Sunday, January 17, 2010

Societies --Virtual - Advances and Change

Randy Seaver brought in the article by David E Rencher regarding (Societies Going Virtual- An Update).

I appreciate Randy bringing it to our attention and then sharing it in context with the other board people.

I suspect this is going to be even more evident as we move forward in Genealogy.

I will glady share it with anyone whom wishes to read it. If your a serious genealogist and have not seen the article it would possibly behoove you to scan through this information.

It discusses the changes taking place in the genealogical world as we know it.

I also heard that Josh Taylor of NEHGS did a topic probably somewhat similiar or more elaborate in SLC.

Believe me genealogists things are changing.

Also have you any idea what that earthquake did for genealogical researchers with Haitian relatives. Graves of 7,000 to even larger are happening and if they do not do more quickly certain diseases will set in and our workers will be also in major jeapordy.

Rumors of how many are still missing can almost boogle the mind. Prayers to all whose families are there and to the peoples that are there.

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