Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday is Fun Day HOFFMAN Data FOUND

Found none of your names in the Van Clevesville Church of the Brethren Cemetery. Greenhill in Martinsburg has in your time period and the names you listed: Joseph Hoffman, April 3, 1817-Oct. 12, 1888; P.M. Hoffman, n.d.-- Mar. 10, 1884; 61yr. 6mo. 10da. his wife was N.E. (didn't find a listing for her) and had a daughter Catharine A., Dec. 7, 1857-July 9, 1858.

Frye names found in your time period: Ralph P. Frye 1844-1915 buried in New Norbourne Cemetery. In Ganotown Methodist Cemetery: Adam Fry n.d.-June 26, 1928 79yr, 10mo. 12 da. In Darkesville Cemetery: Johnson Frye, n.d.-Apr. 27,1899, 67yr. 6mo. 23da and Jane S his wife Aug. 1, 1835-Mar. 6, 1916, the also had a daughter buried there.
M Sieberit Ziegler

She also states many LEWIS names there. But I did not give her the first name of any LEWIS I just wanted to know if they showed up there then. :>)

I am still looking for where Benjamin belongs in the lineage I have strong feelings but no proof. More to come on future posts.

Remembering the name HUFFMAN was originally HOFFMAN and the speaking of the brogue brought about the sound of HOOOF so it was HOOFMAN HUFFMAN HOUGHMAN when in Germanic Region it was Hoffman.

Now to ask her about her SIEBERT's because they married into the family in 1770s time frame. Later moving up to then Washington Co. PA which was Westmoreland Co then Washington Co and much later bordered on the Washington and then created Greene Co area. Ruff's Creek area believe it to be Morris Township.

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