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Surnames of SCOTT in VA

Interesting events happening with the SCOTT file on my computer. I scoured data on Family Trees today on Ancestry to see what they had. WOW four are well documented that is a thrill. War records, census records, land data and some personal added family notes.

What a thrill it would be to find some photos of this family. More of a thrill would be to find the ancestor of THOMAS SCOTT and whom his wife or wives were.

I started to do the blog this a.m. and then I decided I should see what more I could learn since three distant cousins are sharing data with me.

I am fortunate because from JOHN SCOTT b 1761 in Pittsylvania Co. VA or old Halifax Co. died in Cumberland Co KY. I have some great data found and learned.

I am having serious trouble believing the lineage back that is posted, also find that family can not decide whom Thomas Scott's wife / mate was. It would be nice if I had a clue as to the religion they may have practiced or a Will or Probate found. I am still digging for more information.

Since Pittsylvania Co. was taken from Halifax I am not sure if they moved or boundary changed, still doing research there. I did learn that there were other
SCOTT's in Halifax Co. at the time that THOMAS SCOTT was there. Highly suspect related to him. In fact, I am sure one female on the query page is kin due to whom she married and the lineage in my book on SCOTT I was given.

Here are some things I have garnered and I think Thomas had several children but to prove will need Probate or Will or church records. So I am not giving their names for fear someone will pick them up use as gospel and it may not be fact.

John was second or third son as I can determine so far. Older brother went to NC and then later to KY. John(mine) b 1761 in Pittsylvania Co. Va died 24 Mar 1843 in
Old Cherokee Nation, Cumberland Co. KY. Served in the REV WAR

When John Scott resided in Pittsylvania County, VA, he enlisted in 1779.

He served until 1783 as a private in Captain James Williams' company, in Colonel Josiah Parker's Virginia regiment. John fought in the Siege of York. He applied for pension on May 13th, 1829. At this time he lived in Cumberland County, Kentucky. His claim was allowed. After John died, his widow received benefits on this claim. John Scott's pension claim number is W.3046.

Much records on his pension and then his wife Sophia received it after his death.

After John Scott moved to Cumberland Co. KY. the family was becoming very scattered.
One sibing went to NC then later to KY. I believe that at least two sisters stayed in
VA and I have not checked to see if they ever moved.

A cousin states that John and Sophia Murry/Murray m 18 Nov. 1782, in Pittsylvania
Co. VA. I think I found the data also and forgot to record data.

I descend from his son Shadrack whom was born 22 Feb 1790 in Pittsylvania Co. VA, and moves with family to Cumberland Co. KY. He marries in Kentucky, Harriet LEWIS b 1 May 1798 in VA. Her death comes in IOWA. His death also comes in Henry Co. IA.

Dallas Scott, Shadrack's brother moved with Shadrack to Ill, Sangamon ILL area.
When the land could no longer support both families Shadrack moved on over to IA.

1830 Sangamon ILL with Dallas Scott 2 2 - - 11/ 1 1 1 --1 3- 1 2 1 -1 / -2-1-1--1

Next door is a Benjamin Scott whom is a mystery so far to me.

1840 Henry Co Iowa Terr lists Shadrack Scott.

1840 Henry CO iowa terr. 1 1 1 1 1--1 /11 ---1---1 under 5 under 10 f 40 50 female 80-90 female

I have had census records for over a year. I knew JOHN SCOTT was REV WAR but which one took a bit to determine.

I also found Shadrack's son John b 27Sept 1817 in KY m 25 May 1841 in Henry Co. IA to
Rebecca Morrow. Her family is on a census with the Scott's. They did not live in the
same area but not far away. They may have even traveled north about the same time.

Rebecca's father is JOHN MORROW 1793- 1850 when he dissappears from census. Her Mother was Patience TUTTLE born in Elbert, GA and mar to John MORROW 13 May 1820 Wayne Co KY.
Marriage record book and on line both. County records

Many years MOM and I struggled to learn the parentage of JOHN SCOTT, she has a photo of him working in a field. Many in family kept saying father was Robert. WHOOOOOOA do
you have any idea how many ROBERT SCOTT's there are in KY. Nah, you do not want to know so at least 20 years was spent tracking Robert's.

Ironic it was, to finally see on the census Nathaniel above and John below and Shadrack in the middle. DUH, why did I not see it before, I knew that John and Rebecca
had a son CHAD but never ever thought Shadrack. (SO WATCH the name usages/changes) you may be overlooking your brick wall. I knew we had a Nate also. So I was acutely aware that Shadrack had to be John's father. As I called family in IOWA for more information on family they kept saying no Dad always said Robert.

Well, I solved the Robert SCOTT, John's favorite brother had to be Robert he was younger than John. I had found him but dates did not work so I never included him in family. Then slowly the pieces came together and other lines of family emerged and shared more information. So they must have talked about Robert so much, family, concluded he was John's father.

Once Shadrack was found, the doors open and other relatives came forward from Tenn, and Ky with much data. Also family in MO. and Iowa and Ill. have had data to share.

I found it interesting the families that stayed in KY have kept pretty close touch with most of their lines. A cousin did a great job of visiting many families and put together a book so not to loose touch.

I am now trying to put together the names and relatives of Shadrack's family and then
hope, someone does his brother whom stayed in ILL or maybe I will tackle it later.

We did a YDNA test with FTDna and have learned we have a match with a SCOTT line in Canada. This came about after about four years of having had the test done.

Since the match last July, I received in the last two months two more matches. The one in Va is simple to follow. The other one will possibly fall into place also.

The one in Ontario Canada (background) has us baffled. They say they may have been in
MASS early before Canada and they have been USA for almost 100 years. So the mystery now is how do this two link? Then I saw someone said Thomas born in Oxford ME and I thought no way and went to VA as youngster.?? I have always felt we are from the
LOST COLONY Scott family since it was within a short distance of where they were at,.

If they find a Scott to test from that Scott line we may learn more. They are looking now.

That will be an interesting research to find kin of the SCOTT's who came to the Lost Colony. In actuality, many Scott's in America can be from that line. Since the theory was that many came on the next ships to America in hopes of finding their lost ie left behind families.

It would be interesting to see how many with same names were at Plymouth and Jamestown and yes there was some we know that were from Jamestown who came to find their kin. English records have given us that data and it makes sense.

I was shared a picture of Harriet Lewis Scott. Mom had a great picture of Cornelius Scott, John's son and his wife Ella Warden Scott, she gave it to my sis because she looks like Ella Warden Scott's picture.

Cornelius and Ella were my Grandmother's parents. It was Grandmother's generation that moved to Wyoming along with many other SCOTT, HOFFMAN, DUVALL kin plus others I am learning.

So my research is to determine in fact the parentage of Thomas Scott and the link between the Virginia Scott's and the Canadian line that is a great close match.

Both lines can bounce back to the UK and be related to both areas.

If anyone has knowledge of these families please get in touch with me I will share with my fellow cousins any data found. Thanks for listening. Lots of stories come from the Scott family that can really make tears of laughter and joy and shock.

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  1. An interesting exercise, huh? I did this with KINNICK in Maryland in the 1700s a few years ago. Wrote an article in the Maryland Genealogical Bulletin based on the research. It has been very useful, over the years. Thanks for sharing.

    Bill ;-)