Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Faces of America and other TV programs

As genealogists, how many watch some of these programs: Faces of America, Antique Road Show, The History Channel and all their many events they cover from our past.

I am thrilled that Sharon Becker brought this up on the iaringgo rootsweblist, which covers Ringgold Co. Iowa.

I have not talked about these sources in quite a long time. Sunday night I watched a long article on the Templar Knights, The Church of old, the RUNES ( dealing with rocks found in various east coast areas and other areas around the world).

The last items bring almost conclusive proof that we were inhabited long before Columbus came into the Islands south of us.

How many are aware of the Star of David and Cross that shows in certain light through the capitol of our country?

There is so much, knowledge for us to learn and digest and impart to others.

So much of it helps our research and you may think it is not important but much of it is.

She comments on the History Channels program of Sherman's March to the Sea. She mentions the History Detectives and their shows. Also the Discovery channel will have many great events to learn about areas we are in need of knowledge of.

If you get into MTDNA or YDNA studies you quickly learn about how the peoples crossed the steppes and the rivers and continents and changed the face of the humans background.

I am hoping I can report back the entire articles that have come on this list about this topic so you can really grasp the topic.


  1. I love History Detectives and Antiques Roadshow. The History Channel's Presidents series is fantastic as well. I'm such a geek!:)

  2. Yes, last year I blogged about the Westford Knight carving and I got a lot of comments back similar to what you just said! It's so interesting to see these medieval European relicts in parts of the New World.

  3. Yes these are great shows, We really are becoming quite the history buffs by doing our genealogy. An added bonus!