Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Wow this has been a day. First I get this note about Los Angeles and their problems then I get note about school district that sent out note regarding a sexual predator that was in area of Rancho Bernardo that was not released to the public which may have saved people much grieve.

I do not think I understand our government any more. Sentimental Sunday, AHHHHHH let us go back to when a hand shake meant your word; A promise was retained; An apology was given in earnest and meant.

Sentimental Sunday, I long for the older day of truth and honest and caring humans.
I miss the ability to trust with open heart, the activities involved in within the day.

One could say to a person this is what we know and people would accept it as word.

I remember Granddad saying that many a farm/ranch deal was done with a handshake and no one cheated the other. I remember him saying it was slipping away in the early 1960's.

Of course then I lost Granddad in the early 1960's also. But the world did not stop
and the integrity kept right on sliding.

I volunteer at a High School that has a MOTTO " DO THE RIGHT THING". I have days
that make me wonder if they remember that motto. The students guided with this motto had stronger convictions for being upright and forthright.

No not everyone has fallen but it seems, more fall, more often, every day than manage to brush off temptation and move forward.

Feeling that almost everyone is feeling these changes I decided to mention it on this
Sentimental Sunday.

May God help us all.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Susi. We took prayer and the Ten Commandents out of school and we aren't allowed to teach morality anymore. It's no wonder we are in the shape we are in!

  2. Well it is up to the parents to teach their kids, they should teach the commandments and the morality. If kids attend church activities for kids on a weekly basis, go to after school programs, they will learn all the good stuff to be good adults, we cannot expect teachers to teach it all, have them TEACH, and have the parents HELP them.