Thursday, February 18, 2010

Foulk Memories Grandma's Family

My Grandmother was a Foulk descendant from JOHN FOLK dcd 1793 Greenwich twp,Berks Co., PA. She had several siblings and I am just learning more about her Aunt's and Uncle's.

Grandma Ida (Victoria) Mae Foulk JONES NORRIS had a sister whom kept some great pictures of the past family members. She passed away without children and my Father
received her picture book of kin. I was able to share the KERN's Pictures with downline of her husband's family. I kept of course, the pictures of our family. G Aunt Alvina was a warm, loving lady and was always so happy to see us when we came to visit.
I am glad that I am the recipient of the last of the pictures in her book about her family.

The picture book has the casket picture of her younger sister Blanche and the mounds of flowers at the funeral. Great Aunt Alvina was married to WILLIS KERN's and lived in Wheatland, Wyo. He had a men's clothing store of sorts. I do not remember there being any female clothing in the store.

Grandma's brother Arthur lived with us a length of time coming from WYO to CA. He then went on to his daughters in Oregon. GU Arthur(Dick) lost his wife and daughter in a bad disease epidemic. He raised his 3 sons & 1 daughter with family help. I lived with his older son Ken when I married my husband and we are still close though he lives in Montana again. I believe all three boys served in service in the 1950s.

Grandma's brother G Uncle Claude was a close relative that shared much with me even if he would not tell me about his Grandmother's lineage. Sometimes one tells more by not talking than speaking. Great Aunt Edna Musselman Foulk shared that he had a research done on the FOULK family and then would not share book because ashamed of what he learned. Alas he heard from me that I was proud to have Indian heritage and he should too. He just said Tsk tsk and walked away for a bit. Fortunately, we
shared lots about other things in the family. He was a Rockhound and lapidary worker
making jewelry for sale and family. I have my earrings he gave me when I was rather young around 13 or so. He gave me other pieces later. He made and gave me a duck carved from wood. It is like a paper clip. Having inherited the one my Uncle was given I now have two of them. He collected many things along the road of life besides some awesome friends and a super wife and I was sad to hear that their only child died at the age of 13 or so. For Great Uncle Claude's 80th birthday kin from Washburn, Waterloo, IA Blackhawk County came to Wheatland,Wyo. and took them to IOWA for reunion with family. I do not know where that film went of the reunion I would love to have copy of it. It was a fabulous event and he could hardly believe his neices and nephews would do that for him. It brought him to tears.

Great Uncle Herb was another brother and his wife is still with us and we chat on the phone not as often as I like. Her son lives in Utah. He visits Family when he gets a chance in CA thankfully. I have not seen him since 1958 but he visited brother and families about two years ago in Sonoma Co., CA. G Uncle Herb was born days apart from when my Dad was born. They were more like brothers of sorts.

Great Aunt Belve married a Mr. Earnest Rice and lived in Greybull, Wyo with her family.
I write to her grandaughter Annetta K ever so often. I get lost in the lineage of her children. I think she had three. They are both gone long time now.

I know very little about G Uncle Ira E. Foulk, I know he came to visit Dad once as I was about 14 or so. I know my Uncle Gerald talked about him a bit and had enjoyed his company at some time. I know when he became ill family hunted for his children that were supposedly in California so they could learn more about the family situation.
I spent months combing telephone books and making cold calls to FOULK people in California and supposedly never found them. I understood it was a boy and girl and the woman left him and came to California and may have remarried.

Maybe some day we will find them.

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