Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tombstones on Tuesday

Watching the news says that many, many tombstones will be erected and many thousands have possibly lost their lives. An Island of 8 million with a 7 . 0 quake says they
probably are having after shocks as big as some quakes else where.

Has anyone been watching we are shaking and rattling and rolling all around the globe. Whether it is north or south or east or west it is happening.

I also have noted we have had red skies in the morning lately. It is weird to see a sunset sky at sunrise but it brings back an old old tale about what sailors used to say.
Red Skies in the Morning a Sailors warning. Red Skies at night a sailors delight.

So prayers for all those who are so seriously suffering while we sat here in our cozy homes and continue on as normal. Again I am hearing they live on $2 dollars a day.

Another person says our poor of the world can live on 25cents for water for a year. (Parade Magazine). We are so terribley spoilt.

I can not even imagine that they would have money for a tombstone.

It is mentioned to work with your local Church or the Red Cross if you desire to help.

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