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Surnames to Chase or Follow mmm either or both. After 40 + years of research on this name we only recently have branched out in a new area for clues.

Alas we took what was written to much as fact and decided we could not prove it, so not true. The Pentico Book written by cousin in Kansas does have errors. We believe the stories got mixed with the time frames over the 100 years not written down. We are forever grateful for her work. In 1930's this was a huge endeavor.

Soundex says PENTICOFF BENNINGHOVE PENNYCUFF BENNINGHOFF are all variants of same and if you speak with an Germanic brogue you can not distinquish between them.

Fact 1. John Penticuff- Penticoff is found in 1830 census Jersey Shore with wife and 3 boys.

Fact 2. Next found in Clearfield Co. , Land deeds and census data

Fact 3 bought and sold land and moved to IA.

Fact 4 died less than ten years after the move

Fact 5 many children stayed behind in PA, Some later coming west after or at time of father's death.

Census implies he is born around 1800 give or take a year.

Wife's family we found was in Philadelphia Co, to Montgomery Co to Northampton, Northumberland and surrounding areas as the family spread out. Arriving in Clearfield Co.
late 1820's. Her family has been in USA for at least 50 years. We even have the area they came from in Germany. 1750' era. Church Records

Wife's name is Katherine YOUNG father Henry YOUNG- JUNG both born in USA or the colonial state of PA.

John dropped the ff's off of his name after arriving in IOWA and it has been felt by researchers his command of writing was not so that he would realize names were changing. We know they spoke Germanic language early on.

Fact 6 John had parents at birth at least the mother was alive to have him. Father unknown. WHO were his parents? Did they come from the large Benninghoff families just south of Jersey Shores in Union Co. or was it one of the other counties we found reference to this name?

We did find some Benninghoff's in area of the Youngs/Jungs in Northampton Co area and Montgomery Co.. I also found the earliest one noted was a Tobacco merchant in Philadelphia.

Also the so called story of brothers arguing over the wife may have been true but would have happened probably in Montgomery Co area prior to the marriage and children in 1830 Jersey Shores. IF there is truth the brother's name was David.

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