Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is sentimental for most people. Alas, sometimes it's sentiment is sad, other times very glad. It does not always fall on Sunday but it's extra nice when it does.

Valentine's Day for young adults is as frantic and exciting as one can imagine. For older folk's it generally is a wee calmer and refreshing time. A time for reflection on where we have been and where we have come.

The younger generations are looking forward and anxious. We are reflecting and looking back and looking forward both.

Valentine's Day was started long ago as an honor to a clergy person. But it was his love for his people that created the event.

Valentine's Day is a day the retailers go over board with flowers, candy and any thing they think they can sell you to show your other half or loved one your feelings.

A simple hug, a smile and a I CARE through out the year many times, is far more
important than a material item. Of course, we should not be demanding in our wants of being loved. Love generally comes from loving someone. It can be a friend, or anyone
you are having a relationship with. It can be your best friend for coffee or your best friend that fixes your computer. It is a matter of caring and sharing.

One can even open one's heart to an animal and it will help to warm your self to be more open to fellow man. We were made to be loved, nurtured and cared for; also to care for others in the same manner.

I hope that everyone that reads this remembers what love is and what it's power can do.

Love they neighbor as thyself for the love of thee.

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