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Saturday's Surname Game Susan Madison

No,I do not have a picture of Susan MADISON JONES, I can only conjecture what she may have looked like by seeing some of her children's faces. Since her husband's genes tend to be very strong in the family lines I wish some one would have a picture of her daughters. I suspect they do somewhere in Illinios, Minnasota or maybe even Florida or Iowa.
We have some information, but to accuracy it leaves us still searching. Census records and her death and burial are all the documents I have found. Yes, we should have a birth record, marriage record. We should be able to find their son's death data in New York or Mass.

This is the story of Susan as I have it so far. She was born yup, not hatched, born.

Where, well that is also up in air. Census records by her husband say Mass. But the children have her born everywhere as far as I can tell. To make matters more fun there is confusion as to when she was born. Seems it was somewhere between 1810 and 1818.
So boundary work was done and seems the area they were in early was one of moving fences. Vermont, Massachussett's and New York next to Rensealaer Co. NY. Also their is a great chance her real maiden name was MATTISON.

Marriage according to family story was in MASS around 1832 but after much research over the years especially in the area suggested by family turned up nothing. I am going to say it was pure speculation or miss information. The family story written by a great aunt in 1950s' says Springfield, Holyoke Mass area 1832. Religion seems to
still imply Baptist as the other JONES lines in area were. Whether the Mattison/Madison's were I am not remembering. I know I checked church records for all regions around Springfield and around Mount Holyoke. Of course this was 20 plus years ago and maybe there is something new found out there. This was done using LDS Library data, film, reels, books and microfiche. A quick search last year found nothing more.

Now clues to help me are slim but available. The first child was born in New York.
The second was born in Massachussetts. This child dies somewhere around 1850-55 in
New York or Mass prior to their coming to ILL then to IA. At least family story said he died in New York as child but he was really a teenager. NOEL JONES b 1835 according to census. All other children are born in New York. The last child born 1850 named Charles E JONES.

So she was in Massachussetts for second birth which implies family may have been ill or she was having trouble with childbearing with a younger child only a year old.

Some time after the 1855 census they leave New York and head to Illinois. I found many other distant JONES kin in this area. I have not found any to be a sibling yet to
NOYES (NOIS)(NOYCE) JONES. But several were cousins some may even have been Uncle's and Aunt's. McHenry County area; also family related were in Chicago, Cook County area.

After the Civil War this family moves to Chickasaw County area of Iowa. They can be found living around the region and at death are buried in a cemetery bordering two counties.

On the 1870 census is listed a George Madison age 47 wife Huldah J 36 son George H 10
whom are born in NY except son is born in Mass. He is a neighbor to Susan Madison JONES. I suspect he may have been brother. But I have had no luck looking for more data on him either.
all Riverton Floyd, IA 1870 census
Noyes Jones 51 m w farmer
Susan 50 f w keeping house
Charles 18 m w farm laborer
Betsey 25 f w housekeeper (She is BARTLETT from NY)*
Carrie 7 f w (their child)* my note

Addison Johnson 33 son in law
Arvilla Jones 30 daughter of Susan
extemded family
Calvin F JONES 23 farmer Riverton Floyd, IA
Hannah (Young) 19 house keeping
Nora 3/12 f w

This is a list of her children, Henry George, b 1834 d 1912 2 marriages lived Minn.
Noel b 1835 died by 1855 ie never made it to ILL or IA.
Arvilla b 1840 ie m Addison and Alfred Johnson b NY (brothers) d IA
William Harrison died Stone River Tenn battle where Calvin was given up for Dead.
Calvin Fay b 15 May 1843 Petersburg, Rensealaer Co NY did 23 Sept 1910 Nashua IA**
Jennie b 1847 Ny m Fred Apel death 28 Feb 1874 Oak Park, ILL
Lucy m William Fuller
Charles b 1850 NY dies 26 Sept 1916. m Betsey Bartlett b NY

**Calvin was my Great Grandfather and served in the CW with William Harrison his brother.

I tried to learn more on George Madison thinking that would break it open for me but it did nothing for research.

Family put birth at 1818 on tombstone. No idea where data taken from no one seemed to know.

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  1. Hi, I saw your name on the geneablogger website. What a nice article! I read your blog for the first time tonight, and I think we started our blogs around the same time (July 2009?) I was interested in your Jones ancestors who lived in Massachusetts and in New York. I have a Jones ancestor who removed from Boston to Schenectedy to be with relatives. I'm trying to trace this line. Is this the part of NY where your ancestors lived?