Friday, January 29, 2010

Following Thomas Kemp Friday

Thomas Kemp has a super informational site about newspaper information.

I like this site because you can join by the month and the fees are very reasonable for the services it provides.

My advise would be to gather up the names your hampered with and then order the services for the length of time you think you may need it to clear those names.

Long ago another genealogical service did a weekly, to yearly service that I would be able to use when I had the time to spend and the data at hand to do the research on in a timely fashion.

Something I find myself doing when I just join a group is some times I am not back
there for quite some time so I am paying for services I am not getting my dollars
out of. No ones fault but my own. But some of this goes back to being more organized and not distracted with other events and activities.

Thomas I enjoy your comments and your tidbits on Facebook also. Thanks for all you
do to improve the Genealogical community.

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