Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Treasures on the Hoffman Side

Having done my presentation on the changes in Genealogy yesterday, I can talk about
more Family Treasures that we have. My mother become the recipient of the family
Picture Book that her father had been the receiver of.

We have pictures of almost all of, or maybe all of Henry and Elizabeth Higgins Hoffman's children. Remembering Henry was born with the last name of HUFFMAN.

Sanford then became the receiver of this great data. Or at least we think that is what happened.

Jacob Duvall and his family has pictures also in this book which means that Sanfords' son Franklin either added to this or it was down from the Duvall line to Franklin and
Samantha Abigail Duvall Hoffman. We are not sure but it has been called the Hoffman Picture Book for as long as I recall.

Either way we have early pictures of Henry and Elizabeth's children. We even have a picture of a deceased child of Sanford and Rachel's before they left Pennsylvania to
go to Iowa.

A cousin in Chico in the early 1990's shared pictures down line from Henry and Elizabeth via their daughter Phebe m to Thomas Neal. We then had the picture of
Henry and Elizabeth in a different time frame. One is younger and one is older era.

Considering that Henry was born 1803 in Greene Co, PA that to me is remarkable.
Jacob Duvall was born in 1789 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania also. So these pictures of early ancestors are very big treasures to cherish.

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