Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cemetery repair update regarding Tombstone Tuesday

After I wrote about the neglected cemeteries and messed up tombstones, my cousin in
Kansas responded with this and then responded back that I could post this data here.

It may help us to save a few more cemeteries through out the States.

Hi Susi,

There is a small unused cemetery about four miles from our home that is taken care of by the township in which we live. Bob (her husband) has been treasurer of the board for
50 years this coming March. The township did not have enough money to build a new fence to keep the cattle out so we applied for a grant from the Little River Community Foundation and received $12,000. to build a beautiful fence. Two years later, we asked
for and received a $10,000 grant to reset all the stones.

The township keeps the cemetery mowed and puts flowers on the graves on Memorial Day.
This year we are applying for a grant to erect a small stone to honor the 6 veterans who are buried there - 5 of them are from the Civil War. We also plan to put up a flagpole so a flag can be flown when appropriate.

I've made a spreadsheet of all those who are buried there as people from different
parts of the country contact us about family members who are buried in the cemetery.
The spreadsheets were made from records compiled by a Little River citizen many years ago who walked the cemetery, platted it, and took notes. He later build the
Historical Library where I volunteer.


She approved my posting this now I will ask if she will accept my placing her email up for people to learn about the names on the spreadsheet for researchers.

She also said many years ago the people would gather once a year to do clean up but that has not been done for a long time. She hopes by us posting this others will realize there are ways to resolve this abandon cemetery issues.


  1. What coounty in Kansas is this? Thanks for the info.
    Kathleen Brandt

  2. Thank you for providing a story of hope in regards to protecting endangered cemeteries.

    Have fun in what you are doing.


  3. Carolyn was fortunate that the Little River Community Foundation was willing to help. This is not the case in other places, unfortunately, but we are doing the best with what we have.