She can share with her brother. I think we will find them more relatives.

Though I think our link is back at about the time the family came westward to the America's. But YDNA say we match big time and not that long ago.

Not knowing when Thomas Scott came to or if born in Pittsylvania County VA dcd 1770, and knowing that this other line is possibly in MASS then in Ontario, Canada, I can not see the link in the USA at this point does not mean did not happen. If did it would be if we prove her line was in MASS and my line came from Mass. Ironcally, I have a Scott line in Mass but a complete different line at least at this point it is.

I am aware that Mass. people who were British patriots went to Canada. So a family in early Mass. could have split some going north and some going south.

I have to learn where John and and his (wife are from Ruth Hilton), also need to learn more about the son John & wife name was Mary according to their census.

This as I have it is:
{John dcd 1855 and Ruth Hilton Scott dcd 1841 had

John whom married Sarah in census} cousins records... census does confirm the spouses names for John and Sarah .

Elijah Duncome Scott is their son. born 1841 ie age 30 Ontario Canada, Friends religion,
wife is Mary L (Canby) age in 1871 census 28

Emmma L 9
Sarah 7
Camby 5 (Canby)
Lillian 3
Mary C 2

They have a later Lutitia Amanda in 1876.

Canby E Scott marries age 34 in Lobo Middlesex Co. Ontario CAnada
Margaret E Dass age 30 b Owen Sound father Robert Dass, Jane Angus marries 6 Sept1900 Grey Grey, Ontario Canada marriage records 1857-1924

Mary Cosamelia Scott b Yarmouth Ont age 22 father Elijah and mother Mary marries
William Conell Savitz age 24 fathr Isaac Zavitz and Sarah E Zavitz Middlesex...

Sarah Elizabeth m Edgar John Marsh age 21 b Coldstream Lobo, Ontario CAnada 1857-1924
22 Dec 1886 Middlesex. parents Elijah and Mary

Elijah m Nancy Cook 7 Oct 1891 Elgin, Elgin Ontario he was 50 she was 45 her father was Sylvester Cook and CAroline Cook Bayham CAnada

Obviously the SCott kin in MI now are from Canby down line.

My Thomas SCOTT in Pittsylvania has been hiding his place of birth quite well so far. I have scanned land deeds, for a Will, other records and so far he is still hiding.
Long ago a SCOTT cousin did a great documented book on this family but there is lots of family missing.

So with them having JOhn twice in row and we have many similiar names I can see the naming pattern even though many miles apart but if any one out there finds data on
any of these people it would be great to learn of it.

Thomas Scott dcd?1770 Pittsylvania Co son John moved to Cumberland CO. KY died there his son Shadrack moved to ILL then to IA. son John (mine) lived in IOWA and his son Cornelius had Grandmom in IOWA. Kin in MO and IA etc. Shadrack had a brother in ILL. It seems two boys left KY and went north 1825 to 40, rest of this family was in KY and all over MO etc and some stayed in VA and were in NC and Tenn.

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  1. Susi,
    I have a Google alert for Pittsylvania County, so when you mentioned it in this post it led me to your blog. If your Thomas Scott died in 1770 in Pittsylvania County, he couldn't have been born there as the county wasn't formed until 1767. Below is the list of counties from which Pittsylvania was formed. If you haven't already done so, maybe you could look for Thomas in these counties.
    Hope this helps,

    Pittsylvania 1767
    Halifax 1752
    Lunenburg 1746
    Brunswick 1732
    Prince George 1703
    Charles City 1634