Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Treasures in our Family

I am going to see if I can figure how to get a copy of a Currier and Ives document that Henry with Elizabeth HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN filed out and gave one to each child as I was told.

Mom has the copy Granddad Hoffman had. I made a copy of it but it's larger than scanning system and I suspect maybe a digital picture may work.

It has columns like on stairs, the stairs are where the names, birth, marriage data is written. The columns have beautiful pastel flowers with green leaves winding around them.
The columns are Greek in nature. It has a definite border around this document and Mom's is framed probably from very early times. I copied it long ago on a large map copy machine a friend owned at the time.

Henry listed all his children on it but the last. I suspect he had passed it to his children already when the child was born.

I did research on this document long ago to learn when it was created and that is all packed away now. It was commented that these types of things came about from the Civil War affect.

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