Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday's Sentimental Journey Wyoming Bound

Wyoming, beautiful, spacious Wyoming, rolling grass lands, steep valleys, tall mountains, clear lakes, alas a trickle of rivers now but at one time they boomed down the rocks and splashed on the banks the water of life for everyone.
Water has become scarce almost everywhere, I gather we do not treat it with reverence as our Ancestors did. The fish caught in the lower streams and upper mountain regions were so tasty and fresh. When boating you could see down to the bottom of the lake unless you were in the really really deep area. Even in 1980's you could still see the bottom on some lakes for quite a distant into the lake. Now I hear you see the bottom of the lake and can walk on it in many places.

I remember the Laramie River when it was sweeping wide one visit and the next we could almost step across it. I loved the waterfalls that cascade off the rocks when your up in the mountains after a heavy rain. No this is not Yellowstone, it is a place of it's own beauty.

Since we visited here many times as I was growing up, I remember so many marvelous things. Now the bullsnake that was so large it was bigger around than my arm was a sight to behold and he was not in a cage he lay across the road. When we had walked down the road he was not there but when we returned he was stretched from one side to the other of the culverts. After some deliberation on which end was the head, my sis and I run and jumped over the lower end and run like the wind to our Grandmothers house. I do not ever want to encounter a snake that large out of cage.

We walked my Grandfather's corn fields, and bean fields. We could hear the corn rustle in the breeze when the air would move. I never knew a corn field could talk so well.

The skies are beautiful in design, color and clouds. The clouds flirt with the mountain tops and hillsides. One they cover the other they shade in designs on the ground.

The weather is as such if you do not like it wait a bit it will change. I recall a hail storm that came from no where that hit so hard it dented the vehicle and then was gone down the valley to harrass someone else


  1. When I was in high school I wanted to visit Wyoming and Montana so badly. I have never gotten there, but maybe someday I will! :)

  2. You have great memories of the place. Reading your story reminded me of the time we spent visiting the sugar cane fields in the Western side of Fiji where I grew up. Reminded me of similar encounters and how much fun we had visiting those places.
    Do keep on sharing these stories