Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdays Missing Tombstone MORROW

Gee, Golly where did he go? He surely did not evaporate. O he did probably shrivel and shrink and turn to dust. John Morrow born in maybe VA married in Wayne Co. KY and had children in both KY, Tenn and IOWA.

His family is left behind in Henry Co. IA 1850 but he is no where to be found. No tombstone, no obituary, no records so far found.

Did he go back to Wayne Co. KY where there had to be more family. I found what I think is a brother mar to his wife's sister. I know she is sister because we have John's wife's family long way back in time. They (ladies) share same parents.

He must have used a plank but we are talking 1850 or near there. Or did he go to KY and see parents. Whom may have died 1856 time ish. Lots of questions and still no Tombstone, Obit or information as facts.

Really need it to find parents confirmation.

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