Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday was not Wordless, Genealogy, PPF*

Today I presented my knowledge (partial) on Genealogy in the Past to Genealogy 1960=2010 to Genealogy of the Future.

I presented a chart showing most of the major changes that have taken place since
genealogy became a pastime for us to do. I also stated my prospective of what I think the future has in store for us both good and bad.

I hope I was able to convey the importance of what is being observed as questionable
practices by we the people for the preservation of our records. I had trouble decided which way to present the data. We need to stand up for our rights as citizens and we need to not be so selfish with our wants.

I find it deplorable that a terrorist is held in this country and is not charged as such yet the government worries about our access to our ancestors files in the name of
national security.

If we can band together as a group maybe we can help to bring about change for everyone.

As I stated if we had kept filling in the USGENWEB.ORG data and had each county and each state well represented we would have a larger voice than we do now.

I look forward to the potential technical data changes that can take place and I am
hoping that Bruce Buzbee can get the ball rolling on these changes.
I hear nothing but awesome praise for his ROOTS MAGIC software system.

I will probably post the written version of my speech on my blog page soon.
*PPF is Past, Present and Future.

Dick M asked a valid question as to whom to contact for his situation and I would not
start with our representative but I would go to the state of contention and seek that Representative and explain to him the run around and your need to know.
I think it has to go to the place of contention for each article.

See people I am still talking.. Blessings All

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