Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday Highlights the JONES's

Oh, Jones, JONES, and more JONES, It has been fun, but we are not yet done.

NOEL JONES B abt 1785 Albany Co. NY Wife Susannah court house records
son NOYES JONES 31 Mar 1809 Court records tombstone says 1808.

His wife Susan Madison (Mattison) b between 1812 and 1818 last on tombstone.
Noyes is born ( JONES RD, JONES HOLLOW area) Rensselaer Co. NY Old Albany area
before boundary changes. Family is found in now Saratoga, Rensselaer, Washington, and
Albany county of today during this time.

Noyes spelling is adjusted in various data NOYCE, NOIS, are variants on documents.,
Noyes had a letter that said his ancestor was Silas JONES Sr and Susannah SWEET JONES.

The names of all of Noyes and Susan Madison JONES children are as known:

Henry George , b NY 1831 Rensselaer Co.

Noel b Mass 1835 d before 1860 NY according to family can not find him

Arvilla b Rensselaer Co., NY Married JOHNSON brothers Alfred and Addison

William Harrison b Rensselaer Co. NY d 31 Dec 1862 Stones River Battle Tenn.

Calvin Fay b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. NY m 5 July 1868 Butler Co.IA Hannah YOUNG
b 13 Sept 1850 Bellidere ( suspect Bellivedere) Boone Co. ILL

Jennie b 1847 Rensselaer Co NY m 1864 Crystal Lake Ill Fred APEL d 28 Feb 1874

Lucy b Rensselaer Co NY m William FULLER

Charles E. b 1850 Rensselaer Co. NY (Petersburg)d 26 Sept 1916 IOWA m Betsey Bartlett

Now we look at Silas and Susannah's children. As I go through each one to find
Noel's father I have come up with Abel/ Ruscomb. I suspect Abel since he is
next to NOYES JONES on first census Noyes shows up on in name. He seems to appears
in the previous census in Abel's family before he moves on into his own .

Noel and Susannah do not show up after the 1810 census with Noyes as infant.
Having read of an epidemic that hit this area about the time of the WAR of 1812.
I looked for him in War of 1812 but found nothing so think they may have died and
Abel raised his grandson. Noyes JONES This is an assumption but at this point at
least all the pieces of the puzzle fit. I have eliminated the younger children of
Silas due to age to have NOEL. But the older boys could have been his father and
It appears NOYES JONES was living with Abel.

It appears there was no WILL for Abel but wonder if a probate or court proceeding
somewhere. Land records, school records, Tax lists. anything to help verify this
concept I have found at least feasible.

Religion was Baptist.

I have Silas' linage way back into England. Just looking for who was Noyes JONES
grandfather, for proof. YDNA has proven link but be fun to know which son bore
NOEL JONES abt 1785.

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