Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday is less Madness and more Frustration WRIGHT

Okay Monday Madness is frustration regarding them WRIGHTs not the wrongs. Intense research has not produced the results wished for on them right WRIGHTs. I so want to see if Jesse Wright and William Wright are kin.

But I found Ancestry to be very agitating when working the program yesterday. Having trouble accepting what they think is improvement when it is more generic now than it was before. Brackets were of no help and I kept thinking of Randy and Thomas and all the others that have spoken with Ancestry and what is happening.

Now do I continue to be right about Wrights or wrong about Wrights'?

Some day maybe we will know.

Suspect the frustration was more at the lack of the program functioning or freezing or dumping data when I was reading data. I sort of thought I was on Farm Town or Farmville in Facebook for part of the research.

They may listen to some of the talking but I really wonder how much deep intense research they try on their own to understand how the researching system works.

Now on with William Wright and son Alpheus Wright in NY. Cousin can go back to William okay, beyond him is blank. Funny though there is a family down the block with same names except wife. Sorta reminds me of the story of the man who had a wife in two towns near each other and when he died they had to have courts straighten out the mess. Would one be brave enough to be nigh on to next door? I think she is working on have YDNA done on the lineage to see if cousins or related in some way.

I know names are popular according to time period but it sometimes strikes a cord. What the cord is who knows, curiosity more than anything I guess.

Long ago my thoughts would say why do not all JONES help each other til the answers are solved and lets work through these names we are digging. I am sure there are many roots to many trees for WRIGHT. I find they can be Scottish, English etc.

So if your out there digging on WRIGHT's in New York, 1850 in Sidney, Delaware, New York some are later in Guilford, Chenango, New York. So without a doubt there has to
be kin somewhere.

Data here. WE do not know if others related since we have no further data.

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  1. Your questions would be easier to answer if there were more facts - names, dates, places, relationships gleaned from available records.

    Is William Wright the father of Alpheus Wright? How do you know - what record shows the relatinoship? Where did you obtain it?

    There appear to be three Alpheus Wrights in the 1800 to 1850 census records in Delaware County NY. Is the Alpheus you're tracking:

    1) The one age 7 in Sidney in 1850 census, apparent son of Orilla Wright ,age 44?

    2) The one aged 30 to 40 in Sidney in 1830 census. Is the Phebe Wright, age 40-50 in the 1840 census in Sidney his wife?

    3) The one aged 60 to 70 in Sidney in 1830 census, also over age 45 in Colchester in 1820 census, and age 26 to 45 in Colchester in 1810 census, and age 26 to 45 in Colchester in 1800 census? Is his wife the Rachael Wright age 70-80 in Sidney in 1840 census?

    Are these three Alpheus Wrights related to each other?

    There is also a Daniel Wright age 26 to 45 in Sidney in 1820 census, and a Nathaniel Wright age 16 to 26 in Sidney in 1810 census. And a James WQright aged 26 to 45 in Colchester in 1800 census (a brother of oldest Alpheus?).

    Of course, there are many more Wrights in other towns in Delaware County, and probably nearby counties too.

    Lots of clues. You need lots more data. There should be land deeds, tax lists, probate files, church records in Delaware County if these people stayed there for over 50 years.